The Dilemma Ch. 02

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The night after my first encounter with Greg and Susan, I was lying in bed with an enormous erection. I had the covers pulled down, enjoying the feeling of the cool air on my body. In my mind, I was thinking about the feeling I had when Greg had first pushed his long, hard cock up my ass. As I lay there, slowly running my hand over the head and crown of my precum covered cock, my ass hole twitched a little as if Greg was putting his cock inside me again.

I could feel the softness of his head as it entered me, slowly running up the length of my canal, rubbing against my walls, sending a warming sensation throughout my whole body. I groaned softly as I felt it hit the back of my canal, its thickness filling my ass so completely that, even as I thought about it, I raised my legs up in the air and continued rubbing my cock, smearing my precum all over my head. I had my eyes closed and didn’t hear the door open as I reached down and started to insert a finger in my ass, wanting the feeling of being filled with something, anything.

It must have been quite a view for anyone coming into the bedroom. My ass was up in the air, my legs over my head, my cock was wrapped in my hand and my finger was fucking my ass, thrusting in and out fast as I groaned over and over again, seeing Greg’s cock replacing my finger, in my thoughts. I could feel the sweat on the bed as I continued fucking myself with abandon.

Suddenly, I felt a tongue, circle my finger and my eyes snapped open. Susan was between my legs, bending in and licking my finger as I continued to fuck my ass with it. Her hair had fallen over her face, so I couldn’t see her eyes, but from the way she was licking on my finger, I could tell, she was excited. She moaned softly around my finger as I continued plunging it in and out of my ass, her tongue wetting it more and more every time I pulled it out of me. I stopped and she looked up at me.

“Oh daddy. You look so hot with your finger deep inside your ass,” she said, smiling at me between my still raised legs. “I couldn’t help myself. I had to come in and be with you. When I saw your ass up in the air and your finger inside you, I just had to come over and help you fuck yourself.”

“I’m glad you came in,” I said as I looked at her, watching her closely. “I was hoping that one of you would come in.”

“Who would you rather have inside you, Greg with his big cock or me with my finger?” she asked as she replaced my finger with one of her own.

“Oh honey, it doesn’t matter. All I want right now is something inside my ass. I want to be fucked so badly.”

Susan’s smile widened as she plunged her finger in and out of my ass then added another. I grabbed the back of my legs and lifted them up a little higher, giving her complete access to my hole, wanting her to fuck me harder and harder. I groaned and closed my eyes as she continued. After a few minutes, I felt two hands grab my legs and then Susan’s fingers leave my ass. They were quickly replaced with the head of a hard cock, Greg’s, as he slowly pushed himself up into me, sending waves of sensations through my body again and again.

I opened my eyes just as he leaned forward and our lips met in a hungry, frenzied kiss, our tongues immediately filling each other’s mouths as he started to pump in and out of me, sending me over the edge. He broke our kiss and pushed my legs up further until my knees were around my ears, then started to really fuck me hard. I could feel the softness of his head and the firmness of his shaft as he plunged in and out of me. I had enjoyed the first time he had fucked me but this time, wanting it so badly, I knew I was going to enjoy it even more.

He started to move in different angles as he continued punishing me, his cock rubbing against my prostate from time to time, sending a feeling of completeness throughout me.

“Oh fuck, Greg. Your cock is filling me so full. I love your cock inside my ass.”

He grunted and kept up the pace, pounding in and out of me as I groaned and tried to push canlı bahis back against him. It was a little difficult in the position I was in but I wanted him so badly, I tried anyway. He leaned back a little and I could feel, from the angle, his cock starting to twitch.

“Yes, son. Come inside me. Fill my ass with your hot come.”

That seemed to be the last thing he needed to hear. I felt his cock explode inside me, sending wave after wave of hot come, deep up into my ass, filling my canal so completely, that when he pulled out to make another thrust up into me, some of his come, started running down my legs.

“Oh fuck,” he yelled. “I’m coming.”

I tried to pull him deeper but he pushed his spurting cock as far up into me as he could while he continued spewing his come into my saturated canal. We both were sweating profusely and I felt a drop land on my groin as he finished coming inside me. We stayed joined together for the longest time, as his come ran down my legs and pooled on the bed under me. He finally looked at me and I smiled at him.

“Thank you son. I wanted your cock in my ass so badly.”

“I wanted you too, Dad,” he said, slowly starting to pull out of me.

“No, don’t,” I said quickly. “I want you inside me as long as you can keep it there. Don’t pull out of me yet.”

