The Balcony

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The fight was over, words were all said and done but he was still leaving. Opening the glass door, I moved out to the open balcony overlooking the other apartments across the driveway. Then gazing up to the clear moonlit night above me, I shut the door and leaned against the railing. My drink in my hand, I finish it off and place it next me on the table.

Hearing the door open behind me… I feel the cool breeze from the air conditioner from the living room and as he steps up behind me… He places his hands on my hips, leaning his head on my shoulder and close to my ear he states; “I’m sorry but I can’t back out of this obligation. I promised and I have to keep my word.”

“Fine, but I’m not happy about it.” I pout back at him… I feel his hands move, and wrap around my waist… his warm breathe on my neck and I take in a small sigh… “So how long do I have?”

Holding me close he murmurs next to my ear, “I leave tomorrow at noon.”

Surprised, I turn to him… looking up at his face I move to give him a fierce kiss and then wrap my arms around his neck tightly now knowing our time would be shorter than I thought. Our kisses become more passionate as we know we may never see each other again and I feel his hands slip up and under my shirt. His hands move up and down my back in slow circles… his fingertips kneading my skin and I start to feel myself relax while he works out the tight knots. Playfully he lets his hands trail across the sides of my breasts and moving one hand in front he tweaks a nipple… Jumping a bit I look up to his face and see his playful smile there. I look at him confused, torn between my emotions of losing him so quickly and how it all had to end, I make a small unhappy sigh, and step away from him feeling crushed.

No, I think to myself, I was not going to let him get his way again… Not this time… I lean across the railing to the right of us and away from him…

“What? Is this how were going to let our last night be? I don’t want us to go away mad at each other.” He moves back behind me again, his hands go back under my shirt and start to move up and down in long strokes against my back… Feeling his hands on my skin … reminding me of the passionate nights we have had, I start to melt… knowing he is right and that I may never see him again, I feel my will collapse and know I want what he has to offer, even if it is for the last time… His hands starts to move to the sides of my breasts and Ümraniye Escort his fingertips send tingles down through my body.

Leaning over my back, he can now cup my breasts in each palm and then starts to pinch my nipples between his fingertips; I take in a few quick intakes of air and close my eyes… grasping onto the railing with my hands, fingers clenched around the metal. Slowly I press myself back into him, showing him that I am getting aroused as he continues his teasing.

One hand moves away from my breast and down my stomach… Moving down the front of my skirt, his hand meets the skin of my leg. Feeling his hand slide back up and under the material… His fingers meet the edge of my lace panties and trail up to the side of my hip… The touch of skin on skin makes my heart beat quicker and a small sigh escapes my lips. Soon his other hand has left my hardened nipple and moves also down my leg to end on the other side of my hip… His fingers hook inside the fabric of my panties and I start to feel them slide down my legs…

My eyes flash open as I remember where we are and go to move away so we can go inside and finish what we are doing. The pressures of his hands forces me back down over the railing and I hear him chuckle near my ear; “No dear, not this time… it is okay… trust me, now close your eyes please.”

Looking out over the other three apartments across from us… I glance quickly towards each of the windows to see if we are being watched and hearing his sigh next to my ear… I slowly close my eyes… afraid… afraid of what is next to come but excited all at the same time… Feeling the lace move over my ass and down… he helps me step out of them and I feel his hands move up my legs… sending small shivers through me.

Standing up behind me again, he takes my hands from the railing and moves me back near the glass door, but we still, do not go in. He raises my arms above my head… his hands trails down my arms slowly, sending small tingles through me and then his hands are on the ends of my shirt. He slowly starts to lift my blouse up and over my head… Panic washes over me quickly and I start to react to what he is doing… Wanting to protect myself again from the prying eyes I imagined coming from the apartments across the way… again he gives a throaty laugh at my reaction and moves my arms back up over my head, leaning in close to kiss my neck first, he then whispers again to İstanbul Escort me, “Its okay…relax… no one is watching us… “

Eyes still clamped shut… I feel my shirt come off and the warm heat from the city and the cool air from the air conditioner behind us… he lowers my arms back to my side; I feel my skin react and my nipples now harden into tight little buds… I hear him move about and can feel his breath above my right breast… as he leans in and I feel his tongue wrap around the nipple and tease it to where a small moan escapes my lips… Teeth clamping tight over it makes my moan become a cry and I can hear his laughter again over my breast and I know he is pleased.

