Teacher’s Pet

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Married. The sexiest son of a bitch she’d ever laid her eyes on, and god damnit, he was married. Of course it didn’t help matters that he was her English teacher, but to be perfectly honest, she didn’t give a rat’s ass about that. He could have been the fucking President, and she’d still go after him. But he was married. Married!

Not that that would have stopped her under normal circumstances. But her experience had taught her that most married guys would rather not take on an extra project, even if she was twenty years old, with nice perky 36C’s, a round ass, and eyes that burn holes right through your goddamn head. And watching him, she guessed he was one of those guys. He may not have been happily married, but he understood the sanctity of the marriage vows. She probably didn’t have a shot under heaven.

She hadn’t tried very hard, though, really. She’d been in his class the whole semester, and would have to take it all year, so she definitely had time to try to win him over. Something about it, though, just felt wrong, and as flirty as she could be with him, she couldn’t bring herself to seduce him outright.

Yet she couldn’t help watching him in class, following him with her eyes as he paced back and forth during his lectures. He was very interesting overall, which completely turned her on, not to mention his well-shaped shoulders, perfect for clinging to and scratching up. Then of course there were his strong thighs, his perfect little ass, and his eyes. God, his eyes! They were just like hers; deep, intense, looking right through you like he knew something you didn’t. She squirmed in her chair watching him, her pussy getting wet under her skirt, and she wiggled around in her chair, trying to rub herself against it. She wished she were back in her dorm room, so she could whip out her vibrator and go to town.

She liked to stay after class and talk to him — after all, he was only 30, not too much older than she was — and they’d actually become pretty good friends, as students and teachers go. But while she was talking to him her eyes always drifted to the pictures on his desk — his wife, his kids, smiley faces. She had a feeling they were only smiling for the camera, though, after hearing him talk about her the way he did. Apparently his wife expected him not only to make all the money, but to take care of the kids and the house as well, while she herself never did anything to help. And god, was she ugly. Having the kids had evidently put a lot of weight on her, and she looked in the pictures like she took a bath maybe once a week or so. God, how did he fuck her?

So, in a way she felt sorry for him, but more than anything she just wanted to fuck the daylights out of him. Just once, so then he’d be out of her system for good.

She didn’t even hear him dismiss the class, she was too busy watching him. Everyone began collecting their books and pens and things and leaving the classroom, and she kept watching him. Just watching. By the time everyone had left, she was reorganized and ready to leave. No classes after this one, just back to the dorm to study or masturbate or whatever. She stood up, and the sound of his voice stopped her.

“Hey, Grace,” he called.

She turned around. “Yes, professor?” She called him professor when she wanted to tease him. Everyone knew they were on a first-name basis.

He didn’t respond to her ribbing. “You got a second?”

She was surprised. She had been so busy staring at him and analyzing his body during class that she hadn’t noticed something was bothering him. Now it was clear — something was definitely not right. “Of course I’ve got a minute. What’s wrong?” She made her way to his desk and sat down on the edge of it, looking at him attentively.

He flopped down into his chair. “I’ve just got a lot of Kartal escort shit on my mind, I guess. I need to talk to someone–” He broke off, obviously looking for the right words. After a moment, he continued, “Someone who isn’t a part of the whirlwind. You know what I mean? I mean, I could talk to my mom or my brother, but they’re all biased…” He trailed off again.

“No, Ben, I know what you mean. You need an impartial party.” “Right.”

“Well, what can I do for you, sir?”

“Would you stop with the ‘professor’ and the ‘sir’ already? You’re making this difficult.”

She blinked. “Are you angry at me or are you looking for somebody to lash out at?”

He looked up at her and said nothing for a moment. Then he let out an abrupt chuckle. “You’re awfully smart for your age, you know that?”

She grinned. “I do.”

He leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head, as he always did when he was thinking. His slate blue eyes traveled blankly over the classroom. “I’ve had it with Monica,” he whispered.

His wife. Grace knew they’d been having problems lately, more than usual, but he hadn’t said anything quite like this before. “Ben,” she began carefully, “we talked about this last week, remember? And you said you didn’t care what it took, you were going to stick with her and make it work for the sake of the kids. Remember?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I remember that.” He was still looking out toward the classroom or some point beyond. He seemed very introverted, very downtrodden. He was afraid.

