The Coffee Shop

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I look up as I hear the door to my coffee shop open…

“Sorry, we’re about to…”

“Don’t worry I’ll just….” you begin to say

“…oh…it’s Claire isn’t it?” I continue, “Don’t worry, you’re a regular, what would you like”

“Latte please, if it’s not too much trouble”

“Not at all, though I’ll have to clean up around you. Take a seat and I’ll bring it over when it’s ready”

As the coffee brews you take your seat, I continue to wipe down the counter, sneaking a peek at you as you stare out of the window at the shoppers and workers making their way home on this late summer evening. Admiring the way your long, blonde hair tumbles over your shoulders, the shape of your legs as they stretch out in front of you…I am woken from my reverie by the beeping of the coffee machine, shake my head and whip up the latte, carrying it over to your table with a smile.

“I’m going to have to lock the door” I say, “can’t be here all night with other people coming in”

“Sure” you reply “whatever you have to do”

I turn the lock, and then go about my business wiping down tables as you drink. All are done but yours so I finally come over,

“All done?” I enquire.

“Yes, lovely thanks” you answer, staring straight at me with your searing blue eyes.

“Fuck it” I think “why not?”, and I lean forwards kissing you full on the lips, I feel you start with a little jump, so break off and step back.

“Sorry…” I stammer out.

You rise, “don’t be” you say, smile, and close the gap between us, going straight for my lips and throwing your arms around my back.

I feel your nipples hardening beneath your t-shirt as my canlı bahis şirketleri cock begins to stiffen in my trousers fuelled by the intensity of our kiss. My hands caressing your back as your lips open and your tongue searches for mine and I respond, flicking my tongue against yours. Now my hands search for skin, feeling the heat of your back as they find the gap between t-shirt and jeans and I pull you even closer in to me, our bodies crushed together. In the sheer lust of the moment my hands quickly move up and find the clasp of your bra strap, fingers moving deftly to undo it, before continuing their journey and pulling your t-shirt off over your head. The kiss is broken for only a second, as your lips emerge again I find them with mine and as the shirt comes free your drop your arms, shaking your shoulders slightly to move the bra strap to that it too falls to the floor. Now I feel your hands and as one works at my belt buckle the other reaches inside feeling for my cock, finding it, grasping it, then releasing it as the buckle comes free. Both hands now move swiftly, smoothly, pulling at the belt, the button, the zip, then around to my ass pulling trousers and boxers down. I slip off my shoes with my feet then use my toes to get my socks down and off as you work. When my trousers and pants fall I step from them as your hands grab my already fully erect cock and wank it hard. Now I work at your belt, your zip, and return the favour slipping your jeans and pants down to your thighs, as you step back from me to remove your boots and slip them off I see for the first time your luscious breasts, nipples rock hard and erect, but only for a second as your canlı kaçak iddaa hair hides them from view as you bend forwards. Realising that you are about to be naked I pull my t-shirt over my head, my muscular frame revealed to you for the first time. As you stand you smile, but without a word your slim frame is up against me again and your lips find mine, your breasts and nipples crushed against my chest, my cock upright, hard as iron, between our bellies. I reach around and grab your ass, pulling you even closer to me, you reach behind me feeling for…

…a chair…

…finding it, you turn it and push me backwards so that I have to sit, you bend forwards as I do so, not ending the kiss. Then you shuffle forwards until the tip of my cock rests at the entrance to your pussy. Our lips are crushed together as, slowly, you begin to impale yourself on my dick, lower and lower you go as my shaft slides easily into you, your pussy so wet with the passion of the moment. I have to resist the temptation to plunge into you quickly but the weight of your body keeps me still and finally I am fully embedded within you. Suddenly you begin to rise and fall with enormous ferocity my dick completely leaving you before you slam back down and fully envelope me again, the intensity of the moment driving you, as well as me, wild. Your hands go to my shoulders, helping you ride me, forcing me into the chair as I fill you with eight inches of thick meat at every stroke. Then you stop, your pussy full of cock, and begin to rotate your hips and milk me with the muscles of your warm hole.

We both know that this cannot last long, it has been to intense, too passionate, canlı kaçak bahis our tongues deep within each others mouths, my cock deep in your pussy. To your surprise I begin to stand but as I do so your legs come up around my hips and I hold you there my strength, and my cock, holding you up before I grasp your waist and begin to lift you off myself before letting you fall back down on to it…at that moment, I turn, your back is to the window but I catch a glimpse out of it, noticing that some people have stopped going about their business and are looking through the window…not from nearby…but discretely, guiltily. This only drives my passion and I begin to violently plunge you down onto my engorged tool.

Suddenly, I feel that you should see those people too, so I pull you off me, bend you over, head down, then turn you around, placing your hands onto the window. I violate your wet hole again thrusting hard and deep, you pressing back towards me with the strength of your arms, and then we settle into a rhythm, you pushing back as I thrust forwards, both of us then releasing. It is now that I reach forward and grab your hair, pulling your head up so that you can see out into the street…you see the man with his dog, watching…the group of students on the corner, watching…the nurse, watching…the young couple, watching…

and then you go wild forcing yourself hard onto my cock, I grab your hips just to stay inside you and then feel your legs begin to shake and give way as your orgasm overtakes you, your pussy grasping at my cock with its muscles, I give myself over to it, my orgasm overtaking me, I fight to hold you up as I spurt my seed deep into you again and again and again…

…when we both have come down from our highs a little and still buried inside you I gentle let us fall to the floor and hold you there, my front against your back, revelling in the warm afterglow…

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