The Courtesan Implementation

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Of all the places for a new sexual adventure to start watching an episode of ‘Columbo’ with my husband Ben on a Sunday afternoon was unexpected, but that is where this one starts. In the episode the suspect is a sex therapist who wrote a book about how all men want to be with a courtesan and all women want to be one, and play acting those roles can be good for a couple.

“Have you ever fantasised about sleeping with a courtesan?” I asked, kind of joking.

“Not really, I guess when I was a horny teenager maybe. Have you ever thought about being one?”

“Funny enough no, besides I always got money out men without having to screw them.”

Ben smiled and shook his head and we went back to watching the episode, but by that time I had lost interest in it but the idea of role-playing as a courtesan had struck a chord with me. Now it isn’t that I have a fear of growing old, but here I was Sunday afternoon sitting on the couch wearing an oversized Snoopy tee shirt and a pair of leggings, snuggled up to Ben who was barely able to keep his eyes open. We were turning into a boring middle age couple. Something had to be done.

“Why don’t we do this whole courtesan thing?” I asked as the episode came to an end.

“Like role play at it?” Ben replied.

“Yes but take it further, you have next Friday off so you book into a hotel, I dress up so you can pick me up in the bar after an hour or so I leave you come home and you check out in the morning. You even give me the money. It’ll be fun.”

“Basically you want me out of the house and some money?” Ben replied.

I grinned.

“Well now you mention it, but seriously it could be fun. Besides we haven’t anything else planned.”

“Okay, if you do all the planning we’ll do it.” He said.

“Sounds good, but if I do all the leg work I’m keeping the money after.” I replied with a wink.

Now Ben and I had done some role play before, always in fun and mostly ends up with us both very satisfied. We’ve also gone to hotels for sex, if you have never tried it you should. Something about being in a different place adds something. Even if it is just the travel hotel a couple of miles away, combining the two would be new. The added frisson for me was waiting in the bar all dolled up and looking like I was selling it.

The hotel we picked was actually a fair way across town, near a major airport. It was a reverse recommendation from my sister, who stayed there the night before a flight and warned us off it because, in her words: ‘the bar was full of perverts and prostitutes.’ Well perfect for what we wanted now. I made the reservation posing as Ben’s PA and we were set to go.

Now the type of person I am means I like to take things a to extremes at times. This was one of those times. I decided that I had to go for a complete new look. I didn’t really know what a courtesan would look like I had checked a few websites but the photos were either lingerie or less, so no help. I decided that I should look classy but on a budget. I do always try to look classy but never on a budget. So that would be different. Over the week I made a few little shopping trips on the way home from work and got most of what I would need together.

Part of me hoped I would do such a good job that Ben wouldn’t recognise me, and I would have to approach him. Although after more than ten years together that was unlikely. I also wondered about weather I would be approached by other men, after all if the hotel was as described, and I looked the part, I would hope that I would draw some attention, and I planned my get out line. However tempted I might be I’d only go upstairs with Ben.

All this preparation was part of the fun and helped with the building anticipation. The other thing that was building anticipation was lack of sex. By the time we got to the hotel room we’d not have had sex for a week, I thought a little bit of frustration would make it all the more realistic.

Friday morning was slightly odd. I asked Ben if he was packed for his ‘business trip’, we made no mention of the real plan, and then he saw me off to work. I’m senior enough that I can chose to leave early if I want, so that day I left just after two. I had a few things to pick up to really be ready. First I was able to buy a wig, I’m a brunette and haven’t worn my hair below shoulder length since I was a teenager. Tonight I would wear a long blond wig.

Most of the time I wear glasses but earlier in the week I’d ordered some contacts, I do wear disposable contacts from time to time, these were slightly different. They were coloured to turn my brown eyes blue. Then I went to the chemist shop and bought some condoms. Normally Ben and I don’t use them but tonight I was the courtesan and he my client.

I wasn’t meeting Ben till after nine, so I had some time to work on my character. Her name was Julia she was confident and experienced but not as sarcastic and dominant as I could be. She spoke quietly but knew her business and what she wanted.

