The Cabin Ch. 19

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“What did Mom want?” I ask as we get dressed and head back out to the car; the call sobered us up pretty quick.

“I have no idea. She didn’t sound mad or urgent, she just said she needed us to come home right away,” Angel tells us.

We make the 40-minute drive home without delay. We also make it in silence, fearing something happened with her and Dad, or somehow word got back to her about what happened at the mall already. Fuck, that would be devastating to her career and could probably lose Dad any clientele and tank his company if the world found out that their kids were banging each other and their cousin. If that was the case, though, Dad would have been the one to call and would have been livid. What else could it be, though? I wonder to myself.

“Do you think someone told her about what happened at the mall?” Chelsea asks.

Both me and Angel shake our heads. “Dad would have called David if that was the case,” Angel says. “Mom sounded pretty calm, almost like she was trying to hide something.”

That’s when it hits me. Mom’s stepping up the timeline for the plan we’d come up with for me to propose. But why? Unless…no, they wouldn’t do that, would they? We’re about to find out now that we’re home. Mom meets us in the driveway, pulls Angel aside for a moment to talk to her privately; Angel nods her head a lot, doesn’t seem to argue or put up a fight about anything and then walks right past us into the house.

“David,” Mom says and then waves me over.

“Don’t go anywhere,” I say to Chelsea and then join Mom.

“So, everything is already set up. Dad and I will be out for the night, we’ll be back in the morning to pack for our trip, but I have a surprise for the three of you for when we get back in the morning. So, please, try and get some rest tonight,” she says with a wink and then turns toward the house. She pats Chelsea’s cheek lovingly before walking on ahead of us.

“What’s going on?” Chelsea asks.

“Oh, she and Dad are going somewhere for the night. Big date or something, I guess. But she said they’ll be back in the morning with some sort of surprise for us all,” I tell her.

“Why do I feel like everybody is up to something?” Chelsea asks, partially scared but partially annoyed as well.

I hold her face in my hands and then kiss her. “Everything is great, babe, trust me,” I say and then lead her to the front door where Angel is waiting with something hidden behind her back.

I look at her confused but she shakes her head. “This is for Chelsea,” she says and then holds up a blindfold.

“What is going on?” she asks scared this time.

“Nothing, we just don’t want to spoil the surprise,” Angel says. “Please, just trust me,” she adds.

Chelsea looks from my sister to me and I smile back at her warmly. “Do you trust her?” I ask.

She nods and then allows Angel to tie the blindfold around her eyes and then we each lead her into the house. The door to the garage shuts and we hear Mom and Dad pull out and then the garage door closes a minute later.

“Just follow me,” Angel says taking Chelsea’s hand and slowly walking her through the kitchen where she finally stops in the living room and removes the blindfold. Surrounding the two of them are photos, everywhere. I join them to see photos of the three of us, some individual, some where we’re all paired off in different ways, more of them are of me and Angel due to us being siblings, but almost as many are of me and Chelsea during different family trips when we got to see each other again. We were so close growing up, it’s no wonder all of our parents used to make comments about us and how it was a shame we were family and not just friends. We were practically joined at the hip in every photo; I remember us being close and spending a lot of time together on these trips but I don’t think I realized just how close we were. So many photos caught one of us looking at the other without the other noticing, and our faces were full of so much love even then. Of course, at the time we were just family and enjoying being together, but then as we begin to grow older in the photos, which ironically leads us in a trail to the stairs leading up to the bedrooms, the more those looks began to change and we could see that we were obviously trying to hide some sort of attraction towards each other. Even Angel had looks that she gave me as we were growing up. I regret a lot of those, because it wasn’t until I came home from college that I even saw her that way, but Chelsea…it was always different with her.

When the photos stop at the foot of the stairs, we find that each step is covered with rose pedals, along with candles on every other step leading to the top. I steal a look at the girls and their jaws are dropped. Angel then points to an envelope on the third step with my name on it. I open it and find a note from Mom and a ring inside.

“Sweetheart, I am proud of the man you are and are continuing to grow into. Despite the warnings we have given you about the situation you three have created Burdur Escort for yourselves, you’ve all stood by your love for each other, and I see your strength is what keeps Angela and Chelsea strong as well. This ring was your grandmother’s and has been passed down every other generation from grandmother to granddaughter. Save this one for your sister, there is another waiting in mine and your father’s bedroom along with another note. Have Angela wait for you in her room, take Chelsea to the master bedroom. You’ll know what to do when you get there…Love, Mom.”