“What’s different now, Ben? Why do you want to leave her?” She couldn’t believe she was saying this. She was trying to save his marriage? What the hell was she thinking? She needed to be jumping on his cock while the getting was good! But god damn their friendship, she had to play this role for him. She cared too much about him to just take advantage of his vulnerability like that.

He sighed, a long, deep sigh. “I don’t want to leave her. I really don’t. But something’s got to give.” He finally met her gaze. “I’m worn out, Grace. I know I don’t show it here, but it’s part of my job to not show it. I’m totally fucking exhausted. I’m here for 8 or 9 hours a day, teaching and grading and doing all that, then I go home and there’s Monica sitting on her ass, hasn’t eaten all day because I wasn’t there to fix something for her, so I make dinner for her and the kids, I clean up after them, I get the kids their bath and I get them to bed. You’d think maybe then I’d have some time to myself, but as soon as the kids are asleep, Monica has a million things she wants me to do, and I can’t get a moment’s fucking peace.” He gave a short, heartless laugh. “The only time I do have any peace is when I’m at work. That’s kinda backwards, isn’t it?”

Grace chuckled. “A little.” She cocked her head to the side. “Why don’t you tell her to get off her ass and do the shit herself?”

He shook his head. “Been there. Done that. She just gets pissed off, and I don’t have the energy to fight with her anymore.”

Grace nodded. “This is none of my business, what I’m about to ask, Ben, but what about your sex life?”

He laughed outright this time. “Remind me what a sex life is, will you? I can’t remember.”

I would love to, she thought, but kept silent for a moment. Then, just to break the silence, she asked, “She’s not interested anymore?”

“Hell no. Hasn’t been for years.” He massaged his temples. “No big loss, really. She wasn’t that great in the sack in the first place.” He looked up at her. She almost couldn’t look back at him, so sad was his expression, so lonely and desperate. Why hadn’t she noticed this in him before? What the hell kind of friend was she?

“Oh, Ben. I’m so sorry for you,” she said, putting her arms out to him. He leaned Kurtköy Escort forward and she wrapped her arms around his neck, his face buried in her breasts. She couldn’t help looking down and thinking he looked awfully good just right there. She was going to have to leave the room very soon, before she totally lost control of herself.

But just then, he said, “Grace. I’ve got to confess something to you.”

Oh shit, she thought, don’t you dare say what I think you’re going to say, don’t you dare tell me you want me, too! “What is it, professor,” she whispered.

“You know how much I enjoy our little chats after class, and how much you’ve helped me out this semester, and everything like that,” he said.

“Yes,” she replied. He was still holding on to her, and it was driving her crazy. She could smell his shampoo, his cologne, she could feel his breath on her as he spoke, and it was all making her unbearably wet.

“And you know you’re very important to me and I do consider you a friend, you know that, don’t you?”

“Of course.”

“But what you don’t know –” He broke off and pulled away from her to look her in the eye. “What you don’t know, Grace, is that I’m very attracted to you, physically, and…” He broke off and his eyes dropped to the ground. He couldn’t finish.

She smiled. “Very attracted? Don’t be polite, Ben, you know I’m not that much of a lady.” She took his face in her hands. “Tell me what you want to tell me, and don’t edit anything.”

He looked up at her. “I want you, Grace. I’ve wanted you since the first day of class and no matter what I do or how wrong it seems I simply cannot make it stop. Grace, I haven’t felt a lust like this since…Well, since I was your age!”

They laughed together. But he wouldn’t be stopped yet. “I mean it, Grace. I mean, we’re friends and all, and that’s great, I like that, but I can’t stop thinking about you.”

She leaned close to him. “How do you think of me?”

He swallowed. He was being sucked in, and he knew it, and he didn’t know what to do about it. “I think of you in those short little skirts you wear. I think of tearing them right off of you and bending you over my desk and — “ He stopped.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered, sucking on his lower lip just a little. “You’re making me so wet, Ben, keep talking.”

“Sometimes,” he gasped, “sometimes I think of tearing you apart right in the middle of class, and not giving a damn that everyone’s watching. Sometimes I want you that badly, I just want to grab you up and fuck you right up against the chalkboard. Or hide you under my desk so you can suck my dick while I lecture.”

She giggled. “Believe me, if I were sucking your dick, you wouldn’t be able to lecture.”

