Teaching the Professor Ch. 03

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Office hours were almost over.

“Soon I’ll be able to get back to work uninterrupted.” Cynthia thought. She loved teaching, and saw her role as advisor as critically important, but deadlines don’t go away, and “publish or perish” wasn’t just a cliche. Students seemed to need so much more advising these days than when she was an undergrad. Or maybe she just hadn’t been a usual undergrad, or grad student, like so many people said. Regardless, it would be nice to be able to lock the door. Her own lab workers were all away on spring break, and she couldn’t imagine that any of the undergrads from her big section would be here so close to a vacation, but schedules are schedules.

3:59, and there’s a knock at the door.

“Dr. Kendall?” a young woman’s voice came from the lobby of the office suite. So much for that, Cynthia thought. She opened the door and was greeted by a disheveled, dripping wet brunette.

“Kate!” Cynthia exclaimed. “What happened to you?” Cynthia ushered her in and looked around to find the towel she kept in her office for the days that her walk from the parking deck was wet. Around here, the sky opened up unpredictably, especially when March and April were coming in and going out in whatever way they wanted. Kate toweled off her hair and wiped her face. She was wearing a long overcoat which had borne the brunt of the storm. She didn’t remove it, however.

“So, um, Kate, why are you out in the pouring rain?” Cynthia awkwardly stepped back from the young woman and bumped into her chair, falling back into it. Kate induced in her a flood of conflicting feelings, stemming from the time she first introduced herself to Cynthia, when she orchestrated Cynthia’s first experience with group sex, leading to her first lesbian tryst with Kate. Cynthia was her advisor and old enough to be her mother (if she had had her young), but this young woman dominated her and turned her inside out, emotionally. She awoke feelings in Cynthia that the older woman had never had, let alone considered acting on, and she brought Cynthia into a world of forbidden pleasures that she was powerless to resist. She had not seen Kate in several months, and their last meeting had been quite professional and platonic, but Cynthia always wondered where she stood. She also found herself now as wet inside as Kate was outside.

“Dr. K,” Kate spoke slowly and deliberately, and her voice was quiet and breathy. “I know it’s your office hours, and I came by for guidance.” She turned and locked the office door behind her. “I think that after a semester of answering questions from scores of college students you could use some guidance yourself. So I decided to come by and guide my favorite professor.”

Cynthia said nothing. Her mouth was dry, quite the opposite of her panties. Her heart pounded in her chest.

“Wha-what do you mean, Kate? What guidance do I need?” she stammered.

Kate untied the belt of her coat and then one by one slowly opened the buttons. As she moved further down more of her creamy skin was revealed. Cynthia kept waiting for a tshirt or a blouse to appear. As Kate opened the coat, Cynthia saw why one never did: the girl was wearing nothing under the coat except a lacy black and teal silk bra that barely hid her erect nipples. As the coat fell away Cynthia’s eyes traveled down Kate’s flat stomach to a matching pair of panties. Or at least that’s what she thought she saw, but there was something odd about Kate’s lingerie.

“Oh my God!” Cynthia gasped as she though “It’s-“

“It’s my cock, Dr. K.” Kate stated matter-of-factly. “Do you like it?” The young woman wore a harness Casibom that sprouted an eight-inch long flesh-colored dildo. It had been effectively covered by the overcoat but now stood obscenely in front of her, waving and pointing at Cynthia’s face. Cynthia was surprised to see it, but not shocked. She knew this device. Kate had introduced her to it on their last school trip. “I see you remember him! I hoped you had. I really loved showing him to you last time and showing you how a woman can use one surprisingly well. Men may have a better thing, but I am certain they can’t use it as well as we could. Don’t you think?” Kate strutted over to Cynthia and reached out, gently tracing her finger along Cynthia’s cheek. The dildo bounced between the women. “So anyway, Dr. K, I’m here to guide you, and my advice is for you to suck…my…cock.” Kate paused and turned her hips to bring the tool in line with Cynthia’s mouth. It hovered just a few short inches away. Cynthia swallowed but otherwise didn’t move. She stared at it, her eyes glazing over. Kate gently leaned forward, bringing the head nearer and nearer to Cynthia’s lips. When it touched them, Cynthia backed off, hesitating. Kate waited, and when Cynthia licked her lips she offered it again. Cynthia’s lips opened carefully and she took the fake organ into her mouth a little at a time. It felt strange to her, not warm or alive, like her husband’s or the others she has taken, but she could feel the heat from Kate’s body in front of her and her young mistress’s voice provided the urgency and response she needed.

