The Bridal Shower

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A/N: This was quick one that just came to mind and I typed it out quickly. There’s build up to the action near the end.

Thanks for reading.



Getting married is much more of a process than I ever anticipated. Well, for my fiancee it was. Ellen was a 24 year old blonde bombshell, there’s no other way to describe her. She was a cheerleader in high school and college. Yep, she was one of those fresh faced, nubile, athletic women the TV camera cut to before or after a commercial during the big college match up of the week. In her tight top and short skirt she looked like pure, wholesome American womanhood. That and pure, wholesome American sex goddess.

Long, truly blonde hair to the middle of her back; electric, energetic blue eyes; dazzling white smile with perfect teeth; perfectly shaped, just plump enough, naturally pink lips; a graceful, slender neck; big, but not overly large, firm breasts; slim waist with a tight tummy; an ass to die for – round, firm and succulent; and long, spectacular legs made Ellen was the Barbie Doll come to life without any ridiculous proportions. Guys, men, boys, octogenarians threw themselves at her with offers of riches, power and pleasures in a effort to be with her.

My junior year in college Ellen entered as a freshman. She lived on my floor in a large dorm at one end of the campus. I was a Resident Assistant, part of the Dorm Staff, paid by the university to try and maintain some semblance of order and control on a campus of more than 25,000 students, both Undergraduate and Graduate, mostly between the ages of 18 and 28. As Dorm Staff I was on campus before the regular student body and required to be there for Freshman Weekend. On my floor of 10 males and 10 females Ellen and her roommate, Tanya were the only two freshman.

For some reason, colleges think it makes sense to match people of different backgrounds as roommates freshman year. Tanya was a rough and tumble city kid, wise to the ways of the world. Ellen was pretty much pure as the driven snow from a small town. That very first night Tanya hooked up with someone (I never knew if she was straight, bi or lesbian) on campus and never came home. About 1:30 in the morning there was a soft but insistent knocking on my door.

I opened my portal to find a scared young woman, tears in her eyes asking if she could come in. Ellen was in a long nightgown with a thick fleece bathrobe cinched tightly over it and fuzzy slippers. The only thing missing was a teddy bear clutched in her arm.

Over the next hour, through sobs, weeping and sniffles I learned that Ellen was away from home for the first time in her life. She had never even slept over at a friend’s house! An only child, her parents had doted on her and at least one, usually both, went just about everywhere with her.

At 6’2″ and a reasonably well maintained 200 pounds I was the perfect, (apparently) non-threatening protector to hold her through her first night away from all that she knew. From that night on I was her protector, her guide and soon enough her lover. Despite her overwhelming attractiveness, offers and come ons from athletes, rich boys, and other women I was ‘the one’ for her and she never even dated another man.

I stayed on campus for a two year graduate program so she wouldn’t be alone for her last two years. On her graduation day I asked her to marry me. She said “Yes” and had the ring on before I even finished asking the question.

But this story isn’t really about Ellen.

I was introduced to Ellen’s parents, Ken and Jacqueline (never ‘Jackie’) Kittredge during fall Parents’ Weekend. Ellen’s introduction of me was like this, “Mother, Dad this is Rick, the man I’m going to marry.”

No pressure. Ken disliked me immediately. Jacqueline I couldn’t read. She certainly appraised me up and down with no attempt to disguise her review. She extended a hand with perfectly manicured nails, dripping with expensive rings and bracelets. I gently grasped her hand, looked in her eyes and said “So nice to meet you.” while blushing almost scarlet from Ellen’s introductory words. She pursed her lips and nodded, holding my hand longer than I would have expected, almost to the point of being uncomfortable.

Ellen clearly took after her father. He was tall, toned, blonde with blue eyes. Jacqueline was petite, maybe 5′ 2″, with thick, dark hair, deep brown eyes, and, truth be told, a stunning figure in a stylish, expensive jacket, blouse, skirt and high heels. I learned that the Kittredges were rich. Not filthy, stinking rich, but close enough. Ken owned 11 automobile dealerships across three counties “back home” and had two of the highest grossing sales and service locations in the state among them.

I visited the Kittredges for at least one week every summer, staying in a guest room in their giant home, complete with pool, two tennis courts, a small stable for Ellen’s horse and an six car garage. That first summer I was introduced to Ellen’s friends from high school and her parents’ etlik escort friends from the two country clubs to which Ken belonged. A party was thrown to celebrate Ellen’s first year of college.

