The Bradenhams Find Happiness

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Female Ejaculation


Harry Bradenham drove home with his mother sobbing quietly beside him. They had sat up all night with his father until he died quietly just after 10.15 in the morning. When they got home Harry made a pot of strong coffee and urged Virginia to try to eat something.

They sat side by side in silence looking at the garden she so loved. She blew her nose and smiled sadly at him. He put his arm around her and drew her in for a comforting hug. She had always hugged her son when he was sad and now it was his turn to be the comforter. “Harry, may I go to the toilet?” she asked. He had heard her say this a thousand times but never to him. It was always his father who decided if she could relieve herself now or wait until she felt more uncomfortable. He said “Yes” knowing full well that she would respond by asking him if he wanted to watch.

As she unwound herself from him he noticed that she did not look at him. They were both remembering the occasion when his father had realised that Harry was 18 and had never looked at his mother’s sex. She was told that Harry wanted to watch. She tried to raise her skirt so that they could see but it was too tight and she was told take it off completely. As she undid it and let it fall to the floor he realised that she had been wearing stockings and no knickers. He looked at her face and saw her embarrassment. He felt he was participating in a moment of exciting cruelty with the humiliation of his mother. They looked each other in the eye and he realised that her shame caused him more sexual excitement than the sight of her sex.

He was her son and she regretted that he had been put in this embarrassing situation. He now knew that this was how her husband and his friends humiliated her and that he would have to choose whether he would continue to treat her as the mother he loved or join his father’s friends who beat her and fucked her without loving her or even caring for her. She sat down and opened her legs for him to see and after a few moments his father nodded and she let her urine flow.

When she came back he enfolded her in his arms. But there had been a change; when she asked him if she could relieve herself she acknowledged that he was not only her loving son, but also he had inherited her husband’s authority over her body.

His lips met hers and gently it developed into her sucking on his tongue as though it were the small brother of his cock. Instead of filling her mouth with his sperm they exchanged their saliva as a demonstration of their intimate love for each other.

His hands began squeezing her breasts and then he began undoing the buttons of her blouse. When the last button was undone she undid the front catch of her bra for him. Her breasts were now presented for his pleasure. He caressed them so lightly with only his finger tips and then he kissed her nipples. Her mind went back to the time when her baby gave her so much joy while he sucked at her breast. He was three before her milk ran out. He had teeth by then and had learned how to bite her nipples enough to hurt but not too much. Now here he was kissing her breasts and sucking at her nipples. She knew that this gentleness would be part of her future but she also knew that within a few weeks he would have her tied upside down so that he could whip the underside of her breasts. As she thought about it she became aware that her juices were beginning to flow between her thighs.

She expected him to begin by pushing her head down to take his fully erect cock in her mouth. But he chose to excite her with his fingers and tongue. His fingers found her clitoris and began to masturbate her. He was gentle but firm and was clearly familiar with women’s genitals. He continued his attentions to her clitoris and added to her breathless delight by beginning to suck at her labia and explore her sex with his tongue. None of the other men who had used her cunt had made her so anxious to please them. She wanted to have an orgasm that would show him how much she loved him and the delight he brought her. But she could not cross the line between gasping with excitement and tipping over into orgasm. She was missing the pain. For the last twenty years she had not had an orgasm without a man inflicting pain, even agony, on her and it slowly dawned that the pain that men forced on her was necessary for her to reach her own orgasms.

“Darling, I am so sorry, I don’t think I am going to come. I need to have my lover hurt me before I can come.” She found it hard to confess to her son how little self-respect his mother had been forced to live with.

“Stay there. Keep your legs open.”

He came back with a jar of black pepper corns from the kitchen. “I am going to put two of these up your clit and I want you to masturbate your clit and have an orgasm in ten minutes from now. If you don’t make it I will take over and you will really know pain.” He checked his watch and returned to licking her labia.

