The Big Move Ch. 01

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Chapter One

The Big Move

My name is Bella and I’m 18 years old. I’m about 5’6 skinny and very white skin. My dark brown hair is a few inches past my shoulders, straight and always shinny. I have bright green eyes like my dad and medium size lips like my mum. My nose is small as are my hands and feet and teeth are straight and have always been; without braces. My breasts are very small, an A cup in fact though I’m hoping that’s just from slow puberty syndrome…if there’s such a thing.

I’m from a small town in Virginia born and raised. I live with my mother who is 41 tall slim and beautiful, though her personality and drinking problem makes her not so attractive. She’s around 5’9, short brown wavy hair and big blue eyes. She fucks every guy that looks at her or gives her the least bit of attention.

To get a better idea of my mother and her whore ways I’ll give an example. I came home from school one day to see my mother naked on top of my child hood friend Max. She was riding him hard and as my mouth dropped open walking into the formal living room Max was cumming inside of my mother and she was howling like a wolf in heat. To this day he say’s sorry and asks me to be his but I can’t now it’s just too weird. It’s really too bad though because Max is gorgeous and can get any girl he wants.

My father died when I was 3 in a car accident and left my mum everything which made us very wealthy. I still wonder everyday why it couldn’t have been him who lived instead of my mother. Every woman was crazy about my dad in every way, not only was he very handsome but he was a hard worker and took very good care of his family. I got his bright green eyes, small nose and long eye lashes. I got my mother’s big eyes thin lips and hair colour.

My mother and I have never gotten along. She always wanted a boy and I was a miracle baby. I’ve always minded my own business, got straight A’s in school and stayed out of trouble because her abusive way’s had me in a strict hold. I have a small group of friends that have gotten me through a few “misunderstandings” at home…burns, breaks, scratches, bruises etc. Why didn’t I go to the police? It’s just not me to do something like that to my mum.

My Uncle William used to come visit me every weekend for a couple hours until he got a job offer in England, now I see him once a year if I’m lucky. My Uncle looked just like my dad in many ways but even more handsome or so my mother says; she’s wanted him for years.

“Where have you been?” My mother yelled at me when I walked through the kitchen door. She had on a long navy blue skirt with a silk tighter top that was black and her hair was down like always.

“I stopped at the store for milk on my way home.” I replied with my head down.

I watched as she finished her whiskey in her favourite crystal glass.

“You’re such a brat Bella; you are so fucking worthless I can’t believe I ever had you.” She yelled as she turned around. I rolled my eyes to her drunk comment, I was used to them now but even so I hated when she drank this much because she was so angry at nothing. My Uncle used to tell me that she was so mean to me because my dad loved me more than her.

“Don’t be late again.” She said in a deep evil voice and glare then came up and slapped me across the cheek sending me running out of the kitchen in tears. I had on my black pleaded skirt and blue sweater that buttoned up the front. My hair was down, straight with thick side bangs. I had on light make up and my pink converse.

The real reason I had been late was because my best friend wanted me to pick şişli escort him up and drop him off at a party that was going on that night. I wanted to go so badly but knew my mother would never have it. She was so obsessed about the movie rental’s being turned in early so I drove her car to turn them in but since Bobby decided to do something that blew my mind I was late and even later because I needed an excuse which was the milk.

Bobby and I were in the car outside of the big white house. There were 100’s of people in the front yard with drinks talking and playing around. Bobby was around 5’11 with messy brown hair and dark blue eyes. His lips were very thin and his crooked smile was incredibly sexy. Because Bobby had gotten braces when he was in his early teens his teeth were perfectly straight and polished white. Bobby was slender but had a strength training class which made his arms a little muscular and he played soccer leaving making his legs a bit muscular as well. Bobby was far from bad looking but more of an acquired taste.

“Can’t you come in for just a moment?” Bobby asked me in his playful light voice. He was sandy blond and very cute. Bobby was on the honour roll like me but very popular and one of Max’s best friends.

“I can’t my mum will have my head. I wish I could.” I said looking out the window with a disappointed face.

