The Big Easy Ch. 01

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My hands were on her before the elevator doors were closed. Five months of anticipation, flirtation, dirty pictures, sweet texts, coded tweets and dirty voicemails. Five months of imagining her skin on mine, her breathe in my ear, my name on her lips. All spilled over into my hands, fingers and lips exploring her everywhere simultaneously. I needed to touch her all, and I couldn’t let go of any of her.

“The skirt was the best idea ever.” I snarled as my hand parted her thighs. I found her panties and ripped away at the crotch pulling them down and apart as she gasped.

“Fuck! Wait, baby. Wait.” she giggled, the low light of the lift dancing across her freckled skin. “Just a minute. Let’s get to the room. I’d hate to spend the whole weekend in jail for indecent exposure!”

“This is New Orleans, honey. ‘Naked’ isn’t an arrest-able offense down here.” Whether I would have changed her mind about fucking right there in the elevator, I’ll never know as the doors slid open abruptly and we rushed into the hallway.

She skipped ahead of me, glancing over my shoulder and continuing to giggle. The giggle was the thing I was most surprised by. I’d heard her voice, I’d İstanbul Escort seen her in various states of makeup, and dress, I knew her likes and dislikes, but ‘lol’ cannot encapsulate a giggle. It was infectious. It was sweet and airy. It was sexy as hell.

She slid the key into the door, opened it, and spun through, glancing back over her shoulder at me. Her auburn hair cascaded across her shoulders, loose from her ponytail forgotten somewhere in the elevator. Stepping into the room, I held her head in my hands, looking into her eyes. “You’re a lot prettier in real life.” I said. “And besides, online we can’t do this…” I kissed her full and deep, my tongue slipping between her lips to explore her mouth. Her nails dug against my chest, our bodies pressed against each other.

“I know we talked about all the things we want to do to each other. I want all of that too. But right now, I just want you to fuck me.” she said.

I could see in her eyes that she meant it. It wasn’t love, or even lust that I saw in her eyes. It was just plain need. She needed me and I wanted to give her what she needed.

“Fuck me, baby. Just put your fucking cock in Bayan Escort me.” As she said this, she had removed my pants and underwear and was stroking my cock. If I had any other ideas they had long since vanished from my head. The truth was I needed her as badly as she needed me. I had waited to possess her for so long, I couldn’t be contained any longer.

Scooping her into my arms, I kissed her as I carried her further into the hotel room. We made it to the bed, and I dropped her roughly. I pulled my shirt over my head leaving me naked and her fully clothed except for her lost panties.

“From behind. I want you behind me.” How could I argue with that? I grabbed her left hip with my left hand and reached under her legs for her right hip. With a firm grip, I flipped her over in one movement, her face now in the mattress and her ass in the air. The sight was too much for me, I couldn’t help but bury my face between her cheeks. My tongue darted quickly in and out of her pussy, spreading her own wetness from the top to the bottom of her slit. Her little pink nub beckoned me, begging for attention. And I was all too glad to answer the call.

“You want Eskort this dick? I’ll give it to you.” And I did. Already hot and hard, pressed against her ass, I pulled my cock to her slick entrance rubbing it up and down to spread her juice across the head.

“Yes. Yes. Oh, please. Please, fuck me!” I could hear the need in her voice, but it didn’t prepare me for her scream when I finally entered.

Faster than perhaps I should have, I slammed all the way in to the hilt. She wrapped around me tight, warm, wet. I knew the neighbors could hear, I knew we were chancing a visit from hotel security, something neither of us wanted since both of us had pot in our bags. But in that moment, I didn’t care. All that mattered was her, that warm wet need.

“I’ve wanted this pussy, since the first time we spoke.” I growled in her ear. “You’ve cum so many times thinking about this cock, now I want you to cum on it.”

I reached between her legs, finding her with my hand and began to stroke her clit in rhythm with my cock. Almost instantaneously I felt her muscles spasm and her back begin to arch. Her orgasm had control already, and I was determined to ride it all the way to its conclusion.

“Fuck! Oh, God yes. Oh, sweet fucking Christ! Just keep fucking me.” she snarled through gritted teeth, riding the razor’s edge between pleasure and overload.

“I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.” I answered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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