She had never had to inflict pain etlik escort on herself before and this was really painful. When someone whipped her there was a moment of intense pain and then a pause that allowed her to prepare for the next stroke. But with this, the pain was constant. Men had pulled, stretched and twisted her clitoris before but this was different. As soon as she squeezed her clit it was agonising but when she stopped squeezing and twisting the pain went on inside her. She knew he was confident that she would try hard enough to achieve her orgasm. He trusted her to endure the all the pain she needed to achieve her goal. She squeezed and twisted until she almost fainted but with her agony and her son’s skill in licking inside her vagina she made it with two minutes to spare. And her orgasm was so long and so brilliant she almost fainted again.

“I don’t want you to keep them up you too long. You can piss them out or gradually squeeze them down the passage.”

“Would you do it, please, my darling son, my lover, my owner, my master.

“I’ll answer to ‘my darling son’ or to ‘my lover’. I want to talk to you and Granny Dorothy about all this tomorrow. But now I want to enjoy your sex. Lie on the floor with your legs open. First, I am going to clear your clitoris and it is going to hurt. Then I am going to let you feel my cock up your vagina before I transfer to your mouth and you will receive the first of many deliveries of my sperm”.

Once again he caressed her clitoris gradually twisting and squeezing it harder and harder until she was squealing with pain. He then eased the two pepper corns out of her. She was bleeding from her clitoris and he let her blood run down over her labia and on down to her anus where he had placed a couple of towels from the kitchen to prevent a stain on the carpet.

She hardly felt him introduce his cock into her. He gently made love to her and she picked up his rhythm. “I am almost on the cusp. May I come?”

“I should regard it as honour if my mother comes the first time I make love to her.” They continued their rhythm and she reached her climax. This time there were no cries of delight, no grunting or squealing – just deep breathing and silent joy. It was as though the energy of her orgasm had surged deep within her whole body.

He withdrew and she did not need to be told to take his cock in her mouth. There was no haste in his enjoyment of her mouth. She made no resistance when he touched the back of her throat and he made no effort to avoid making her choke and cough as he reached his climax and filled her mouth with his sperm. She prevented most of it going down her throat and was able to taste his gift to his mother in the joy of knowing he would be regularly using her mouth for his pleasure – and hers.

As they lay half naked on the living room floor they realised that they had hardly had any sleep the previous night and they would be more comfortable in bed. “My bed. I like to keep things simple and I do not want to wake up with all that bondage and whipping gear around me. Just now I only want to caress your sex and make my cock familiar with the third pleasurable entrance to your body. Let’s get some sleep and in the morning I’ll begin with your bottom.”


She woke up the next morning with a pair of firm hands manipulating her breasts. As she lay half aware of her surroundings the hands became more insistent and began to squeeze and twist her nipples to wake her up. “Good morning , mother darling. Suck my cock.” She went to do as she was told but he did not intend to have her lying beside him. She was to kneel astride him. His cock was rock hard even before she took it into her mouth but he did not thrust it into her. He lay still and let her take it into her mouth as deep as she could without choking. She was conscious that for the first time he had a clear view of her arsehole.

Although she had not been whipped recently her bottom still showed signs of the beatings she had received before Richard went into hospital. Harry stroked her bottom and then introduced one finger into her anus and then a second. He had not used any lubrication and his two fingers inside her felt uncomfortable. “Now I want you to turn round and kneel with your face into the pillow and your arms above your head. I want to watch my cock going up your back passage.”

He finished and she washed traces of blood and shit off his cock. When she was sure it was clean she took it into her mouth and kneeling on the bathroom floor she gave her son his second orgasm of the day.


Harry’s grandmother arrived at ten o’clock, just as she said she would. Harry took her bag up to her bedroom and helped her settle in. Although she was almost seventy he found her still quite attractive. She dressed well, did plenty of exercise, and took care of her hair and make-up. He had always been fond of her and although he knew how his father and grandfather had both regularly etlik escort bayan used her (often at the same time) he had been no more intimate with her that the occasional hug of his grandmother. He had intended to just put her bag in the bedroom but she asked his to help unpack. He passed dresses, skirts and jackets to her and she hung them up carefully. Next came her stockings, bras and knickers. She was watching for his reaction. He took the bit of her knickers that went between her legs and caressed it for a moment. She smiled and he took her in his arms and gave her a long wet kiss.

