The Business Trip

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Once a year I go to our offices around the country. Head office wants me to meet the employees and find out if they are having any problems with their LAN network and workstations. On this trip I didn’t book a hotel room but decided that after meeting everyone that I would call around after finding out the best place to stay. After the meeting I ask if anyone knows of a place and everyone laughed at me because of some big event in the city there will be no vacancies. Jim speaks up and says lets go to my office and make a couple of calls.

Jim calls a few friends to call in some favours, but nothing. I am panicking by now as I am in town for 2 nights. Jim smiles at me ” let me call my wife and see if it is ok for you to stay. Are you here for one or two nights?”

I clear my throat ” two, two nights”

Jim gets off the phone ” not a problem she has lots for supper and you can stay in the spare room.” He smiles and says, ” You will love my wife! Where are your bags?”

“At the front desk”

We get to your place and Jim parks the car in the driveway. As we enter the house it smells wonderful. I was not prepared for how sexy you were. Jim is a little on the heavy side so I naturally thought. Well you know. You stand about 5’7″ with heels on, shoulder length brunette hair, slim with the best pair of legs I have ever seen, your ass is to die for and when you turned to greet me I almost went to my knees. Jim say “honey this is Bostancı Escort Bob, Bob this is honey Ha Ha I mean Elaine.” We say Hi

“I told you that you would love my wife” Jim says with a smile

I stand 5’8″ thick blonde hair (not like most 45 year old men) a closely trimmed beard, slim and am physically fit.

I try to hide my cock with my bags as Jim shows me where I will sleep next to the master bedroom.

“Suppers ready.” This sexy voice calls

During supper I try not to stare at your beauty. You smell amazing and your movements are so sensual. I am so turned on my cock is still stiff from when I came in the front door.

We finish eating and Jim and I are talking. I think he catches me watch you as you clear the table and load the dishwasher. Your skirt rides up each time you bend over to put something in the washer. Once your were trying to put something in the very back and I could see your skirt go even higher. Jim stops talking and there is silence, and I want to lay my head on the table to look up your skirt. The silence is broken

” You boys are quite, something must be good”

I blush and look at Jim who starts to laugh.

“Why don’t you boys get a movie out while I finish.”

I sit in the recliner and lean back a little. Jim sits on the couch and after we start the movie you sit on his lap with your legs facing me. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Jim’s hands caressing Kadıköy Escort your legs. As he continues up your legs you spread them so his hands can caress your inner thigh. I know if I lean back I will be looking right up between your legs.

“Bob that is a recliner lean back and relax you can still see everything from there.” Jim says

As I lean back I look over and see you two are kissing and Jim’s and is no longer caressing your leg. It is on your breast. I try to watch the movie but I am intoxicated with you. I try to hide my cock it is so hard it is hurting. I have never been so turned on. The lights are low so I cannot see all the way up your skirt.

“Sorry boys but I need my beauty sleep”

“Me too honey, Bob you can finish watching the movie if you want”

After the two of you leave I turn the sound down so you can sleep. After a few moments I hear moaning. It is getting loader I rub my cock and turn the sound right down so I can hear a little better. The moaning is getting load I hear Jim’s voice ” fuck Honey you are so horny tonight” You start to moan very load now.

Than quite.

I shut down everything and head to bed. I have a hard time walking with such a heavy hard cock. I get undressed and lay on the bed and grab a t-shirt to clean up as I start to stroke. I close my eyes and I see you in my mind. MMMmmm I cannot believe how hard I am. I forget to close the door, as at home my bedroom Göztepe Escort door is always open.

You open the door a little more so you can see me with the bedside lamp on. A smile creeps across your face wondering what I am thinking about and you size up my cock. You move closer to me.

With my eyes closed I swear I can even smell your sweet perfume. I open my eyes to check where my clean up t is and I see you. I stop and try to cover up but you stop me

“shhhhhh shhhhhh its ok”

” Bob, Jim asked me to see if you need any help. He thought you might be a little horny I am not sure why he though that. “

As you are saying this you are taking my hand that was stroking my cock and pulling it towards the bottom of your teddy. You push my hand against your very wet pussy ” Do you mind sloppy seconds?”

“Elaine you have made me so horny so very fucking horny. You are so beautiful and sexy. Sloppy seconds or not I don’t care.” As I slip my fingers into your cum soaked pussy

You lean down and wrap your hand around my cock” How big is it?”


I moan as you slip the tip into your mouth. I have two fingers working your pussy and my other hand is cupping your breast. I am so turned on and your mouth is so hot I explode in your mouth and you moan as my cock jerks violently. I feel like I am going to pass out.

After you suck up everything you look at me ” lets get some sleep and we will continue tomorrow”

I nod my head.

As you get up to leave you turn and say, ” I have never made anyone cum that fast before and to have so much cum too MMmmm.”

I see your ass peeking out the bottom of your teddy as you close the door behind you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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