Before canlı bahis şirketleri becoming Julia I showered and quickly looked at myself in the mirror. I’m older but I have a nice slim body, my breasts are still firm and what curves I do have are in the right places. Down below I keep myself well groomed but not totally shaven and my legs are pretty good.

My choice in lingerie as Julia was dark red. Just a bra and panties I didn’t normally wear red, but for a courtesan it seemed right. Some black stockings followed then tight little black dress, that if I let it, would ride up and expose my stocking tops as well as showing off my cleavage so much the lace trim of the bra was visible. I had a light jacket for travelling and some red shoes and matching handbag complete the outfit.

I was able to pin my hair up and get the wig sorted, my head itched but it looked convincing. The contacts were very different I was shocked at how blue my eyes were and how different that and the wig made me look. I went for much heavier make up than normal, not over the top but enough to make a statement. My nails matched my lingerie. Or is that Julia’s lingerie?

Of course I removed my wedding ring, not a big deal for me I don’t wear it when swimming or at the gym. Instead I put on a set of cheap catalogue store jewellery, a necklace earrings and a CZ ring for my right hand. These I’d got in the week. One thing I didn’t get was a watch. I wear a Rolex, a graduation gift; Julia wouldn’t have something so expensive. The only other watch I have is a cheap pink metal Casio I wear at the gym. It actually looked right with the rest of the outfit. I looked in the mirror, Julia looked back. She wasn’t quite me and that was good.

I got more confirmation that I’d done a good job when the taxi arrived. We live in an apartment block and it takes a bit of time to get from the apartment to the lobby. So when I phone for a taxi I ask them roughly how long it’ll take to arrive and I can hopefully be in the lobby when it does. I’d booked the taxi as Julia and was in the lobby when the driver came to the main door.

“Are you looking for Julia to Centurion Hotel?” I asked the driver.

“Yes.” He replied and gave me a look.

Julia didn’t belong in our building. The driver had me worked out, or thought he had, I’d met with one of the residents called for a cab and was now going to that hotel to pick up my next client. I got the confirmation of this as we got close to the hotel.

“I’ll drop you at the bus stop, they don’t like us dropping you girls off outside.” The driver said.

It was the first thing he had said to me since I got in the cab.

“Thanks.” I replied.

I didn’t actually know what to say. Having never been there before I had no idea how close the bus stop was and I wasn’t keen on walking the streets for too long. The Taxi pulled up, I looked at the meter and gave him a twenty telling him keep the change.

“Thanks luv.” He said his voice softening for the first time.

I got out of the Taxi and looked around. I was on a street that was basically in the middle of nowhere. A dead piece of land near the airport, it felt colder than I expected and there was the smell of fuel in the air, like on a petrol station forecourt. All the buildings around me were warehouses and it was dark, no streetlights. I felt like I had walked into a modern interpretation of an Edward Hopper painting. Replacing the beauty of New York with system built off plan buildings.

The silence was broken by the sound of an airplane taking off. It appeared from behind the building across the road to my right. I watched it’s lights vanish into the clouds. Then I started to walk towards a crossroads in the distance hoping I was walking the right way. My heels clicked loudly in silence echoing off the buildings. I didn’t feel sexy at all I actually felt slightly frightened, I also didn’t know how I was going to get home. Add to that my head itched; I started to think that when I got to the hotel, if I got to the hotel, I’d find Ben and get him to take me home.

Once I got to the crossroads I could see a neon sign down the road to my left. ‘The Centurion Hotel’ I walked towards it and my fear started to dissipate a little. The glass doors to the hotel were blacked out by a sign advertising their rates, so as I went through I went from the darkness into the light, from silence into noise.

The lobby was what you would expect a desk with a bored looking woman sitting at a computer. To my right was a bank of elevators and to my left was a staircase. There were three men talking in lobby, Japanese, they ignored me, as did the security guard who was sat just next to the stairs. A sign read ‘Public Bar – Mezzanine level’ with an arrow pointing to the stairs. I walked right past the security guard and climbed up a curved flight till I reached a small landing. There was a door marked bar. I pushed it and went in.