He smiled and leaned forward, pushing his young cock back up into me, sending a groan out of my mouth as I closed my eyes and savored the feeling of him inside me. Finally, he pulled out of me and as I lowered my legs, he leaned forward and took a swipe at the come running down my legs with his tongue, sending another wave of sensations through me. He licked right down to my hole and I felt his tongue enter me, sucking come out of me like a vacuum.

I felt my legs shaking so badly I had to stop him, so I could lower them. He moved out of the way and let me put my legs down, my cock standing straight up in the air, wanting someone, anyone, to take it and make me come. I started to move my hand towards it but Susan stopped me.

“Don’t touch it,” she said as she moved up over me, slowly, lowering herself down onto me, engulfing my hard cock in her warm cunt. “I want you to fuck my cunt, Daddy.”

She started to move up and down on me as I held her ass in my hands, helping her. Her head went back and I could see her eyes were closed as she bounced up and down me. I caught Greg moving towards me out of the corner of my eye and soon he was straddling my chest, his hardening cock pointing at my mouth as Susan continued fucking herself. He first put a pillow under my head so it was raised a little then pushed his head against my lips. I opened my mouth quickly and he pushed his hard cock inside me, hitting the back of my throat quickly.

He started pumping his hard cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my face as Susan was starting to come on top of me.

“Oh fuck, Daddy. I’m coming.”

I groaned around Greg’s cock as she yelled out on climax, sitting down fully on me, my cock buried to its hilt inside her. I could feel her juices running over me as she came, then she slumped forward, almost falling off me. I looked up at Greg and motioned him with my eyes that I wanted him to pull out of me. He did slowly but at the same time, not really, wanting too.

I looked him straight in the eye.

“Son, I want to fuck you too.”

He half grinned as I thought about what it was going to feel like, having my cock buried inside his ass.

“Dad, I’ve never had a cock in my ass before. I don’t know if I want to try it, yet.”

“Son, I didn’t know until you first pushed up inside me that a cock in my ass would feel so good. Now, all I want, is for you to have the same feeling.”

He nodded slightly and got off my chest, letting me get up off my back. Susan had moved out of the way and was watching as Greg got on his back and raised his legs, tentatively, in the air.

“Don’t worry, son. I’ll try to not hurt you,” I said, smiling down at him as I got between his spread bahis siteleri legs.

I lowered myself until my face was inches from his pulsating hole. I could se the puckering of his skin around it and it was pink and soft to the touch. I ran my finger around it, feeling the sensitivity of it as he lay, waiting for me to fuck him. I stared at his hole, not believing that in a few minutes, I would be putting my hard cock up inside him. I leaned down and ran my tongue along his crack, probing lightly at his hole, feeling the resistance.

“Try and relax, Greg” I heard Susan say from behind me.

“I’m trying,” he said through gritted teeth.

I continued licking his hole, trying to get inside him with the tip of my tongue. Suddenly, I felt his resistance, give in, and my tongue was inside him hot hole. I don’t know who was more surprised, Greg or me but I started to thrust my tongue in and out of his ass, slowly at first then speeding up until he groaned, feeling the pleasure of having something inside him for the first time.

I continued wetting his hole for a few more minutes, then got up onto my knees between his spread legs, pointing my cock at his hole. I looked at his face and saw a mixture of fear and lust in his eyes as he pushed a little harder against him, holding my cock with my hand, guiding it towards his hole. I looked down as I felt his ass surrender to the probing and my head start to disappear into him. The tightness around my head was something I had never felt before and my cock twitched as I slowly pushed further and further up into him. He was breathing heavily and trying to relax as I filled his canal, my head hitting the end of it. I stopped and looked down at him. His eyes were wide open and he was watching my face.

“Does that feel ok?” I asked him quietly, my balls resting against his skin, my cock fully up inside his ass.

“Yes,” he answered, huffing slightly, still trying to relax as much as he could.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I asked, looking straight into his eyes.

“Yes Dad. I want you to fuck me,” he hesitantly said, the sweat starting to run down the sides of his face. “Yes, I want you to fuck my ass.”

I didn’t move for a minute then slowly pulled myself back out of him, leaving just my head inside him. He groaned as I did then I pushed back fully up into him, sending another groan from his lips. The sensation of my head rubbing against his walls and the tightness surrounding my cock, felt so good.

I knew now, what I had never known before and that was what it was like to be inside someone’s ass. I had wondered before what it would be like but even in my wildest imagination, I never would have thought it would feel this way, so hot and complete.

