The Chronicles of Lars Ch. 02

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The Chronicles of Lars Ch. 02

Earning my Wings


I scored my flight attendant wings in the Fall of 2009 and I’ve been flying high (figuratively speaking) ever since. When I’m up in the air, I am the consummate professional and I’m proud to represent my airline’s culture and family. I’ve seen some crew members act like they’re a Tinder or Grindr app come to life and trying to hook up with passengers and other crew members, something strictly frowned upon when working. Not me, but once I’m on the ground, well, that’s a different story altogether.

This story is about the night I finally earned my wings after a long two months of flight attendant school. Our class graduated and me and a couple of gay classmates (Mac and Henry) decided we were going to head out downtown and hit some bars to celebrate. I was pretty tired after the grueling course and honestly, I was more interested in getting some sleep rather than partying but my classmates persuaded me to come hang out.

That night we decided to pre-party in Mac’s hotel room since the airline had put us up in hotels for the duration of the training and this was our last night. I had picked up a couple of bottles of champagne that I had chilled and then I went to his room and knocked on the door. I could hear the music coming from his room before he even answered the door. When he opened the door, Mac was dressed casually in faded jeans and t-shirt and was barefoot like he wasn’t even remotely ready to go out.

“Hey Lars! C’mon in!” he said opening the door wide as I stepped through.

He shut the door and immediately gave me a hug.

“We did it buddy,” he said as he squeezed me tight.

“Yeah we did,” I replied as I reciprocated.

Mac was about five inches shorter than me and when he pressed his pelvis against my thigh, I could feel a slight lump in his pants.

We broke the brief embrace as he took the champagne from my hand and went to put them into the small fridge in the room. I admired his denim-covered butt as he bent down to put one of the bottles away. I had always thought Mac was attractive. He was fairly short and stout, but strong, and I remembered he had told me he’d wrestled in high school where he came from back in Oklahoma.

Although we were both gay, neither of us had ever made a pass at the other. I know I had wanted to always stay professional and keep my personal life separate while going through our training. Now I was just relieved that it was over and I could finally start flying for real.

Mac took the foil off the other bottle of champagne and then the wire cage from around the cork. He purposely let the cork fly off the bottle and it hit the ceiling as the champagne flowed out of the neck onto the carpeted floor.

“Oh yeah, feels so good,” he said as he quickly put his mouth over the opening of the bottle before more bubbly could come out. He held his mouth there for a few seconds more before pulling it from his mouth.

“Looks like you’ve done that before,” I responded with a laugh.

“Yeah, I hate to see any go to waste,” he said, wiping his lips with the back of his hand.

“I know the feeling.”

“So Henry’s not going to make it tonight. His boyfriend surprised him and flew in for graduation so I’m sure they’re celebrating by getting naked or something,” Mac said matter-of-factly as he Ataşehir Escort poured the champagne into a couple of glasses that were in the room.

“Must be nice.”

“Which part,” he asked. “Having a boyfriend or the getting naked part?”

“Yes!” I replied.

Mac handed me a glass and we clinked glasses.

“Cheers!,” he said.


We both took a sip from our glasses.

“Mmm, very tasty,” he announced.

As I took another sip Mac spoke up again.

“So what about you?”

“What about me what?” I asked.

“You seeing anyone?”

“Naw,” I said. “I’m not the kind to be tied down to one guy…unless it involves handcuffs or silk ties anyway,” I added with a smirk.

“Ooh, a like guys that are into kinky things,” he said as he looked me straight in the eye. I felt my dick stir slightly when he said that.

He moved closer to me.

“So what else are you into?” he asked in a seductive tone as he touched me lightly on my arm.

His words and his touch and sent a searing bolt of electricity through my body as I stood there speechless.

“Do you like it when a man kisses you?” he asked in a sultry voice as he moved even closer and put his lips against mine.

He kissed me softly for a moment then stepped back, his hand still touching my arm.

“Uh huh,” I responded, almost mesmerized.

He dropped his hand and started rubbing his tool through the fabric of his jeans. I looked down and could clearly see the prominent outline of his cock head, a growing wet spot where it pressed against the denim, as he continued to run his fingers along his swollen shaft.

“How about this? Do you like it when a man rubs his cock for you?” he said as he continued to finger his hard prick through his pants.

“Mm hmm,” I heard myself say not taking my eyes off of him.

I sank to my knees and set my glass on a coffee table and leaned in towards his crotch. As my face neared his bulge, I could feel the heat emanating through his jeans and I could smell his manliness. I reached around and put my hand on his butt and pulled towards me as my cheek nestled against the wet spot where his pre-cum was leaking.

I instinctively mouthed the wet fabric, tasting his sweet nectar that pushed through his jeans. I ran my tongue on the spot, making it wetter as I felt his cock pulse as it strained for release. I gently nibbled at the head, teasing him as he held me tight against his warm crotch, his hips gyrating now as he dry-humped my face. My hand reached up under his shirt and I was pleased to find that he was wearing button-fly jeans as I quickly unsnapped the buttons.

Mac wasn’t wearing any underwear and as he pushed the jeans down off his hips, his cock sprung free and I got my first look at his penis. For being a relatively small guy, his cock fit him just right. It wasn’t a monster by any stretch, maybe six inches with the width perfectly proportionate to the length with pulsing veins encircling the shaft.

The size of his glans was amazing. It was easily largest I’d ever seen, with his flared purple helmet and enormous piss slit oozing precum. It looked aerodynamic, like it was built for speed, and I couldn’t wait to put it in my mouth.

