The Apartment Ch. 04

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In Chapter 1, a billionaire, J.R. Crowley, and his wife, Elizabeth, offer a job and a free apartment in their luxury high-rise to Carol, a young woman who is breaking up with her boyfriend and has no place to live. It soon becomes clear what Carol will have to do in return, but that’s no problem for the sexually submissive hottie.

In Chapter 2, Elizabeth takes Carol shopping for sexy outfits at a special boutique owned by the Crowleys and managed by their friend, Harold. Private fittings turn into an opportunity for Elizabeth and Harold to enjoy Carol’s submissive sexuality. The chapter ends with Harold taking Carol into the backroom, where he can torment and have his way with her.

In Chapter 3, Carol is introduced to BDSM pleasures in the backroom of the boutique. A bond develops between handsome Harold and Elizabeth’s new sex toy. The chapter ends with sexually satiated Carol dropped off at her apartment.

The characters speak for themselves in the story.

Chapter 4


When I get back to my apartment, I notice that the light on my telephone is blinking furiously. Even though we all carry cell phones, my place has an old-fashioned land line with a voice recorder. I’d given that number to the manager in J.R.’s real estate sales office. It’s always best to keep business communications separate from personal ones. You don’t want to accidentally butt dial customers and have them listen while you’re going to the bathroom, or sucking on someone’s dick.

I push the play button. “Carol, this is Pat at the office. I know you aren’t scheduled to start seeing customers until Monday, but we’re shorthanded, and a really good prospect wants to see the penthouse on Magnolia Avenue. He’s in town only today. If you could take him this afternoon it would be a big help. Call me.”

“Why not?” I say to myself. “I’m too keyed up after all the action this morning to just sit around. It will be a good opportunity to wear one of my new outfits. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a sale.”

I return Pat’s call and make a date to meet a Mr. Henderson in the lobby of the Magnolia Avenue building at three o’clock. Plenty of time to have a leisurely bath and make myself up.

The bathroom in this apartment is to die for. It’s huge, with three sinks in a marble counter, a walk-in shower with two heads, mirrors everywhere, and a bidet and toilet in a separate room. The jacuzzi tub is big enough for three or four people.

I turn on the water, expecting it will take a long time to fill the bath. But no, water gushes from hidden spouts in a great quantity, already heated to the perfect temperature. I suspect it will keep circulating to maintain that temperature as long as I want. Such luxury. I know what I have to do to keep it.

I pour in cup full of foamy bath lotion. Delicious suds begin forming on the surface. Soon my body will be cleansed of the remnants from the morning’s sexual activity. A pleasurable shiver passes through me as I remember.

My old clothes go in a heap in the corner. They will all be discarded. Bags full of new ones are in the bedroom, awaiting my pleasure. When the water is deep enough, I dip a toe, testing the temperature, then slip in on my back.

There’s nothing like the delicious sensation during those first few seconds when hot water engulfs your body. I stretch out my recently shaved legs, admiring their slender smoothness. One ankle hooks over the edge of the tub, opening my thighs so I can feel whether it’s time for a hair trimming.

I like to keep my pussy covered with a soft fuzz. The totally bare look is hard to maintain and, in my opinion, is too babyish. Fortunately, my hairs in that area are silky soft. I get no complaints.

One of the personal items I made sure to bring with me to my new apartment is my miniature battery-operated trimmer. The water-proof device rests on the stool beside the tub. As I reach for it, I hear a noise coming from the bedroom. I’ve left the bathroom door open, since I’m alone in the apartment, or thought I was. Did I lock the door to the outside hall? I think I did.

Footsteps. No mistake about it. Oh my god, someone’s coming!

I bring my leg back under the sudsy water and slink down, attempting to cover my nakedness. “Who’s there?” I call out.

The door pushes inward to reveal J.R. standing in the opening with a big grin on his face. “I returned a day early,” he says. “Thought I would check on how you’re doing. I understand you had a very eventful shopping experience this morning.” Maltepe Esmer Escort

“Jesus, J.R. You scared the hell out of me! You can’t just come into my apartment anytime you please! Especially not into my bathroom, for god’s sake.”