“Yeah, baby. Take that dick.” Kate breathed her approval as Cynthia accepted her cock. “Isn’t that what the boys say, Dr. K? I love it when my men praise me. Though I don’t think most of them really care how a good a job I’m doing, as long as they’re getting a blowjob.” Cynthia wet the toy with her tongue and began bobbing along its length. “I mean, no man can lick a cunt the way a woman can…don’t you agree? They may mean well, but they just can’t know…” Kate’s took Cynthia’s head in her left hand and directed her. Cynthia’s hand gripped the toy by its base as she slid her lips up and down the rubbery shaft. “I wonder if men give better blowjobs than women for the same reason? I need to find me a nice bi guy to ask.” Cynthia realized that Kate’s only pleasure from this was the exhibition, so she committed herself to providing one. Cynthia moaned as she swallowed as much of the dick as she could, gagging as she tried to deep-throat it. She backed off and slid it out of her mouth, running her tongue along the underside and off the tip, then curling her tongue back into her mouth. She slowly jacked the dildo as if it mattered to its host.

“I love your big cock, baby.” Cynthia said in a sultry whisper. She still sat, fully clothed, in her office chair, fisting her partner’s synthetic member. “It’s so hard in my mouth. I love sucking your big dick. Mmmmm…” She looked up at Kate, her eyes half closed.

Kate pierced her with an angry look. “Oh yeah? Then suck it like you mean it, bitch.” She grabbed Cynthia’s head with both hands and pulled her forward, forcing the dildo into her mouth. She face-fucked Cynthia for several strokes and then pulled out. Cynthia gasped, and Kate leaned down and kissed Cynthia full on the mouth, replacing the fake cock with her tongue. She kissed her mentor desperately. Cynthia rose out of her seat to meet her young lover’s mouth and whimpered when Kate reached down and pinched the older woman’s nipple through her blouse.

The abrupt switches from sultry dominance to violence to the tenderness of this kiss Casibom Giriş both confused and exhilarated Cynthia. So much was extraordinary about what was happening to her that she couldn’t process her feelings. She just let them crash over her like waves on a stormy beach, battering her from different directions with no pattern.

She was drawn somewhat back to reality when Kate stepped back from her. The student drew herself up so that her left breast rose up in front of Cynthia’s mouth. Her hard nipple poked out of her bra and Cynthia raked her tongue across the swell and sucked the nub between her lips. For a brief second she tasted Kate’s skin and all of her intimate memories of the girl collided inside her: Kate seducing her, Kate teaching her to use her body in ways she had never imagined, Kate making love to her early in the morning, tenderly and sweetly. But Kate also made her do new things, and sometimes those things scared her, though the pleasures were always worth the fear.

“You’re a beautiful cocksucker, Professor. Someday you’ll show me how you do that with your husband.” A flash of shame passed over Cynthia when Kate mentioned him. “I like to watch you. You’re so sexy when you know someone’s watching: did you know that? Or maybe you just look that way. I’ll have to do some experiments to find out. Step one of our procedure requires you to take off your clothes.” Kate leaned back against the door of the small office, just a few feet away from her prisoner. Cynthia responded by unbuttoning her blouse, then stepping out of her slacks. She folded both and lay them on a bookcase. She stood in the middle of her office in nothing but a new set of matching cream-colored silk bra and panties and looked around and for a second wondered what she was doing. Kate watched her begin to regain her mental footing and jumped in to regain control. “While I’d love to just stare at your lovely body modeling lingerie, I do have a purpose in mind. Now STRIP like I told you to!” She barked the last command and Cynthia nervously unclasped the bra and lay it atop her clothes. She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of the panties and slid them slowly, deliberately down her legs, bending over with her ass facing Kate. Kate could see she was presenting herself, and Kate showed her approval by running her fingers along Cynthia’s wet slit from front to back, ending with a little push of her index finger against Cynthia’s anus. The older woman stood up at that.

“Now it’s time for a show. Sit back down in the chair. Put your left ankle up on the desk and leave your right foot on the floor. That’s right. Show yourself off to me. It’s my pussy anyway, isn’t it?” Kate purred.