When I was outside I had pulled my jacket closed, and it negated the canlı kaçak iddaa effect of the outfit somewhat. I didn’t change it as I entered the bar. After walking through an industrial estate I seriously wasn’t in the mood. I had a quick look for Ben; he wasn’t there and then went up to the bar and ordered a mineral water. I sat on one of the bar stalls making sure my dress didn’t ride up as I did so. While I drank my drink I took in my surroundings a bit more.

The room was larger than I expected. At the bar where I was it was quite brightly lit but towards the back it was more subdued in lighting. The décor was what you might expect from a cheap hotel near the airport, a blue carpet with the hotel’s logo as a repeating pattern, black chairs and a general dark grey colour scheme, functional and modern. The bar itself was u shaped and I was sitting towards the end closest the door. Near an old-fashioned payphone bubble, that was repurposed for people to make calls on their cell phones.

I started to calm down a little and observe. In the well-lit area were a lot of men standing about and some women. All of the women were dressed much as I was under my jacket. I watched one of them a brunette women around my age, she was wearing a dark blue low cut dress and matching shoes. A man said something to her she just shook her head and turned away, almost turning her back on him. A few minuets later a second man approached her this time she smiled and nodded her head. He walked up to the bar and ordered two gin and tonics, and then he and the woman retreated to a table where it was darker. They spoke then she seemed to whisper in his ear he smiled and finished his drink and they headed out of the bar. I noticed she never touched her drink.

Watching this reignited in me the excitement of the game. I finished my drink and then went into the ladies room to freshen up. There were a few girls in there using the mirror none of them gave me a second glance, even when I had finished touching up my make up and I took my jacket off holding over my arm with my bag, as the girl I had seen earlier was doing with hers. The girl standing next to me was only about 20 but seemed confident. She had black hair but almost translucent blue eyes and was very pale. I turned to her.

“Do you know where is a good place to get a cab round here? The one that bought me dropped in the middle of nowhere?” I asked.

“You go out the back and walk through the car park and your right at the terminal. There are lights and it is safer.” She replied her accent was European perhaps Polish.

“Thanks.” I replied with a smile. The girl smiled back and nodded her head a little.

I didn’t know if she was a working girl, but my instinct told me she was. She seemed to treat me as an equal, I wondered if Julia my little courtesan creation had just passed a test. The next test would be outside, I’d be disappointed if someone other than Ben didn’t try and pick me up. I also felt a little excited at the prospect of going back out there and this time not hiding away in a corner.

Leaving the bathroom I took only two, maybe three steps before I was approached. He was an older man probably over 50 bald on top with close-cropped white hair at the sides; he had a round face and looked jolly, like a clean-shaven off duty Santa. He was wearing a grey suit but no tie. His jacket was open no doubt because his belly was now too large for it.

“I’m looking for an overnight.” He said in a normal voice.

Not saying anything I slowly shook my head and turned away from him. Without saying anything else he walked away. I could feel that there were a lot of eyes on me, looking around I could see men either avert their gaze as I looked in their direction, or more brazenly continue to size me up. Not being a shrinking violet I revelled a little in the attention. After a couple of minutes a younger man approached me. He was tall and thin with a full head of dark hair; he was wearing just a dark blue shirt and dark trousers.

“Can I ask you something?” He spoke so softly I had to concentrate to make out the words.

“One question.” I replied

“Do you do A Level?” His voice went up half an octave as he said this.

For those that don’t know ‘A Level’ is a euphemism for anal, the same as ‘Greek’ in other parts of the world. That is something I do not do even with my husband. So my firm but polite no was genuine. He skulked off and I wasn’t approached again, well not by a genuine punter. Ben walked into the bar at that point. I watched as he looked around. I don’t think he recognised me instantly but I saw a slight smile cross his face and he walked towards me.

Ben was dressed in just a white shirt and dark trousers, not the same outfit I had waved him away in that morning. He is just over six-foot tall fit but very lean, a keen rock climber since he was student so his shoulders are big. His normally unruly dark hair was neatly brushed.

“I’m looking for a little company, can I get you a drink?” canlı kaçak bahis He said.

I didn’t reply but nodded. Ben took a step towards the bar then looked back at me.

“What would you like?” He asked.

“Perrier.” I replied.

