The Airplane Ride Home Ch. 06

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Jamie and John sat in lawn chairs in front of their RV. Their Coleman lantern provided the only light. Overhead broken clouds scudded across a star lit moonless sky. The air hung thick and heavy with humidity. Even at this late hour, the heat was oppressive.

John wore starched knee length khaki shorts with a short sleeve pressed gingham shirt. His one concession to camping were his well shined loafers. He wore them with no sox. Even in the relaxed atmosphere of camping, he felt he needed to present a tidy appearance. Jamie, on the other hand, wore a knee length bottom up the front cotton robe and flip-flops. Nothing else! Over the years, her more relaxed dress when camping or at their lake place was a bone of contention.

Around them in the semi seclusion provided by the sparsely forested campground, the golden glow of other lamps fought against the gloom. They sat quietly sipping on cold beers. They were both deep into thoughts about the revelations of the past few days. They had talked on the four-hour drive. Jamie apologized again. She went on to try to explain her feelings.

“I know I need to stop. If for no other reason than the psychological damage it will do to Sam.”

“Can you stop,” John asked. As he spoke the words, he feared the answer.

“I know this isn’t fair, but do you want me to stop? As we discussed on the drive here, you were aroused like never before watching Sam and I.”

John leaned backward and laced his fingers behind his neck. He stretched, lifting his feet from the ground, spreading his legs and lifting his butt off the chair. “Dammit, Jamie, what do you want me to say? Keep fucking our son because I discover I like watching? No, we are not going to fuck up his life!”

Off to their right the loud laughter of their neighbors intruded on the conversation. They could just make out the palatial Type A Motorhome of their nearest neighbors, a father/son team returning from a fishing trip. John and Jamie had met them briefly while they were setting up camp.

* * *

Jamie took a long pull on her beer, emptying it. Seeing John’s was also empty, she took his empty beer bottle and dumped them both in the trash. She walked the few steps to ice chest, bent at the waist and fished out two more beers. Jamie noticed the gallon jug of homemade brandy their campground neighbors had given them. She took it out and sat it on the small table next to the plastic cups. Jamie struggled but managed to pull the cork out of the tightly sealed bottle. She splashed liberal amounts of the darkish liquid into the blue plastic cups. She had a half formed plan to get John drunk. She was not sure what would happen after that. Maybe if they were both high it would help to get them through this.

John watched morosely as Jamie walked to the cooler. When she bent over to get the beers, the hem of her cotton robe rode high on her ample ass. John harden as he beheld her clamshell pussy framed by her full womanly thighs. Unbidden, the image of his son’s cock stretching Jamie’s pussy to its limits popped in his mind. He remembered the frothy whiteness of her juices coating Sam’s cock. He tried to recall if he had ever had Jamie to that level of arousal, where her juices foamed out of her pussy. He was sure he had not. Nor had he ever seen her pussy lips red and swollen like that. Sam’s cock was fatter and longer than his was! He was rigidly hard in an instant.

Why, he thought, does that arouse me so much? Is it the sight of a cock other than mine in her pussy? Or is it the humiliation of knowing I cannot satisfy her? He recalled when they were just getting the business started how they would open the drapes and fuck on his desk in front of the twelfth floor picture window. On a couple of occasions, the construction workers across the street would whoop and holler as they watched. That always scared him. What if someone they knew saw them? The scandal could damage the business. However, Jamie said that the fear of being seen heightened her arousal.

For the next hour, they sipped their drinks. They tried to have a desultory conversation about normal things. However, Sam and Jamie’s incest placed a pall over any topic. They understood that their marriage hung in the balance. Unless they could work through this betrayal, its weight would pull their marriage apart.

* * *

Jamie stood to open yet another beer and to refill their cups with the homemade brandy. She staggered a little. Lord, she thought, that brandy packs a wallop. The heat, humidity and alcohol had her sweating profusely. Unconsciously, she undid the top three buttons of her housecoat. The coat fell open. I probably should get rid of this ratty old coat, she thought. Her fingers idly moved from just below her breasts down over her waist and hips. A shiver moved over her body as recalled Sam taking her on the kitchen floor in this coat. Her pussy moistened as the memory of his young virile cock pounding her into submission filled her mind. Sam had just taken pendik escort her over her objections. He was like a trip hammer, bam, bam, bam! No technique just a big hard dick having its way with her pussy! She smiled ruefully, a pussy that was leaking a lot right now!

