The All-America Virgin Ch. 03

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“It’s true, Travis! I know. I love you. I love you. I love you! But, I know. I’ve known you, what? Hours? Romance is timeless, my lover. I know that. Maybe you don’t. You and your two Lindas just don’t have the experience I have in my seven years. I’ve seen a lot of men, Travis. Been with a lot of men. Lots. I’m guessing a dozen. Including you, thirteen, a baker’s dozen. I know what is out there, and you beat it all. All of them! You’re so handsome, and bright! And athletic! I’ve never, ever fucked a man as handsome and as bright and and as athletic as you! I’m so lucky, so fortunate. Just don’t stop giving it to me. Keep giving it to me!

“So, I’m taking a stand, Travis. I’m casting my vote. I vote for you, Travis Rook, college football All-America all-purpose back. I…am in love with you, Ivy Leaguer. I want you to be mine. I’ll just say it; I want to be your wife and bear your children. Whenever you’re ready to marry, marry me. I’ll wait. Years I’ll wait. Fucking years, Mr. Rook. Fucking years. How does that make you feel?”

Edie Coltan. Black hair. Deep brown eyes. Biggest, nicest tits ever. Ever. Biggest, nicest tits ever anywhere near my face. Blinded by the firm 48Gs that stay up on their own. No underwires, she told me, whatever those are. Other things? Willingness to fuck me silly. Silly, dude. And, often. I’m talking no stopping now. I’ve had carnal knowledge with precisely one woman in my life, and that singular woman is spread-legs naked on top of me now. My stiff cock is in Edie, she’s thrusting on my stiff cock, and she has just proposed marriage.

I might take her up on that right now.

I’m about to come.

“Edie, give me a few seconds before we talk about marriage, because, and this is just wonderful, Edie, you’re going to make me come.”

And, she does.

I feel the gallons filling up my lover. My back arches. My loins vibrate. “Oh, my God! Oh, my! Oh, fuck! Oh. Oh. Oh, fuuuuucck! Fuckfuckfuckfuck! Damnit, Edie! You’re making me crazy!”

“I just proposed marriage to you, Travis! And, I made you come! Hard! Cause and effect! Fucking cause and fucking effect! That’s the fourth time you shot your come inside me in, what? Five hours? And, the fourth time was the most intense time! What is this? Is this your answer to the question I just popped? I popped the question and you popped off?”

Now that the orgasm has just cleared my mind…no, it’s not my answer to the popped question. I’m going to be twenty years of age in a few weeks and I don’t want to get married this early in my life. Yet, Edie laid it on the line for me, and the least I can do is acknowledge the gravity of her admission.

“Edie, you just may have me on that,” I say to her as she remains legs-spread around my hips. “But, I don’t know. All I do know is this: our entire relationship has been all about sex, sex and football, and that’s great because what red-blooded American man could turn all that down? So, let’s say you’re right about the timing of my fifth orgasm of the evening, and how intense it was. Therefore, I think we should eventually become husband and wife, or man and wife, or man and woman, or whatever. I mean, why the fuck not? I’m not doing any other woman now. Are you serious about anyone? Tell me if you are.”

Edie looks down at my face. Her tits are barely touching my chest. “No, I’m not serious about anyone. I’ve actually spent the past few months without any physical contact to speak of. So, neither of us is serious elsewhere. So, let’s go for it, Rook!”

“Just my point! Let’s make that commitment for the far-away future, and have some fun with it now in the immediate future. Edie, you and I have always been all about a) fucking and b) laughter. Let’s continue to fuck and laugh and commit ourselves to fucking and laughter, now. How does that sound?”

“Difficult Maltepe Escort to argue with your logic, Mister Philosophical! Mister Ivy League! Football All-America! Mister Most Handsome Man I’ve Ever Fucked, Much Less Embraced! Now, reward me with some sucking on the Gs. That’s your mouth on the firmest 48G jugs you will ever experience, and hands on the big girl’s ass cheeks. Do these, and do these well, and you also will be rewarded, I’m talking well-rewarded, as I will do you well! Very well!”

And, I do.

Edie’s tits and ass are proportional in that each – a tit and an ass cheek – fill up my hand, plus, and more. That is great! Big girl she may be, yet she fits and she is intent on keeping me sexually fulfilled. Plus. And more.

“Travis. Travis Rook. Travis Rook, my lover. My – oh, and suck on that tit, Travis Rook – my future, future, my…future. Wow – and the way you hold my ass, Travis Rook, keeps my ass hot – you just think about going to bed with me every night, Travis Rook. You’ll never stray, Travis Rook, because every night, and lunchtime on the weekends, Edie Coltan Rook is going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before! And, you’ll love it. Every time. I’ll exercise…whatever it takes to keep my girlish figure…ha! That’s said in jest. I’ll actually do whatever it takes to keep you between my legs, Travis Rook, to keep your hands on my ass and your face buried between my uniquely unique G cups! Oh…my…goodness! Lips and fingers in sync, driving me berserk, Travis Rook! It’ll be Linda, Linda, and Edie Coltan Rook, and that’s all you’re going to need to know because I’m going to make you forget that name. Or, both of them. Forget Linda Linda. Like, now!”

