The Botanical Ch. 01

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Authors Note: This is my first story. Bella and I have been enjoying these to ourselves for some time and think it is time we share as well. I hope you all enjoy. Any feedback and comments more than welcome. Hope you enjoy.

Having just arrived for dinner at The Botanical for dinner we move to the side bar for a champagne cocktail first. You’re looking sexy as ever in a one piece blue dress with just a hint of green throughout. Your heels click on the wooden floor as we move to the seats near the window. I know people especially guys are looking at you and why not you are without doubt the hottest girl in the place and the other girls can only look in envy. Your cleavage is seductively showing just a hint of the top of your breast with the help of the low cut v. Legs shaved and tanned showing off your shapely calves and the dress stops just above your knee. I have been trying all night to see if you are wearing panties and it is not until you bend to sit I notice the outline of a tiny g string.

We sit and talk for a while waiting for our table reservation. We have been shopping most of the day in Melbourne so we are talking about what we bought and just atmosphere in town now that football season is approaching. Best thing about Melbourne whether you are a fan or not the atmosphere just swallows you up. But the atmosphere when we are together is different, love, lust and needing all in one. As always when we talk our eyes are locked on each other taking in everything our words and reactions, using all our senses with a touch of your arm or thigh.

“How good was the new Myer building now it is finished,” you mention as the waiter arrives with another cocktail. I notice his eyes trying to see down your top, you do to and smile and thank him.

“Yeah it is heaps better now although the menswear is still a little crappy.” I answer into my cocktail. “God you’re looking beautiful Babe, I Love You.”

“I Love You Too,” you smile back crossing your legs showing me a little of your tanned smooth legs.

The waiter comes over and informs us that our table is ready and would we like to continue over there. “Sure mate lead the way,” I answer, as I pick your glass and help you to your feet. Our table is to the back looking out across the other diners. As always the restaurant is noisy with the buzz of a three hat award restaurant. We are seated and our waitress is introduced, she is pretty, young and bubbly excited to be working. I notice she is looking at you and me at the same time with a look of here are the specials what’s your order İstanbul Escort but a look of how lucky are these two get to have a fantastic dinner and then probably make love all night as well. I smile back at her and slide my hand over your thigh pulling the hem of your dress just a little higher. The waitress cannot see your dress but she knows I am now making circles on your inner thigh; you part your legs slightly.

We order our meals and start to settle in and enjoy the night. Good food, wine and great company just like everything should be. After a fantastic main course the waitress comes over asking how everything is and how our wine is going, we are half way through our second bottle and really don’t need another. “No thanks we are good thank you” you answer as you lean over sliding your hand over my crotch feeling my hard cock through my pants for your pleasure and hers as well. We both notice her blush.

As she leaves you whisper “I think it’s time we go home now, I’m horny.”

“Yes I could not agree more.” I lean down to pick your bag up for you and notice your g string tucked inside. “When did that come off?” I think.

Paying the bill and leaving a nice little tip for the waitress we jump in the waiting taxi on the back seat. You’re sitting next to me practically on my lap. And we start kissing, lips meeting tasting each other and the wine. Smelling you has my hands wrap around your waist pulling you closer. You moan softly into my mouth as I glance up at the taxi driver and give him a “enjoying the show look” as I cup your breasts through your dress feeling the satin of your bra. You start to unbutton my shirt so your hand can feel the skin of my naked chest and play with my nipples. As your fingers brush over them they erect immediately, “Fuck,” I exclaim as my cock instantly hardens even more. You touch is so soft and yet so hard at the same time.

My hand snakes to your knee opening your legs I move up your inner thigh slowly feeling the heat of your pussy as I get closer. You move back onto the seat with your legs open still kissing, your face flushed and hot with that look of sexy desire in your eyes. I look back and see the cab driver stealing as many quick glances as he can. I drag my index finger slowly up the inner thigh to your waiting wet pussy slowly circling around feeling the wet swollen lips.

“Oh God,” you breathe.

My finger slides into your pussy feeling the lips suck as I probe further inside you. I look down as your eyes glaze over mouth quivering, my thumb extends to rub Escort Bayan your clit as my finger as all the way inside you. I feel you clench trying to pull my finger in deeper and deeper as I pull back and start teasing your entrance. I turn my hand up so my fingers can massage the roof of your pussy and start touching and rubbing your g spot softly at first and then harder and harder.

