The Book of Dreams

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So there I was, once again sitting at home on a Friday night! I was convinced I must be the only high school senior without anything to do tonight. And just to top it all off… its Halloween! The biggest party and socializing night of the year. I am such a loser. I have no girlfriend… no social life for that matter, and the one thing I really love to do I have to keep a total secret. I love to crossdress, and I’m good at it too, I’m small for a boy at 5-foot 9-inches tall and 150lbs, with a face that gets more complements for being cute than handsome. I have large eyes and sultry, pouty lips. But the one attribute I have that’s even sexier than most real girls is my ass. It’s perfectly plump, yet still firm and looks amazing in panties. Sexually though… I’m completely attracted to the female body and consider myself more hetero than bisexual. However, when crossdressing, I dream of fucking and sucking cock, like the girl I’m dressed as. The one thing that always brings me down and ruins any possibility of that happening though is how shy I am.

Well, at least I had the place all to myself for most of the night, and I was going to take advantage of it, even if it would be just me. My parents were going to a Halloween party. Mom was just 40 years old and still looked great. Sometimes when we were out together, people would mistake us for sisters. Tonight she was dressed in a tight black vinyl Catwoman outfit and my father was Batman. They came up to my room to say goodnight to me, and I could tell they felt a little sorry for me, as I was alone on Halloween.

As soon as they were out the door, I excitedly pranced my way into the bathroom to get ready. I immediately jumped in the shower and lathered myself all over with my mom’s lavender shower gel. Then I shaved any trace of hair from my entire body below my eyebrows so that it would feel silky smooth. I got out my anal douche, that I’d purchased over the internet, and cleaned my asshole so that I would be all nice and fresh for my toys. I then decided I would prepare myself for my toys by putting in my butt plug, which I also got online a few months ago. I seductively spread my clean ass open then lubed up the toy good so it would slide easily into my tight ass. I then placed its tip at my anal opening and slowly pushed the small glass plug into position. It made my body tingle with pleasure… god I need to get a real cock inside of me soon, I pondered to myself. My small cock was now becoming firm with the feeling of my ass being penetrated.

After washing completely, I dried off quickly, and raced into my older sisters room. She was two years older than I was, and an absolute social butterfly. She was staying in a dorm room on campus, while on a full scholarship to Ohio State. She got the good genes, and I was stuck with the leftovers. But at least she left all of her sexy panties and clothes for me to frolic through. I found a cute purple flower-print babydoll and laid it out on her bed along with a pair of silk bikini style panties. That will look so sexy on me I thought to myself. She’s only about an inch taller than I am (yes, even my sister was taller than I am, its so embarrassing) but luckily I fit into almost every piece of her sexy clothing inventory. Next I slid up to the mirror and applied some makeup… first choosing a deep pink lipstick that accentuated my big pouty lips. I brushed my shoulder length smooth brown hair so that it framed my face perfectly. As I finished, I looked into the mirror and saw myself. I began to feel that intoxicating rush of femininity taking me over, I just wanted that feeling to overcome me and envelope me. I then went over to the bed and slid on the sexy babydoll with silk panties underneath. They hugged my baby smooth skin along with accentuating my perky ass. My 5 and a half inch limp cock gently enclosed within the silky smooth fabric. Lastly… I applied a coat of white nail polish, and looked in the mirror. I saw the beautiful girl I love to be, my long hair flowing down onto my lithe frame. I turned my backside to the mirror and like a model put my hand to my hip, accentuating that extraordinary ass. I lifted the hem of my babydoll just the perfect amount to reveal my shapely bottom… hidden behind those slinky white panties. My cock now hardened completely seeing myself from this point of view.

Now that I was feeling comfortable, in my true state, I scampered back into my room and dove under my comfy white down blanket. I lit a pumpkin spiced candle on my nightstand then snuggled deep into my bed, so my nest of fluffy pillows could comfortably devour my petite body. Life was so much happier when I was wrapped in silk. All I was missing now was someone cuddled up behind me to hold me tight and keep me warm. I sighed, realizing that wasn’t going to happen… but tonight… I may have the next best thing.


