Thank You Jeannie Ch. 14-15

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Author’s Notes: There are 4 preceding sections of Thank You Jeannie: Chapters 1~6, 7~8, 9~10, and 11~13. For your maximum enjoyment, I suggest having read all of those stories, in order, before reading these chapters. Chapter 14 picks up exactly where 13 left off, you may wish to at least re-read 13 before you begin here.

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Chapter 14 – Turning on the Lamp

Neither Karen nor Sue knew what to say, so they simply kissed and cuddled, each girl basking in the warmth of a newfound lover. Finally Karen broke the ice with a whispered “If I’d only known, I’d have waited to take my shower.” Both girls broke up, but immediately fought for a modicum of composure since any noise above a whisper could attract unwanted attention.

Reigning in an impending fit of giggles related to post-sex embarrassment, Sue, at length, managed a whispered reply. “Yeah, we are a bit of a mess aren’t we! Hey, let’s take a shower. If we’re quiet no one will notice. If anyone does, we’ll just say we found some ticks and felt icky.”

Slipping on robes, the girls stealthily crept to the bathroom, showing much the same body language as when, years earlier, they’d raid the pantry late at night for chocolate chip cookies.

During the past day they’d been nude together, but with a naked Lewis waving his erection like a patriot with a flag at a parade, they’d only given each other passing glances. Now, as they showered, it seemed appropriate to study the body they’d recently made love to.

Washing was their only goal as they soaped each other fore and aft. By unspoken agreement they nonetheless used the opportunity to satisfy some curiosity. Each girl spent extra time shamelessly kneading areas they’d normally avoid. Eyes and fingers worked together to create strong memories of what it looked like and how it felt to fondle her cousin’s buns, to rub her back, wash her legs and thighs.

When it was time to wash their fronts, they did it together. Facing one another, heads bowed, staring at the other’s breasts, each girl savored the softness, firmness, heft, areola coloration, nipple size, texture, plus how if felt and looked as each breast was fondled. While there had to be some sexual undercurrents, it was mostly an act of self-education.

They finished by washing between their partner’s legs. Even then the touches were more expressions of newfound affection than attempted arousal. Remembering they didn’t want to attract attention, they exited the shower, hurriedly dried each other, then snuck back to Karen’s room.

Once the bedroom door closed behind them, Karen turned a switch on the lamp by her bed. The lower milk-glass globe gave off a dull glow; it was designed to be a very dim nightlight. Still in their robes, the cousins sat side-by-side on the bed so they could talk. Wheels turned in both heads; awkward smiles adorned each face.

Sue knew she was the instigator, so she finally asked the number one question. “Karen, are we OK? I’ve never touched a girl before. I didn’t plan that. I was just so horny after the skinny dipping today. Then seeing you… Well, you looked so beautiful and sexy masturbating that I… I suppose I’ve wondered what it was like to make out with a girl… Just wanted to find out with you I guess. I know we both came and all, but now that it’s over, do you feel weird or anything?”

“Weird, no. Incredible, yes.” Karen took Sue’s hand.

“Sue, I’ve had guys feel me up, mostly when I didn’t want them to. You’re the first person to ever make me come. I think the only thing I’m feeling is gratitude. I’m surprised at myself, but I’m hoping we can do some more of that before you have to leave.” Karen’s expression grew thoughtful.

“I know guys want me. Someday I’ll find a nice one and finally get laid, but the way you made me feel was better than anything I’ve ever imagined in my best fantasies, and trust me… I’ve had some great fantasies!”

Karen began to snicker, but abruptly her expression became serious. “Whoa, guess I should’ve asked if you’d want to fool around with me again before I rambled on. Do you?”

Sue stood. She opened her robe; it fell to the floor. Extending her hands, palms up, Sue helped Karen stand when the seated girl’s hands slid into hers. Sue removed Karen’s robe, allowing it to puddle on the floor with her own. Hugging her cousin close, Sue planted a feather light kiss upon Karen’s lips. The embrace continued long enough to savor the sensual warmth where their bodies met. Following another soft kiss, Sue put their nightclothes away. She pulled Karen into bed, then guided her onto her back.

Sue lightly ran her fingertips over every easily reachable part of Karen’s body escort kartal while their conversation continued. “Karen, I had a thought. If you’re positive you’d like to experiment some more, I know a way to make things easy for you. I’m going to borrow an idea from a very special friend. You and I watched I Dream of Jeannie together a couple times, remember her lamp? Well, I’m giving you your very own lamp. All you have to do is make a wish. No explanations required, no apologies allowed. Just make a wish and it’s yours. What do you think, would you like that?”