“Fuck, ” is all you can say.

I feel your impending orgasm growing as the cab driver swerves to miss a car. I think he is not really paying attention. Your muscles tighten around my finger legs shaking as I can see and feel the build up about to release.

“Cum for me Babe, cum on my hand.” I whisper in your ear “show the good cab driver how hot you are when you cum.”

Your head shakes from side to side “FFFUUUCCKK,” you moan as you cum all over my hand, you wet cum leaking over the cab seats. I bend down to kiss you as you sit there in your beautiful afterglow.

“Look out when we get home,” you promise with a cheeky smirk on your face.

“Well that’s good timing because here we are,” I answer just as the cab driver pulls up outside our house. “How much do I owe you? I ask.

“Nothing,” is all he can reply.

“No rubbish mate you’re working all night here have $30 dollars the rest was just a tip,” I wink as I jump out leaving the cab driver with a noticeable hard on and a cab that smells like sex.

You are already inside on the lounge as I get in the house your dress is off, no g string and just your purple and black bra perfectly cupping your breasts. Legs open looking for lust and my cock. You beckon me over with your finger as I am walk into the room. I walk over standing between your legs my cock bulging in my boxers and pants. Your hands slide up under my shirt and you drag your nails down my sides stopping at the top of my pants. You lean forward and kiss my bulge looking up at me and smiling.

“My turn now,” you say with a wicked glint in your eyes.

You undo my belt and the button of my pants and slowly draw the zipper down pushing your hands in and grabbing my ass pulling me closer. My pants fall to my knees and giving you a view of my hard cock trapped inside my boxers. I small wet spot of pre cum has formed which you lick with your tongue.

“Mmmm tasty, my man’s cum”

Your hands grip the top of my boxers and in one swift movement you pull them down digging and dragging your nails at the same time. My back arches in pleasure and pain forcing my cock closer to you. You laugh as I Eskort straighten up and kiss the swollen head of my cock licking the pre cum, strands of cum and saliva leave silver ropes as you pull back and examine me. I love that look of delight as you decide what to do next. One hand cups my balls as your other is stroking my cock mouth opens taking just my head inside. Your tongue swirls over my cock, pulling me in further. My hands rest on your head but you slap them away.

“Nope all me,” is all you can mumble with your mouth full of my cock

At that you take me all the way in so my cock is deep in your throat. I can feel your throat open taking me further and further inside. Hands on my ass pushing more of me inside you gag slightly and pull back leaving your saliva on my cock and then thrust your mouth back down quickly.

“God yes,” I groan as I feel your hand tighten on my ass cheeks nails digging in.

Your mouth tightens around my cock as I feel every muscle working your tongue lapping as you start sucking harder and harder in and out. Each time deeper inside your mouth. You move your hand and start dragging your nails from my balls to ass and back again. Arching my back forcing my cock deeper inside you. Your mouth is wet and hot as you pump my cock in and out one hand on my balls massaging and squeezing the other on the base of my cock milking me.

You pull back and look up moth red lips swollen. I look down and see your wet pussy you have already cum again, I Love how you cum from giving me head. You look into my eyes as you lower your mouth back to my cock and start sucking harder now and faster. My balls start to tighten in your hands and you groan with pleasure knowing what is to follow.

“I want you to cum in my mouth Babe.” You moan, “I need to taste you.”

“Oh fuck yes.”

Your mouth returns to my cock just on the head and your hand starts stroking from the base to your lips. Mouth sucking me faster and harder, my cum building inside my balls and cock.

“Fuck Babe here I cum,” I groan as I release my balls into your mouth.

You do not miss a beat and sink my cock inside you taking all my cum, swallowing each pump of down your throat. Your hands massaging my balls trying to milk every last drop out of me. You pull back sucking the last of my cum as you go. Leaving just a drop on your lips. I bend down to kiss you tasting your hot wet mouth as well as my cum on your lips.

I collapse next to you on the couch, pants still around my ankles. Breathless and wanting more as I look at you, true beauty.

“Fuck you are awesome,” I groan as I lay back satisfied.

“So are you Babe. Now let’s go to bed and see what else we can do.”

You stand up releasing the clasp on your bra and letting it fall to the floor.

To Be Continued…

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