I’m usually WAY too shy to do adventurous things. But while driving home today after school, I was finally so ensest porno fed up with my shitty life that I decided to do something just a little risky. I had turned 18 almost a month ago and even had an ID to prove it, so I knew I could legally buy porn… but more importantly… sex toys! Of course, I was always able to do this on the internet… but then I had to wait for my parents to go on vacation, or wait for some other time when I could have the package delivered without their knowing. Now I can just walk in, buy whatever I want and walk out. So as soon as school let out I drove out to the porn store near the I-79 highway.

I walked in to the tawdry and salacious shop, as lurid signs flashed in all directions. With my head down I walked to the back of the store searching for that big cock I’ve wanted for so long… well, the dildo version anyway. I found an aisle with dozens of different phallic toys. I surreptitiously scanned, waiting for ‘the one’ to catch my eye. I was also scanning the store to make sure I wasn’t seen by anyone I knew. That was when I noticed the muscular, dark skinned, African man, wearing a pair of stylish European jeans and a white-buttoned shirt. He only had it buttoned half way up, allowing his sexy chest to nearly burst out. Looking like he had been without sleep for quite a while, he was sweating and sniffing as if he’d just done a line of coke. He obviously worked there as he was carrying a large box into the store’s back office. My curiosity was piqued and my eyes couldn’t help but peer into the office as he went about his task. He was quickly pulling out, what appeared to be, several pink-covered books from the box he had carried in. He hurriedly shoved each of them into a heavy steel combination safe. What the hell could be in THOSE books I wondered? Not wanting to be too conspicuous I decided to just go back to my own task. I perused the aisle for a while longer before deciding on a toy called the morning-wood, a 6.5-inch super realistic white skinned cock with a suction base.

I quickly got up my nerve, pulling the shapely cock from the shelf… I clumsily walked up to the counter. The thin, dark skinned girl working as cashier spoke with a thick African accent. I couldn’t help thinking that the couple must be the owners, although I wasn’t absolutely sure. She wore a salaciously tight fitting belly shirt with a brightly colored bra showing through it. I felt a hint of jealousy as I scanned her athletic body, her toned and glistening stomach exposed. With a knowing grin she scanned my item then offered me a deal on some lube, which I shyly declined. As I turned to leave the store through the double glass doors, I was so excited to finally have my new ‘anal toy’ that I ran directly into the muscular African man, who had been carrying in another case of those books with the pink covers. My arms jammed against his chiseled frame and all of the contents of my little bag dropped to the smooth, hard pavement. Overcome with embarrassment, I tilted my gaze to the pavement.

“Excuse me Miss… here… let me help you with that,” he said with a slightly annoyed tone, and with the same thick African accent as the cashier had used.

With ease he quickly shifted the case of books he was carrying to one arm, and with the other arm he reached down and picked up my dildo. He handed it to me, and now discovered I was actually a boy.

“Oh, you’re so cute I thought you were a woman,” he smirked, his ironic laughter disseminating throughout the vicinity for everyone to hear, “You have fun with that tonight, you sweet thing!”

He sniffed again conspicuously and disappeared back into the store. I was left standing there outside and still reeling in embarrassment. With my head still down, I noticed one of the small pink covered books just lying there on the cold pavement. He must have dropped it when I’d bumped into him. I hastily grabbed it, and stuffed it into my bag before anyone noticed. Then I scampered back to my car and raced home.


So there I was all tucked into my comfy bed, wearing my sisters cute babydoll and panties, and I couldn’t wait to feel my new dildo tight up my little ass. So I pulled the bag out of it’s hiding place, and looked inside for the new toy. As I pulled the package with my new dildo out, I saw the pink covered book was still in the bag. I was naturally curious; So I opened the cover and started to read.

The title was: The Book of Dreams: An Erotic Novel

By: Luna Williams

I began to read…

‘We all have deep, dark, secret desires. Things we may only think of in those ephemeral instants of lust. Things that would embarrass us in waking life to the point we might try to shun those thoughts. What are yours? Just think of them and I will read your mind. I can make them a reality… right now.’

This is spicy… I like it, I thought to myself. Intrigued, I put the book away for a moment, and began to think asyalı porno about my inner desires. I thought about my silky smooth ass being caressed by a man as I lie in my purple lingerie. I thought of a strong hard-bodied man and his thick throbbing cock. My inner lust began to take control and I brought the book back up to my face.

