That Crazy Year

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You can imagine my surprise when a couple I’ve known for many years came forward and told me that they thought they’d recognized me from a story that they’d read on . They were correct of course, but I was even more surprised when they gave me the ‘bare bones’ of their own history and asked that Johnny and I fill it out for publication. Strictly speaking this history doesn’t include actual incest, but it is in most societies considered Taboo.

So here it is, as told by ‘David’. As usual some changes have been made to protect identities.


I consider myself a very lucky person, I was brought up by my dad and two sets of grandparents until I was about eleven then I got a mum and a third set of grandparents.

I should explain. My birth mother was about seven months pregnant when she was diagnosed with cancer, there was nothing that could be done for her without seriously harming me in the womb, she died when I was less than three months old.

During the week I was raised by my grandparents, on the weekends there was my dad and other grandparents. When I was eleven and getting ready to enter secondary school Tanya entered our lives.

I don’t know how they met, at that age I didn’t care, I just knew that I suddenly had a mum, and that dad was happier than he’d ever been.

Tanya was the physical opposite of my dad, my dad has always been a giant, at just under six feet eight inches tall and skinny with it he looked even taller, he had long almost black hair, tied into a pony tail with an office rubber band and during the week he wore a pinstripe suit and carried a brief case. Tanya on the other hand was about five feet four or five, she wasn’t skinny, nor would I describe her as fat, I now know that she wore a thirty four inch, ‘C’ cup bra. She had short brown curly hair and my grandparents described her as a sixties hippy throwback as she wore loose tops and skirts. When I was eleven, dad was thirty six, Tanya was twenty five.

We got on well right from the start, it was like having a big sister who always wanted to be my friend, it’s amazing what chocolate and elicit burgers will do to a boy that age.

My dad caught the eight o’clock commuter train every weekday morning, and got off the six fifteen train every evening, except Fridays, when he arrived home on the three fifteen. That’s when he changed. Dad didn’t own a car, well, not a normal car, he said he didn’t need one, if he ever did he just borrowed grandad’s, what he did have is a motorbike, an old classic Royal Enfield; and over the years a succession of old classic cars, vans, buses and just about anything else you can imagine that has an engine. At weekends my dad was a tinkerer, he tinkered with motors for hours or days at a time, which brings me to the beginning of my story proper.

I was waiting to go to university, I’d finished all my exams and was waiting for results which would determine which offers I could take up, I was getting bored and no doubt on mum’s nerves kicking about at home. Dad was at work, I’d never really understood exactly what he did in the city, except that he did marvellous things with stocks and shares and money. For something like the previous year he (with help) had been spending the weekends working on a classic VW campervan. For the first time, mum had actually encouraged him and we’d both helped, me with the motor side of things and mum with the interiors. When we’d finished it mum reckoned it was worth a fortune. Dad had completely replaced the motor and it was now about six times more powerful than when it was new, and mum had replaced most of the interior fittings, either with sourced original bits or hand crafted replacements. All the exterior panels had been repainted and the whole thing looked really good.

There was just one problem, now that it was finished dad lost interest in it, it was just another finished project, and he was looking around for a new one. Mum on the other hand loved it, her parents had owned one when she was young and they had had lots of holidays in it. Mum was determined to keep it, even if it was only to go shopping in it. What she really wanted though was to go camping in it. Dad was probably the most good natured man I’ve ever known, so he agreed to let mum have the campervan, but he wouldn’t sleep in it, not that he was being awkward or even stubborn, he simply couldn’t fit, he was a good six inches or more too tall!

With me being at home and at a loose end, and mum wanting to try out the campervan for its intended purpose, dad came up with a solution, why didn’t the two of us go off together in it for a few days or a week?

Now I got on really well with Tanya, my mum, but spending a week with her in a little campervan wasn’t on my agenda. For a start, I’d started seeing a girl, we hadn’t ‘done the deed’ or anything like that as yet, but I did have hopes. And I did have at least a bit of street cred’ to maintain.