When Ben returned with the drinks I suggested we get a table. I followed him into the darker area, past the young guy looking lost while the large man who had first spoken to me was sitting with a blond in a pink dress. I sat down at a table and Ben sat opposite me. This time as I sat I made sure my dress rode up to my stocking tops.

“I’m Julia.” I said holding out my hand.

Ben took it briefly.

“Ben.” He replied.

I looked him over trying to behave both in character and as if it were the first time I had seen him. I noticed he too had removed his wedding ring, although he couldn’t hide the tan line. He actually looked a little nervous just like he had when we had first met.

“Business trip?” I asked.

“Yes I have to fly out to Brussels tomorrow morning. I thought I’d stay the night by the airport.” He replied.

I lent forward and looked in Ben’s eyes. There was a brief moment between us.

“Why don’t you come and sit next to me Ben.” I said.

Ben got up and moved to the seat to my left.

“So Ben, what sort of company are you looking for?” I said.

“Two hours?” he replied.

I smiled and shifted so that I could whisper in Ben’s ear, as I did this I rested my hand lightly on Ben’s leg and even more of my thigh was exposed.

“£300, no bareback and no anal, you pay me as soon as we are through the door or I leave.” I whispered in a matter of fact way.

“Sounds good.” He replied.

I ran my hand up his leg and gently laid it in his lap.

“Shall we go up to your room?” I purred in what I hoped was a seductive voice.

We left via a door that was the opposite side of the bar to the one I had entered from. This was marked ‘Residents Only’. It led into a small corridor at the end of which was a door marked ‘Stairway’ and an elevator. Ben pressed to call the elevator. Once we were inside he pressed the button for the fourth floor.

There was a very awkward silence. A rare thing when you know someone very well, normally our silences are comfortable, normal, but this was not. It really was as if we had just met and didn’t know each other. The interior of the elevator seemed to reinforce this. It was half mirrored and I found my own reflection surprising, by now I was so into the adventure that not only had my head stopped itching but I’d forgotten I was wearing the wig, let alone the lenses. I also had butterflies in my stomach, I was trying to think like Julia be her not me. I was slightly scared and unsure of what would happen.

As cheap hotel rooms go I guess this one wasn’t so bad. It was small but functional. Through the door on the left was a second door to the bathroom other than that room only had a double bed, two nightstands and chest of drawers with a TV on it. There was an armchair but nothing more. The back wall was completely covered by a curtain so I couldn’t see how large the window was. I waited by the door as Ben went to the nightstand and got the cash from his wallet. As he was doing this I noticed the lights switch this was two switched one marked main and a second marked lamps. Both were in the on position so the room was very bright.

Ben handed me a bundle of notes. I counted them and smiled. I reached over and switched off the switch labelled main. Instantly the room became more inviting and looked a lot better. I took Ben’s hand and led him to the bed. On the way I placed my bag and coat on the armchair then I sat on the edge of the bed. Motioning for Ben to sit next to me. After he sat down I gently laid my hand on his leg, surprisingly I felt him tense up a little.

“Relax honey, we’re going to have a very good time.” I whispered, then leaned over and gently kissed in on the cheek.

“I guess I’m feeling a little up tight, sorry.” He said.

“Well I’ll have to see about loosening you up a little.”

I gently pulled his face round so that I could kiss him on the lips. At first there was a little hesitation but soon he was returning my kiss. I also realised that I would have to take the lead a little more than I had planned. My guess was that Ben had decided to play his role as a nervous guy who had never paid for it before. That was fine by me, it just meant I had to adapt to how Julia would deal with someone like that.

I slowly stood up and stepped over so I was standing front of Ben, then I turned my back and moved my ‘hair’ out of the way, an odd movement for me and I hoped that I didn’t look too clumsy.

“Unzip me.” I said.

Ben stood and undid the zip on my dress. I turned around and was able to shimmy out of it, carefully placing it with my coat on the chair. The dress was very tight and I felt more comfortable with out it, also I could now really show off my breasts in their lacy red bra. I reached forward and put my left arm around the back of Ben’s neck and kissed him again. This time he was a lot quicker to respond. I also ran my other hand up the outside of his leg before gently feeling his crotch. He was certainly turned on and hard.

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