“I WISH you’d give me a sexy kiss with a lot of tongue.” Karen grinned at Sue. Cupping Karen’s breasts, Sue leaned forward. Karen’s lips were already parted; her tongue greeted Sue’s as is slid into her mouth. Minutes later when Sue came up for air, Karen had a dreamy expression. Her thick nipples had risen, begging to be suckled.

While catching her breath, Sue voiced a passing thought. “Guess today got you so wound up you needed some relief tonight, huh?”

“Yes and no. Seeing your brother’s body got me more excited than I’d admit to anyone else, but that wasn’t the reason you caught me playing with myself. No sooner had you fallen asleep than I heard… shall I say… certain rhythmic noises from the guestroom. This place is cemetery quiet at night, it didn’t take me long to figure out Lewis’ nice cock was sticking up and he was masturbating his brains out. Everything I did and saw today flooded back into my head.” Karen sighed.

“I thought how just a few feet away his penis was getting ready to shoot his stuff into the air. God, how I wish I could have seen that! I’m still a virgin, damn it. My body was driving me crazy, I kept wondering what it would feel like if his hard cock was moving around inside me. What would it feel like if the hot stuff in his balls was shooting everywhere inside me?”

Karen breathed a heavy sigh. “Hell, I hope you want to make out again before we go to sleep, I’m super horny already from thinking about your brother’s damned dick.” Karen paused. “Sue, have you ever…”

Sue grinned broadly.

“Sue, you bum! You’re getting laid, aren’t you? Who? No, considering your parents, how? Then who?”

“Guilty as charged. I promise to tell you all the juicy details, but not right away, pleeeease. OK?”

“OK, but I am soooo curious I don’t promise not to pester you if you don’t give it up soon.”

“For now I’m changing the subject. I guess I have to remind you, I gave you a magic lamp. You said you wished you could see my brother jerk off, I’d enjoy seeing that myself. Would tomorrow be soon enough?”

“Sue, you ARE kidding me right?!?!”

“Karen, if you trust me, and follow my lead, I bet we could go wading tomorrow and see more than water flowing. When I give you a sign, just have an excuse ready to leave me alone with Lewis for a few minutes. OK?”

Karen’s eyes rolled, her hand raced downward to massage her moistening pussy.

“I’ll take that as a yes. One other thing, you said you’d like to make out before we go to sleep. What do you WISH would happen before we Z out?”

“Oooh, Sue. I’ve always wished someone would eat my pussy. If that would gross you out, then I WISH you’d tell me and forget I asked.”

“I’ve never tried it, but that special friend I mentioned before sure seems to love muff diving, so maybe this would be a good time for me to find out what he’s been enjoying so much.”

Karen moaned, then nearly fainted. Her body seemed to melt before Sue’s eyes. Karen’s head sank into the pillow; her slackened mouth fell slightly open, her hands slid off her tummy, landing at her sides. Karen’s feet fell apart until her toes nearly touched the bed. By going totally limp, Karen’s body fully revealed itself to Sue.

Following a lusty smile, Sue slid half way on top of Karen. Her hands glided over Karen’s body, caressing warm, bare skin wherever they roamed. Sue invited Karen to slip her tongue into Sue’s mouth. They French kissed until breathing became difficult. Sue began to kiss her way lower. Karen’s aroma drifted to Sue’s nostrils.

Many a night Karen had masturbated while dreaming about what it would be like to feel a warm, moist mouth cover her pussy, or a hot tongue delve into her folds. Knowing she was moments from actually experiencing one of her most exciting fantasies had her heart beating as if she’d jogged a mile. Karen lay back, eyes closed, struggling to reign in her runaway emotions.

As Sue’s warm body gradually slid ever lower, Karen felt Sue do many wonderful things. Her neck felt kisses and quick brushes by the tip of a tongue. A hand squeezed each breast until it formed a cone. Sue alternately slid each nipple into her delightfully moist mouth, her tongue whipped or licked both nipples; a flattened tongue laved her areola.

The trail of kisses eventually moved lower and lower. Her taut stomach was treated to many soft kisses and nibbles; her navel was maltepe escort probed deeply, eliciting many deep groans. The warm lips continued their Southward migration until Karen felt the first disturbances of her pubic hair.

