The Birthday Celebration

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I have been stressing over what to give you for your birthday, but with some ingenuity and help from our friend, Fifi, I have come up with the perfect fantasy gift…

You come home from work, and I meet you at the door wearing nothing but a smile and carrying a glass of scotch… and a blindfold. I give you a long, hard kiss, tell you to take a healthy swig of the scotch and then remove your clothes. You take a drink while looking at me quizzically and then obediently start removing your clothing. Now that you are naked – oh, have I told you how incredibly beautiful and sexy you are – I kiss you again, letting you run your cold hands over my nakedness. You are getting aroused. I tip the glass to your lips one more time… “you’re going to need the liquid courage,” I whisper… and then slip the blindfold securely over your eyes. You protest only half-heartedly. Taking your hand, I lead you into the bedroom and instruct you to lay down on the bed. I place the restraints around your wrists and a pillow under your head. You are at my mercy…you have to trust me. “Remember our code word is “purple” if you feel uncomfortable, baby,” I remind you as I step away from the bed.

You feel me get back onto the bed. My breasts press against your chest as I lift the glass to your lips and tell you to take another drink. You hear me place the glass back on the nightstand and then hear what you believe to be the sound of the bottom drawer opening (the infamous toy drawer), the lid of the lube being popped open and my hands rubbing together. Then begins a seductive massage, starting at your feet and slowly working up your legs – sometimes barely brushing your skin; at other times hard. My fingers are tickling your inner thighs, then pressing deep into your quads. I work around your groin area, careful not to directly touch your sac or your cock, which is getting harder and harder. Up your stomach to your chest – caressing and massaging, working your nipples between my thumb and finger… squeezing just hard enough to make you jump a little.

Up to your face – kissing your lips, exploring your mouth with my tongue; biting your shoulder and neck… then your earlobe. Oddly, you feel a well-lubed hand encircle your cock and begin to slowly slide up and over the head and back down. You are lost in the feeling… but then “hey, what the… who…” as you realize I’m kissing your neck and my hands are busy touching your nipples, chest and arms. “Trust me… just trust me. Relax and enjoy… experience the pleasure of being pleasured by two women at once, baby”. You pull at the restraints, wanting to be free to remove the blindfold… and perhaps to touch the women who are touching you, but they hold strong and you have no option but to submit.

I straddle you, lean down and place a nipple to your lips, which you hungrily suck and bite while the hand job continues, making it difficult for you to fully concentrate on what you are doing with your mouth. The mystery hands are cradling your balls, tugging the skin, sliding back up your shaft and then down again… a constant motion that is pushing you towards orgasm. Then two fingers slip farther down… darting canlı bahis between your cheeks and exploring your anus briefly before returning to your sac. I push your head back and move up so that my pussy is now in a position for you to work your magic. “Have you ever gone down on a woman while having your cock sucked” I ask at the same time as you feel a hot mouth on the tip of your penis. You mumble something inaudible – perhaps just a moan- as you enjoy the scent of my wetness and the feel of it on your tongue, all the while a mouth is simultaneously devouring your pulsating member.

You are writhing… or trying to… but you are trapped in the restraints and by me straddling your face and the other woman straddling and bent over your legs. You want to see what is going on – watch yourself being loved by two women. Not yet – that will happen – be patient.

You have me close to climax, but you know I prefer to come with something inside me. I wiggle away from you. The blow job also stops. You can sense movement in the room… on the bed… and then you feel the familiar tightness of my cunt slowly slide over your cock. You know its me… you know what I feel like inside. I am riding your cock, slowly taking it deep. I reach forward and remove the blindfold. You see me… and then the beautiful Fifi who is straddling your legs, behind me, kissing my neck, with one hand caressing my breast and the other playing with my clit. You stare – intrigued, fascinated and completely turned on by what has happened and what is happening – Fifi exploring my body while I ride you – and all in plain sight so you can watch. The intensity of your cock inside of me, Fifi’s masterful touch and my excitement at experiencing this with you pushes me over the edge and racks my body with a massive orgasm. You, however, do not want to come… yet. When the waves have stopped I “dismount” and while I start to untie your restraints, Fifi hungrily licks your cock clean of my cum while you watch in disbelief and little bit of awe and concern over what will come next.

When she is done ‘cleaning’ you, I tell you that part two of the surprise is about to begin. You need to sit up and behave -no touching, except yourself, until instructed. I give you another swig of the scotch and then offer it to Fifi – taking a sip myself before returning it to the nightstand. You have the opportunity, for the first time, to fully see Fifi. She is similar to me – tall, toned, tanned, a little prettier and, unlike my only partially shaved cunt, her pussy is totally bare. She and I kneel on the bed, facing each other near your feet for your optimal viewing – however, slightly out of your reach. We begin a long slow tongue-filled kiss as I hold her face. You watch intently and unconsciously start to stroke your erection -watching two women love each other… ohhhh my! As we continue to kiss, our hands begin roaming over each other’s bodies… caressing each other’s backs, dropping down over our cheeks, back up and then over our breasts. I push her onto her back and kiss down her neck, to her breasts, and begin sucking, licking and biting her nipples.