She slipped his hand under her skirt. “See what you’re doing to me?” She felt his fingers searching, finding the wetness inside her panties.

“Christ,” he whispered. “I can’t take this anymore. If we don’t stop this –”

“I know, Ben,” she interrupted. “I know what will happen if we don’t stop. But you wanna know something? I don’t give a shit. I want you as badly as you want me. I always have.”

“I never knew,” he said. His fingers continued their exploration, pushing a little inside her. “Shit, Grace, if I don’t fuck you now, I’m gonna go out of my mind. I’m hard as a fucking rock, and it’s been so long.”

“Do it,” she said through clenched teeth. “Do it, and do it now.”

He stood up so quickly he knocked his chair over. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her off the desk. “My office. Now.”

They half-ran to his office and he slammed the door behind him. He grabbed her fiercely and kissed her, pressing her hips against his rock-hard cock as she pressed his head closer to hers, devouring him in the kiss. Never coming apart, Maltepe Escort they tore at each other’s clothes, unbuttoning and unfastening and tossing and dropping, until they were both completely naked. He pulled her to the floor, still kissing her, his hands frantically exploring her body, squeezing her breasts, feeling the wetness of her pussy again. She moaned under him, shoving her hips into him, silently begging for his cock. He raised up onto his knees, pulling her up with him, and whispered, “Your mouth, Grace, I want to feel your mouth.”

She was too desperate for him to make this a slowly tantalizing experience. She dropped down immediately and took his whole length, some eight inches, into her mouth. He let out a loud groan as he felt the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat. He buried his fingers in her hair, keeping it out of her face, and guided her head on his cock. She twirled her tongue around the tip, and continued flicking her tongue on his cock as she stroked it with her mouth. “Jesus, girl,” he cried. “You’re gonna finish me off too soon.”

She backed off his cock and looked up at him. “Maybe we should divert our attention, then,” she said, leaning back and opening her legs to reveal her swollen pink pussy. He knew exactly what to do; he held her by the hips as his mouth enclosed her cunt, his tongue swirling around her clit, sucking gently, flicking lightly. She moaned and pressed his face further into her as his tongue dipped into her pussy, tongue-fucking her steadily. “Ben,” she gasped, “I want you, I need your cock, give it to me, please!”

He needed no further prodding. He was up on his knees again, this time guiding his cock toward her dripping pussy. He nudged the opening and slid inside only a little, savoring the feel of this tight, hot cunt around the head of his cock. Only for a second, though, was he able to enjoy this, because Grace locked her ankles around his waist and pulled him into her, burying him balls-deep in her cunt. They cried out in unison at this, breathless and gasping.

She had waited too long for this. She wanted the full force of this cock stretching her and filling her. “Fuck me, Ben,” she snarled. “Fuck me like you’ve never fucked anybody before in your life.”

“Don’t you worry about a thing, you delicious little wench, you,” he whispered, and before she could respond, he took her by the hips and slammed into her with quick, deep thrusts. “Holy shit!” she screamed, holding his arms for stability against his powerful plunging. Again and again his cock filled her, ramming into her with unequivocal force, as she moaned and screamed in ecstasy. Who knew he would have been this good? He pushed her knees up to her chest to change the angle, and wrapping his arm around her thighs, he doubled the strength of his thrusts.

The pleasure, the intensity, it built up like so much pressure until she could feel herself on the edge of orgasm, ready to cum any second. She was just about to warn him when out of the haze of pleasure she heard him say, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum already!”

“So am I,” she gasped, and at that instant the orgasm broke in her, and her body splintered into waves of pleasure as she moaned and screamed.

He tried to hold on, but the feel of her pussy tightening around him as she came sent him over the edge, and he pulled out of her just in time, shooting his cum all over her ass, tossing his head back and letting out a deep groan.

They gasped for breath for a few moments before they turned to look at each other. She smiled, and he smiled, and they burst into ecstatic giggles. “Well, Professor,” she said, “I certainly appreciated that lesson!”

He laughed harder. “Yeah, something tells me class is going to be very interesting from now on!”

Grace had always thought that if she could only fuck him once, she’d be over it. Well, things didn’t quite work out that way. Ben’s still married, but with Grace around, he’s not having a problem getting some pussy when he needs it. And as for Grace, she’s developed a killer crush on her chemistry professor…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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