The Cheerleader

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I sat next to her every day in my home room class, Kayla, a total fleshpot, on the varsity cheerleading squad. She had blonde hair, green eyes, a hot slender, tan body, a belly ring, and her tongue was pierced. My friend told me once, “If you ever get a blow job from some chic, hope she has her tongue pierced, because bjs feel much better with a cool stud against your cock.”

Now, some people might think that she was a slut, because of her pierced body parts. But I had it from a “good source” (gossip) that she was a virgin. One day in home room, I dropped my pencil. Kayla bent over and picked it up for me. She was wearing a black low-cut spaghetti-strap shirt, and I had a damn fine view of her tits, nipples, and blue silk bra. Well, as soon as I saw that, Mr. Happy stood right up. After class, she came up to me and said “I noticed you looking down my shirt in class. Did you like what you saw?” Then she winked at me and walked off. The Homecoming game was coming up, and we were playing the Bodaggit Boxers. Now what school has a gay mascot like a boxer dog?

We were the Bulldogs, and I thought we’d kick butt, especially with our cheerleaders! 😕 The night of the game, I was sitting in the bleachers when Kayla walked over to me. She was wearing her cheerleading outfit–a tight, short skirt that showed off her fine ass, long legs, a tight t-shirt that had Bulldogs written across her boobs, and white Nike pumps. I could see her nipples poking Anadolu Yakası Escort through her t-shirt and felt myself getting a hard-on. “Do you think you could give me a ride home after the game?” She asked me. I said “Sure.” And as she walked off, she lifted her skirt up a little, revealing her red g-string panties. The “slut” rumor came to my mind briefly, but I pushed it aside. After the game, (oh, by the way, we won)we walked out to the parking lot.

She climbed into my “Shaggin Wagon,” a black 1969 Ford Bubble Van. It is pretty cool inside. There are bucket seats in the front, and a mattress in the back. 😉 It also has a 9″ color tv. I started driving towards her house, but she said “Don’t take me home yet.” So I started up the mountain towards “Lover’s Landing.” I parked under some trees and turned the engine off. “Ever since you looked down my shirt, I wanted to show you more of it.” Kayla said as she came over and sat in my lap-which was hard because the steering wheel was in the way. “Am I dreaming?”

I thought to myself. She started kissing me, and our tongues intertwined. Still kissing, I carried her back to the “Shaggin Wagon Mattress.” I laid her down on it, untied her shoes, and slid her socks off. I began licking her leg along the ankle and then up her leg under her skirt to the inside of her thigh. She moaned softly as my tongue grazed over her panties. I nibbled along the waistband of her red g-string, Pendik Escort then pulled them down with my teeth, and slid them down her legs and off. She unbuttoned my shirt and ran her fingernails softly down my chest. I took her t-shirt off and started sucking her nipples thru her green bra. She grabbed my cock thru my jeans, then unzipped them and took them off. She slid my plaid boxers down and began to lick around my balls.

She licked up and down my shaft and then my scrotum. She licked the tip of my dick, and then took a little of it into her mouth, then a little more, and before I knew it, she was deep-throating me! Damn, I thought, this feels better than I ever imagined. My friend was right about the pierced tongue thing! She started massaging my balls with her hands and sucking faster. I felt my orgasm start down deep in my toes, then come clear up and I came and came in her mouth. I thought she would choke on all that cum! But she swallowed it all, and when she pulled away, a strand of cum hung from the tip of my cock to her bottom lip. I nearly came again when I saw that.

I unhooked her bra and slid the straps over her shoulders. Her breasts swung free, and I started sucking her succulent nipples. Then I licked down her body around her navel, and finally slid her skirt off. Her tender cherry was shaved, and it was glistening and dripping. I licked her cunt-lips and nibbled on her clit with my lips over my teeth. Kurtköy Escort Then I stuck my tongue in her twat and tasted her delicious nectar as she screamed with pleasure. I replaced my tongue with my dick, and started sliding it in her love box. It was tight, hot, and wet. I fucked her slowly at first, then harder, harder, till she moaned as her orgasm hit. I couldn’t hold mine after she came and I felt my sperm shoot deep inside her cunt, and she moaned as she felt it. After we got dressed, I asked her where she learned to give blowjobs like that. She told me she had just recently talked to her cousin, who was a hooker.

She said she vividly described how to do everything. She told me when she saw me looking down her shirt, she knew she had to try out what she’d learned. I started kissing her again, squeezing her breast, sliding my tongue into her mouth, and before long, we were naked again. I decided to try anal. I asked her if she wanted to and she said sure. So I grabbed her around the waist and sat her down on my rod. “My cousin also taught me how to do this!” Kayla said kinkily as she squeezed her ass muscles tightly around my cock. Oh, that felt awesome. I fucked her doggy style till she moaned, then I fucked her harder and came in her “poop shoot” as Biologists would call it.

Amazingly, I had no shit on my cock when I pulled it out. I guess we must have fallen asleep after that, because I woke up and she was lying next to me. She was awake so we fucked some more then we went to sleep again. In the morning, we 69ed, fucked one more time, and I took her home. Damn, I’ll never forget that night, when I banged Kayla, the hot ‘virgin’ cheerleader, in the back of my “Shaggin Wagon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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