Fifi is becoming more aroused, arching bahis siteleri her back, moaning. I work my way down her belly, kissing and licking. Keeping in mind all of the wondrous things you have done to me with your tongue, I crouch between her legs, running my tongue over her bare pussy lips and then teasing her clit. She is incredibly wet and I love the taste of her. Your eyes are huge and your cock even more huge as you take in the scene before you. You want so badly to join in but at the same time want to continue to observe and take in every sight and sound. I let my tongue travel down and poke it into her cunt, having the first taste of and gauging her wetness. Then I push my fingers inside her and she rides them as I continue to suck and nibble her clit. Fifi bucks and moans, touching her breasts and thrusting harder as she is about to explode.

You can stand it no longer and you move behind me, pull me onto my knees – my butt is in the air and my face buried in Fifi’s pussy. You are on your knees as well and you slam your cock into my cunt from behind while you hold my hips with one hand and slap my ass stingingly hard with the other. You fuck me hard and fast as you take in the view of me eating Fifi’s pussy while fucking her with my fingers. “Oh yeah, baby, make her cum while I slam you” you growl as you smack my ass again. The force of you banging me is pushing my face hard into Fifi’s pussy and she is going wild. She screams and shudders as the climax washes over her. To feel, taste and smell another woman’s orgasm while having your cock inside me is incredible and erotic. I push back into you, increasing the pace of our thrusts. You are so deep inside me. With one last smack of my already red ass, you slam me hard and I too explode yet again and collapse on top of Fifi.

You, however, remain the only one not yet to have been satisfied. Quickly you pull out of me and press your cum covered cock to Fifi’s lips. She eagerly takes you in her mouth. You are so close to releasing your load. I watch from beside her as you grab a fistful of her long hair and push your cock into the back of her throat. We lock eyes as Fifi takes you faster and farther with her mouth. You know she wants you to fill her mouth and let her swallow your cum. You can no longer hold back and I watch with delight as you flush, tense and moan and then pull out of her mouth and shoot your load over her chest… breasts, nipples… neck. She grabs your cock and massages out every last drop and then uses her finger to scoop up some of your cum and put it in her mouth.

The three of us lay back in the bed – you between us – saying nothing… just cuddling and sharing the remainder of the scotch. I suggest to you that you might want to have a shower, because we are not quite done with you…

The three of us have been relaxing… napping even… in bed for an hour or so following our “session”… cuddled together making a sexy sandwich. As you lay there with your eyes closed, I run my hand down your stomach to your cock and note that you are starting to get hard again. I think you like the attention of two women! I take your hand and place it on Fifi’s breast, bahis şirketleri kiss your cheek and whisper “have a little fun without me for a few minutes, lover,” and I leave the bed… the room.

You somewhat reluctantly turn your attention to exploring Fifi’s body – caressing her breasts, exploring her inner thighs and shaved pussy with your fingers. She begins to kiss your neck and ear. You feel torn… you want to make love to her but not without me present. She reassures you that “we” have a plan and then guides your fingers into her wetness. Fifi runs her hands over your back as you continue to finger her and begin to suck and bite her nipples. She responds… writhing, arching her back… while she caresses your back, hips and butt… paying extra attention to your butt cheeks and crack (perhaps some foreshadowing…). You wiggle away and down between her legs where you start your special magic… licking and sucking her clit while you continue to fuck her with your fingers.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see me standing by the bed and watching the two of you. “Go ahead and fuck her, baby… I want to watch you two”, I say. Fifi replies with an “oh, yes, fuck me… fuck me doggy style, mon Cherie!” You oblige, flipping her over and pulling her onto her knees and pushing her forward on all fours. You find her wet cunt and slip your cock in. Slowly pushing your hardness in as deep as possible and then pulling back as you hold her hips… wondering if you should slap her butt. She is being vocal about her enjoyment of you, encouraging you to fuck her hard.

I climb onto the bed behind you. My hands find your sac and I tug at you as you move in and out of Fifi. I massage you and occasionally grasp the base of your cock as you back your hips out. Eventually my fingers make their way up to your butt and I carefully push a well-lubed finger into your anus. I move closer to you. You can feel something odd pressing against your legs, but you are distracted with the sensation of fucking while having your butt fingered. I slap your cheek hard and remove my finger. Fifi is nearing climax – moaning and begging you to go harder… but you are distracted, as you realize that I am wearing a strap-on and I am inserting a relatively small but well lubed dildo into you and fucking you stroke for stroke as you fuck Fifi. You can feel me pumping you; the base of the strap-on bumping into your balls and cheeks as I have my way with you. How do you feel? It is weird and wild and scary but so erotic. Fifi is exploding in a raucous orgasm over your cock and begging you to come with her. You give in. You scream out as you come… come hard. I can feel you gripping the dildo as waves shudder through your body. You collapse over Fifi’s back – spent. I slowly pull out of you, kiss your butt and back, remove the strap on and we lay down together.

Fifi cuddles with us briefly and then pops out of bed. “I have to go. I am taking Bambi away for a few days and must go pack. By the way, my husband, Pierre, enjoys being with other couples so perhaps when I get back, we can have another little adventure with the four of us… or while I’m away, you two can keep him company… au revior.”

We lounge about for a while. I am jacked from the encounter… and the only one who did not come during the pegging session. Can you oblige me with a little of your magic tongue attention?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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