The Clan Pt. 03

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… She began to tug and squeeze at the root of him, generating a rich foamy lather in the process. His phallus expanded, filling her hands quickly, reaching out and upwards to nearly three times its flaccid length in less than a minute. It was the change in girth that impressed her, however, more so than the length. She mused briefly what it would be like to be held down under such a man, with so much to work with.

The Clan, Part 3

The Examination

Nicholas and Sofie had just made plans for an afternoon hiatus to the Mennonite Market in St Jacobs when the phone rang. It was Zara advising she was enroute and close. She wanted Nicholas to pack a small bag. She was about to sweep him off to the harbourfront condo for a get to ‘know you’ early weekend.

“I have to work in the morning Zara,” Nick said trying carefully to extricate himself.

“Call your work and resign, consort, you’re a man of leisure now. Your job is to keep me pregnant and rub my feet. I’ll see you in half an hour. Bye!” with that she was gone.

“I could run away I guess,” he said putting the phone down, “but they would put a tracer on me instantly and you would be under immediate suspicion. Did you formally request to keep me on with you once you retire?”

“Yes. I discussed it with Mater and the Matriarch only last weekend when you were sailing on Lake Huron.” She said, “Mater was thrilled, Grandmater not so much. Apparently, there was a prior claim. I guess we know who, right?” she was clearly upset.

“Its okay my Love, we’ve got this. We’ll just have to step things up a little.” he said pulling her into his arms and embracing her gently.

“Yes.” She said then buried her face into his chest wiping away the tears that escaped her.

“We need to start moving our savings out of the clan banks. Can you make some subtle enquiries about how to do that Sofie?” he asked. “Maybe we should start withdrawing cash just below our daily limits right away. Stockpile a few grand for expenses.”

“Yes, that’s good Nick.” She said feeling a little more empowered.

He gave her his debit card. “Take nine hundred a day from checking. Maybe break it up into smaller amounts from different bank machines if that makes a difference. My PIN is the day and month of my birthday.”

“That’s a little obvious isn’t it?”

“Not exactly. The numbers are in reverse order. Remember that.”

“Got it.” she said, “Try not to enjoy yourself too much this weekend- you big slut!” she had regained her composure now that they were setting their escape plan in motion.

They both chuckled over that remark and set about packing some clothes to get him through to Saturday.

The ride into the city was quick. The limousine Zara arrived in was quite luxurious inside. She had the opaque driver’s barrier raised within a few minutes of there getting under way and then very coyly informed Nicholas, while opening a bottle of red wine, that she had conveniently left her panties at home.

They engaged in some light play on the ride into the city. Nicholas opened her pussy carefully with his oral skills and then Zara straddled him, skirt hiked above her waist, as he sat on the comfortable leather seat. By the time they had to stop and composed themselves for arrival, Zara had her first orgasm on Nicks cock.

Within ten minutes of their arrival at Zara’s harbourfront condominium he had met Dr. Camelia Aiyana who was introduced as the Juno family physician. Their discussion was very brief, after which he was directed to undress in a small change room adjacent to a large walk in open shower similar to what you’d find in a men’s locker room at a public gym. He was then instructed to shower under the close supervision of a very cheerful little blonde nurse named Amber, gowned in medical scrubs. He could feel her studying him carefully as he conducted his ablutions.

Amber was impressed with his physique. Like most men of the clan he was well endowed, tall, and well-muscled, but it was his demeanour- friendly, confidence meets accommodating and docile, that impressed her. She’d participated in many detailed physical examinations of men in the recent past as part of Dr. Camelia Aiyana’s genome survey of the clan. This one was of particular interest to the doctor and she could immediately see a lot of characteristics that would justify that.

“Shut of the water please Nicholas,” she said, “and come over here.”

Nicholas complied, standing patiently while Amber squeezed a generous amount of PhisoHex germicidal liquid soap into the palm of her latex gloved hand. “Just relax now. This will be over in a minute.” she announced, “Doctors orders- I just want to make sure that we are all clean down here.”

She began to tug and squeeze at the root of him, generating a rich foamy lather in the process. His phallus expanded, filling her hands quickly, reaching out and upwards to nearly three times its flaccid length in less than a minute. It was the change in girth that impressed canlı bahis şirketleri her, however, more so than the length. She mused briefly what it would be like to be held down under such a man, with so much to work with.