I said ‘No’. The pained look on mum’s face did hurt, but escort kartal I was eighteen, I honestly didn’t think it was a good idea. Dad thought otherwise, and over the next few weeks he broke me down. My exam results came and I got in the university that I wanted so he finally caught me in a different frame of mind and I agreed to go. Various things got in the way so it was only two weeks before I was due to leave for Uni that we got away.

We set off on a Sunday afternoon, the intention being to get home on the Friday afternoon, thus avoiding the weekend when we’d been told the couple of campsites mum had booked would be busy. Before we left dad gave me the usual talk about looking after mum, and also the usual comments that he always gave about behaviour when he was going to be ‘out of the picture’ . Whatever happened between me and mum stayed between me and mum. It had always been that way, he didn’t want or need to know about any problem we had as long as we had sorted it out ourselves. Dad didn’t believe in double punishment, if mum had ever told me off for anything, no matter how trivial or possibly serious, then that was the end of it. I did think it strange that he should remind me of that agreement at that time though.

We drove for about an hour and arrived at the campsite in good time. We were one of only four or five units on site, a site that could easily accommodate ten times that number so we had the place almost to ourselves. I actually enjoyed the jobs I had to do, getting water and connecting electrics and even getting our little toilet ready with chemicals. Mum was in her element, she looked like a hippy, or maybe a gypsy even. After she’d made us both a cup of tea and we’d had a biscuit or two with it I looked at her in a new light. She looked unbelievably happy. She suddenly looked at me very conspiratorially, “What happens between us stays between us, right?”

“Yeah, sure!”


She got up off her seat and lifted the foam cushion and then the wooden board beneath it, she pulled out four bottles of strong brown beer. Dad wasn’t a beer drinker, he had maybe one glass of wine with his main meal on Sundays, and that was about it, he’d always made it clear that he didn’t hold with me drinking, even after I’d turned eighteen. Mum had obviously sneaked the beers into the campervan when he wasn’t looking.

We sat in the van and slowly drank our beers. We talked about mum’s childhood and her trips in the van and then she asked about my girlfriend, who, when I’d told her of my intention to go off to university had unceremoniously dumped me. She commiserated with me and told me that there would be lots of girls hovering over me when I got to Uni.

“Did this last girl put out?”

I didn’t actually know what she meant. “You know, did you sleep with her?”

I told her that we’d never got that far and she said “Oh, you poor thing!”

We were out of beer and mum suggested that we go into the nearby village and go to the pub. Now, I was eighteen, and like any eighteen year old I’d been in a pub more than a few times, but never to my parents knowledge. I was on a roll, first openly drinking in the van and now being asked to go to the pub. “I don’t feel like cooking so maybe we’ll be able to get some food there.”

We walked the half a mile or so into the village and went into the pub. It was very quiet but we managed to get a good sandwich each and we had another couple of beers as well. When it was time to go back we left and found that it had gotten both cold and very dark. Mum only had on a thin summer cardigan over her top, so, feeling chivalrous, I gave her my thick pullover. We walked back to the site with her arm around my waist and my arm around her shoulders, we sort of hugged as we walked. Maybe it was the alcohol, but I had a definite warm feeling inside.

When we got back to the van we turned on a little electric heater and mum asked if I’d like a hot drink, I said no and she said she’d like to go have a shower. She’d only been outside the van for a couple of seconds when she came back in.

“Have you seen how dark it is out there now?”

I looked out. It was pitch black, the only illumination on the site was at the amenities block, a couple of hundred yards away, between us and it there was nothing but total blackness.

“Come with me!” I hesitated. “Oh come on, you could probably do with a shower yourself!”

I agreed and grabbing towels and soap bags we headed over to the facilities. When we got there I headed towards the gents but before I got more than a couple of yards, mum grabbed me and pulled me back.

“Come in with me!”

“I can’t do that, it’s the ladies, you’ll be okay!”

“No I don’t want to be on my own, come in with me!” She walked into the ladies and then came back out.

“It’s okay, there’s no one else here, come on!

She literally dragged me into the ladies toilets and over to a shower cubicle. She dragged me maltepe escort in.