Bobby reached over and kissed me right on the lips. I didn’t know what to do so I kissed back, probably horribly because he was my first kiss. He reached up my skirt and his hand forced through my closed legs touching the lips of my vagina on my white cotton panties.

“Bobby.” I finally gasped nervously.

Bobby didn’t stop and I was glad he didn’t. I was so anxious and nervous but I wanted him to keep going. I was still a virgin and my body was so frustrated that I got myself off three times a day for a while but lately it stopped working so easily. Slowly and painfully I was getting more and more turned on and needed a release from more than fingers.

“HELLO………WOOHOOO BOBBYS GETTING SOME.” Max ran up to the car banging on the windows with another friend on the other side scaring both of us enough to back away from each other.

“Fuck YOU.” Bobby yelled hitting the window with a smile and the boy’s ran off knowing they were going to get beat at a game of wrestling. “Bella will you be mine?” Bobby asked leaning over kissing my neck then looking in my eyes with a sweet smile. His eyes were a very unique with a tint of yellow in them.

“My mother Bobby.” I said back looking down knowing she would never allow it.

“She would never know. I would be patient with your time.” Bobby said then smiled.

“Okay yes.” I laughed and hugged him.

“What the fuck is this?” Bobby grabbed my arm, his eyes big with rage.

“My mum was drunk.” I said back in a sort of frustrated wine.

“And?” Bobby said waiting for an explanation.

“Ummm…she broke the wine glass on accident then grabbed it and cut me with it because one of the dishes wasn’t properly cleaned.

“That’s sick.” Bobby said rubbing it better. “I’m so sorry baby.” He apologized for her but I shook my head no at him and he smiled back at me.

“Bobby I have to go, my mom is going to be pissed off enough. I’ll be waiting for your call tomorrow.” I smiled and kissed him on the lips which lead to another lip locking, tongue sucking session.

I pushed through the double doors to the dining room, kept going until I got to the foyer then stopped and sat on the stairs so angry that I wanted to scream. Just escort ankara as I was feeling like I wanted to rip my hair out the doorbell rang. I looked up wiped the tears away the best that I could expecting to see Bobby as I opened the door.

“Hello princess.”

My mouth dropped. “UNCLE WILLIAM” I screamed and hugged him tight.

He hugged me for a minute then pushed me back keeping one arm around my waist and the other grabbing my red cheek.

“Why are you crying beautiful?” He asked looking guilty with his big green sparkling eyes.

“My mum slapped me because I was late from the store.” I said looking behind me making sure she wasn’t listening. “Oh my God Uncle William I’ve missed you like you wouldn’t believe.” I hugged onto him tightly but Uncle William tensed up letting me go with a furious expression on his face.

Uncle William grabbed me and pulled me tightly up against him hugging me with both arms. His voice was so soft, grip so strong and aftershave was a fresh spice that made me ache. He was 52 years old with dark brown hair a couple inches above his shoulders with gray in it. It was brushed back in an elegant but messy style. He had a goatee and was very well built from a good diet and working out. Uncle William was a well known writer with a few published books. He had dimples in his big white perfect toothy smile and long eye lashes just like my dad and me.

We walked over to the swing on the big white porch and watched as the rain poured down while we caught up. It was a perfect evening with lighting, thunder. Since the wind was a bit chilly Uncle William let me snuggle into his chest while I told him about college, and he told me about the book’s he was working on and who all he’s met through the process. My Uncle William was on a book tour in America so he dropped by to see his only family.

“Bella, what happened?” Uncle William sat forward as he noticed a mark on my upper leg when my skirt lifted up from sitting down.

“ohh. Umm, About a month ago my mom wanted me to get up for school but I had stayed up all night previously serving drinks at one of her parties so when I didn’t wake up right away she grabbed her hot curling iron from her bathroom and well yea.” I whispered the story moving my fingers on top of each other over and over nervous.

“What?” His voice went horse in a harsh whisper.

“It’s her drinking, she doesn’t mean to.” I said afterwards trying to convince him as well as myself.

