That Summer Ch. 04

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Angela quickly trotted down the hallway towards her parent’s hotel room. She was half dreading and half smiling about what she had to do now. Dreading her father’s reaction but happy for her sister and what she had decided to do. A quick and confident knock on the door.

“It’s open, come in,” her dad barked.

“Hey dad,” Angela said softly now. His grumpiness took her by surprise. Maybe he already knew.

“What?” he groaned.

“I don’t think there is going to be a wedding today,” she said quickly.

“The hell there isn’t,” he cried. “He might be an idiot but I’m not letting him ruin her big day. He can’t get off that easy.”

“Does your sister know?” he asked.

“Geez, I hope not,” he quipped to himself mostly.

“If she knows can you settle her down for me and let her know it’s going to be okay?”

“And where the hell is Derek?” he rattled off questions quickly now. “Where did he disappear to last night? I thought he was watching him so he wouldn’t get into trouble.”

Angela tried to process the information as she answered him absentmindedly. “He’s on a plane with her heading to……. Wait, what are you talking about?” Her head tilted in confusion as she looked at him.

“Quit fucking playing games Angela,” he croaked angrily. He was jumping around on one foot trying to get his shoe on the other. Angela gasped at the sharpness of his comment. He almost never used foul language.

“Tell your sister the wedding will be delayed a few hours but it’s going to happen. We just have to bail Mark out.”

Angela cocked her head again in confusion. “Bail Mark out,” she repeated, trying to wrap her mind around what was being said.

“Yeah,” he sighed annoyed now. “He got arrested last night and needs to be bailed out. That’s why the wedding is off. That’s what you came to tell me, isn’t it?”

“Well,” Angela said innocently. “Kind of.”

“Gee fucking wiz,” he shouted. His foot tapped on the floor impatiently. “Out with it.”

“Only if you settle down and not blow a gasket,” she now fired back.

He plopped down into a chair and took a few deep breaths. “Ok,” he sighed now calm.

“Jessica left,” Angela revealed.

“Left as in how?” he started firing off questions again. “Left to look for Mark, left to get him out of jail, left to get some air and think about this, or left as in gone.”

“Gone,” Angela smiled. She couldn’t help herself.

“This isn’t funny Angela,” he groaned. “Where did she go and why?”

“She had a change of heart and she left this morning.”

“Where?” he ordered.

“That’s not for me to say,” Angela replied holding her hand up. “Jessica will tell you when she is ready.”

“I spent all this time and money and effort on this day and all you can tell me is she left,” he cried, shaking his hands in the air wildly. He looked like a mad man.

“That’s right,” Angela smiled again. “Jessica is making her own path in life. She will tell you when she is ready. As for the money, I’m sure somebody will make it up to you.”

He rubbed his eyes with thumb and pointer finger before snapping his head up and looked at Angela.

“Derek,” he croaked.


“Wow, it’s beautiful,” Jessica sighed. She walked off the elevator on the top floor at the condo complex. I reached back and took my small travel bag before walking off. She walked slowly through the living room and took in the view. I stopped to watch her move. Looked so good right now with the late evening sun shining in the windows on her skin. Skin still flawless and perfect as she radiated beauty while she moved about. The white dress she was still in flowed across the floor.

“What?” she asked, suddenly aware of my gaze.

“You look so beautiful right now,” I replied.

“You just want to fuck me,” she teased.

“Well, yes, but you are perfect right now.”

My bag tipped over as I let it go and took her in my arms. Felt so good to pull her into my arms. Knew that she was all mine now as my lips pressed into hers. So soft as we kissed. Bodies melting into one another as our tongues tangled. Hands wrapped around the nap of her neck at her hair line. Moved her effortlessly towards the couch.

She yielding to my guidance. Letting herself fall to the couch and waiting for me to settle on top of her. Pressing her into the leather as our lips met again. Fingers creeping up her leg starting at her calf. Softly curving over her knee towards her center. Touching her center and slipping into her wetness. Pausing for a second to look at her. Panties had covered her earlier on the plane. She just smiled and pulled me back into her kiss.

Figure that one out later I thought as I slid down between her legs. She opened them and pulled her dress into a pile in her lap. Her pink wetness exposed as the sun made it glisten. Lips puffy with excitement as I gently took her garter into my teeth and pulled it over her smooth leg. Slipped it down over her foot and flipped it off to the side.

