The Descending of Jessica Ch. 02

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(If you haven’t read part one of my memoir you should probably start there)

Brent had surprised me by being home as I had not expected his return from college until the following week. The Andersons had planned a welcome home party for him at that time, and while driving back with Danny I had wondered how I would attend both the party and see Danny again. I needed to attend the party of course, but I also wanted to continue what Danny and I had started that evening in his car outside the prom. The tasted of his penis and cum was still in my mouth and my vag was still moist from the fingering he had given me that made me climax not once, but twice. My breasts were a little sore from his clumsy handling of them and even my anus itched as a reminder of the digits he had slipped in there. As we had driven home I day dreamed while stoking his manhood through his pants of being on my knees in front of him as he drove his meat into my throat and then fucked me for the first time ever. I had hoped this would be the following Saturday, then on seeing Brent in the doorway remembered the party. “Oh well” I thought, “We’ll just have to figure something out.”

Since Brent was watching, Danny got a good night kiss on the cheek instead of the deep tongue in the mouth lip lock that he deserved. I promised to see him again the next weekend as school would be finished and we would have no more tests to study for. He left with a satisfied smile as I went to the door. I was walking on air and if my feet touched the ground I didn’t notice. Brent greeted me with a hug and kiss on the cheek. He seemed worried about something and kept asking if I was okay, and I assured him I was fine.

“Okay, why don’t you go on to bed then and we’ll talk in the morning. The Andersons are already asleep.” He said, his tone filled with concern and worry.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m just tired, get some sleep and we’ll talk tomorrow.”

I suppose I was a little too focused on my own happiness at the moment to worry about Brent, so I skipped on up to my room, changed into the camisole and pajama bottoms I usually slept in, and climbed between the covers with Danny’s cock on my mind and his semen in my stomach. Within minutes the pj bottoms were off and my legs spread as I rubbed my wet clit and pussy into another body contorting orgasm before I finally fell asleep. The last thing I thought of before I began dreaming was wondering if I should let Danny fuck me on all fours with my face down on the pillows and ass in the air, or in the missionary position when I planned to give him my virginity the next weekend. I wasn’t completely decided when slumber befell me.

When I woke there was a note on the fridge from Allison, my foster mother, telling me not to wake Brent and that she and Dr Anderson had gone to church and then shopping and expected to return by five. A glance at the clock told me I had slept late, it was already ten, so I ate breakfast then jumped into a running skirt, which is a short skirt coupled with shorts, a sports bra and tee and went for my regular run in our gated community. I had measured off a mile and a half some time ago and ran the route twice before returning to the house. I didn’t really think about Danny, or sex, on the run except that my ass still itched. “Whats that about?” was as close as I came to having the last night or my plans for Danny cross my mind. Once back at the house I finally showered and got cleaned up. Hot water and a good scrubbing of my body made me feel deliciously alive, and coupled with washing my hair made me feel clean again. I imagine this was when Danny’s cum was finally and completely rinsed from me.

As I dried and brushed out my hair my mind wandered back to the evening before and how it had changed me. I had cum hard and someone else had caused it. It made me feel affirmed as an attractive woman. I had began a caring relationship with a nice guy. And I was a cock sucker. This was actually a big deal to me. All the girls I knew at school regularly blew the guys they dated, it was just part of dating these days it seemed, but I never had. Last night I finally joined that group of women, like a rite of passage, by swallowing his manhood and his seed. Jessie, Cocksucker. I almost took pride in the label.

I slipped on some jeans and a tee and went out to do a bit of shopping of my own at the local mall, where I went straight to the lingerie shop. I ran into Cythia, a girl I knew from school who worked there, but the purchases I wanted to make were a little more intimate than just panties and bras, so I avoided shopping for them with her as my sales clerk. I just didn’t want someone I know from school that far up into my business as I have always been a very private person. Cynthia asked if I had a good time last night, and I noted a sly smile on her when she did.

“Oh yes! It was quite a memorable evening.” I replied., thinking to myself “If she only knew…”

“That’s good, I think proms are over rated and all, but I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.” She said as she turned to help another customer, still giving me an odd grin.