I reached out and wrapped my fist around his cock and leaned in and ran my tongue underneath the enormous crown Kadıköy Escort and through the slit gathering a glob of his precum on my tip. There was so much, a stringy pearl of it stretched from his glans to my tongue tip then broke as I backed away to savor the clear thick droplets. I licked the slit a few more times to get all I could before taking his cock deep into my mouth.

“Shit that feels good,” he moaned as he started sliding his shaft in and out of my mouth.

My hands cupped his hard ass cheeks and I pulled him into me until I felt his pubes against my nose. He got the hint as he started fucking my face with force.

“Oh you like it rough eh,” he snorted as he slammed the length of his veined meat to the back of my throat.

As he rocketed his cock in and out of my mouth, globs of my saliva began to spill from the corners each time he thrusted in. I was grunting in cadence with his movement as his big head slid off the back of my tongue. My eyes were tearing up from the powerful piston-like jabs of his tool in and out of my gullet but they were tears of sheer joy. I know he was enjoying it too by his moaning and I hoped he was close to cumming because I wanted to taste the whole creamy enchilada. I didn’t have to wait much longer.

I thought he would just shoot his load down my throat but he clearly had other ideas and I’m glad he did. After a few more plunges into my throat, he suddenly pulled his cock out and grabbed it, pumping it a few times before he groaned loudly and laid the first thick rail of his hot semen on the side of my face. My mouth was open and my tongue instinctively extended in hopes of catching the next shots of his man yogurt.

Each time he pumped his engorged prick and grunted, another rail of jizz shot out of his cock head, the majority landing squarely in my eager mouth. I swallowed his sweet load quickly as he climaxed for what seemed like minutes. As his orgasm subsided, sticky strings of his mucous connected him to my tongue as I took the head back in my mouth to get the last of his frothy treat. I kissed and cleaned his heat-seeking missile until it was nice and polished for its next mission. I finally let his softening pick fall from my mouth as Mac sunk to his knees and moved in to kiss me.

He met my slick lips with his own and his tongue penetrated my mouth to explore and take in the remnants of his cum-shot. We stayed like that for a few minutes, our tongues intertwined as we shared the taste of his nectar. Then he abruptly broke off the kiss and stood, pulling me up with him as he guided me towards the bed without saying a word.

We both quickly stripped off whatever clothes we had on, lay down on his bed and Mac immediately went for my cock and took it in his mouth. I was hard as a rock as he bobbed up and down on my knob, his slobber dripping down over my balls and bathing my scrotum beneath. As he sucked my dick, I felt his finger slide down between my ass cheeks as I spread my legs wider to give him access. He teased my anal opening, rubbing his spit around the hole to make it nice and greasy before inserting his index finger all the way in.

My sphincter was wet and welcoming as he slid his finger in up to the third knuckle and started simultaneously finger fucking me as he huffed on my dong. I felt him stretch me wider as his middle finger Bostancı Escort joined the other has he rammed his fingers into my prostrate. Mac was sucking on my balls as he pumped my cock and rammed his fingers in and out of my hot hole.

“Fuck me Mac,” I gasped. “I want to feel you inside me.”

He pulled his greasy digits from my ass and it was soon replaced with his tongue as he started rimming me. I felt the tip dart in and around my hole and I could feel his warm saliva dripping deeper inside my tunnel.

Finally, he pushed my knees back toward my chest and knelt between my spread legs. Looking at me, he let a big glob of his spit fall onto his head as he stroked his cock to another full erection. He leaned in and I felt his big helmet poised against by rosebud momentarily before he pushed all the way inside me.

I inhaled deeply as he slid the length of his man meat all the way with that marvelous helmet hitting my prostate.

“Oh yeah, that feels good,” I murmured as he started slowly sliding his veined rod in and out of my hole.

Mac picked up the pace and started drilling my ass just like he had fucked my face…with ferocity. I love rough sex from a good top and he was pumping my hole like there was no tomorrow.

“C’mon Mac, give it to me!” I implored as I rolled my hips so the backs of my calves were resting on his shoulders.

He continued pounding me and I felt every inch of him as he slammed into me. After a dozen or so deep strokes, I lost it and started cumming. The first spurts out of my dick hit me in the mouth and chin as he continued riding me. The rest spilled over my pecs and nipples as the spunk started to drip from my face.

Mac slowed his pace then I felt him pull his raging hard-on from my ass momentarily. He again grunted loudly as he pointed his cock head at my gaping hole and he started shooting his load onto my ass. I felt the warm fluid coat my hole and then he pressed his cock back into me and started fucking me again. His cum lubricated my chute as he bore into me relentlessly with his still-hard shaft.

This went on for another few minutes without him slowing down until he finally cried out again and shot yet more streams of his thick cum into my hungry bottom. Finally, he slipped out of my satisfied hole and collapsed next to me drenched in sweat as his seed slowly vacated my ass.

I felt freshly and fully fucked by Mac. He had some impressive stamina and I hadn’t been taken like that since the year before when I was traveling through Spain and got tag-teamed by a couple of hung bulls in Barcelona.

As Mac caught his breath, I rolled off the bed and started gathering up my clothes. Neither of us said a word as I headed to use the bathroom and get dressed.

When I came out, he was still lying in bed so I went over and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Thank you,” I said softly as I turned and headed towards the door.

Nothing else really needed to be said as I walked out of his room and softly pulled the door shut behind me. I smiled to myself as I walked gingerly down the hallway to my room thinking about how I would rate him. Mac had rocked my world for the last couple of hours and was damn good at it.

I would definitely let him do me again if the opportunity was there and as a rule, you had to be in my 80th percentile club (4-stars and greater) to earn another shot at the prize. Anything less, you need not come a knockin’!


The End

Thank you reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it. So where are some of your favorite travel places? I always look forward to your input, comments and ratings. Please stay safe!

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