Fingers curling around her legs as I moved my mouth to her cunny. Sliding them ataşehir escort up and feeling her skin under my touch. Loved her skin. Fingers parting her skin at her center as my tongue dipped in. Her taste still pure and perfect. Lapping her wetness as she dribbled out. Her one hand grabbing the armrest, the other curled into my hair and guided me.

Little whimpers escaped her lips as my tongue pressed her clit. Flattened out over it and wiggling it with firm pressure. Legs curled around my back as she pulled me into her. Couldn’t see her face from the pile of dress but I knew that look. Little nose was wrinkled as her breath caught sharply in her throat with a moan. Head tilted and neck exposed as her sounds met my ears. Pure bliss.

My hand left her lips and went to my pants. Wanted to get some relief myself as I pulled them loose. My cock popping out as my other hand pressed into her. She was dripping, sopping wet now as I pressed three knuckles deep into her.

“Fuck, cumming,” she yelped.

Kept lapping but wishing I could see her face. Always so priceless as she came. Never a letdown as she soaked my fingers and tongue. Pressed into her and held deep as my tongue now gently circled her clit. Letting her calm down but keeping her stimulated.

“Hmmm,” she growled softly as I pulled my shirt over my head. My cock pointing straight out at her. Dripping with precum as I centered myself between her legs. My head pressed into her lips. Opening them up and parting her as we became one again. The first time for forever. Sliding down her velvet tunnel until I bumped her end.

Her legs squeezing around my waist as I bumped her. Leaned in and kissed her again. Knowing she could taste herself on my kiss. Biting my lower lip as I retraced my path out of her tunnel. Just the tip parting her, opening her up as I changed course and pushed in. A soft rise and fall now as we fucked.

“You didn’t even try to get me out of my dress,” she cooed.

“Hmmm,” I growled. “It’s more complicated than us.”

Her little girl giggles. Loved the way it sounded to my ears and the way it vibrated against my tongue as we kissed again. Loved to feel her. Felt so right. Felt so good right now. Couldn’t hold on any longer.

She spoke before I could. “Yes, cum with me.” Started right then. Filling her unprotected womb with my seed. Wasn’t worried about that now. Would figure all that out later. She was mine, that was all that mattered now. Filled her. Splashed her walls as we still kissed. Resting now. Just softly pawing at each other as she smiled so content now.

“Bravo,” a voice cheered. Clapping coupled the cheer.

“Great, not now,” I groaned.

“That was quite a show,” Carmen, the black hair beauty, said.

Jessica tipped her head upside down and looked over the back of the couch to see who was there. Never missing a beat she chimed in. “You should have gotten me naked, I didn’t know we were going to have an audience. We could have put on a better show.”

“I think I saw enough,” Carmen said annoyed. “Watching isn’t my thing.”

“You could have joined us,” Jessica teased.

That caught me by surprise as she turned back towards me now. She knew that one would get my attention. I couldn’t let her get one up on me.

“You’ve been with girls?” I asked.

Her laugh, so pure and innocent as she tried to speak. “Just experimented a little, nothing serious.”

“With who?” I asked.

“Hmmm,” she growled. “Can’t say.”

“Angela,” I said almost too quickly.

Her jaw opened wide giving her cover away.

“You shit,” Jessica laughed more.

“How do you know all my secrets?” she giggly asked.

I could only laugh a little evil laugh.

“No big deal, right?” Jessica asked a little worried. “Me and you from now on, right?”

“Only,” I replied.

“Hello,” Carmen barked now, annoyed she had been forgotten. Arms folded with a scowl on her face.

Jessica and I parted as we both sat up on the couch. Carmen circled the couch to stand before us now. Jessica draped what she could of her dress over my lap to try and hide me. I laughed a little at the gesture.

“Who’s that?” Jessica whispered to me making a mockery of the situation. She did it loud enough so Carmen could hear it. She had to have some idea of who this was.

“I’m his girlfriend,” Carmen barked, still very annoyed by everything.

“Girlfriend,” I countered. “Hardly.”

“It’s okay,” Jessica offered. “I almost got married, I understand if you’ve had other, endeavors.”

“Hardly! Endeavors!” Carmen now fumed.

“I’m in your bed every night,” she cried with attitude. One hand on her hip the other pointing at the bedroom.

“And you never wake up in my bed in the morning do you?” I asked. “You don’t even have a tooth brush here.”

“Well,” Carmen searched.