I picked out a white canlı bahis şirketleri corset and panty ensemble with stockings that I thought would be perfect for me to wear when Danny fucked me in for the first time, and left with my purchases. I took the shopping bag to my room, as Allison and I regularly made purchases of underthings there I had no reason to hide it, and in any event the Andersons were still out. I heard the tv on downstairs, so Brent was finally awake, the sleepy head. I bounced down the stairs happy I could finally talk to my best friend and find out how school went for him and catch up. As I had drifted from foster home to foster home, Brent was the first guy I had really bonded with. He too was a foster kid, taken in by the Andersons, but unlike me, they were able to adopt him. My mother had never “surrendered” me and now that I was 18 it was moot. Brent had helped my with my homework, and my life, throughout my junior year, and during that time we had bonded. While we were often flirtatious, only once did we even kiss, and that was when he had left for college the year before. That said, you who have read the first chapter of my story know that my thoughts often drifted to him on those nights when my fingertips found their way into my pjs.

Brent had heard me as I came down the stairs and had risen to meet me. I nearly jumped on to him as I threw my arms around his shoulders, expecting him to return my hug, but when his arms merely gently encircled me I knew something was wrong.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” I asked.

“Oh, you know I am” he said, finally giving me the embrace our absence over the last several weeks deserved. At first he had come home every few weeks from school, but in the spring less often due to his course load being more difficult, or so he claimed. I assumed he had finally starting fucking his way through the girls at his university the way he once did those at our high school, but I had no confirmation of this. I only knew I had missed him, and our talks on the phone were not the same as having him here.

“Then what’s wrong? Something wrong with school?” I inquired.

“Jessie, I think you should sit down. I have to show you something, I wish I didn’t, but you need to know, and you should sit.” He said, his concern spreading to me in the form of a knot rising in my stomach.

“What is it?” I demanded, standing my ground and not sitting.

“Uh, well, what did you do last night?” He asked sheepishly.

“You know, I went to the prom with your friend Danny, we dance” was all I got out before Brent interrupted.

“He’s not my friend. He’s a jerk, always has been. The little bastard used to follow me around until I told him to fuck off. I wish you hadn’t gone with him, Danny’s a complete piece of shit.” Brent said.

This pissed me off. I didn’t know if he was jealous or what, but Danny was my boyfriend now and he had no right to talk about him that way. And if he was jealous, so what? Brent was like a brother to me, nothing else. He had no right to be jealous. I glared at him before shouting “You have no right to talk about him like that, he’s a nice guy!”

“Jessie please! Sit down!” Brent demanded.

“No. Fuck you! I’m not talking to you until you apologize.” I coldly said.

Brent took out his iPhone, opened the screen and went to messages. He then opened one, handed it to me, and said “Play the attachment.”

I snatched it from him angrily. It was a video attachment, so I just had to press play.

At once, my moans came from dark phone, then the light increased just enough as the film, clearly shot from a camera phone, went across my heaving, naked breasts protruding from the emerald green gown I had worn the night before and onto my face. My lips were open and I was panting, shouting and gasping through the orgasm Danny had fingered me to. I at once knew Danny had taken this while he was finger fucking me. The video ended as my head tossed side to side and my breasts lifted up as my back arced in the height of climaxing.

I stood there stunned by what I had seen, trying to make sense of it. The video was short, maybe 30 seconds, and too dark for anyone to recognize me unless they knew me and knew what I was wearing last night. So basically everyone at my school. Still I was in shock. “Who had seen this?” I wondered. Exactly how humiliated I should feel I could not know.

“Play the other one.” Brent said.

Oh God! There was another one? I flipped back to the message, my whole body shaking in shame and rage, and sure enough there was a second attachment. I hit play on it and in once sense this was less humiliating, but in another it was even more so. This showed the back of my head, my auburn hair shining in the moon light, and it appeared my head was moving up and down. All that could be heard was the soft moans of Danny and the slurping noises of me sucking him off. You couldn’t see my face, or his dick, but you could tell what was going on. The video blurred for a second and I couldn’t tell why until I realized he had switched hands. The final few seconds of it showed my dripping wet pussy in the moon canlı kaçak iddaa light.