“Let me know if this is too much. Don’t cum before the doctor sees you Nicholas.” She said, shifting her attention from his penis to his scrotum which had neatly retracted, raising his testes closer to his body. She worked the back of his package, scratching him lightly with her long nails through the latex gloves. “Has it been a while since you had an orgasm?”

“Twice in the last twenty-four hours. Not for several days before that.” he replied.

“Okay let’s keep that our little secret. Lady Zara will not want to hear that. You’re to be her private stock from now on.” She cautioned him, “Best to lie and deny. No sex in the last week. Got it?”

“Yes, Nurse Amber.” he responded. Well that confirms Zara’s intent. He might be on a fast track to leaving the province and travelling to the zone of the interior. He had to get back to Sofie so they could begin their egress.

Folding back his foreskin, she held the base of his shaft, squeezing gently to engorge him further with one hand, and lightly pumped the shaft twisting slightly at the top with the other, cleaning his frenum and the reveal of his glans. Nick’s knees buckled a couple of times at the intensity of her stimulation as he became more sensitive her attention. She stopped suddenly and flicked the tip of his penis cruelly, shocking him out of his arousal.

“Holy fuck that’s a nice dick you have there Nicholas Connor. I would love to see that shooting spunk up close. Do me a favour during your exam will you? Tell Doctor Cam that you need some help giving the sample- she’ll get me to give you a hand job. Would you like that?” she asked. She could see his phallus again begin to swell. Apparently, he did. “I’m thinking that’s a yes.” she smirked.

“Okay, sexy man, turn around. Let’s get that butt. Did you douche inside your rectum as per Dr. Cam’s instructions? She asked.

“Yes, all good Nurse Amber.” He replied.

“Just Amber is good with me, Nick.” She felt bad about the way her penis strike caused him to flinch and wanted him to relax. A lot of men were touchy about their anus being poked. He needed to be calm for the procedure. Apparently not Nicholas. He leaned forward, placing both hands against the wall providing unfettered access.

Amber raised an eyebrow. That was a first. Clearly not his first time however. Within less than a minute she’d washed him thoroughly and completely, noting an absence of any hair. “Do you shave your anal beard Nicholas?” she asked.

“Matron Severina prefers that it be clean for prostate milking.” He answered.

“Oh my, so your familiar with the procedure then. Great. That will make it a lot easier and probably quicker too. You should consider having it lasered. Best to keep a sharp blade away from there. Very delicate skin and easily nicked. Go ahead and rinse off. I’ll get you a towel.” She said with a friendly slap on his backside.

Disappearing, she soon returned with a large towel sealed inside a plastic bag. She opened it and handed it to him once he’d rinsed off. “Do you want a gown Nick?” she asked.

He thought about it briefly and then answered, “In the position I’ll be in, it probably won’t help.” He answered.

“I can give you two. You can put the second one on backwards. At least your buns will be covered, as you walk into the exam room.” She coyly replied.

“I’m good Amber thanks anyway.” He said putting on the paper slippers she’d brought.

A moment later they were walking into Dr. Camelia’s examination room. She doctor studied him briefly noting that his member was quite obviously semi erect. Amber was being too playful with him, she thought. Minx. She looked Nicholas up and down once again before asking, “Did you not offer Nicholas a gown Amber?” she asked, taking in his striking physique and his unabashed nakedness. She had secretly wondered for a very long time what this man looked like naked.

“Yes of course Doctor, but he declined.” She replied

“Okay, go ahead and have the lab prep twenty O-two-five cryo-straws. Then come back here with a large diameter sample cup with heparin.”

“Did you say ‘twenty’ Doctor?” asked Amber, taken aback. The usual number was three for quality testing. What would the other seventeen be for, she wondered? To fill twenty straws, Nick would need to ejaculate more than five millilitres of semen- close to twice what most men were capable of. This should be interesting

“Yes, have the lab tech prep the freezer for a slow program and use a glycerol cryoprotectant.” She replied. Camelia had read his chart in detail in preparation for the examination and decided that she would collect and store as much of his semen as possible over the next couple of days. There was a significant fortune to be made using his semen in canlı kaçak iddaa her own fertility practice, impregnating discriminating, and wealthy patients. No one need ever know…

“Nick, please have a seat on the table if you would.” she said directing him to the padded examination table in the centre of the room.

