The Awakening Pt. 03

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JJ stood and looked down on Pam, he wanted to break her in quick but he also wanted to make sure the bond between them was strong and that she would become a true submissive. His submissive, to force, use, abuse and enjoy.

“So my little slut, I think we need to set the ground rules. When you enter my house your life as you know it ends at the door, you will no longer be Pam the young house wife; instead you become my fuck toy, my slut, my slave. Do you have a problem with that?” asked JJ.

“No sir, thank you sir for not making me leave.” said Pam. Her sobs had stopped but she still had her head bowed down.

“Okay, when you enter my house the first thing you do is remove all your clothes, even if there are other people in the house,” said JJ. “Stand up and take your clothes off for me I want to see your naked body in person for the first time and to see if you are worthy of my attention.”

Pam rose from the floor but never made eye contact with JJ. Her heart was beating a million miles an hour. Oh my god she thought, once he sees how small my tits and ass are he is going to kick me out. How could anyone want someone like me? I look like a boy, not a woman, Maltepe Grup Escort even my husband with his small dick only fucked me once or twice a month.

She removed her halter top and dropped it to the floor, next she shimmed out of her tight jeans and all that was left was her pink thong. With two fingers on each hand she lowered her thong down to her knees.

“Stop there,” said JJ, “now stand up tall and look at me.”

Their eyes met; Pam’s soft and tender like a puppy dog, JJ’s unwavering and judgmental. He looked her up and down, stopping again at her breasts and shaking his head.

“Turn around and bend over.”

Pam’s small ass showed the red butt plug, clearly visible between her cheeks. JJ grabbed the end of it and twisted it counter clockwise, gently pulling it out and then forcing it back in. JJ had insisted when she met him today for the first time that the butt plug be in her ass.

“Did you fuck yourself with the dildo in your ass this morning like I asked?”

“Yes sir”.

“Did you come?”

“No sir, you told me to stop before I could come.”

“Good girl, I am going to pull the plug out of your Maltepe Manken Escort ass now.” said JJ. “What are you going to do if it is all dirty?”

“Please sir, let me clean it with my mouth” said Pam as she gave a little shudder thinking about the disgusting act.

JJ loved the shape of Pam’s ass, so small and firm and he was sure it would be nice and tight on his hard cock. He pulled back on the small butt plug and it popped out with hardly any noise. The end did have some brown stains on it and now he would see if she really was willing to be a nasty slut.

JJ, grabbed Pam by her ponytail and brought her to a standing position, turning her around he showed her the stains on the plug and looked deep into her eyes. He could see the hesitation there but also the fierce need to please. This was her first test.

“So, my little slut can you see the mess you made on the plug?”

“I’m sorry sir, I should have cleaned myself better.”

He held it under her nose so she could take in the smell, slowly she opened her mouth and JJ held it out. Pam tentatively reached out with her tongue and touched the end of the plug. She gagged Maltepe Masöz Escort once but didn’t stop, her mouth now taking the plug in, he could see her tongue swirling around and around. Every once in awhile she would gag but she didn’t throw up. JJ pulled it out and he could see it was now clean of her anal residue. The anal plug was the smallest the sex store had and JJ knew it was a good start of what would come.

“Did you suck your husbands tiny dick last night like I asked you to?” JJ asked

“No sir, my husband doesn’t believe in oral sex, he said I was disgusting only sluts and whores did that and to never ask again.” said Pam

“Do you want to suck my cock?”

“Please sir, I am willing and ready to do whatever you want me to.”

“Open your mouth and show me how you can suck on this ass plug, if you do a good job I may give you the real thing.”

Pam started sucking on the plug, it was only about 4 inches long and Pam had no trouble taking it all the way to the base. She was sucking and licking it the best she could and her lower body was starting to sway as her excitement grew. JJ would force the plug deep into her throat and hold it there watching her eyes tear up as he cut off her air supply.

Her nipples were rock hard, almost in defiance of how small her tits were. JJ reached down and pinched one as hard as he could, enjoying the pain radiating through her young body. Hmm, today was going to be a good day he thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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