At seeing this one, I collapsed on the floor in tears. Brent sat beside me and pulled my head onto his shoulder, stroking his hand through my hair and whispering “It’s okay, It will be alright” and other such reassurances while my tear ducts drenched my face and his shirt, and my groans of emotional agony wretched my insides. He carried me to the couch where I spent most of the afternoon in shock. I finally asked “Who has seen this?”

“Most everyone at your school I would guess, but most of them won’t recognize you. I got the message from Amber,” a girl he used to date, “just before you got home last night, that’s why I was so weird when you got here. If that little shit had walked you to the door I would have kicked his ass then. Now I’m going to have to find him.”

“Don’t. Don’t get yourself in trouble over me.” I said, amazed with the speed that the video of my indiscretion had spread. I guess everyone loves to see someone like me, with a reputation for purity, fall.

I was awash in emotions all day, but mainly felt betrayed. I had finally let down my guard and let a man into me, both literally and figuratively, and he abused and betrayed that trust. Late in the afternoon the Andersons arrived home and it was clear that Allison was upset. I had stopped crying at least but my eyes were bloodshot and what mascara was lingering from last night trailed across my face. Allison immediately embraced me and began begging my forgiveness. As it turned out she and Dr Anderson were friends of Danny’s parents from the club and she had put Danny up to asking me out. Had she known he was such a “scoundrel” as she called him, she would have never insisted that I go. She had only wanted me to have a night to remember, but not this way. It was clear that from her perspective I was absolved of my actions, even though it was by my own will that I let Danny finger me, and no one made me go oral on him. Still, Allison’s placing the blame elsewhere at least partially preserved her image of me, and that was at least a small victory. Later in the day Dr Anderson,who suddenly decided I should start calling him Ron, his first name, talked with me about making better choices and not letting physical urges cloud my judgment, so at least some one in the family considered me to be a responsible adult. I truly felt like I had let them both down, but Roy and Allison never angered at me over the incident, and were very much in my corner. How much I wouldn’t learn until Monday.

Okay I know, you didn’t’ come to an erotic site to hear about my personal problems, so by now you are asking “Where’s the hard cocks battering your womb and making you scream Jessie?” I promise they are on their way, after Danny’s betrayal I didn’t enter a convent, but I just want to tie up the loose ends for anyone that’s interested. If you’re not interested, just skip down a few paragraphs.

The rest of Sunday was a quiet around the Andersons as we all waited for the other foot to fall as I was sure it would when I returned to school the next day. They, as well as Brent, worried what I would face and offered to make arrangements for me to finish the year at home, but with one exam left, and it scheduled for Monday morning in a cake class I expected to ace, I simply would not give Danny the satisfaction of ruining school for me. And so it was that the next morning promptly at 8 am I walked through the doors of high school for what I then did not know would be the last time. I dressed for the occasion in a fairly sexy sun dress that showed a lot of my long, toned legs, and a cute pair of boots that matched my purse. I had no need for a backpack as my classes had stopped having reading assignments a week prior. As I entered class at the bell I felt the eyes of every student on me, though I could no tell if it was for my provocative attire, or because they had seen the videos and knew I was now a slut. I took the exam without incident and went to my next class, where the instructor lectured and the students doodled. Her final was the previous week and nothing she said now mattered. The rest of the morning went like this too. I spoke to no one, no one spoke to me. The boys undressed me with their eyes, dreaming that it was their lap my face was bouncing on two nights before, and the girls just looked at me with either empathy, which was rare, or more often glee that the class prude had finally gotten her comeuppance.

At lunch I sat alone in the commons, until out of the blue a girl named Sandy, who I had rarely spoken to in the past, sat beside me without asking. We ate in silence until she said “He did the same thing to me. If you want to talk or anything…” her voice tapered off.

“I didn’t know there were others.” I said.

“There are. He makes a game of it. Asks us out, gets us going, films it and sends it to his friends. Yours went everywhere because everyone thought you were a virgin, most of us just a few people saw.” Sandy said.

“How many are there?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Several. I just wanted you to know you’re not alone.” she smiled.

We canlı kaçak bahis continued in silence until our meals were finished.

“That’s life in the suburbs. Always some kinda drama.” Sandy said.