He sat down as the two began making small talk. Placing a blood pressure cuff on his arm she let him know that they had met before as children and that she remembered him. “My big sister had a huge crush on you in middle school Nicholas Connor. Do you remember her? Andrea Aiyana?” she asked.

“Yes, I do! Andy is your sister? Oh my god- amazing!” Nick was blown away. He studied her for a moment before making the connection, “I remember you now. We caught you spying on us when we were in the basement of your parent’s house. I was trying to steal a kiss.” He remembered smiling, “Where is she now?” Nick asked, remembering his first crush in a wave of sentimental fondness.”

“She works in a family business, PharmaChem. Vice president of marketing. Living the dream. Two daughters and a little boy.” came the reply.

“And a partner?” asked Nicholas,” Was she finally able to find a man who could measure up to your mater’s expectations?”

Camelia laughed out loud, “No. Mater has impossible standards.’ She paused, listening to his heart and lungs through his back before continuing, “Andrea has affairs now and then, but her children don’t have any permanent male influence in their lives I’m afraid, except for pater of course. They were all conceived using men like you as donors.”

“Of course.” How sad thought Nick. “I always enjoyed spending time around your pater. How is he?”

“He’s absolutely fine. Hasn’t worked in almost a decade. He just spends time in the garden and with his grandchildren. Its certainly a man’s world!” she mused.

As Camelia finished her physical exam in idle chat with him, it occurred to her that Andrea and he would most probably have been a good match. He was definitely of a type she favoured. He was both a physical archetype and seemed very Zen. Ideal for Andy who was very strong willed and all about appearance. Sad that mater was so intent on allowing only a patrician consort for her daughters.

Amber had returned to the examination room with a tray of instruments and the sampling cup as requested. She had diverted briefly to the change room and placed a handwritten note in his pants front pocket before returning to the examination room.

Nicholas had been moved up on to the table now on all fours. She was greeted with a thrilling view of his toned buttocks and his lengthy phallus hanging generously below. His scrotum was fully retracted, his testes neatly perched on either side of his thick shaft. In this position his perineum was fully on display, revealing the muscular base that anchored his cock firmly at the bottom of his muscular torso.

Camila, now gloved, examined his genitals for any physiological anomalies. The only anomaly she thought, was that he was damn near perfect.

“All right Nick, there are a few things we need to do. First, I need to observe how your penis behaves during orgasm. I’m looking for the strength of your orgasm, number of spurts, total volume, etc. Then I want to measure how much residual seminal fluid your prostate retains post orgasm. Finally, I want to try and measure the amount of time your penis relaxes before you can experience tumescence again- your refractory period. Or in other words I want to see how long after you have an orgasm, must you wait before achieving an erection again.

“Do you have any questions before we begin?” she asked.

“No Doctor, I’m good.” was the reply.

“All right let’s begin. Amber can you please tare the scale for the container and then break the seal. Then just place the cup directly below his penis.” said Camila.

Amber did as asked keeping an interested eye on the doctor as she lubricated her glove slightly with glycerol, then began stroking Nick’s cock in a gentle pulling and squeezing motion, similar to how one milked a cow. He responded immediately, lowering his head and shoulders to the examination table and began to relax in what was a variation of a ‘downward dog’ pose.

He’d done this many times in Sofie’s exam room and was comfortable with the process. Camilla’s technique was different but no less pleasant. He closed his eyes and allowed his mind to enter the world of a favourite fantasy where he was pleasuring a woman orally while another played with his penis and prostate at the same time.

Within a couple of minutes, he was visibly hard, and his engorged glans was showing a dark purplish red. Amber had located the cup on the table beneath the tip of his penis that seemed now only inches above it.

“Are you enjoying this Nicholas?” asked Camila rhetorically.

“Yes Doctor.”

“Is there something I can do to make you have an orgasm more quickly?” She asked.

Nicks canlı kaçak bahis eyes were closed, “Matron does a prostate massage that feels so good” he volunteered.