Once we’d closed the door behind us there was just about enough room for two people to get undressed in a dry area with clothes hooks and a stool, then there was the actual shower area behind a curtain, again just big enough for two people to stand in.

I whispered that she should shower and I’d wait and then we could swap, by keeping the curtain closed we could maintain a modicum of privacy.

Tanya, my mum, just laughed at me. “Don’t be daft, come on, get your clothes off!”

Saying that she started to take off her own clothes. “Not scared are you? Come on live a little and have some fun!”

What could I say to that? I took my clothes off and we both went into the shower area. Tanya looked good clothed, but naked she was a real stunner, her breasts were full and heavy but looked really firm and she had a real curvaceous figure, I was pretty stunned! We both stood there naked and I pushed the button to start the flow of water, it was one of those stupid timed things that seemed to give you about a minute of shower time before cutting out. At least it was instantly hot, and I found that the button was fairly loose so that if I leaned back onto it the shower didn’t stop.

For two people there wasn’t much room so mum started to shampoo my hair, and I did the same for her. As the shower water rinsed out the soap we washed each other’s bodies as well.

I don’t know how it started but I felt mum’s hand on my balls, and my hand went to her tits. We didn’t even say anything as I felt myself get hard and I cupped both her buttocks in my hands and lifted her up. Her knees came up to my waist and we turned around so that she was leaning back to the wall and her back was holding in the shower button. I felt her grasp my rock hard cock and she whispered “Down a bit!”

As I slowly lowered her I felt my cock enter her.

She put both her arms around my neck and instinct took over as I first raised and lowered her then holding her steady I thrust into her. She rested her head on my shoulder as I slowly at first and then more energetically fucked her. I was fucking my mother! Rather I was fucking my dad’s wife, my stepmother, and she was letting me, in fact as far as I was concerned she’d started it in the first place.

I was doing it I was fucking my stepmother, I felt the build-up of pressure in my balls and my cock seemed as though it was getting even harder if that was possible. With every thrust mum was grunting into my shoulder and even though she had her back hard to the wall it felt like she was thrusting her hips at me to meet me as I thrust into her. Suddenly she bit down into the flesh of my shoulder and she seemed to shudder, I exploded into her, shot after shot of hot sticky cum went deep up inside her as I couldn’t control myself any longer.

We stayed as we were for a few minutes, both getting our breath back and then for the first time realized that the water was starting to get cooler. Mum laughed and said that we seemed to have used up all the water, I pulled out of her and having lowered her to the floor we washed off our genitals and then let the water stop. I pulled back the curtain and mum stepped down into the dry area and we both towelled ourselves dry. As she dried herself I watched her, she was a really good looking woman, a fact that I’d never really taken notice of before, her figure was good and her breasts heavy but not floppy. She made no attempt to cover up, I suppose there was little point considering what we’d just done, but I was still self-conscious enough to need to turn my back.

Having dried off and got dressed, mum slowly opened the cubicle door and saying that the coast was clear we headed back to the van.

The whole site was in total darkness so we had to step warily all the way back to the van. Once inside mum made us both a cup of hot chocolate and we sat and drank it, we didn’t say a word about what had happened, it was as though it never had.

After drinking the chocolate I needed to pee, we had a little chemical toilet in the van, a sort of commode thing but you needed to pull it out from under a cupboard to use it and there was nothing to hide behind whilst you did so. I was still too embarrassed to use it so I said I’d nip over to the toilet block.

Mum said okay, she’d make up the bed whilst I was gone.

I went over to the toilets. I took my time. I’d had sex with my dad’s wife and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I deeply respected my dad, I would never have deliberately done something to upset him, certainly not as serious as I’d just done, but I’d just lost my virginity to his wife, my stepmother. I was sort of confused.

When I got back to the van mum had made up the bed by pulling out the seats and putting our sleeping bags on them, she’d then thrown a couple of thick blankets over the whole thing, a couple of pillows finished off the job. Mum was pendik escort bayan sat up in the bed reading a magazine, I could see she was wearing a pair of silk pyjamas. She’d got my pyjamas out of my clothes cupboard and put them on the bed for me. I quickly got changed and as I was about to get into my sleeping bag mum asked me to turn off the electric heater, I hadn’t even noticed that it was still on, it was so cold with opening the van door. When I pulled back the blankets to get into my sleeping bag I discovered that mum had zipped the two together, making one big one, I got in and pulled the blankets back into place.