When she could speak she asked him what he wanted from her, what their relationship should be. Before he answered he gave her another long saliva kiss and sat her down beside him on her bed. “I should like to be your lover. I would like to be free to enjoy your body at any time and in any place. That will include feeling your breasts and clitoris and I want you to be happy to receive my cock in your cunt, your mouth and your bottom. I intend to whip mother regularly and you as well. I like to watch mum on the lavatory and I should like you to ask my permission before you use the lavatory and when I allow you to go I want you to invite me to watch.

She took his hand and kissed it. “I would be happy to be your slave – after all I have been a slave to two of your ancestors – although Granddad William did love me and I would have done anything for him. I would be happy to be your sex slave but I am much happier to be your lover.”


When they went downstairs Virginia had got the coffee on and they sat down to plan Richard’s funeral. No one actually used the word but they agreed that they wanted the cheap version. The smaller chapel at the crematorium, recorded music and a couple of hymns that everyone would know. It would be nice if someone from the office would say a few kind words and one of his friends. He did not have many friends these days and they quickly agree to ask ‘The Colonel’. They would see the coffin off and leave for lunch at the best local pub.

Virginia thought the turnout might be larger than they expected. Both Dorothy and she had friends locally and a number of them would want to come and support the grieving mother and widow. Finally they opted for a wake at home with professional caterers – more flexible.

Over lunch Harry said that he thought his dad had had a lot of friends. “Certainly a lot of people used to come to the house to swap and beat their wives.”

“Including me and Dorothy. It was fine at first but Richard could not distinguish between friends and free riders. The idea was that every man would bring a woman and allow other men to enjoy her. But Richard was not firm enough and some men started to turn up on their own. And they were not very nice types. They beat us without having any affection for us; sometimes not even knowing our names. Basically women haters. One evening there were too many men and they started beating me but they went too far. Even when I screamed the safeword Richard did not stop them beating me. I went into shock and it just made them laugh. Thank God that The Colonel was there. He stopped them, untied me and wrapped me in warm blankets until I stopped trembling.

Dorothy and I told Richard that we would not be attending any more of his fun evenings. He kept inviting people but without us there was very little to attract men. He received a few invitations to other people’s parties and even those few dried up. His last five years were lonely and very sad.”

“The Colonel had a crush on Dorothy and he was the only person who would do a swap with Richard. His wife Martha, aka Mofflin, said they were some of the most boring evenings of her life – he just whined to her about how your grandma Dorothy had been left 75% of the business by his father and he got only 25% and how no woman worth having wanted anything to do with him.”

“To finish off our discussion” said Harry, “I should like to talk to you this evening about my relations with the two of you and try to make some rules so that you and I know how we stand. Drinks at 7.00 this evening, a light dinner from 7.30.”


Planning the Future

“Here’s to a happy future for the three of us.” “Cheers!”

“Yesterday my mother asked me if she could go to the lavatory. I assumed that she saw me as inheriting the privileges my father had over her. She then agreed to sleep in my bed and I had orgasms in her sex, her mouth and her bottom. So, mum, can I assume that I may use your body for your pleasure and mine, regularly, freely and exclusively?”

“Yes you can, my darling.”

“And you, granny. Do I have your agreement that I may use your body for your pleasure and mine, regularly, freely and exclusively?”

“I am 69 and I am so relieved to be invited to be part of your future. Thank you, darling.”

“Perhaps I should have told you what I expect from you before you declared escort etlik your willingness to submit to me. I expect that both of you will undress when I tell you to, you will allow me total access to your breasts, bottoms and your three orifices where I love to insert my fingers, tongue and cock into your bodies.

I propose to beat both of you regularly and firmly. I used to know and love you both when I was a boy. But I have grown up, you have changed and I need to get to know you both again. I suggest that I will not start beating you for one month after dad’s funeral.