“What does it say?” Angel asks.

“Follow me,” I say to them both, hiding the ring in my back pocket and the note I fold and slide into my front pocket to keep Angel from trying to steal it.

Both girls hook their arms into mine and I lead them up the stairs and when we reach the top, two trails lead off to Mom and Dad’s room and the other to Angel’s. I stop at the junction and turn to Chelsea and then kiss her lightly on the lips.

“Angel,” I say turning to her. “Can you wait for me in your room? I think Mom has something for you there,” I tell her.

She looks at me confused but also curious and a little hurt because she knows where I’m taking Chelsea alone. I cup her face in my hand and then kiss her deeply.

“Trust me, sis,” I whisper and she closes her eyes, pressing her face into my hand and gripping my wrist tightly.

“Okay,” she says and then turns to her room alone.

I turn back to Chelsea and take her hand in mine to lead her to the master bedroom. Mom and Dad’s room is very similar to their room at the cabin, just on a slightly smaller scale. They have a large, king size, four poster bed; it even has thin curtains, light blue in color, that enclose all the way around the bed to give a sense of privacy, though they are so thin, you can practically see through it anyway. On the nightstand is another note with my name on it like the first one. Chelsea follows me over to the bed and we sit next to each other on what I know is Mom’s side being closest to the bathroom.

“David, I’ve already told you how proud of you I am and gave you Grandma’s ring to give to Angel, but in this one is another special ring. I’ve been in contact with Chelsea’s mother, my sister, and she sent me this for you to give to her. Since she has never remarried and has no intentions of doing so, she wants Chelsea to have it; she knows how much Chelsea always loved her mother’s ring. I know this is much sooner than we were planning, but trust me, there’s another surprise coming for all three of you tomorrow. Treat the girls well tonight; we’ll see you in the morning. Love, Mom.”

I take the ring out of the envelope and turn to Chelsea whose eyes grow wide and immediately fill with tears. She knows exactly what’s happening now, though she’s not slow at all and probably had a feeling that I was about to propose with all the flower pedals everywhere and the collage spread out on the floor downstairs.

“Chelsea,” I start, and her hands fly to her mouth, covering it as she begins to cry with joyful tears. “I haven’t even said anything yet,” I tease and she laughs, sniffles and then smiles at me to continue. “Chelsea, there has never been anyone in my life I have loved as much as I love you. What we have is beautiful. We have always loved each other and I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” I take her shaking hand in mine and then ask her, “Will you marry me?”

“YES!” she squeals and then I slip the ring on her finger; she barely even looks at it before throwing her arms around my neck and planting her mouth on mine. “Oh my God, I love you,” she says.

“I love you, too,” I tell her.

“I mean, I knew this was coming one day, but, oh my God, my hearts beating so fast,” she says, struggling to take deep breathes to calm herself.

“As soon as you’re calm enough, I have a plan for Angel,” I tell her and she stops to search my eyes.

“What was in the other note?” she asks.

I take out the ring in my back pocket. “Grandma’s ring,” I tell her. “For Angel,” I add.

“Oh, wow,” she whispers in awe.

“Mom was saving it for Angel,” I say quietly so Angel can’t hear.

“You want to propose to her together?” she asks.

I nod. “That’s exactly what I was thinking,” I tell her. “Ready?” I ask her and she nods excitedly.

I put the ring back in my pocket and then Chelsea and I cross the top floor to Angel’s room to see her sitting and reading a letter that I assume is from Mom. She looks up with tears in her eyes that I can’t read just yet.

“I was about to leave until I saw this note from Mom,” she admits.

“What did she say?” I ask.

“She said to stay put and to wait for you,” she says. “I was feeling extremely jealous because I stood outside the door and listened to you propose to Chelsea. I know I said I was supportive, and I am, but I underestimated how much it would hurt to hear you propose to her,” she tells us. “And then just as I was about to pack a bag and leave, Burdur Escort Bayan a note was taped to the inside of my closet, right on one of my hangers,” she says. “She said that you had a special surprise for me, though.”