“Oh really? I was going to come to that but wanted to do it separately. I suppose it doesn’t matter. Amber can you take over for me please.”

‘Thank God yes!’ immediately went through her mind. She was there in a shot pulling and squeezing, twisting, and tugging his length with a much more exciting approach. The strength of Nick’s erection could now be measured on the Brinell hardness scale.

Camila separating his cheeks slightly, applied some warmed lube on her index and middle finger before sliding them into his anus in search of his prostate. He offered no resistance, instead arching his back guiding her closer to what she was looking for. She began rubbing both sides of his walnut sized prostate gently, in a ‘come hither’ motion. It was not long before Nicholas was lost in the build-up to a huge orgasm.

“Oh yesss Dr. Camelia, that feels sooo good…” Nick was drifting into ecstasy as the two skilled women continued to stimulate him relentlessly.

Zara, who had been watching the entire exam from a hidden camera that offered an oblique view from above, on her laptop while sipping wine in the living room, was flushed with excitement in anticipation of what was about to happen.

Amber, sensing a build-up of sexual pressure tightened her grip slightly on the base of his penis, holding back the flood, building the pressure and energy of his release. At the same time, she both shortened her stroke and increased the frequency, adding a slight twist, focusing on where his glans joined the girth of his phallus.

Nicholas tried to hold back, making the moment last, for as long as he could but between the prostate massage and the incredible hand work by Amber, he simply lost it. “Ohhhh mmm yesss. AHHHH!” he moaned, his voice rising.

Amber, eyes intent on his now twitching phallus as it tried to come up for air, released her grip on the base and slowed down her stroke rate by half, having seen the tell-tale signs of a thick precum begin to show. She switched again to stroking the entire length of his shaft as Nick erupted into orgasm with five discreet spurts of ejaculate perfectly into the cup. Camelia had withdrawn temporarily as Amber milked the last few drops from his now softening shaft.

“You have quite a talent for this work Amber.” said Camila with a smile. “Record the sample weight and then replace the cup while I start milking his prostate.”

Amber obliged and stood back leaning on the bench watching as Doctor Aiyana milked his prostate. His penis never quite reached what would properly be judged as flaccid during the procedure. Cam skilfully stroked and pressed another couple of millilitres of seminal fluid out of his prostate. It appeared milky white, dribbling out the end of his penis, adding to the semen that was already collected. The whole process took less than ten minutes to complete.

Truth be told, she wasn’t particularly interested in how much additional fluid he had after ejaculating as she was in getting the maximum amount of nutrient rich diluent for his sperm. He had been measured consistently producing an impressive eighty million sperm per millilitre of ejaculate. Far above the average for a healthy male. The procedure had extracted nearly seven millilitres of semen from Nicholas. Cam did the arithmetic- that’s more than 35 artificial insemination doses, once the cryoprotectant was blended in.

She decided to give him twenty-four hours to recover before any follow up sampling. She also needed to make sure the lab technician could properly process that many samples and safely cool them down for storage at the desired temperature of -196 degrees Celsius.

Camelia placed the screw cap on the cup handing it to Amber. “To the lab please. And help the technician prep an additional twenty straws.”

It looked from Amber’s perspective that Dr. Camelia was planning on keeping his sperm. Just exactly why, she hadn’t quite figured out yet.

When she returned from the errand to the lab, Cam was cleaning up a few things. She looked around wondering what had happened to Nicholas. “Where’s Nick?” she asked.

“Having a shower and getting ready for dinner with Lady Zara I would expect. “Nice work teasing the semen out of him today Amber. We’ll try to get some more tomorrow. See you at two o’clock. You can come in early and prep the lab if you want.” she offered, then, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” She left, heading for the lab to supervise the freezing of Nick’s sperm, no doubt.

On the hour-long drive home, she mused about Nicholas and what it would be like to introduce him to her friends, Danny and Kendra Craig. No doubt the tall domineering south Asian beauty would love to get her hooks into Nick. Oh my, she thought, what a contest that would be!

As Nicholas showered, he also wondered what the true purpose behind the exam was. It was nothing that he hadn’t been through several times in the past with different doctors. There must be a considerable file on him by now that all the doctors doubtless had access to. Perhaps Zara just wanted her family doctor’s opinion.

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