Her hands went to the open vee of the coat containing her cleavage. The buttons just under her breasts held it together.

John watched bleary eyed as Jamie turned and walked the few steps back to her chair. The sensuality his wife projected now struck him. In their 20 years, he had seen her naked countless times. He had seen her partially dressed more time than he could count. Yet now he saw her in a new light. She seemed to glow. There was a…sexuality that he was sure was not there before.

“Undo the other buttons!”

“John,” Jamie exclaimed, slurring her words, “The other camp is just through those trees. They might see me!” Her eyes scanned the thin row of trees. She could clearly see the back of the Comstock’s RV.

“Undo the Gawddamit buttons!” John slurred.

“You are being naughty, John,” Jamie giggled as she unbuttoned her robe. She glanced over her shoulder toward the camp of the father and son. It was quiet and had been for a while. Perhaps they were in bed.

Jamie weaved slightly. She opened her housecoat with a flourish, giggling uncontrollably. Her large breasts swayed as she gave an impromptu wiggle. She harkened back to their younger days when they dabbled in exhibitionism. That had been so hot!

“Turn slowly!” John slurred. His cock hung like a lump of semi hard meat. He was not sure where this was going. He wanted her exposed to the world as the cheating incestuous bitch she was. The conflict was he loved this incestuous bitch. As Jamie turned slowly, John thought he caught movement in the trees.

Jamie pirouetted slowly raising her housecoat as she turned. Being exposed in the open air of their camp was an incredibly turn on for her. She grabbed the hem of the coat and raised it to just below her breasts. She let one hand slide over her abdomen and one to the overheated vee of her sex. She shivered as her finger slid over her swollen clit. She froze as she thought she caught movement in the trees. Quickly, she dropped the hem of her coat and pulled it tightly around her.

“John, we need to go inside,” She said nervously, “someone is watching!”

“Nobody’s watching,” John said, “besides you are the woman who fucked her son on an airplane. You don’t have any shame!”

Jamie dropped her head as John’s words cut into her. Even in her drunken haze, she realized it would be hard to get them back to some semblance of normalcy. Fuck it, she thought with uncharacteristic profanity, fuck it! She attempted to peer deep into the trees, to find the source of the movement.

She let her robe fall open. She let her fingers play on the lips of her labia. She teased herself, relishing the wickedness of her exposure, of playing with her pussy with the eyes of a phantom voyeur watching.

John’s hand lightly stroked his semi hard member. “Face me!”

Jamie turned, her fingers still gliding effortlessly between the swollen, slick lips of her pussy. She was disappointed to see that the bulge in John’s shorts had not grown. Motherfuck you, she raged in her mind. It turns me on, so fuck you!

John beckoned Jamie to come closer. As she moved toward him, he again thought he saw movement in the trees. He felt a stirring in his shorts. There was someone in the trees. Someone was watching Jamie. “Say what you did!”

“John, please, are we going to cover that ground again?” Jamie’s arms fell to her side. The dull ache in her pussy throbbed. I thought we were past this, she thought. But he can’t let it go! She felt a dull headache coming on. Perhaps it was over. Perhaps her marriage was over.

“You can’t say it, can you?” John screamed. “You can’t say that dirty thing you did!” John stared fixedly past Jamie into the trees. There was someone there!

“I fucked our son,” Jamie screamed in exasperation, “I fucked our son and yes, yes, I enjoyed it!” Jamie turned to storm into the RV. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone move back into the shadows. Her heart stopped. They had to hear what she said. Dear god, she thought, my life is spinning out of control.

“Come here!” John said.

Jamie tore her eyes away from trying to see who was in the woods to confront her husband. She stepped in front of John. She watched with detachment as he tentatively rubbed her pussy with his open hand. She shivered as one finger found its way into the folds of her nether region.

John wrapped one arm around Jamie’s waist and turned her sideways to him. He let his fingers slide through her swollen folds as he stared fixedly into darkness of the trees. He could not see any movement. Had they left? What was his plan if they were still there? Did he want them watch his wife play with herself?