It read…

‘Your name is Kari and you are a boy but shouldn’t be. Its a mistake, you belong in laces and silks not in a suit and tie. Your ass deserves to be worshiped and taken by a real man.’

I instantly jumped up from my bed and threw the book down on the covers. What the fuck! That’s not possible! My heart was racing. As I stood there in my bed, I realized my panties had bunched up into my ass crack like a thong and my shrinking limp cock was nestled in between the silky fabric. I took a few deep breaths and tried to calm myself down. This must just be some strange coincidence I thought. Its not possible. I gathered myself and sat back down into my nest of fluffy pillows.

I was startled but at the same time excited. If this book is really telling me about myself what else is it going to say? I needed to find out, so opening the book back up… I continued.

I began reading once again…

‘Your effete little cock is wrapped beneath silk right now, tucked into your bed you are lusting to have your virginity taken from you. I know how bored you are of using your butt plug. You need to have the real thing. Sweet princess, you are going to finally get what you deserve tonight. Just lie back and think, if you could wear anything in the whole world, anything at all, what would you be wearing right now?’

I again put the book down on the nightstand next to my bed. I was freaked out and my hands were trembling. The window in my room was open and I felt a crisp fall breeze blow through the room. A light rain had begun to drizzle through my sleepy suburban neighborhood and it had a calming effect. I pulled the covers to the side and admired my smooth pale legs in my revealing little babydoll. What do I dream of wearing…?

I closed my eyes and imagined myself first with my shoulder length brown hair, expertly curled, with longer curls shaping my face. I would have a light, baby pink eye shadow, and deep dark mascara accentuating my big brown eyes. My lipstick is a light pink and shimmering with lip-gloss. I would be wearing a silk and lace white teddy with an open back. It clings tight around my body and my flat chest, perfectly accentuating my lean frame. The stretchy fabric fits tightly around my small limp cock leaving only a sexy little imprint visible in the front. On my backside the fabric has perfectly cupped my perky ass, barely holding it all in. My fingernails were long and freshly styled with a French manicure. White lace stockings crept up my legs and ended high up my thighs, where they were attached to a wide white lace 6-strap garter belt. I wore 6-inch open toed high heels with my toenails painted virgin white. Some perfume perhaps, and finally jewels… sparkling jewelry, shimmering diamond earnings dangled from my ears and a necklace of natural pearls adorned my neck.

I was lost in the reverie of my little daydream when I suddenly noticed the smell of Chanel No. 5 perfume. I opened my eyes and as my gaze shifted down, I saw myself wearing my entire daydream outfit. I was about to faint right then & there! No… no way this could be happening I thought, I must be dreaming. I got up out of my bed, putting my newly high-heeled feet to the floor, before rushing over to the mirror. Now, I had worn my sister’s heels many times, but the highest she had were barely three inches, trying to walk in these I nearly fell on my face. Once I got over to the mirror, I was really afraid… but my first instinct was to see how I looked. The image staring back at me in the mirror was an amazingly gorgeous teenage dream girl. I pinched myself to wake up, but I was already awake. I couldn’t believe that it was really was me in the mirror.

For a few minutes, I just stood there posing and admiring myself. My fears began to drip away as I strutted back to the bed finding I was still walking in those incredible sky-high heels. I grabbed the book back out from my bed’s covers and set it down in front of me on the dresser, inspecting it for some sign of how it was doing any of this. I saw nothing out of the ordinary, as it seemed, for the most part, to be a normal book. Could this really be happening? Did I eat some really strong pot brownies or something? Was I actually in my room? Trembling and on the precipice of doing something as bizarre as I’d ever considered doing ahead of me, I had a decision to make, I could stop right now and destroy this strange, pink covered book. Or… I could take the red pill… I could see what the book says next. It was this thought that completely lit up the pleasure centers of my brain… but somehow it seemed the gizli çekim porno book already knew what I would chose.