I looked up and over her shoulder saw Danny enter the commons. “I’m not from the suburbs. I’m a white trash urban street orphan that some very nice people took in to raise in the suburbs.”

“I didn’t know that, I always figured you grew up here.” Sandy said.

“Most people don’t. Danny doesn’t. He’s about to find out.”I said calmly as I stood and waved at Danny with the biggest smile I could muster. “Excuse me” I said to Sandy as I stood and walked towards him.

Danny seemed confused, hadn’t I seen the videos? Didn’t I know? He saw me walking fast towards him, looking like a million bucks, and had a dumb look on his face as I threw my arms around him in a loving embrace. This further confused both him, and everyone in the commons which was most of the student body. No one knew what to make of me hugging him so romantically. All sat in silence to see what would happen next.

Weapons are forbidden in school. Pencils are not. The first clue Danny had that something was very wrong was the pressure of the sharp lead against his jugular vein.

“You’ve made a mistake in thinking I’m like the rest of these girls” I whispered, still smiling for the room to see. “I’m not a nice girl from the burbs. I’m a white trash street urchin and I will cut a bitch that pisses me off. Do you understand? Just keep smiling you dumb fuck. If I see you again, school, church, the mall, graduation even, I will fuck you up. You can get in a lot of trouble for taking pictures like that of a seventeen year old. Once I get done with you the prison sodomites can rape your ass. Don’t ever fuck with me again. Got it?” I asked as I increase the pressure, still smiling.

“Yes. Got it. Sorry.” he said smugly.

“Shut the fuck up!” I shouted as I grabbed the back of his hair and pulled as hard as I could while simultaneously swift kicking him with a knee to the groin. My first kick doubled him over, my second caused him to hit the floor. Then I turned the hard tips of those cute little boots to kicking him about the face while screaming at him every vile threat I have ever heard from either my mother or her boyfriends when they fought. His face exploded in blood and a cheer went up from the room as teachers rushed in to grab me and keep me from killing him. “I will fuck you up bitch!” was the last thing the student body heard from their class prude as she she was dragged away by the principal and the football coach. The student body, especially the girls, roared in approval at the vanquishing of the predator that had hid amongst them.

Pandemonium ruled in the Principal’s office. Danny’s parents arrived and threatened both the school and myself with legal action but were put quiet when told that he might be charged with trafficking in child porn. No one in the school remembered at the moment that I was already 18, and I was in no hurry to correct them. Brent and the Andersons arrived to defend me and by the time it was all sorted out I had my first suspension from school for fighting. I was to be suspended until 6:59 pm Friday night, when I would be allowed to graduate with my class. The Andersons were upset that I had taken to fighting, but understood. When Sandy and several other girls stopped by that evening to see how I was and offer support they were warmly greeted. We became a fairly close knit support group of Danny survivors after that, and they were avenged as much as I was by my actions. When Friday finally came some of the loudest cheers were when my name was read, and Danny had the good sense to not show up.

Saturday we held a party both for my graduation and Brent’s return, and by coincidence that day I received acceptance and funding approval for a state university about an hour from where Brent was attending in Nashville. Until that point it was the happiest day of my life. Roy told me he had pulled some strings to get me a summer job by the pool at the club where Brent was lifeguarding. It was just running a concession stand that sold drinks and snacks but the pay was better than working fast food as the job only existed for member’s kids to have something to do in their summers away from college to earn money. Of all the joys of that Saturday this one pleased me most as it would mean I could spend my summer with Brent.

The Andersons took off on vacation and left Brent and I to our own devices for the week as in their eyes Brent was mature enough to be on his own and look after me, and I had no one whose ass I wanted to kick right now. . I started my job on Monday and just rode with Brent. I wore a sun dress and tennis shoes and the lady that trained me told me I could wear a bikini top and shorts if I liked as it got quite hot at the stand. It only took her an hour or so to train me. Alcoholic drinks I ordered up from the bar and were delivered by the staff there, debts were usually on the club membership number, and none of the snacks needed prep. The drinks were either cans of beer or fountain drinks and were also self explanatory. Gail suggested that most days there was little to do but smile and be polite so if I liked I could bring a book and read. From then on I kept my ebook with me filled with my colleges’ reading list.

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