“I zipped them together, I thought we’d be warmer, it’s so cold!”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

“Besides, we can cuddle up to get warmer this way!”

I lay on my back just thinking about what we’d done earlier, I could smell Chanel, she’d obviously applied her perfume whilst I’d been out.

I laid there, next to the woman I’d had sex with only half an hour previously and couldn’t talk.

“What are you thinking about?”

I struggled to answer, “Nothing.”

“Oh come on, I can hear your thoughts from here!”

“No, really, my mind’s a bit of a blank at the moment.”

She was silent for a moment or two and then asked if I could reach up and open the curtain above our heads. I did so, but it made little difference, I could just about see her face in the reflected moon light. As I looked down at her she smiled up at me and asked if she could have a good night kiss. I leaned down and gave her a little peck on the lips.

“Is that really the best you can do?”

I leaned down again and this time I gave her a more serious kiss, she instantly reciprocated and before I knew what was happening we were going at it like lovers. Our tongues met and danced around each other’s mouths, as we kissed I felt her hand go to the waistband of my pants, I shuffled a bit and she pushed them down. Our kissing got even more intense and I felt her pull off her own pyjama bottoms. Her leg came over and pushed under my leg. It was obvious what she expected me to do, I slid over her leg and lay between hers, her hand went down between us, grasped my hardening cock and she said “push”.

I pushed, straight down and into her warm and inviting wetness. As mum’s knees came up I began pumping into her. With every thrust I felt myself getting harder and soon we broke off our kissing as we were both breathing too heavily to maintain it. We looked each other in the eyes as her hands came down and clawed their way into my buttocks, pulling me deeper into her as I increased the tempo of my thrusts, we didn’t speak.

I leaned down and kissed her mouth and then her chin, I worked my way down to her shoulders and then the collar of her pyjama top. She took her hands away from my buttocks and unfastened the buttons, pulling her top open and baring her breasts to me. I suckled her breasts as I fucked her.

She began gasping and pulled my head from her breasts, she gripped my head with both hands and kissed me, passionately, aggressively, ramming her tongue into my mouth.

Once again, as only half an hour or so earlier, I exploded into her. This time she let go of my head and grabbed my buttocks again, pulling me deeper into her as her pelvis rose up in time with my thrusts and we banged hard into each other. Her back arched and she threw back her head and gave one long prolonged groan.

I pumped my cum into her and then collapsed down on top of her. Her legs wrapped around my buttocks and her arms gripped me in a bear hug as we lay, locked together.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that, it seemed like forever before she let me go and I rolled to the side. I felt her groping around and then finding her pyjama bottoms and holding them between her legs. I drifted off to sleep.

It was pretty late next morning when I woke up, mum was still in bed as well but when I awoke she nudged me and told me to “rise and shine”. We both got out of the bed, minus our pyjama bottoms. In order to give us space to get dressed mum very quickly folded the bed away. I couldn’t help but look at her bare backside as she bent over, I was starting to get a hard on just looking at her!

I turned away and got dressed as quickly as I could. Behind me I could hear mum getting dressed, then getting the kitchen area sorted.

Mum made breakfast and we sat and ate, we exchanged pleasantries and discussed what we would do with the day, but not a word was said about our sexual activities, either in the shower or in bed.

We spent the day visiting a couple of local attractions, we had to drive to them, but mum was incredibly efficient at packing the van and it only took a couple of minutes and we were ready to go.

On our way back to the site that evening we stopped at a small supermarket for provisions, mainly beer. I’d thought I knew mum, but evidently I was way off the mark. Her liking of strong brown beer had me completely by surprise, and when we then stopped and bought fish and chips to take back with us I thought I’d died and gone to heaven, we never ate fish and chips at home because dad had some sort of allergy to just about anything connected with fish.

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