He takes a step forward, looking down on me, still grinning. “Who says I can’t? It’s my building, after all. Have you forgotten our little arrangement?”

I take a deep breath, forcing myself to calm down. “No, I haven’t forgotten. It’s just that you startled me.”

J.R. laughs. “I can see that. But now that you’ve recovered, I require reaffirmation of our deal. You promised to obey all my commands. Now sit up so I can admire those lovely breasts.”


I love putting women in positions like this, helpless and humiliated, and starting to get turned on. Carol’s eyes reveal her budding arousal. Even after her workout this morning, I’ll bet I can bring her off. Then I’ll take care of myself. I’ve been travelling, working hard, and I’m horny.

Carol sits up. White suds drip over her shoulders and down her arms. A puffy patch flows over one breast and congeals around the hardening nipple. She stares at it like it’s a creature about to possess her.

I kneel beside the tub and put a fingertip on soapy teat. “My look how quickly this stiffens. It probably needs a good cleaning after trying on all those bras.” Gently I begin rubbing the slippery solution around the hard nub. “You like this, don’t you, Carol.”


“Not worn out from all the sex this morning?”

“I thought I was. But that feels good.”

My finger and thumb close on her nipple and squeeze. “I missed out on all that fun. How are you going to make it up to me?”


“Talk to me, Carol. Tell me what I want to hear.”

“Yes, YES… I’ll do whatever you want.”

“What do you think that is?” I ask, cupping her other tit.

“OH GOD…you probably want to fuck me.”

I laugh. “Good guess. Is your pussy sore?”

“A little…”

My thumb works on her other nipple, bringing it fully erect. “I’m glad,” I say with an edge of harshness. “A little pain will make you more responsive. Am I right?”

“No…I don’t know…”

I clamp down on her nipple and pull. She squeals.


The expression on her face spurs me on. Playing with her firm, youthful tit is a great fun, but my kink is watching and listening to her reaction, affirmation that what I’m doing is exciting her. Sexually submissive women like Carol can be brought to an extraordinary level of passion and orgiastic release, before and during fucking them. It requires getting into their heads as well as their bodies, and I love it.

“Now, now, Carol. Don’t pull away. Shoulders back. This sensitized little bud is mine to squeeze if I wish. Isn’t that right?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir.”

“What do you want, Carol? Is your other tit feeling neglected? Tell me.”

A kind of humming moan comes from deep in her throat. “Yes, sir. Please fondle my other breast.”


“Tit! Please play with my other tit.”

I oblige and go to work on the twin. Flicking the nipple with my thumb and forefinger, I quickly bring it to a hardness to match its partner. She groans and squirms her hips, making little waves in the water. I grab on both nipples and turn her to face me.

“Kiss me, Carol. Show me how much you like what I do to you.”

She leans forward, seeking my lips. I allow a brief contact, then pull back. “No, first your tongue,” I say. “And keep your eyes open.”

My hands wrap around her tits and use them as knobs to position her so I can draw my lips over her tongue. Then I jerk her closer and suck it into my mouth. I’m rewarded with a loud moan and a wiggling against the side of the tub like she’s trying to climb out to get to me.

I maul her tits and French kiss her for half a minute before easing her back under the water. She’s breathing hard, ready for anything I might want. With a twitch of her head she indicates I should join her in the tub.

“You’re such a hottie,” I scold. “All that action with Harold just a few hours ago, and you’re craving more. What am I to do with you?”

She smiles. “It’s your fault for heating me up. Strip down and come on in. The water’s fine.”

“What if I do?”

“Then I’ll wash you.”

“All over?”

“Yes, all over, everywhere.”

“Between my legs?” Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort

“Oh yes. Especially there.”

“Tell me.”

“I’ll run my soapy hands over your cock and balls, and up into the crack of your ass.”

“What about… in my ass?”

“I think a soapy finger might go in there.”