I grin at her and get down on one knee, just like I did with Chelsea, and then Chelsea sits next to her, taking Angel’s hand in hers. “Angel,” I begin, “you’re my baby sister and I have always loved you more than anyone in our family,” I say and then look at Chelsea. “Certain cousins excluded,” I say with a wink and Chelsea smiles back at me; Angel grins too. “Something at the cabin clicked with all of us, though, that made us realize how deep our love for each other really is. If it wasn’t for you awakening my love for you in the way you did, I don’t think I would have even realized my true love for even Chelsea. It was your actions that allowed for any of this to be a reality, Angel. You got us over our hang-ups with the taboo of our incredible relationship. Both Chelsea and I want you to be with us forever as an equal member. So,” I say and then Chelsea joins me on the floor, each of us on one knee, and I take the ring out of my back pocket and hold it out to her. “Will you marry us?” I ask her.

“Please?” Chelsea asks.

Angel’s mouth hangs open in shock as I slip the ring onto her finger. She stares at the sparkling diamond set at the top of the gold band.

“Yes,” she chokes out and Chelsea and I exchange a grin. “YES!” she shouts and then falls into our arms.

“I was going to ask you during the wedding and then have the officiate include you in the ceremony, but I didn’t want to risk losing you before that could happen,” I tell her when she finally releases us and then stares at her ring.

“That would have been so sweet and a huge surprise,” she says. “You ruined it!” she teases.

“I mean, I can take the ring back and do that still,” I say slightly sarcastic.

“Fuck that! This ring is mine!” she says. “It was Grandma’s, wasn’t it?” she asks.

I nod. “Yeah, you know the tradition with that ring, it gets passed down to a granddaughter,” I remind her and she nods, mesmerized by the shiny diamond.

“I remember,” she says. “What if I don’t get to have a daughter to pass this on to her daughter?”

“We’ll figure that out later, sis,” I tell her.

“Right, not important right now,” she says admiring the ring again. “Holy shit, we’re all engaged!” she cries out and then kisses each of us in turn. “We need to celebrate,” she says.

“I think that’s why Mom and Dad left for the night. Mom did say we need to be up early tomorrow, though,” I tell her. “I think I know why, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise if I’m right,” I tell them.

“Well, what I have in mind may take all night,” she says and then plants her mouth on mine again, this time with a good amount of tongue. Chelsea pushes her way in and takes over kissing Angel and then me, and then it turns into a three-way kiss, all three of our tongues licking and dancing together.

“Get on the bed,” I tell them both. “First, lose the leggings,” I command and they look at each other wide-eyed before following my orders. Once their bottom halves are completely bare, I point at the bed again and then they lay on their backs, side-by-side. I see a scarf hanging in Angel’s closet, so I cross the room and retrieve the thick, soft article of clothing and then use it to tie Chelsea’s left ankle to Angel’s right.

“There’s something else you can use in my drawer right there,” Angel says, pointing out her small, white nightstand as she and Chelsea scoot further up onto the bed.

I open the drawer and find two boas in there, a pink one and a purple one. “Perfect,” I say and then take the pink one, tie it around Angel’s other ankle and then tie the other end to her headboard. I do the same with Chelsea’s free ankle, fastening the other end to the footboard. Both girls’ pussies are now fully exposed, ready for me to do with them as I please. They aren’t paying much attention to what I’m doing anymore as they’re already in full make-out mode, their mouths sealed together in a deep kiss. I run the tip of my finger down Angel’s slick, glistening slit and then lick her juices from my skin. She gasps through her nose as the refuses to disengage from Chelsea’s mouth.

After savoring the tangy flavor of her secretion, I rub my finger back up and down her snatch until I finally slip it into her. I curl and extend my finger from between her folds and then use my other hand to begin working on Chelsea at the same time. Where Angel has a tanginess to her, Chelsea is so, so sweet. She’s like honey while Angel is citrus. I begin to rub their little nubs with my thumbs as I massage their insides with my middle and ring fingers buried as deep into them as I can get them. They help each other out of their respective sweaters and roam their hands over each other, playing and massaging each other’s perfect tits as they twist their top halves towards each other as much as they can.

“Oh, Escort Burdur fuck,” Angel suddenly gasps in a whisper. “Right there, David,” she says a little louder. “Don’t stop doing that,” she says as I seem to have found her G-spot deep inside her canal.