The window shades flew into the air like a supermodel’s skirts in the wind. I suddenly had the feeling I sometimes get when listening to a Lana Del Ray song. I get the notion that it is wrong to embrace what’s happening, but its just too intoxicating to quit. Besides, whatever this is, its supernatural, and I couldn’t help thinking that I’m probably one of the only people on earth to have experienced anything like it. I HAD to continue…

A cool breeze suddenly filled my little bedroom, the brisk autumn air smelled of fallen leaves. I could hear faint sounds of kids trick-or-treating in the night, surreptitiously taking pumpkins from doorsteps. I cant stop now, I reached down and picked the pink covered book back up with my freshly French-manicured hands. Sprawled across my satin throne of a bed my delicate figure cuddled deep into my pillows. Its Halloween, certainly a time to be naughty I rationalized, and with this thought, my racing heartbeat slowed and I slowly re-opened the book.

The words on the page continued…

‘We both knew you wouldn’t quit now, you horny little slut. You could never pass up the chance to be taken by a man. You’d do anything for his big, thick, juicy… well, you know… hell it’s image is plastered all over your mind. Well look, just look at you now, your beautiful! This must be your true inner-self coming out, the part that you really are deep down inside Kari. A petite, compassionate, emboldened female, ready to let herself be taken for the pleasure of another. Now… are you ready to give yourself to your fantasies, to let your body be taken, to entrust it completely to the sexual lust of a powerful, dominating man? Is this really what you want? Well Kari, all you need to do is think of him, I can do the rest.’

I laid the strange book down… and once again… I began to imagine…

I was melting into my bed, my mouth agape and my eyes closed, as I began to slide my fingers over my soft smooth tummy. I thrust my chest out, with the thought of him slowly putting his succulent lips onto my nipple. My own cock was now as hard as it could get, pulsating wildly as I positioned it pointing up to my belly button while still trapped within the gentle silk fabric of my lingerie. I turned over onto my stomach and took hold of one of my big firm pillows. It was wrapped in an expensive high thread count pillowcase. I placed it under my petite throbbing cock and little balls. My legs straddled the pillow as I began to grind my hips against the soft cotton. The movement pulled the fabric of my lingerie up into my ass crack, so that my perky pale ass was fully exposed and out in the open. I was pushing my little ass hole up into the air, my sphincter tightening against my butt-plug sending such a divine wave of pleasure rushing through me.

I reached back, and slid the fabric to the side and pulled the plug gently out setting it onto my nightstand. There I was, my toned, pale ass was open and unprotected… ready to be taken, as I ground my tiny girl-cock into my pillow. I was just dying to have a cock enter that little hole and turn me into a real girl once and for all. I imagined just what it was that I really needed. Once again I felt the cool night breezes flow in through the open window, this time tingling my exposed ass. I didn’t care if the whole neighborhood saw me.

Suddenly I heard a knock! My heart was sent fluttering as it seemed to be coming from inside the house. Were my parents home? Am I going to get caught? Then two together… Knock-knock. What the fuck. It sounded like it was coming from inside my closet. I turned and picked up the book.

I read from the next page…


What the fuck, I thought to myself. I cant do this, I am not ready for this… I got up all my nerve and stood up next to my bed in my white lingerie, after I got to my feet I pulled the lingerie back out of my ass crack and slid it back over so that my firm ass was once again covered. My cock… now beginning to shrink… was still pointing upwards in my lingerie and the silken fabric clung to its moist outline creating a small bulge and a small wet spot of precum was visible. I was standing on my 5-inch heels now, feeling completely naked… then I heard it again. Knock-knock, coming from my closet door. I looked at the book once more.

‘Knock-knock, your dream awaits you, Kari. No turning back now… time for your Halloween treat.’

Okay, no turning back, I thought to myself while gathering my courage. I walked over to the closet door. I was floating on air now, paying no attention to my surroundings, I put my manicured hands to the doorknob and turned. I swung the door open and peered into the darkened closet. Before me stood a symmetrically faced, muscular man wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs that were snuggled tightly around his thick, muscled thighs. Standing out in the front of those briefs was a juicy and sizable bulge, with the outline of a cock plainly visible. He offered me a single white daisy from his right hand, all while peering at me with a devilish grin. He stepped out of the darkened closet and spoke.

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