He stood up fast and walked to go into the house. I knew I had to stop him because if he said anything to my mother she would kill me after he left. We got inside and my mother was sitting on a stool talking to her sister on the phone drinking a glass of red wine in her red party dress with her hair down and brushed over to the side from her fingers playing with it. It had been a couple hours later and everyone at the party had left.

“Charlene.” Uncle William yelled when he saw her.

“William? Got to go hunny!” She looked surprised to see him and hung up with her sister. A big smile reached her face and she stood up.

“Uncle William wait, don’t.” I whispered back grabbing his arm in fear and she looked at me with a glare.

“What did you do to her leg?” Uncle William said as he grabbed me over to him and grabbed my upper leg hard. I backed off and put my leg down embarrassed that he saw my white panties.

My mother sat back down took another sip of her wine. “It was an accident.” She said in an obvious eye roll.

Uncle William walked over to her, took her glass and threw it in the sink breaking the glass. “LEAVE BELLA.” ankara escor He ordered in a tough growl, I did without hesitation but I listened outside the door.

“My crystal, what the fuck William.”

“My brother would have been very disappointed in you and your choices to raise his daughter.” His finger was in her face as he said it.

My mother’s mouth dropped open. “Don’t you tell me what he would or wouldn’t have liked!” I heard her scream.

“She’s coming to live with me.”

“NO SHE’S NOT.” My mother yelled right as I peaked in watching her walk unstably towards him.

Uncle William turned around and glared at her with intense rage in his eyes. “Charlene don’t test me.” Uncle William said in a voice my father used only once with her, it was enough to make me take a step back.

My mother just sat down looking shocked and defeated. “I know I fucked up.”

“You did more than fuck up, you’re abusive.”

“I know, I just…I feel like I can’t stand her sometimes.”

“Then this will be better for both of you.”

My mum got up walking towards Uncle William standing very close to him. “Anything I can do for you?” She asked seductively as if she was neglected by men.

“No.” Uncle William said in a gasp gripping the counter.

“You sure.” My mother asked as she gripped his cock. I had the door cracked open watching the whole thing. It felt so wrong but I had to watch.

“Yes.” I saw Uncle Williams hand grip her wrist tightly and move it to the side then watched as he walked towards the door I was standing behind.

“Go get your stuff; we’ll buy you everything new later so just get what you need.” Uncle William said still looking angry at the kitchen door.

“Uncle William, you really meant it.” I said excited, heart pounding and wanting to scream from excitement.

“Bella of course, you deserve better than an angry drunk who doesn’t have their life sorted out.” He said not being able to look me in the eyes still angry.

I ran upstairs fast and grabbed three matching pick suit cases out of my closet. I was able to fit all my clothing and undergarments plus all my hair and makeup accessories. Everything else I left behind. Just as I was finished Uncle William walked in to see if I was done, then helped me down stairs with my bags.

“She’s all I have left of him.” My mother said with tears in her eyes standing at the end of the stair case.

“Bella go get in the car.” Uncle William ordered so he could have a word in private with my mother. He told me later that he told her to get her life sorted out and she could see me again.

We got into Uncle Williams brand new black car that he rented, it smelt like leather which seemed to relax me. He had one of those remotes that start the engine from the house. The seats were warm and when he turned on the car very light classical music came from the radio. The windows were so tinted no one could see inside; I just laid my head back and rested until Uncle William was done. My eyes opened fast when I heard the door open and Uncle William sat in the driver’s seat put his elbow on the window seal and rested his head as if in thought.

“I have three rules Bella that you WILL follow.” Uncle William said as he started driving us to his hotel slightly speeding.

“Okay.” I said back a little scared with my hands on my knees.

“1.) No drugs and no smoking. 2.) Good grades in school. And 3.) No boys.” Uncle William said both hands on the wheel.

“Uncle William no boy’s? Not even dates?” I asked.

“Maybe but they’ll have to have dinner with me first and even then I can’t promise a yes.” He said trying to compromise as much as he knew how.

“Well those are easy; I promise I’ll be good.” I replied smiling at him. I said it and I meant it, I wanted nothing more than to make him as happy as he just made me.

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