I love to whip women and I love to see that they will go through serious pain and helpless submission just to please me and make my erection stiff even though they know I may thrust it into another woman. You remember the story about how I first saw mother’s sex? She noticed that my erection was so stiff because of her humiliation and not because I could see her private parts for the first time.

Just a word on vocabulary. I am not your master or your owner; I know that my dad liked to call you both names like ‘slave’, ‘cunt’ or ‘whore’. This may have been be acceptable if he had loved you but he did not love mum and I don’t think he loved you, Gran, very much either. I should like to call you Gran or Dorothy or my lover or any other term of affection.

I think that ‘Mum’, ‘Virginia’ and ‘dearly beloved’ would be the preferred kind of address for you mum. As for me, I think ‘Harry’, ‘son’ and possibly ‘Mr Wonderful’ have the right tone.”

After they had eaten, Harry asked the women to remove their knickers and hand them to him. His mother had some difficulty taking them down as her skirt was rather tight to show off the beautiful curves of her bottom. She had to remove her whole dress. “I do like you in your stockings and bra”. Harry said. “But I think we should have a rule that knickers would be allowed with trousers but not with skirts.”

“I should now like to introduce you to a new piece of furniture I commissioned from a friend.” In front of the log fire was a new piece of furniture the women had never seen. He pulled a large sheet away to reveal a beautifully crafted wooden platform with a padded top covered with reddish brown leather. Mother, I should like you to lie face down on my bondage deck. Hands above your head and legs together.”

“This is what I dream of. A beautiful middle aged lady with a slim waist and a bottom to dream of”. He sat running his hand from her waist to her knees rejoicing in his mother’s bottom. He parted her buttocks and gently stroked her anus. “My fingers have explored this puckered beauty and my cock has stretched it and deposited the sperm from the first of many orgasms as far up there as it can reach.”

“Now turn over and show us your breasts, clitoris and beautiful eyes”. “Dorothy, I want you to lick out her cunt and then suck her clitoris until you make her come.” His mother anticipated his next action. She turned her face towards him and opened her mouth. His cock was out and he slowly took control of her mouth and throat. He enjoyed adding thrust when her breath came in shorter and shorter gasps as her Dorothy brought her clitoris to orgasm.

“Now I want to explore the private parts of my new lover. Virginia, please sit up and watch her undressing.”

“When I am undressed, may I use the toilet?” “No. I have only just started undressing you. Virginia, please fetch a set of the cruellest nipple clamps and put one her clitoris. Dorothy watched the clamp being attached with fear. She had not expected him to be so cruel. “Right, Dorothy, please take off your dress and give it to my mother. She will remove your bra and stocking.” When she was undressed he sat her on the bondage deck and felt her breasts. They were impressively large and still showed signs of the whippings and torture she had received in this very room. She could not help shivering with the fear that her new ‘lover’ would enjoy inflicting pain on her. He caressed her breasts very firmly; it was uncomfortable, but not painful. He reached down to her sex and was pleased to discover it was very wet. She sucked his fingers clean.

Virginia, I want you to suck her cunt. I will see how good she is at sucking cock. We need to take the clamp off her clit in about two minutes. He knelt astride her face and began to fuck her throat. She coughed and spluttered but it did not disturb his rhythm. He nodded to Virginia to remove the clamp. The blood rushed back into her clitoris, she tried to scream but he was blocking her throat. She writhed and grunted until Virginia’s tongue up her cunt made her come and he made her choke on his sperm.

Harry told her she could use the toilet but she had to open her legs wide so that he and Virginia could see.

A bright May morning.

Virginia was woken by the insertion of his thumb into her anus and three fingers into her sex. It was one of her favourite sensations to feel his fingers and thumb stroking each other through the divide between her anus and vagina. She no longer asked her lover if she could come, he had told her that he loved to feel the tremors in her sex and he was pleased that these days she could have an orgasm because he loved her and not because he whipped her.

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