“She is what I have been after for the past five years now. I think our relationship has to take a step back. We can be friends but not with benefits anymore.”

“What about everything we have been through?” kadıköy escort bayan she asked. “How do you think I feel or don’t you care?”

“You told me to go and get her as I recall,” I stated factually now. “It was, ‘be stupid for you to let her get away if that’s how you feel’. I took your advice and now here she is.”

“You are something else,” Carmen sneered.

“I think it’s time for you to go,” Jessica offered. “Take some time and sort things out. The friends offer will be there but if you can’t handle that then maybe you shouldn’t come around anymore.”

Carmen stormed out. I leaned over and picked the phone up.

“Hey Winston,” I said into it. “Yeah, I’m back. Listen, don’t let Carmen back into the building for now ok. Too much drama.”

Jessica could only smile as I set the phone down and looked at her.

“Sorry about that,” I offered.

“No, no, it’s ok. Like I said I understand you have been with other people so I’m ok with it. The past is the past. We are moving forward from here.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t want you to have to deal with that first thing.”

She could only shrug.

“I’m going to get some clothes on,” I said. “You want to get out of that dress and into something more comfortable?”

“I’m guessing you don’t have anything for me to wear so I’m going to have to use one of your shirts.”

“On contraire,” I retorted. “I have clothes for you. I always had hope you would come around.”

“You really do love me don’t you?” she asked so honestly.

“With all my heart,” I said taking her hand.

“I’m glad I chose you.”

We stood in the bedroom. I started unlacing her dress. Unhooked all the intricate buttons on the sides. Tickling her sides and behind her knees as I exposed her skin. She soaked it in. Loved to be touched and worshipped as I took my time removing her dress. No way was this what she had dreamed of when she was a little girl thinking about her wedding day. Couldn’t have thought she would have run away with her cousin and he would be the one undressing her. But in that moment, everything was right in her world. Finally the dress opened and exposed her back. I slipped it from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I stood and kissed her neck. She tilted it, exposing her flesh and yielding to my lips. Just a tease as she pulled away.

“Get dressed and let’s order some food. I’m starving.”

I changed and headed back into the living room. Walked by the bed and noticed the bra and panties still remained there but the shorts and T were gone. Wedding dress still crumpled in a pile where I had left it.

“Don’t you ever wear panties anymore?” I asked.

“I’m at home now,” she said so easily. “I don’t need them.”

“What about the plane? You had them on when we were in flight.”

“Hmmm, I know,” she growled. “Had to take them off after you tried to touch me. I was wet and uncomfortable. I was hoping you would continue but a nap was more important apparently.”

“You didn’t notice the way the guy sitting diagonal was looking at you,” I said.

“Oh, I noticed. Didn’t let it bother me.”

I chuckled a little. Same old Jessica.

“There is something that is bothering me though,” she said after a long pause.

I looked at her and wondered.

“Be honest please,” she started. “I want no skeletons in the closet between us. I played this dumb little game and drug you along for a good chunk of five years, so, if you did things that might hurt me if I find them out from the wrong people I want to know. We are starting fresh from here. Me and you together forever but I don’t want any surprises.”

“Ask away,” I said.

“How did you know about me and Angela?”

“It doesn’t really matter does it?” I asked.

“I just told you, there can be no secrets. We were never a couple until you took me into your arms today at the airport. That was the first moment for the rest of our lives. Whatever you have done is in the past. I can forgive you for almost anything. So, please tell me.”

Looked so intense as she waited on me. Brown eyes watching mine as I studied her face. Knew it was important for her to know the truth even though there wasn’t much to tell.

“Do you remember that time we were on the couch?” I began.

“We spent a lot of times on the couch,” she giggled. The giggle was a welcome relief.

“Aunt Donna’s 60th birthday party, that narrow it down?” Her head tilted in thought as we both sat down now. I sipped my water as she smiled so big now. Yeah, she remembered.

“We were on the couch all snuggled up together under the blanket. You were wearing that loose jean skirt. No panties of course.”

Guilty little smile crossed her lips now. Thinking back I could only remember a few times she wore any panties at all.

“You kept grinding on me as we watched the game. I pulled my cock from my shorts and shoved it right into your ass crack. Thought you would turn me down with all those people around.”

“But I didn’t, did I,” she smiled.

“You were so wet,” escort maltepe I recalled. My cock stirring as I was talking now. “Tipped your hips back and I slipped right on in. So worried about getting busted but not wanting to stop.”