“Mmm-hmmm.” Cynthia replied, her eyes closed.

“What the fuck does THAT mean?” Kate insisted. “You’d better try that again.”

Cynthia hesitated. “This is your pussy.” she murmured.

“And what can I do with it?” Kate pressed on.

“Whatever you want.” Cynthia replied.

“So if I told you to masturbate for me, right now, you’d do it?” Kate asked.

A few seconds passed. The silence in the room was heavy. “Yes.” Cynthia finally answered.

“Then do it, Dr. K. Touch yourself. Show me what makes you feel good.” Kate ordered.

Cynthia’s right hand slid down her naked stomach to her pussy. Her nipples were pointed and firm in the chilly office air. Her fingers told her that the rest of her was soft, wet, and warm. She was happy to bring her fingers to her sensitive folds. Within seconds she was repeating well-practiced motions that electrified the rest of her body. Kate continued. “That’s it, baby. Show me what feels good. Show me what you look like those late nights when your husband’s away and you’ve had a few glasses of wine…”

Cynthia continued, adding her left hand to the performance. Her hips began to rock in the chair. “Show me how he touches you, how he gets you off. Show me how they touched you when we first met. Show me how she touched you the night I brought you together.” She watched as Cynthia lost her inhibitions and began to wantonly probe herself, first one finger, then two, buried deeply inside her. Kate watched as Cynthia pinched her own nipple while raising her hips off the chair to meet her index and middle fingers as they stroked upward inside her. Kate stepped closer and knelt down beside her. She whispered just a few inches from her face. “Show me how you want me to touch you. Show me how you want them all to touch you, touch you all over, to lick you, to grope you, to take you the way you imagine it in your fantasies, the things no one knows you crave.” Cynthia’s breathing grew ragged and Kate could tell she was near the edge. She reached for Cynthia’s right hand and took it away, sucking the wet fingers.

She pulled Cynthia from the chair and pushed her to the desk. She slid a stack of papers out of the way and bent her advisor over the edge of the desk. Cynthia’s stomach, then her nipples, scraped against the cold, hard wood, her nipples growing impossibly harder and more sensitive. Cynthia felt her lover’s hands on her buttocks and soon she was invaded by Kate’s attachment.

“Your final piece of guidance, Professor, is to take my cock. Take it like a whore. Feel my balls against your ass as I bury this dick in you.” Kate filled her completely and drove the toy in and out of Cynthia’s slick channel. “When you fuck your husband tonight I want you to remember me and how I made you come on my big dick.” Kate’s thrusts became more powerful and erratic. The unpredictability drove Cynthia wild. Kate seemed out of control, and as much as she enjoyed rhythm, the older woman was taken by her lover’s rough urgency. Cynthia could hardly control her own hand as it slid between her legs to add the last bit of pressure she so desperately needed for her own release.

“Yes, baby. Get yourself off. I’m going to fill you with my big dick while you jerk yourself. Yes. You’re so hot, and such a slut letting me watch you come. Do it, Dr. K! Yes!” Kate urged her on to orgasm.

Cynthia bucked against the desk and her hand and the mighty dildo driving itself in and out of her, and with a grunt and a cry she stiffened and finally buckled under Kate’s power. The waves crashed over and over until she could catch her breath. Kate pulled the dildo from her abruptly and Cynthia gasped. The sudden emptiness on top of the violence of her orgasm made her feel lonely and abandoned. Kate quickly took her in her arms and held her in the office chair. The clouds had broken and the late afternoon sun filtered in through the small window, bathing the women in a ruddy orange warmth. Kate kissed her mentor with the slick toy pressed between their stomachs.

“You were wonderful, Dr. K.” Kate said. “Amazing and beautiful.” Kate slid out of the chair and reached for her coat. “I’ve got to get home now. But I’ll be back for additional guidance before the year is out. And maybe sooner than you think. See, I think there are some things in your own life you aren’t handling well.” Kate finished buttoning her coat. She turned to leave, but just before opening the door, she turned back to the chair and stuffed Cynthia’s panties into her pocket. “That’s to help you with the first steps you’ll need to take.” Kate spun on her heel and walked out the office door, leaving it a little ajar. Cynthia leapt up to close it, then wondered what Kate had meant by that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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