The guest list was easily 100 or more. It was a barbecue/pool party with the food catered by Big Eddie’s True Southern Barb-B-Que. For men the attire was pretty standard – either a long sleeve button down shirt (with the sleeves nonchalantly rolled up) or a golf shirt, golf shorts, many with whales, lobsters, retrievers or some other item embroidered on them, and either tassel loafers or boat shoes with no socks.

The women predominantly dressed in one of two categories. The first was tennis attire – tight tops and short, flouncy skirts (think Lacy Underalls in Caddyshack ). The second was bathing suits, almost all of them two pieces and the majority bikinis. Fitness was apparently big in this locale because everyone of the women was tight, toned and sexy as hell. To top it off, every single woman wearing a bathing suit wore high heels. None were lower than 3″ and a fair number were 5″ (with or without a platform).

Jacqueline wore a dark green bikini and pair of 5″ sandals that showed her to be a fucking MILF of the highest order! Every piece and part of her was near perfect. Her breasts were probably a B cup but on her petite frame they looked big without being out of place or overpowering. Her ass was pert, firm and molded from hours on a stair master or doing squats. Despite all of the awesome bodies on display around the pool, and Jacqueline’s wasn’t the best, though certainly in the top 3 or 4, if she was in your focus she seemed to outshine any other women around her.

As the party wore on into the evening a sizable number of the guests were becoming more and more inebriated and what had been a rather staid and reserved gathering began to loosen up considerably. When the first woman was thrown into the pool, laughing hysterically the whole time, by two or three men, things became looser than loose. Men, Ken included, began pulling the strings that held bikini tops together on any woman who happened to walk by. Within a very short span of time a fair number of women were now topless, even some in tennis skirts.

Ken seemed to be at the center of all of this strangeness (to me, at least) motor boating at least two of the larger chested women and trying to work the bikini bottoms off several others. Ellen was off, far way from the pool, talking with several of her girlfriends and I was standing alone taking in this unexpected free for all. I did notice that Jacqueline was absent from any of the shenanigans.

“Ridiculous, wouldn’t you say?” I heard Jacqueline’s voice sneer from behind me. I turned a little to see her leaning against the sliding glass door, one arm crossed under her breasts supporting the other and the hand holding a drink near her shoulder. Her face was calm, almost cold as she watched her husband launch a voluptuous brunette into the pool. The brunette exited the water, still in her stilettos, and wrapped Ken in a wet embrace, mashing her pillowy, big boobs against him.

I stammered trying to form an appropriate, safe response.

“It’s alright. Come on, let me introduce you to some of my friends.” She took my hand, slipping hers into mine and leading me into the house. In the kitchen were three women, two in tennis togs, one in a one piece suit talking quietly.

“Karen, Teddie and Sue, I’d like you to meet Rick. This is the stud that Ellen has selected to father my grandchildren.” She released my hand and gave my ass a squeeze making me jump toward the three women as I took each of their hands in turn and politely stated how nice it was to meet them, despite blushing so hard I could feel my face approaching blast furnace temperature.

All three women laughed at Jacqueline’s humor and my embarrassment. Teddie tried to put me at ease. “Pay no attention to her attempts to embarrass you. Jacqueline’s well known for trying to get a rise out of people. Though in your case I can see where a rise might be a delightful thing.” She eyed me up and down and the other women joined in looking me over from top to bottom, with extra attention paid to my groin.

I felt like raw meet thrown into the lion cage at the zoo, or in this case, the cougar cage.

As if to reinforce the imagery Jacqueline said, “Claws off girls, I saw him first,” eliciting another round of laughter.

Fortunately, things settled down into a mundane question and answer period about how Ellen and I met, my major at school, my plans after graduating, etc.

Somewhere around midnight things began to wind down. I was seated at a patio table just observing when Jacqueline pulled out the chair and sat next to me. “How are these people going to get home?” I asked innocently. “Anyone of them could be pulled over for DUI.”

Leaning forward Jacqueline gestured with her drink, “Since that’s the Chief of Police and his wife right over there, I don’t etlik escort bayan think that’ll be much of a problem.”

I didn’t notice right away that when she leaned forward her other hand found my thigh and she was now tickling my exposed skin with her long nails. I looked her straight in the eye and clearly she was not drunk.