When she felt Sue slide into position between her legs, Karen raised her knees, spreading her legs wide, inviting her cousin to make her dream come true. Nothing happened for several torturous hours, which in reality were mere seconds. Finally, hands were massaging her pussy, then moving sideways, opening her, exposing her hidden inner flesh. Her body jerked as she felt warm breath on her excited flesh. A protracted, low-pitched groan shook Karen as Sue’s mouth and tongue set about their goal of giving her life-long friend a mind numbing orgasm.

Karen was treated to a fireworks show behind her closed eyelids. Logically, she knew she was still lying on her bed, yet her senses told her the room was spinning. Sue held nothing back; her tongue would push deep inside Karen, only to be replaced by active fingers as the tongue ran riot around Karen’s gash. Abruptly Sue would switch to slow, gentle probing using only the tip of her tongue.

Sue teased her repeatedly. She’d lick all around Karen’s clit, but never touch it. The finger inside her was sometimes active, sometimes passive. It would probe deeply one moment, be a quiet presence the next, then be withdrawn entirely. Sue’s mouth would lift, then be replaced by one or two hands massaging Karen’s fully engorged folds. Eventually one, two, or three fingers would snake into Karen once again, pushing the writhing virgin ever closer to climax.

Sensing the time for teasing was past, Sue launched an all out attack. Understanding how close Karen surely was, Sue employed every technique Lewis had ever used on her to push Karen over the edge.

Looking like waves rolling in, Karen’s stomach and hips were riding the crest of a fast approaching orgasm. “My clit, Sue. Lick my clit, OH GOD, LICK ME SUE.”

Sucking the tiny pink organ as best she could, Sue wormed three fingers into Karen. “OH GOD, YEEEEESSS!” Doing her best to ride out the turbulence of her cousin’s orgasm, Sue feasted upon Karen’s drenched flesh.

Karen’s hips lifted violently off the bed. It hurt Sue’s upper lip the first time Karen’s pubic mound jumped, but she quickly adapted to the girl’s thrusting hips. In fact, she did her best to drive her three fingers deep into Karen’s vagina on subsequent up-thrusts to satisfy the natural desire to feel penetration inside her spasming canal.

Karen’s body bowed into an arch. She held that position as Sue’s tongue unrelentingly whipped her clit. Karen’s body shook as if she was freezing. Time past, yet neither girl could ever say how much. As the last air in her lungs moaned out of her, Karen collapsed.

Sue was left sucking air when Karen crumbled. She momentarily studied the drained, panting form beneath her. Karen was a beautiful girl, she knew before very long that body would make several men awfully glad they’d been born. Sue readjusted her position until she was again lying between Karen’s legs.

Sue stared at Karen’s pussy. Though Karen lay motionless, aside from her rapid breathing, Sue saw Karen’s pussy twitch now and then as the empty vagina tried to grip a penis that had never been in there. Wow! Karen was so wet. Sue resumed eating her cousin, but ever so gently.

Sliding only one finger back inside the slippery channel, Sue tenderly ate Karen until she enjoyed yet another climax. Though it was clearly far milder, Karen’s sighs and body language made it clear that she achieved a thoroughly enjoyable release.

Sue had to stop, her jaw muscles were protesting the unaccustomed activity. She crawled on hands and knees until she was able to flop on her side next to her very relaxed cousin. Sue smiled to herself as she saw the dreamy expression on Karen’s mug. Her body looked like chocolate left in the sun.

Karen rolled against Sue, draping an arm across her benefactor. Karen’s breathing was under control, but she still half-moaned and half-giggled into Sue’s ear for several minutes. “I hope you’ll let me return the favor, Sue.”

“I will, but I’m ready to sleep now. Would you still be willing to reciprocate tomorrow if I ask you to?”

“God, yes. Hey, I guess if I get wishes, you get wishes, huh? You gave me a magic lamp, so I can give you one right?”

“Absolutely right. Are you sure you want to give me a lamp? You don’t have to. You don’t know what I might wish for!”

“Sue Honey, I trust you more than anyone. I know you’d never hurt me, so yeah, you have a lamp and all the wishes you want. If I understood you, I still have all the wishes I can think of, right? So if for no other reason than to be fair, I want us both making wishes together.”

“Deal! But right now cuz’in Karen, I WISH I could get some sleep. I’ve got some plans for tomorrow, and I want to be able to stay awake!” The girls pendik escort bayan grinned at each other, then softly kissed. They fell into a blissful slumber holding a warm, soft body close.