After doing the same with the other… I can feel my legs shake in desire and am almost to the point of not caring of what comes next till I feel him move away from me… Sensing him behind me… he wraps his arms around my waist. I can feel his hard cock pressed up against my ass and he leans in to nibble on my neck… his hands cup my breasts again… pulling and twisting as you start to hear my breathing coming in quicker pants and he whispers in my ear once more,” Are you wet my dear?” Trying not to admit it… I bite my lower lip… till I feel him pinch my nipples hard and in a forced rush I exclaim, “Yes.”

“Good” he states and leans back so to kneel down… I feel his hands go to my hips and he grabs the material of my skirt. Slowly he starts to pull it down… My hands grab his hands quickly and firmly… keeping them close to me… “No!” I state in a panting panic voice.

In a firm voice he states, “Yes, now let go!” Releasing his hands, mine curl into fists at my side and I feel my skirt slip to the ground where, once and again, he helps me step out of that as well. Feeling completely naked and vulnerable on the balcony, a small shudder of excitement goes through me and I feel him move back up behind me.

He cups one of my breasts with one arm and his other moves down between my legs. His fingers move across curls and then lower still… down to the moistness of my pussy. I hear a small groan when he realizes how wet he has made me and then his fingers slip between the very moist folds of my pussy, moving slowly across the lips and around my hardening nub… He slightly tweaks my clit and I gasp in deeply, forgetting to breath and lay my head back on his shoulder. However torn between fear and passion, my hands have moved Anadolu Yakası Escort to his wrist again and I try to hold it tightly, trying to prevent him from going any further due to the risk of us being caught… Sensing my fear, I hear him near my ear… “Breathe dear… breathe. It’s okay, now open your eyes.”

Opening my eyes I look across and for one quick second I think I see the curtain move in one of the apartments and I make a small cry of panic… “Shush… no one is there” he mummers near my neck and he slowly pulls me back into our living room.

Leading me down onto the carpet… He slips out of his shorts quickly, barely ripping them off by the seams. Now leaning over me, he kisses me with a sense of urgency. Using one leg, he spreads mine and I feel his hand dip again into my wet pussy… fingers running along my clit once more… one finger and then two slips into me easily and he starts to move them in and out slowly… watching my face, seeing the excitement he has created. Then faster he moves them in and out of me when my hips start to arch up to meet his hand. My hands reach for him… wanting to pull him close to me… to fill me with his cock and give me the release I so desperately want. Removing his hand, he positions himself above me… leading his cock into my soaking pussy; he quickly thrusts deeply inside of me… “Oh fuck!… shit… oh… Oh… ” I cry out to him.

Hearing him groan as he enters my cunt forcefully, he exclaims “oh fuck…you are so wet and so tight.” I move one of my legs to wrap around him while my other I use to brace myself so I can meet his movements with as much fervor as he is giving me. My hands move to his back and I dig my nails into his skin… he groans at the small pain I give him…

Remembering the thrill and excitement of my being naked on the balcony has pushed us both into a new frenzy of lust and we both grab and clutch onto each other. Shoving and pushing, nipping and biting, I hear our excitement echo a bit outside since he never shut the glass door. I quickly feel him searching my face so to lean in and kiss my lips passionately. As he does, I hear him again groan against my mouth and his swollen cock fills my wet pussy. Which in feeling his member twitching and filling me… makes my body shudder its own release for him.

We both lay motionless, while attempting to catch our breaths and once under control… I feel him reluctantly leave my we roll away from each other… After a few minutes, I roll to my side to look at him and with a questioning look as he looks back at me. “What?” he asks.

“If this whole marriage thing doesn’t work out, for you? Can I be second pick if all else fails?” I ask him with a smug smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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