All the sucking and feeling have rendered me capable…again! It’s so easy to just slip my slippery cock back into Edie’s slippery slope, so I do just that.

“Travis! Travis Rook! Why, you sneaky little fucker, you. Oh, Jeez! You’re back in me. And, you know what? I love it! I love you. And, just as you said earlier, let’s keep fucking and laughing! Oh, my! Whatever I have to do to make you forget Linda Linda. Give it a few minutes. Like, then it will happen. Oh. Oh. Oh. Fuck!”

I grab Edie’s ass with my right hand and draw a huge tit to my mouth with my left hand. The Edie’s Come Face appears, the post-sex Face similar to the pre-sex Edie’s Fuck Face.

“Like perhaps now! My own Travis Rook! Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh! That’s it, Mister Rook! Make me come! Fuck me fast! Fuck me hard! Oh, I think of marrying you and I get so worked up! Ahh, fuck! Fuckfuck! Oh, the things…you…do…to me! Ohhh, fuck! Oooooooo…ooooo!”

Edie’s thighs squeeze my hips hard. The eyes droop and the jaw goes slack, the spot on indicator that she’s experiencing a bitching orgasm. I feel good about myself that I can satisfy her so well and so much and so often. Such the alpha male I am!

I’m her alpha male.

Looks like that is true. Her alpha male.

This marriage proposal stuff looks good on me.

As Edie completes her, what is this? Her what? Her ninth trip to paradise, as she called it somewhere during our second fuck, I think of taking her back to Penn to meet my friends. She is a couple inches shorter than me, and she’s a big girl, as she describes herself, meaning there are girls much leaner and more svelte. I don’t know. That’s the bad side. The good side includes her gorgeous head with the black hair and dark French eyes, and her proportion, and the tits – let us not forget the tits! Yet, Edie’s intangibles – her ability to fuck me blind often and her devotion to me as her desirable man – can’t be communicated to my teammates, who will look at her ass and make their decisions based on her…base.

Fuck them.

Now, for the bad side…

Consider this: Cevizli Escort my sophomore season as an All-America all-purpose back unfolded without a woman involved. Except for that cute kiss sucking female philosophy student. Name unknown. Call her, whatthefuck, Tina. The fact of that matter is not lost on me: my short tryst with Tina, measured in hours, took place, then I had my worst game of the season. Against Brown, the perennial also-ran of the Ivy League. True, the yardage was there and I scored three touchdowns, but I lost three fumbles. Three fumbles. And, I gave up a touchdown catch to a guy who could never play for any college except Brown.

Could have been bad. Really bad.

Tina the Face Sucker proved a woman can scramble my brains, fucking up everything, from football to my education. One evening with Tina was all I needed to be aware of females. My right hand/left hand have never failed me. But, now that I’ve discovered true sex and what true sex can do for me, I mean, Jeez Louise! It’s a long 9 months until my junior football season when I return as an All-America. That’s a lot of fucking with Edie, masterful at the art of fucking. So if I can keep my GPA near or better than a 3.50 and lift weights and run sprints and intervals and successfully play tennis *and* fuck 48G Edie on a regular basis i.e. weekends, well, that’s a pretty good life!

Edie is lying her head on my chest. Her breathing is heavy. My cock is still hard, with six of its eight inches filling up her love canal.

“I love you, All-America Travis Rook. Here we are, our relationship but hours old, and I’ve already fucked you in two states. Let’s go to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland tomorrow morning for a quick fuck before the game. Three states. Four if we top our first weekend together with a trip to Steubenville, Ohio, and make it four states before I see you off to the Express Bus. Oh, damn it! Our time together will end Sunday! Don’t go! Oh, fuck! You have to go. I fell in love with the all-purpose back from Penn, the Ivy League All-America! Promise we’ll get together next weekend!”

“Let’s do that!” I say. “Can you fly to Philadelphia next Friday?”

“Oh, Travis!” Edie says. “Won’t your football friends not like my big ass? I’m not a slender babe. I’m a big girl, remember?”

“Not to mention your G cups, darling. And, the fact that we are super sexually compatible. Darling.”

“Oh, Travis Rook! You just called me ‘darling!’ Your first term of endearment! I love you! Well…maybe I’ll be okay at Penn. Tell ya what. I’ll wear a pink cashmere sweater and no bra. It’ll look like Carly Simon on the album cover with the high beam nipple tits, except mine are much bigger, and much nicer. That way they’ll never make it down to my ass! Sounds like a plan, Stanley! That’ll frighten off your other girlfriends.”