I started to slowly fuck him, pulling almost completely out of him then thrusting back up as far as I could, back up his ass hole, hitting the end of his canal every time I did. I knew I wouldn’t last long as my cock was so ready to explode.

I thrust a few more times and then my cock exploded inside him as I pressed my groin against his ass, my balls slapping his skin, making a loud popping noise as I emptied myself into him. I groaned as I came and he pushed up against me, trying to get me as far into him as he could. I spewed come up into him over and over again as we held ourselves together, my cock buried deeply inside him. His eyes were closed and the sweat was running off his face as we finished.

I slowly pulled out of him and let him lower his legs. I felt exhausted but it was a feeling of satisfied exhaustion. I looked over at Susan and she had a long dildo stuck up her cunt, pounding it in and out of her as she watched us. I could see from the look on her face that she was coming and soon after, she yelled out, holding the dildo deep inside her as her juices soaked it and the chair she was sitting in. After a few minutes, she looked up and smiled at me, pulling the dildo out of her cunt at the same time. I looked at the toy and saw her juices running off bahis şirketleri it, dripping onto the floor beneath her seat.

No one said anything for quite a long time, all we all just tried to relax and recover.

I felt the tiredness sweep across my body and I knew I had to try and get some sleep. Susan and Greg were just sitting looking at each other as I tried to move up to the pillow, just to put my head on it. I lay out and rolled so I could see the two of them clearly.

“I’ve got to get some sleep,” I said, looking first at Susan then at Greg. “I’m not as young as I used to be, you know.”

They laughed and moved together, towards me. Susan lowered herself down and lay across my chest, her breasts pushing into me. Greg moved behind her and I saw from the look in her eyes, that he was doing something to her. She closed her eyes and raised her ass off the bed, accommodating Greg. I watched as he moved up between her legs, spreading them and thrusting forward, impaling her in an instant, with his hard cock. She gasped then groaned as he started to fuck her with long, slow, steady strokes.

She moved over me and lay on my chest, her ass up in the air, as Greg thrust in and out of her cunt. I could hear their skin slapping together as he pounded in and out of her. I could feel the movements of him through her body as she bounced on me. I spread my legs and let her get to her knees a little, raising her ass further up into the air. Greg moved up and really started pounding in and out of her, sending her towards another climax.

I felt their juices dripping down on my groin and my cock as they fucked right on top of me. I held Susan as she groaned over and over again as Greg kept up his frenzied thrusting.

I felt my balls twitch and my cock started to rise. I couldn’t believe that my body would react in this way but soon I had a hard cock again, resting between Susan’s legs as Greg kept fucking her. Suddenly, he pulled out of her and her juices dripped down onto my head, sending a wave of lust through my body again. I felt Greg’s hand around my cock then Susan’s cunt as he inserted me into her, pushing me as far up her cunt as he could. I finished pushing into her for him as he raised up and pointed his hard cock at her ass hole.

He thrust his hips forward and entered her, sending her forward against me. I felt his head inside her as he pushed himself fully up into her ass, sandwiching her between us.

“Oh fuck,” she said slowly as Greg started to thrust in and out of her ass while I filled her cunt. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.”

I heard Greg’s skin slapping against Susan’s ass every time he thrust fully up into her. When he did, she moved up my cock and when he pulled out, she moved back down me. We soon had a good rhythm going together, as she was groaning with every thrust and her eyes were closed. There seemed to be such a peaceful look on her face as we continued pounding her cunt and ass. I felt tears starting to well up in my eyes as I continued fucking while watching her face.

I heard Greg grunt and I felt his cock twitch before starting to spurt his come deep inside her ass. She groaned when he came and pushed back against him as he rested against her ass, his balls handing down between her legs. She stopped moving and I just lay, holding her as Greg emptied his balls completely into her. I felt his head slide against mine as he pulled out of her, then my cock was sliding out of her cunt. A combination of her juices and Greg’s come, started soaking my cock and balls as we just stayed together. I finally felt the bed move and looked over at Greg as he got off the bed and walked unsteadily over to a chair, sitting down in it with a groan.

I raised Susan’s face up and she opened her eyes. She slowly grinned at me but we never said anything. She lowered herself down onto my chest and I held her tightly against me. As we lay there, I thought about the fact that this was only the second day since they had come home and we still had two more days to enjoy each other. I felt a new sense of completeness in me as I held Susan tightly against me and looked over at Greg, his body spent as he tried to relax and gain some of his breath back. Two more days. What would they bring?

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