The Anal Travails of Patty Jones Ch. 02

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by patty_parker & The SOTS (Karin and karinna parker)

Patty Jones: 41 yrs old Blonde, Mother of Two, Married (Separated)

Young Mistress (not named): 20 yrs old, Dark hair



My instructions are to be ready for a young brunette visitor, in the early afternoon, a classmate of my Mistresses…she’s to spend The afternoon with me (or night and morning, if she so chooses), and I’m to give her WHATEVER SHE WANTS sexually, and indulge any other desire she may have… I’m not surprised to learn that she will expect anal sex, and so an enema is in order…I shower and shave carefully and thoroughly, and once I’m finished with my enema, I choose the lingerie I will be wearing. My Mistresses mentioned that their friend fancies red, and so of course I dress in the appropriately-hued bra, suspenders, hosiery, and heels.

I am a GOOD SLAVE, and my Mistresses have taught me well…A few minutes past 1pm, the doorbell rings, and I hurry to answer. A very pretty, dark-haired young woman, about 22 years old, is waiting on our doorstep. Of course I invite her in, and as any good hostess will, offer her refreshment after I lead her to my bedroom. We share goblet s of cabernet wine, and bayan escort seks hikayeleri I can see that she is eager to sample my wares, judging by the hungry way her blue eyes crawl over my voluptuous curves.

My instructions are very detailed, and so I know exactly what is expected of me: my temporary “Mistress” expects a very through exhibition of my oral expertise, before she uses me anally for as long as she chooses…

As she relaxes and lays back, making herself comfortable against the down pillows, I place my hands upon her smooth thighs and lean forward, With the tip of my left hand, I tease the outside, then the inside, of her dewey lips. She bites her lower lip, pressing her hips up to meet my probing digit. I press a second finger inside, in and out, making her hotter and wetter by the second. My two fingers massage her insides in tandem and I lean down, dragging my tongue over her pearly clit. She is obviously pleased with my technique, so I gently increase my tempo and pressure. I lick, suck, kiss, caress her pink clam and upper thighs.

I have been instructed to thoroughly satisfy my Mistresses’ charge before she takes her pleasure, and so I increase the pace of my hungry lapping, my tongue flashing, in, out, around her soaked mons…She cums in one major upheaval, then, minor ones, and I keep worshiping her shaven folds and engorged clit until she places a hand upon my head and says simply,…”Enough…”

I help her to her feet, then assist her in strapping the long, thick, weighty black latex faux penis about her slim hips. My fingers work the catches and buckles by rote; I take her between my red lips and, after a few moments, deeper into my mouth and allow her to press deeper, to the juncture of my throat, as we complete our task…I climb onto the edge of the king-sized bed, legs wide apart, crouching on elbows and knees, my belly lowered submissively…

I’m well-lubed and still slack from the enema and the almost non-stop buggerings I’ve been subjected to over the past weeks, and she slides in easily, all 13″ of her.

Here I am, a mother, a pillar in my community, allowing another female HALF MY AGE to rut-about in my arse as a common streetwalker would; the brief flashes of shame and self-disgust are wiped away by the incredible, lustful pleasure of the depraved act. My entire being seems to radiate heat, my nerve endings spark like un-grounded electrical wires.

She starts pumping my rear in earnest, plunging in as deep, pulling out so that the fat head of her “cock” nearly pops free, then back in again, steadily and rhythmically, gradually building speed…

She’s “gut-punching” me now; those LONG, DEEP, HARD thrusts that seem as if her massive “cock” has broken thru and is surging into the squirming nest of my bowels…it’s GREAT, on one hand, that younger women have incredible reserves of energy to call upon during sex; it’s also a drawback: they can literally spend the day/evening/night in your ass…DEEP in your ass…

“AaaaaaaaaaaGAWD!” I howl (in MY HEAD, or aloud?), I can feel my face contorting, my eyes rolling up and about like pin-balls as the first “medium” orgasm seizes control of my body. Time and again I’m wracked with orgasms of the same magnitude, or a bit more intense, that seem as agonizing as they are pleasure filled. My Mistress’ sweat-beaded, muscular hips loop in wide, grinding circles, ceaseless in their assault upon my widely-stretched back-door…

She worms her hips between the deep valley of my big, plush buttocks, she drives deeper into my hungry rectal depths, I shake and jerk as the one world-wrecking, major orgasm that’s been building behind the others roars through me like a tidal wave.

An un-expected, hot gout of “sperm” makes me shudder and cry-out, my convulsing rectal enclosure and wide-open ass-tube clamp uselessly about the still thrusting latex monstrosity.

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