“Ummm…but first I must clean you. Spread your legs.”


My pussy is so ready to be touched, and I don’t hesitate. J.R. grins, knowing he’s got me hot and bothered. He keeps his eyes on mine as he loosens his tie and unbuttons his shirt.

“You’re imaging my fingers on your pussy, aren’t you, Carol?”

“I don’t have to answer that.”

“Yes, you do. Or you’ll be punished.”

I beam up at him. “What will you do? You can’t spank me. I’m a grown woman.”

J.R. laughs. “You’d like that. I heard all about what happened this morning. Now what’s going through that hot brain?”

His shirt is off now, and I admire his physique, mature but still powerful. I stop being coy. “I’m thinking about how it will feel when you clean between my soft thighs. I’m very sensitive in that area.”

“Is that so? Well, you’ll just have to control yourself. Let’s drain some of this water so I can see what I’m doing.”

I like back and watch the waterline recede over my chest. Soon my tits emerge like little round islands. J.R. dribbles liquid soap on the high points, making them tingle. The tub drains quickly. In no time my pussy is awash, the blondish hairs waving like fine grasses in a swamp.

“Perfect,” he says, closing the drain. “Just enough left for rinsing. But you’re in need of a trim as well as cleaning. This may take a while.”

“Ohhh goddd…just get on with it. Without the water I’m getting chilled.”

“Can’t have that,” he says. “I want you nice and warm when I finally fuck you. Fortunately, this miraculous tub has settings for all conditions. I’ll simply raise the temperature of the remaining water.”

In seconds I feel a delicious heat suffusing through my back. Now I’m very comfortable. I close my eyes and try to relax, aware that I’m laying out my body for this man to do as he pleases.

A big hand slides slowly downward over my stomach. He must be on his knees, leaning over the high rim of the tub. A second hand begins a slow journey up the inside of my thigh.

“Umm… are you really going to wash me, or are you intending to tease me to death.”

“Both,” he replies in a low voice.

From both directions, fingertips converge on my vulva. Expertly he explores the folds, nudging up against my clitoris, but not touching it. My breathing picks up. He works a soapy liquid in and around, touching every surface, mixing with my oozings. He brings me higher and higher, until I’m going nuts, about to cum.”


Suddenly he stops. His hands lift away, and I hear the hum of the little trimmer.

“Nice of you to leave this out for me,” he says. “You definitely need a trim. No one likes feeling long, stray hairs in their mouths.”

I open my eyes and look at him. “I was going to do it,” I say shakily.

“Make sure you do in the future.”

“Yes, sir.”

He goes to work, turning a routine process into a kind of sexual torture. Batches of hairs are pulled up and cut, while the body of the trimmer is pressed down against my pussy, its vibrations transmitted through multiple pathways to my clit.

It’s too much. I moan and twitch my hips, alternately trying to break the contact and drawing it in.

“Hold still, wench,” he barks. “Your pussy will soon have the texture of a fine putting green. I know Elizabeth will appreciate that.”

The mention of his wife gives me a jolt. I like her attentions, but I don’t want her so enamored that she may want me exclusively for herself and send men away. Being bi is interesting, but only up to a point.

J.R. is starting to work on the short hairs, and any coherent thinking becomes impossible. I shiver and moan as he manipulates my flesh to allow the thrumming clipper to do its job.

“Nice and short,” he comments. “Almost like peach fuzz. Do you like having me groom your pussy, my dear?”

“OHHH…yes, sir.”

“But it’s really not your pussy, anyway, is it?”

The edge of the trimmer touches my clit, and I go nuts. “AAGGRRR…” My hips come up out of the water as I thrash around in the throes of an orgasm of a type I’ve never experienced. Finally he clicks the off button, Maltepe Evi Olan Escort and I slump back.

“IS IT?”

“OH GODD… No, sir…It’s yours…all yours…to do with as you wish.”


My blood is boiling. The sexy woman laid out before me has surrendered herself completely. And of her own volition. I had her number from the beginning. Now for my enjoyment.