“You felt so good that day,” Jessica interrupted.

“Gently I pressed into you deep and hard. Not stirring too much to draw attention to us as we fucked right in the open with everyone there. So daring that I didn’t last long.”

“I didn’t either,” she teased.

“Filled you right on the couch as your dad starting calling for me to help him with the ice and coolers.”

“You looked so guilty as you climbed over me and went out to help him,” she joked.

“I had just fucked you right on the couch and now everyone was looking at us. Hell I was still cumming as I pulled myself back into my shorts.”

She laughed so hard then. Slapped her hands on the table as I turned red with embarrassment still to this day.

“What did that have to do with Angela?” she asked after finally stopping.

“I helped him. Half an hour, 45 minutes, I helped him. Felt like everyone was watching me and knew what had happened. Finally I got away and went to the bathroom. Splashed some on my face as I looked in the mirror.”

“The lights went out suddenly as I felt someone behind me. Thought it was you as I starting tell the person that I thought we were so going to get busted.”

“‘Oh, but you did,’ the voice whispered. I flipped on the lights and was stunned it was Angela.”

“Oh shit,” Jessica gasped.

“That’s what I said too.”

“‘Yeah, I saw you,’ Angela admitted. ‘Knew what was going on under the covers in Florida too.’ I was about to panic when she smiled.”

“‘Want to fuck another cousin?’ she asked. Thought she was going to try and blackmail me, us. I tried not to laugh but it slipped out a little.”

“What did she do next?” Jessica asked on the edge of her seat.

“Looked very annoyed at my laughter. That’s when I explained to her it was more than just fucking my cousin. I had strong feelings for you. Loved you. Was waiting for you and what we had agreed on. Begged her not to tell anyone, not even you about this. Told her I would find a way to pay her back if she kept quiet.”

“Why didn’t you want me to know?” Jessica now asked. “It isn’t like you had sex with her, or did you?”

“No, nothing like that. I didn’t want you to worry about anyone else finding out. Didn’t want to scare you off. I just didn’t want to complicate things any further. I thought a million things that day in the bathroom, all of them ended with you running away. I thought that it would be best if she just kept quiet.”

“That’s when she asked me if I was sure if it was love on your end. Wondered if you felt the same way as I did. I didn’t understand what she meant. That’s when she told me you two had fooled around. Nothing like what we were doing but some kissing and touching. I didn’t know if I should believe her or not. I just trusted my gut and felt it was true but that you weren’t using me.”

“I’m sorry you had to find out that way,” Jessica offered. “That day was the last time.”

“You had both of us that day?” I now questioned.

She turned crimson. Wasn’t trying to let that one out of the bag. Too late now.

“Jessica,” I sighed. “No secrets, your rules.”

She took a breath. “Ok, here goes. Please don’t be mad.”

“The past is the past,” I quickly reminded her.

“After our fun on the couch I had a little mess I had to clean up. Well, a big mess but you get the idea. I was so horny that day and you do things to me I can’t explain. If my dad hadn’t called you, we would have fucked again right there. I wanted to cum again so badly. I rolled from the couch and went to the bathroom to clean myself.”

“Angela followed me in there. Now it makes sense, she knew what was going on. Could tell I was still horny. Used that against me. Felt my nipples and used her fingers. Pushed me on the counter and went down on me. The first and only time. She had to have tasted you in me.”

“I pulled myself together and stopped her. Left her in the bathroom. Started walking. I missed everything. The cake, the toast, the gifts, I just couldn’t see Angela.”

“I was wondering where you were,” I added.

“I told Angela that we couldn’t do that anymore. Nothing, no touching, no kissing, nothing. I had strong feelings for you but I was fighting it. Didn’t want that to get out and ruin me and you. Just wanted her and I to be as normal as possible. She understood that way too easy as well. Makes sense why now.”

“A few weeks after that, I went to therapy for the first time. Wanted answers and help for what I had gotten myself into with her. I didn’t consistently go and I didn’t say anything about us until that time you flew up for the night. Felt so confused about everything I was feeling. Knew I loved you but knew it was wrong. Used Mark to try and fill in for you.”

“I’m past that now. I stopped going about two months ago. I know what I want and I’m not turning back now. Me and you, forever.”

An odd silence came between us now. We never had this kind of quiet when we were together. Both of us just thinking. Taking in what had been revealed about our past and how they were connected in an odd way. Angela was something else.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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