The Alarm Clock Revisited

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God, I hate that alarm clock. It’s insistent buzzing prods me out of bed to shut it off before that insistent noise drives me nuts. I pad around the bed and reach a hand up to the noisy little prick. Blessed silence descends as I slap the off button.

Not for the first time do I marvel at my wife’s ability to sleep through almost anything. She just lays there on her side. Her lower leg stretched all the way out. The upper leg lifted up almost to her chest. Her nightgown pulled up showing off that tight athletic ass I love so much. As I stare at it, I realize that her gorgeous naked ass is peeking out from under her nightgown, unencumbered by the usual cotton armor of her panties.

My morning wood throbs in the air (I rarely wear anything to bed) and my little brain (the one located just above my testicles and just below my erection) takes over. Without any conscious thought, I grab the tube of lube off the nightstand and quickly coat my hardon with the slippery goo. I gently clamber onto the bed Kartal Escort and position myself. I am now straddling her stretched out leg and able to position my cock between her pussy lips. With a gentle shove, I bury my erection fully into her.

The only reaction is a gentle moan. Having attained my first objective, Operation Bury the Bone, I proceed to the next phase, Operation In and Out. One of the voices in my head begins to laugh hysterically. At least one of us likes the names.

I think she’s purring. Her breathing begins to deepen and her moans become louder. In and out. In and out. She starts to squirm and it becomes hard to continue, so, I grab her ass to steady myself and my thumb grazes her brown eye. She reacts by pushing her hips backwards. My thumb is still wet from the lube, so I push the tip into her. Her hips push back. I push my thumb all the way in, up to the third knuckle. She moans and begins to orgasm. Her pussy muscles clench on my cock and her anal muscles Pendik Escort clamp down on my thumb. I hold still until it subsides.

Once I feel her pulsation begin to subside, I start to alternate my strokes. In with the thumb, out with the cock. In with the cock, out with the thumb. She is pushing her hips in rhythm with my thumb or maybe it is my cock. I don’t know. But damn, it feels so fine.

As I feel her next orgasm approaching, I pull my thumb all the way out and then my cock. Before she can object, I line my cock up with her brown hole, now gaping, that so recently hosted my thumb.

‘Now or never,’ I thought to myself as I pushed my cock home and was rewarded with a loud, “Oh yes, fuck my ass!” from my wife. This from the woman who until very recently would stop any anal play by announcing, “That is an exit, not an entrance.”

“Fuck my ass”. Those were words never before uttered in our bed, but I did my best to honor them. A few more strokes and I could feel the Göztepe Escort electric tingle of my orgasm building. Without thinking I plunged myself as deep as possible into her. And then, I was painting the inside of her guts with blast after blast of my sticky manseed. I think I now know what Paradise is like.

The sudden flood of sperm must have been the trigger for her third and most massively biggest orgasm yet. She heaved and twitched but was not going to unseat me. Her anal muscles had a vice grip on me, squeezing my cock like it was going to get cut off.

A last shudder and her anal grip relaxed and began pushing me out. Just as I plopped out, the second alarm went off. I hopped up and turned it off also.

Looking down I decided a quick wash up was in order.

When I came back, my sweet bride was laying on her other side, facing the bathroom, nude. One hand was circling a nipple and the other was circling her clit. I watched as she slowly dipped one then two fingers into her honeypot. Mesmerized, I watched as she slowly brought herself to yet another orgasm.

As I stood there stroking myself hard again, I heard her say, “So why the alarm this morning? You do know its Saturday, don’t you?”

God I hate that fucking alarm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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