I stand up and kick off my shoes. My pants and shorts drop to the floor. I bend down to pull them off, and out of Carol’s sight, I click the record button on the smart phone in my pants pocket. The audio of what’s about to happen will be interesting. I may want to play it back to her at a special dinner party.

Naked except for my socks, I stand beside the tub and learn forward. Her eyes bulge as she focuses on the fully erect cock jutting out at a right angle in front of her face. I don’t need any physical stimulation to be hard as nails—her reactions have been more than enough.

“Take off my socks,” I order, lifting one foot at a time over the edge of the tub. When the second foot is bare, she turns and captures the big toe in her mouth. Doleful eyes look up at me.

I smile. “You’re so ready to be fucked, aren’t you, Carol?”

“Yes, sir. You’re so stiff and hard. I’m imagining how it will feel. How do you want me?”

“In a way you’ve never had it before. My special invention.”

I reach down and slide open an access panel to the area under the raised tub. Inside is a donut-like plastic seat, specially designed for a man to sit comfortably in the tub with his ass raised a foot off the bottom. I pull it out.

“What is that?”

“You’ll see,” I say, as I place it in one end of the tub. “Scoot down to the other end. I’m going to sit on this cushion I’ll pull you onto my lap. You’ll know what to do then. My raised position will let you ride me like a horse.”

Carol grins. “My god. This apartment is like a pleasure palace.”

“Yes, indeed,” I say, as I climb in. “All the units in this building have tubs and seats like this. But not all tenants know how to use them.”

She reaches for my cock. “I’ll bet you have other women squirreled away in apartments, waiting for you to drop in to collect the rent.”

I laugh. “You’re the only one in this building. But there are a few horny wives.”

“I’m not surprised,” she teases. “A hard man is good to find.”

“You’ve found one. Time to go for a ride.”

Seizing an ankle in each hand, I spread her legs and slide my feet under her ass. She grips my cock like a saddle horn as I begin maneuvering her butt up my shins. Soon she’s sitting on my knees, and I move my grip to under her calves and raise her legs. Totally compliant, she wraps her arms around my neck.

“Fuck me, J.R. Fuck me hard. Use this big, hard cock to make me cum again.”

With a growl I lean forward to kiss her. Her arms tighten on my neck. She moans and dances her tongue against mine. My hands move to seize her ass cheeks and lift her onto my cock. I ease into the slippery opening with the ease of a cog engaging the next gear.

“AHHHhhhh…”, she screeches, inflaming me more. I hold her weight for a few seconds, letting her squirm on the point of the spear, then drop her straight down, burying myself to the hilt. Water splashes up around us, nearly overflowing.

“OH…OH…OH…OH…” Her staccato cries of pleasure match the frantic wriggling of her hips as she uses the upward angle to stimulate herself.

“Ride, baby, ride,” I cry.

And she does. My raised position lets her use her legs like her feet are in stirrups. She bounces and twists backwards and forwards, alternately squeezing and releasing her hold on my most sensitive part. The feeling is exquisite. I grab her tits and let her run.

Her thighs grip me like she’s on a real horse. Her movements alternate between a trot and a cantor as she uses me for our mutual pleasure.

“SOOO GOOOOODDDD…”, she moans, building to a climax. It doesn’t take long before the orgiastic screams begin. The sounds some women make when they cum are the greatest of aphrodisiacs. With a powerful upward thrust I erupt deep into her gut. Spasm after spasm rack us both, stirring the water into a boil.

Eventually she relaxes, lying on top of me with our bodies still locked together. Playfully, I squeeze her ass cheeks and roll her hips.

“You are quite the horsewoman”, I say. “Good, strong thighs.”

She laughs. “And you are some horse. That was unbelievable.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t stay for another round. Business calls me this afternoon.”

“Me, too,” she says. “I have an appointment to show an apartment.”

“Good luck. I hope I haven’t dampened your sex appeal.”

“We’ll see. I have some interesting new clothes to wear.”

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