A tremor shook Jamie’s maltepe escort body as John leaned forward and wetly kissed her pussy. He did not really like doing that! Years ago, she had read stories about men who liked other men watching their wives. She shuddered as she recalled John’s reaction to her telling him he behaved like those men. He had nearly run the RV off the road as he screamed his denial. However, here someone watching her play with herself was again arousing him. She sank to her knees. If letting someone watch them have sex would save her marriage, then she was prepared to do it. She unzipped his pants slowly. She pulled his flaccid member from his shorts. She looked up to see him staring into the woods. She went to turn her head to see at what he was staring.

John grabbed Jamie’s head in both hands and held it tight. His arousal watching his son and wife fuck was like something he never felt before. He admitted that to himself. “Just suck my dick, you cheating slut!”

The shadow in the woods moved forward and resolved itself into the figure of Aaron Comstock, the 30-year-old son of the campers next door. He stood just inside the line of trees. Clad only in his boxers, he slowly stroked his man meat as Jamie’s head bobbed on her husband’s cock.

Jamie saw that John was looking behind her. However, every time she tried to turn her head to see what he was staring at, he tightened his grip on her head. Fear gripped her as the realization that someone was watching her suck John’s cock washed over her. Her latent exhibitionism tempered her fear.

John’s hands slid down Jamie’s back. He slid her housecoat up her back, exposing her ass and pussy to the furiously stroking young man. John let his hands roam over Jamie’s full mature ass. He caught Aaron’s eye and motioned with his head for him to come closer.

Jamie’s pussy spasmed as she heard the soft crunch of feet on dried leaves. Someone was behind her and he was moving closer. A cold chill invaded her body as she imagined the image she presented, her bare ass and pussy on display to a stranger while she sucked her husband’s cock. “John, what’s going on?”

John’s cock grew almost impossibly rigid as he watched Aaron’s cock. His hands spread Jamie’s cheeks.

Aaron stood just behind Jamie stroking furiously. He knew he needed to stop. He was so close to unloading. He stared at the intense look on John’s face. Suddenly Aaron came. His sperm looped into the air like water spurting up from a fountain. It arced slowly and rained down on the woman’s back.

Jamie screamed as she felt the molten fluid hit her shoulder blade. She could hear someone grunting behind her. Futilely she tried to pull away from John’s death grip on her head. The person behind her grunted louder as another stream of liquid heat hit midway her back. John’s cock was pulsing; he was trying to get his cock back in her mouth. Just then, she felt another splatter on her ass. Jamie realized that some man had come on her back! A stranger had painted her back in his come while her husband held her head.

Aaron knelt behind Jamie. Sweat poured off his body. He lustfully eyed her wide matronly ass. He could see the glistening wetness of her sex. His eyes shifted to her husband.

John caught Aaron’s eye and glanced down at his wife’s sweating behind. Aaron took that as a sign to go further. He extended his shaking hand and stroked Jamie’s ass. In the dim light, he could see his load glistening on this mature woman’s back.

Jamie felt the hand stroke her butt. At first, she thought it was her husband. Then she realized three hands were stroking her ass. She looked up into the sweat glistening face of her husband. He tore his eyes away from her ass and mouthed the words: Don’t look!

Embolden by John’s invitation and Jamie’s silent acquiescence, Aaron leaned forward and kissed one sweaty cheek of Jamie’s ass. He could taste the salty sweetness of his come.

Jamie froze. Someone was kissing her ass. When she tried to turn her head to see, John gripped it firmly in his hands. With his cock still in her mouth, her eyes pleaded with her husband. John looked into Jamie’s questioning eyes and mouthed: I love you.

Aaron planted kisses all over Jamie’s ass. He could hear her sighs as his tongue trailed down and discovered her anus. Seized by the lust of the moment, he French kissed her anus, forcing his tongue deep in her quivering asshole.

Jamie languidly sucked her husband’s cock as the unseen stranger tongue fucked her ass. The feeling was incredible! She had never had anyone do that to her. It felt so nasty, so filthy, and so incredibly hot! She felt his hands move sensuously over her ass, kneading it, caressing it, while he made love to that most forbidden, and most intimate of orifices. In addition, all the while, she sucked her husband’s cock, their eyes locked.

Jamie shivered as a mini orgasm shook her. Then he stopped licking her ass. She groaned with disappointment. kartal escort Then she felt him shift. Briefly, she felt his thighs against her behind. Then the head of a cock pressing against her swollen leaking pussy. As the strange cock slid easily into sodden hole, she moaned. “Aww fuck, John, fuck that feels so good!” The stranger began a slow in and out followed by quick hard thrusts.