“Yes!” Chelsea chimes in with a high-pitched whine, her hips slowly bucking against my left hand. I can feel her trying to close her legs around my hand but with one leg bound to the footboard of the bed and the other struggling against Angel’s leg that is also fighting against hers, she’s unable to do much. The constricted movements seem to be pushing her orgasm further; the same can be said for Angel as I feel her pussy soak wetter than it’s ever been. Both girls roll away from each other, grinding against my hands working them over. Their upper halves thrash against the comforter atop Angel’s bed until Chelsea takes hold of Angel’s arm, digging her nails into her beautifully tanned skin. Angel’s eyes pop open at the pain of it, but her pussy begins to contract and quiver around my fingers, fluids gush, soaking my hand all the way to the wrist.

“Fuck, Chelsea!” she screams and I’m not sure if she’s telling me to fuck her or if she’s cursing her in ecstasy.

“Yes, fuck me!” Chelsea begs, looking me in the eye with a fierceness it’s almost frightening.

“Fuck her brains out, David,” Angel demands, so I oblige them and pull my fingers out of them both, strip my jeans off and then climb onto the bed. I wrap one arm around her waist and guide my cock to her pussy with the other. As soon as I press the tip into her steaming, soaking pussy, she begins to flood my cock with her juices; she was at the edge and needed me to push her over.

“FUUUUUUUCK!” she screams, cumming harder than I’ve ever seen her cum before. Her pussy clenched tightly, pushing the tip of my cock out of her.

Angel sits up and unties their ankles from each other and then releases her other ankle. “It’s your turn,” she says and then frees Chelsea’s ankle from the footboard before helping her to her feet. “You okay, babe?” she asks our cousin and Chelsea nods with a drunken smile. Her hair falls messily over her eyes as she looks at me psychotically. I think I’ve created a monster.

“To Mom and Dad’s bed,” Angel says and then opens her drawer to retrieve two sets of purple fuzzy handcuffs. “It’s payback,” she winks at me and then leads us across the second floor of the house still completely naked, her beautiful ass jiggling as she exits the room.

“Carry me,” Chelsea says and I move to hold her up under her arms with one arm and under her knees with the other but she shakes her head. “No, not like that,” she says and then looks down at my cock. “Impale me first,” she says and then lays back on the bed again, spreading her legs wide for me to enter her once again. I do as she asks and impale her pussy with my spear; her legs wrap around my waist and her arms around my neck. I roll us over so I’m on my back and then sit up with her clinging to me like a spider monkey. She grunts as she falls farther down on my cock, pressing her forehead against my shoulder until she regains herself.

“You okay?” I ask her and she nods with a lustful smile.

“So good,” she confirms.

“Good,” I say and then leave Angel’s room to join her in Mom and Dad’s room where she’s already brushed most of the rose pedals off the surface. Chelsea squeezes her pussy around my cock, milking it for my cum but it’s not going to give it to her that quickly.

“Uh uh,” Angel scolds. “Put her down and get on the bed,” she commands.

Chelsea kisses me and then I squat down until her feet are on the floor and then I pull out of her, my cock suddenly very cold due to the fresh air cooling her natural lube soaking my rod. I lie in the center of the bed with my head on the pillows like Angel instructs and then she cuffs me to the posts at the headboard while Chelsea ties the boas around my ankles and then to the posts at the footboard. When the girls join me on the bed, they draw the see-through, blue curtains around the three exposed sides of the bed in mock sense of privacy. Not that it’s necessary, but something about them being drawn shut like this enhances the moment, almost as if we’re blocking out the rest of the world and keeping ourselves secluded from judgmental eyes.

Both girls lie on either side of me, lightly dragging their nails up and down my torso from my belly button to my pecks. They don’t go any further down since the tip of my cock nearly reaches my belly button. The girls take turns kissing me and each other until Chelsea begins to kiss down my body, taking her time as she licks, sucks and flicks my nipples in turn with her tongue. I’ve never been much of a fan of my nipples being played with, but I’m not complaining about Chelsea doing it. I’m pretty sure she can do anything but peg me and get away with it, though; same with Angel, in fact. These two beauties have all of me, body and soul.

Angel begins to make out with me, slowly rubbing her body against my right side. I can feel her wet pussy rubbing against my hip bone and her full tits mashing against my side, right around my shoulder and armpit. I flinch as Chelsea begins to tongue my bellybutton. Curious, Angel looks down to see what Chelsea’s doing.

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