“Oh, come on, don’t tell me you’re not going to let me tease you a little,” she purred. Then she gave me a gift that I later learned few people received. She flashed a smile that was the one thing her daughter had inherited from her. Just as brilliant, just as white and just as entrancing. “Go ahead, I know you want to look at me up close. It will please me and tease you, so please, be my guest.”

I was way out of my league and I couldn’t resist. I looked down at her chest, the soft curves rising from the valley between her two mounds and her rock hard nipples poking at the covering. Below her breasts her abs were subtly displayed descending like a ladder to the level of her hips. I looked up again and followed her stare to a point across the pool where her husband lay on a reclining sun chair with some woman in top of him, locked in a kissing frenzy.

“What a fucking idiot,” I thought I muttered under my breath but apparently I was loud enough for Jacqueline to hear.

“Thank you for that,” she said quietly as her hand left my thigh and she rose from her chair providing me a generous view of her ass as her cheeks rose and fell when she walked away to say goodnight to several people.

During the visit after my graduation (between Ellen’s sophomore and junior years) Ken gave me a car. I politely declined his offer but he stated in a tone that would allow no disagreement that he was “not going to have his daughter’s life threatened by riding around in some shit box”. I reluctantly accepted the keys to a Volvo SUV with which to shepherd Ellen to and fro from now on.

Jacqueline nearly scared the shit out of me when she whispered, “You are a tremendous threat to him,” from behind me. I turned to see her watching Ken stride away with a look of disdain on her face. “He succeeded in keeping boys away from Ellen all through high school. She went to her senior prom with her cousin, Ken’s brother’s son. Imagine a girl like Ellen going with her cousin.”

“Somehow, in his twisted mind, he thought he could have her for himself. Not surprising that the very day she was out of his clutches she latched on to the first man she saw. Fortunately for her, that man was you and not some asshole.” Her hand rested on my shoulder as she spoke. When I turned to her she raised up on her toes and kissed me on the cheek. I saw her eyes were moist. “Be good to her,” she pleaded.

Later in the week there was another pool party with even more people than the prior year. Ellen and I circulated for a while and then just sat with two other couples our age, whose parents were also in attendance and watched the alcohol fueled debauchery escalate. Ellen’s friend Jessie pointed. “Are those two people actually fucking on your lawn?”

“I believe they are,” Ellen replied in a flat tone. “I think that’s Henry Long and Sylvia Cannon.”

“Have to wonder what Debbie Long and Frank Cannon think,” Jessie’s boyfriend Peter asked.

“Well, Frank’s in the pool, fully dressed, with Marie Wexler topless on his shoulders. Debbie is no where to be seen,” Ellen’s other friend Kevin stated.

Ellen’s tone remained flat, “Debbie’s probably in the house with mom, unable to stomach this ridiculousness.”

I looked at the others and asked, “What is this, some sort of unofficial spouse swapping party? The suburbs go amoral?”

“It’s more like The Stepford Wives only it’s The Stepford Wives with Benefits,” Jessie offered. We all laughed an uncomfortable laugh.

Ellen and Jessie went to the barn to see Ellen’s horse. I went to the kitchen for a glass of water. Jacqueline was there with four other women. She reintroduced me to Karen, Teddie and Sue whom I had met a year ago and then introduced the fourth woman, Debbie Long. After exchanging pleasantries I looked at Jacqueline and said, “Same shit, different year.”

All five women laughed. Jacqueline slipped an arm around my waist and hugged her petite body to me. “Hands off, ladies. He’s mine. I had to send my daughter five states away to find a decent man.”

Laughter continued as she released me and I went back out to the table.

Several days later I came downstairs in the morning and Jacqueline was seated at the island drinking a cup of coffee just staring out the window. “Good morning,” I said as softly as I could.

“Oh, good morning Rick,” she smiled.

After I poured myself some coffee, Jacqueline looked at me and asked, “Would you mind if we had a private conversation for a few minutes?” as she stood and moved toward the door.

Uncertain as to what this meant and with butterflies dancing in my stomach I replied, “Sure.”

