The Bleach Blonde’s Wrestler Pt. 01

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Asian Sex

Sarah (30 yrs.) is the former wife (44-24-36) of a state senator and she owns a small penthouse in the city. She is a cheap looking “bleach blonde” who is a big fan of college wrestling. She never goes to the local wrestling meets, but watches every live competition on YouTube. Sarah follows all of the athletes and coaches on social media.

Vic (21 yrs.) stands at 5’8″ and weighs 149 lbs. He’s a handsome athlete with light-brown hair who just finished dressing after his wrestling meet. He wears Levi jeans and a college t-shirt. Vic sits on a bench and talks with Sarah on his iPhone.

Vic: Yeah, she broke up with me yesterday. I’m glad I wrote down your phone number.

Sarah: So, you want to meet me after all this time?

Vic: Yeah, is it okay?

Sarah: Sure. Do you still have my address?

Vic: No, I deleted it because she checked my phone all the time. You sent me no pictures.

Sarah: I don’t send photos over the Internet. You’re gonna have to see me in person.

Vic: You said your body measurements are 44-24-36. Are you serious?

Sarah: Yes. I only want you to see them.

Vic: Are you still watching me wrestle on YouTube?

Sarah: Yes, I record all of your college matches and I masturbate.

Vic: Oh yeah? Wow.!

Sarah: I don’t have to masturbate if you come over.

Vic: canlı bahis şirketleri I have a new iPhone. Send me your address and I’ll come over.

Inside Sarah’s penthouse bedroom. The lights are on. She kneels on the white carpet who wears a see-through, pink nightie. Her melon-size tits, jiggle underneath with their silver-dollar-size areola’s and huge nipples. The bleach-blonde hair is tied into a ponytail.

Vic stands in front of her with his Levi jeans and jockey shorts pulled down to his ankles. He took off his t-shirt. His hands are placed on her head with his eyes closed. Sarah’s right hand is wrapped around his 6 and ¼-inch cock. Her wet lips, slide up and down his shaft. The tongue licks his cock-tip too.

He responds, “Ahhhh…. Ahh-Damn.. My-Gawd…. Ahhhhh…. Ahh-Yeah.. Yeah…. Ahh-My-Gawd.!!”

She pulls back and clamps her lips around his cock-tip. Her tongue works it hard.

He replies, “Uh-Uh-Ahhhhh…. Right there Sarah.. Ahhh-Damn…. So glad…. I-I saved your…. Number..!!”

She lifts her mouth off of his cock and whispers, “Vic, my tits are real.”

He says, “I know-I know…. You have incredible tits.”

Her lips slide back over his cock-tip and she starts licking him as hard as she can.

He screams, “Ah-Ahhhhh…. Sarah.. Beautiful canlı kaçak iddaa Tits…. Damn-Huge.. Ahhhhh.. Gawd…. Huge-Tits..!!”

She devours his cock-tip.

Vic explodes, “Right-There.. Righttt…. There.. Ah-Ah-Ahhhhhhhhhh.!! Ahhhhh.. Ahhhhh.. Ahhhhhhhh.!!!”

20 minutes later. Vic is sitting on a cushion chair and Sarah is straddling him. She is grinding down onto his cock as her blonde pussy touches his brown crotch. Her hands grip his muscular shoulders while she throws her head back. Both of his hands grip her large areola’s and his fingers pinch those surprisingly long — ½-inch nipples.

He looks up at her and says, “Damn Sarah.. Your nipples are so fucking long…. And hard.”

She keeps grinding her hips and says, “You make them hard Vic…. Pinch them good.!!”

She begins riding up and down on his shaft. He closes his eyes, but keeps pinching her nipples.

He groans, “Gawd Sarah…. Ride it.. Ride my cock.!”

Sarah leans forward and keeps bucking up and down. She says, “Vic.. Love my tits.. Love my tits.!!”

She rides him faster and he screams, “I-I fucking love…. Your-Tits…. I’m cumming.. Ahhh.. Ahhhhh.. Ahhhhhhhhhh..!! Ahhhh.. Sarah-Sarah..!!”

She stops riding as his mouth covers her right areola and nipple.

Late into the night when the lights canlı kaçak bahis are turned off. Vic is sitting on the chair again as Sarah straddles him. Her right hand grips his right shoulder as her left hand strokes his brown hair. Her head is thrown back and the blonde hair hangs loose. She also has her eyes closed.

She moans, “Oh Vic.. My tits are yours. They belong to you.”

His left hand pushes up her left areola so that he can suck on her long nipple. His tongue flicks it forward and back.

His right hand rubs her mammary and then his fingers pinch her right nipple.

His mouth lift’s off of her tit and he says, “Your nipples are so damn incredible.”

She just moans.

He says, “I can feast on these all night.”

His lips gently kiss all over her left mammary.

She says, “Ohh, Vic.. You make me wet.”

He whispers in between his kisses, “Okay, baby…. That means…. You’re ready.”

His left hand reaches down and his fingers run over her soaked blonde pussy. He inserts his middle finger slowly and digs into her hotness.

She responds, “Ohhh.. Gawd.. Vic.!!”

His lips find her left areola and he begins sucking and licking her nipple. His right fingers begin rolling up her long, right nipple.

Sarah grinds her hips forward and back. She moans, “Gawd Vic…. What you do to me.”

His mouth lift’s up from her tit, “You’re soaking wet baby.”

He digs his middle finger even deeper as he looks up and smiles at her.

She grinds her hips and moans, “Vic…. Don’t you dare stop.!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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