Chapter 15 – What A Young Girl Wants

Sue awoke feeling wonderful. Apparently she had rolled onto her other side during the night. Karen was spooned against her. Sue felt extra warmth where soft breasts pressed against her back. Her own left breast was cupped by still sleeping Karen’s right hand. Sue savored the physical and emotional warmth for several minutes before stirring.

Carefully lifting Karen’s arm, Sue was able to roll out of bed without waking her snoozing lover. Sue found her robe, slipped it on, then headed to the bathroom. She wanted to feel fresh before waking Karen. As the fog of sleep lifted, Sue mulled over her ideas for the day ahead. At this point Sue knew she could safely spill the beans to Karen about Lewis and herself, but it would be a lot more fun to script out her ideas for the three of them.

By the time her teeth were brushed and she’d combed her hair, Sue had a decent plan in mind. Padding softly back to Karen’s room, Sue guessed that only Aunt Betty was awake. There were small sounds coming from the kitchen, but little else to be heard. Nonetheless Sue knew everyone would arise soon.

Back in the bedroom, Sue slid out of her robe. She snuggled up, facing Karen. Sue ran her hand lovingly over Karen’s body. Sue was surprised at how sexy her cousin’s butt felt. It was firm like Lewis’, but certainly different, more feminine somehow. Karen’s buns were relaxed of course, her being asleep and all. Most of the times when Sue had grabbed onto her brother’s cheeks were when he was busy plunging a wonderful erection into her body during sex.

Feeling a sense of well being, Sue softly kissed around Karen’s face until the sleepyhead showed signs of returning consciousness. Karen stretched a few times. Finally half-awake, Karen began returning Sue’s baby kisses. Their lips ultimately found each other; several lengthy closed mouth kisses were exchanged.

“Ohhhh, Sue. You made me feel so incredible last night. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Want me to start your day off with a bang?”

“Ummm, tempting, but later. Question. In the clear light of dawn, do you still ‘wish’ you could watch my brother jerk off?”

“Dear God, YES! Can you really arrange it Sue?”

“Is there anything else you’d like to wish for, while the lamp is out?”

Laughing now, Karen replied. “Well, after last night, my second choice would be to watch you getting laid, it must be incredible seeing someone you know having sex. I’ve tried to catch my folks, but they’re just too careful.”

Giggling and half-blushing, Sue probed further. “OK, Wise Ass. You want to see Lewis pound his pud, and me get nailed to the floor. I can hardly wait to hear what your first choice would be. Alright, give.”

Karen’s grin grew positively lecherous. “Dear cousin, as much as I love you, and would happily make lots of wishes exclusively for your happiness… I’M A VIRGIN! I WANT TO HAVE SEX! My first choice, not that you could help me, is going to be having something better than a cucumber inside me fer crying out loud!” No sooner had she said it, than Karen realized her admission, her face blanched.

“Ooohhh, is that why I didn’t detect a hymen last night? A cucumber??”

‘Ohhhh, shit! Sue I didn’t mean to tell you about that. I swear if you ever tease me about that, I’ll beat you. If you tell anyone, I’ll stake you onto an anthill and pour the honey on you myself!”

Sue was giggling too hard to speak, but she used her hands to make it clear she’d never tell a soul. Partially regaining her composure, she clearly asked for the details by making ‘come on, come on, come on’ gestures with her fingers.

“Well, last summer I was weeding the garden. While I was doing the cukes, I suddenly realized there was a cucumber that looked just like a nice hard penis hanging right in front of me. The night before I’d been out with a jerk that had just dropped his pants and expected me to give him a hand job! Right here in MY driveway!! It’d been a lousy date. I didn’t really like him. It was only the second time we’d ever gone out. I’d only given him a quick kiss to get rid of him on the first date!”

“Anyway, even though he was a horse’s ass, I still had seen a guy’s hard on. It left me horny as hell. Now I was staring at a damned vegetable that was a dead ringer for a cock. It was a freak of nature; it even had a knob on one end. I picked it off the vine. It’d been in the full sun, the damned thing felt just as hot as a real penis must. I couldn’t stand it. Mom and Dad had left to take some food to a sick neighbor’s family. So I ran that beauty up here, got naked and pretended my fantasy guy was finally going to get my cherry.”

“It hurt a bit, but not really as much as I’d expected. My horny pussy was as slippery as I’d ever felt it by the time I was undressed, and God that fake cock was so warm!! The more of it I got inside me, the better it felt. I was pretty tight, but it was a perfect size for me. Damn, Sue, I must have come 10 times in 20 minutes. Oh hell, I’m getting wet down there just thinking about it.”

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