I followed her out the escort etlik pool cabana where she pulled the door shut behind her and locked it. “Have a seat.” she gestured toward a small couch. I sat and she plopped down next to me, I mean right next to me. Her body was pressed against mine from her knee to her shoulder. She had left her coffee cup on the table and her hand came to my chest. She rested her head on my shoulder. Her hair smelled lovely and her body, for all it’s tone, felt soft and warm.

“I’m divorcing Ken. He’ll get the papers at his office today. This will be rather hard on Ellen, though I don’t think it will be a huge surprise. The locks will be changed on the house so he won’t be able to get in. Though I’m very glad that you’re here with us,” she sighed. I was fighting a battle to not put my arm around her. I guess I have a natural tendency to want to protect women. I also have the basic male tendency to want to fuck every attractive woman I see, especially when they are in such close proximity.

“I’ll keep a good eye on her, Jacqueline,” I promised.

“I know you will, but who’ll keep a good eye on me?” she uttered, loneliness evident in her voice.

I should have known better, I just couldn’t help myself. I put my arm around her and pulled her tighter to me. “I’ll keep an eye on you, too.”

It happened so fast I was totally off guard. Jacqueline’s little body was straddling my thighs, her chest crushed hard to mine, her hands on my face and her lips pressed to mine. I had actually opened my mouth to her insistent tongue before I even realized what was happening.

“Jacqueline!” I nearly shouted. I easily lifted her off me and set her down on the couch as I stood and stepped away.

She looked like a lost puppy as she gazed up at me with watery eyes and pleaded, “Please, Rick. Just make me feel like a desired woman for a little while. Please.”

She pulled her sweater over her head as she spoke revealing her unfettered breasts. She began to shuck her shorts when I turned away.

“Jacqueline, Ellen,” I stated.

“She won’t ever need to know, Rick. I certainly won’t tell her. Please, just for a little while, just while here where we’re alone. Make love to me.” She was behind me, fully naked I assumed, wrapping her arms around my waist and laying her head on my back.

Once again I showed my level of stupidity. “Jacqueline, you are a beautiful woman. In another place and time I’d be honored to be with you and make love to you, but I’m your daughter’s boyfriend. I can’t betray her, even for you.”

On the surface I sounded noble and I was trying to be gentle, or kind to Jacqueline at a painful time of her life. Unfortunately, I later realized that all she heard was “beautiful woman” and “honored to be with you and make love to you”. I had let her create a belief that we could have sex one day. Stupid mistake on my part.

From that day forward Jacqueline did nothing but tease me, visually, physically and with her words. She was shameless in grabbing my crotch at any opportunity where we were alone or at no risk of being seen. She dressed provocatively whenever I was around, often going to change to a more revealing outfit from whatever she was wearing when I showed up. She would call me or text me with teasing comments, double entendre and even photos of her in lingerie. She was relentless.

She did exceedingly well in the divorce, ending up with six of the dealerships, the house and I have no idea how many millions in cash. All of her friends backed her, she had compromising videos of Ken and none of the women with whom he had been involved wanted to be dragged through the mud of a messy divorce. She put the dealerships up for sale and Ken had to beg, borrow and steal to buy them all back.

She came to visit Ellen at least once a month, usually arriving during the week so that Ellen would ask me to keep her company while she was in class. “See,” Jacqueline would say, “She wants you fuck me.” I was beginning to think she was psychotic.

One afternoon, in Ellen’s dorm room no less, she stripped and stood with her back against the door, so that I couldn’t get out without touching her. She began to masturbate in front of me, talking to me the whole time. “Oh, Rick, I’m so wet for you. Look,” she said holding up her hand, slick with her juices, “Wouldn’t you like to just taste me? Imagine how easily even your big prick would slide into my tight little pussy when I’m this wet. And you can go bareback and cum inside me with no risk. I can’t get pregnant.”

I tried in vain not to look. My unmindful penis was hard as could be and she could see it. “Look, I know you want me. I can see how ready you are. Believe me, I know how to make you feel amazing.”

It went on for almost thirty minutes. “I can feel your swollen cock stretching me, filling me. You feel so right inside me, Rick. My cunt loves they way you feel. Oh, oh, ooohhh!” she came on her hand, twisting and writhing against the door. My boxers were wet with leaking precum.

After she had come down from her orgasm and dressed she couldn’t help but get in one last tease, “Well, Ellen has more classes tomorrow so we’ll have another chance to be alone. You can come to my hotel room where there’ll be nothing to hold you back from fucking me.”

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