John looked down into his wife’s sweating lustful face. The wantonness of the scene had him harder than he had ever been. He glanced up and caught Aaron’s eye. Aaron smiled and used one hand to wipe the sweat from his face as he alternated between pulling his cock out to its full length and slowly sliding back in until he bottomed out on this mature woman’s cervix. He would then thrust quick and hard for several strokes and slow again. In the dim light, he could see the white froth of her pussy covering his cock and her pussy.

“Do you like this, Jamie? Do you like taking strange cock while I watch?”

Jamie released his cock from her mouth. “Oh John, this is incredible! I never want it to stop! I will do anything to please you!”

“Than suck my fucking cock, you cheating, incestuous bitch! Fill your mouth with the same seed that made our son. “

Jamie felt the stranger cock swell. At the same time, she felt the large vein in John’s cock began to pulse. They were both getting ready to come! For the uncounted times she had come that day with her son and now with this stranger, Jamie began to come yet again. At the same time, she felt the stranger buck against her and start filling her pussy with his life producing seed. Almost simultaneously, John exploded in her mouth. There was so much come she gagged and the gooey fluid seeped from the corners of her mouth. She tried to pull back to get her breath but the insistent thrusting of the man coming in her would not let her. She managed to pull her face back and catch the last of John’s spurts on her face.

Jamie collapsed on her belly on the dried pine straw, breathing heavily. She felt hot drips of come hit the side of her face. Then the stranger slid out of her pussy and stood.

John saw Aaron’s cock gleam wetly with the combined juices of he and Jaime. He could see a white froth coating the root of his cock and his pubic hair. He smiled and nodded at Aaron. Then he waved him away. Aaron nodded, stuffed his now limp cock back into his boxers and walked back through the tree line and into the darkness.

* * *

John stood. He looked down at his heavily breathing wife. The pungent aroma of sex mixed with the smell of the pine trees and campfire smoke. He offered his hand Jaime. “Get up!”

Jamie took her husband’s hand and rose unsteadily to her knees. She was weak and disoriented. Her pussy ached with that oh so familiar feeling. Her hand trailed down and touched her clit. An electric shock went through her. Her clit was too sensitive to touch. Using John’s hand as a crutch, she rose to first one leg then the other. John caught her as she weaved. What just happened, she thought. A man I never saw fucked me while my husband watched. I’m covered in jizz and stink of sex. Yet John is smiling lovingly at me. She let him guide her to her lawn chair. Gingerly she sat down.

John helped his wife sit in her chair to recover. He could see her face was covered in sperm. As he looked down, he could see the pine straw clinging to her sweat covered body. And below that, he saw the frothy wetness of her cunt. It leaked copious amounts of the combined juices of her and her erstwhile lover. She seemed to glow. Impulsively, he knelt between her legs and kissed her on the lips. Jaime returned his kiss, sharing the saltiness of his come with him.

John moved down kissing her chin, then the sweatiness of her upper chest. He lightly brushed the pine straw from her breasts, noting her still hard nipples. He heard her groan and place one hand on his head.

“Oh John, I am so tired! I could just sit here and sleep.”

John kissed his wife between her large breasts. “Just relax baby, I’ll take care of you!” John slid down and kissed Jaimie’s sweaty belly.

“Oh John, that feels so good and I’m so tired!” Jamie felt John slide down between her legs. “Oh no, John, don’t kiss me there, not now! I’m full of that man’s sperm!” Jaime made a weak attempt to push John’s head away. However, he licked her thighs hungrily, lapping up the juices running freely down her thighs.

John smiled as his tongue licked lightly at Jaimie’s swollen red clit. It pulsed with excitement. He pushed Jaimie’s weakly resisting hands a way and French kissed her leaking pussy. The taste was incredible! He placed his open mouth over her red labia and sucked. The gooey slime of his wife’s and Aaron’s come invaded his mouth. With one hand, he reached down and began to stroke his hardening tool.

Jamie was moving from semi consciousness to another arousal. She realized that John was licking and sucking the come from her pussy. In all of her 50 years, she had never experienced this time of intimacy. With one hand she languidly stroked her husband’s sweating head. “That’s right, baby, lick mama clean! Does mama’s baby like the taste of mama’s come filled pussy?”

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