“Edie,” I say, “you don’t realize, I don’t have other girlfriends.”

“Oh, now – “

“Listen to me, Edie. Listen to me.”

Edie calms down. “Okay, Travis. I’m listening.”

My cock grows harder, filling up her wetness even more. The truth is an aphrodisiac, I guess.

“Edie, I don’t have lots of girlfriends at Penn. I don’t have time for it. Football. My education. No time for chasing women. You have to understand.

“But, it’s even crazier than that. Insane. Here it is. Edie, have you ever fucked a virgin?”

She pauses. She slowly slides up and down on my stiff cock. Her nipples jump out hard as she lowers a tit onto my lips. I oblige with a tender suck. The sliding picks up the pace.

“Never,” Edie says. “By the time I was eighteen, there were no men who were virgins.”

“So, that’s your dozen. Right?” I ask.

“Well, yes.”

“Sweetmeat, number thirteen? He was a virgin.”

Edie looked deep into my green eyes, as Atalar Escort if trying to extract the true story after an absurd comment was uttered.

“You’re a…or, were…a virgin, Travis? You? College football All-America? And, you’ve never put…until you put…your sexy eight inch cock…in me? Me?”

“Yes. That is true. Never. Until you.”

Edie stared into my face. I don’t know what to say.

“My Lover, the way I see it, you can look at this two ways. Way A? You can feel sad because you think you could be the first of many, since I am a college football All-America. Or, Way B. You can feel happy because I picked the sexiest, most gorgeous woman with the beautiful black hair, the lovely French dark eyes, and world’s best tits to show me the way, and that’s great because a man always remembers his first fuck and with you, Edie, why should I go out and hunt for a second one. Be happy, Edie! Choose Way B because I’m loyal and I’m in love with you, too! And, I’m stiff and hard right now, and that has always meant good loving, good fucking, is just around the corner.”

“Way B!” Edie exclaims. “I go Way B! You’re not going to stray on me, Travis Rook! I’m going Way B! Go hard or go home! You’re not going to fuck any other women! Why should you? You’re going to get fucked by me any time you need itI Every time I need it! Keep it hard, All-America, because I’m going to jump your bones. Early and often. Way B, baby! Just fuck me, baby!”

“Way B, sweet Edie!” I say loud and proud. “And, I’m stiffer and bigger and harder and I guess that’s how it should be when a man accepts a proposal of marriage. I guess. Never accepted a marriage proposal before. Am I doing this right?”

“Well,” Edie begins. “I’m tingling between my legs. I’m breathing hard. I can’t stop my love canal from slipping up and down on your well-lubed cock. All I talk about is your eight inch cock, which is now my eight inch cock – “

“Edie,” I say, interrupting.

“Yes, Sweetmeat?” Edie says while keeping up the pace she established after I accepted her marriage proposal.

“Edie, the cock was always your cock. After our first lightning fuck, it was yours. And, you know? Even before I met you, I didn’t know it, and you didn’t know it, but even then it was all yours. You gotta realize. I’ve been the object of seduction before. I am an All America, after all. Yet, I just didn’t pay attention. I’d run off with the team or run off to the library. Here, however, at the William Penn, and here, there was no team and no library and no where to go. Nowhere to hide. I had to listen to you. And, I’m a much better man for it!

“Don’t you see? And, G Jugs Girl, wait until you meet my teammates, especially my friends Ted Malone and Robert Martin. That’s quarterback Ted and tight end Robert. Tall and handsome. They’re breast men with their eyes dropping down to meet the nipples face to face right away. You will be immediately established as their favorite girl. Why, you may get one look at them and forget all about me!”

“No, no, no! I say, no!” Edie exclaims. “I want you! Tim and Ronnie or whomever…they’re not All-America. They’re not my men. I’m loyal, almost to a fault, Travis. You gotta stick with me on this. We’ll meet your Tom and Roland and joke around with them, then it’s time to go to the swankiest hotel in Philadelphia for some serious fucking. I’m going to do without you for five nights, five whole nights, so when I see you next Friday evening, I’ll be so fucking horny I mean might, might, might…take you right there in the streets!

“Oh, fuck it, Rook! I’d just feel better if I just took the week off and ride the Express back to Penn with you. I don’t have anything pressing at PPG now, and what’s important I can take care of it by telephone. I’ll hang out at the Hotel Swank while you’re in class and studying, then you can take the taxi over and fuck me all evening if you wish. And, you’d damned well better fuck me blind! C’mon, Travis! Take a walk on the wild side and let’s pretend we’re married and insatiably horny for a week. What do you say to that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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