The Embrace of Sister Winter

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He lay listening to the soft shimmering sounds of his favorite band, feeling the heaviness in his eyelids grow as the tree frogs serenaded each other, struggling to be heard over their own racket. His windows were open in that first cool night of the year, a break from the damp mildew embrace of a north Florida night. He was in his boxers, very aware of just how alone he was on this night in his twentieth year of life. He could smell the beach and pina-colada smell of his surf gear lying in the other room while the moonlight fell on his red hair. He closed his eyes against the beautiful blue light and faded off, thinking of those he loved and those he missed.

She lay on a low small bed, the sun rising warm and red against the backdrop of the mountains which watched over the city. She heard the pensive and mournful cry of a bird she had never heard before. The air around her smelled of clean dry wood and of the rose bush that guarded her window. She was bundled up against the damp chill of Japanese fall, curled into a fetal position where it was impossible to tell where the beautiful young woman began and the warm linens ended. In her tank top, wrapped amongst all those cream colored blankets and sheets, she looked as if someone had laid her there in her finest dress with nothing but care and concern for the olive skinned girl with a coy smile and beautiful brown hair. The truth was that no one had. She lay in the guest bedroom of her host family, fighting off the consciousness that was shining in her eyes and chilling her feet. She drifted off after rolling over, taking the improbably arranged wrapping of blankets with her.

These two people had grown up together, within walking distance of their central Florida homes. She lived down a two lane road, past a church with pun-laden bits of wisdom on its white cinder block sign. There was a broken sidewalk with thrusting its roots through the buckled pavement. They would meet here, every morning as the sun rose over a savanna-like cow pasture with low wide reaching oaks like mushrooms laid across it. They waited for the bus and its clammy vinyl to take them to school. At the time he was pale with thin arms like two linguini sticking out of his bony torso. Escort İstanbul His red hair was forced into an improbable pattern of near uniform spiked and his teeth were held by the metallic shackles of braces. She was an attractive and pleasant girl still caught in the taunts and clothing of her awkward middle school years.

They had since scattered and gone on to the rest of their lives, blowing in what direction the wind took them. She went to the big state university, he to a smaller one on the coast. They both broke up with their high school lovers and lived in a state of aloneness neither of them appreciated, but both had learned to accept. It was a dull ache in both their lives, like his weak hamstring and her intermittent headaches.

As they slept, rotating on opposite sides of the earth, they were allowed to be together.

They awoke facing each other sitting on a soft cushion of grass under the shade of an old apple tree. They were surrounded by a large meadow giving way to a thick hemlock forest on all sides, surrounded by two well rounded ridges. They lay side by side and held hands. She lay there, breathing in the beautiful sweet smell of northern grass and raised herself onto her elbow to look into his eyes. He opened his eyes after a few seconds, showing his friendly blue eyes. She lowered her head to give him a kiss, a soft and feathery kiss filled with the warmth and nervousness of every first touch. He kissed her back, softly and carefully, eventually feeling her with his lips. A small river ran through his spine as she gently slid her small pink tongue between his lips. He had dreamt of this moment. She had the habit of sticking her tongue out just a bit while laughing and the thought of it had always tantalized him.

They continued to kiss passionately as they began to run their hand over one another, feeling the warm skin and smelling the familiar scent of one another. He felt the delicate arch of her collarbone, the skin of her cheeks, the warmth and deep breaths rising softly in her sides. She felt the strength of his back and the subtle force that underlined every movement of his arms. He moved his mouth to her earlobe, kissing and nibbling softly as he breathed İstanbul Escort Bayan softly, causing small waves of pleasure to run through her with every breath. She gently licked and caressed his collarbone and neck, sending waves of chills through his body like small waves on a lakeshore. He ran his hand down her neck to her comfortable handful of breast, feeling their firmness and the gentle insistence of her nipples against the fabric of her shirt. She placed her hand against the small of his back, feeling the gentle pressing of his erection against her thigh. They began to remove their clothing without thought, all the while kissing and nibbling and exploring one another’s bodies.

With nothing between them, he kissed down her neck until he had covered the rise of her breasts and gently licked the end of her light brown nipples with his tongue. She shuddered and let out a small gasp. He ran the tip of his tongue around the tan discs of her nipples and sucked on them gently, causing her to cry out softly. She grasped his thoroughly ready cock gently in one hand as he pay intimate attention to her breasts. She gently nudged his shoulder to flip him over, kissing his neck where he was most sensitive, working down the ticklish skin of his stomach to his hips, rubbing his cock lightly while she teased him with her tongue on the sensitive skin of his inner thighs. She gently placed the head of his now burgeoning cock in her mouth in a sort of slow and loving suck-kiss, running her tongue over the area lightly. He let out a low moan and saw flashes before his eyes. She continued, touching his testicles and hips with her fingertips, tracing the line of his pelvis down between the line between his thigh and groin, occasionally sinking her mouth lower onto him.

At the edge of his own orgasm, he lightly pushed her over and rubbed the area around her slit with his fingers in firm circles. He pressed his tongue against the bottom of her slit and worked his way up to her clit, working his tongue in a little deeper each time and coaxing out the moisture which had begun to warm her. He gently continued this, enjoying the subtle taste and textures of her beautiful pussy. He gently touched Anadolu Yakası Escort her clit with the different parts of his tongue, sometimes harder and sometimes softer, causing her to move slightly and breather heavily. As he probed her pussy and teased her clit with his tongue, she came with a sudden thrust of her hips.

They sat up and kissed, tasting each other and racing their tongues past one another. They continued to kiss as she began to roll slowly onto her back, their hips approaching the same level. She grasped his cock and guided it to the entrance of her pussy, slick and sensitive from her recent orgasm. They looked at each other once again, both smiling and shining in the late afternoon sun, and she placed a hand on his back and pressed, causing him to slide into her slowly. He gasped and the enveloping warmth and wetness, the sensation of their two bodies becoming one. She felt full and relished the feeling of the subtly curves and bumps of his cock glided paste hers. He thrust deep into here, with strength and also care, telling her in a low voice how beautiful she was. She clenched around him as she rubbed her clit, running her other hand up and down his back. After this had continued, them gently grinding against one another and exchanging their affections, he placed his mouth near her hear. He could hear her to begin to breath deeper and more hurriedly and increased his own movements and breathing to match hers. He could feel blinding pressure begin to build in his testicles and at the base of his penis.

She could feel the slow burn of her orgasm begin to build. They continued to breathe harder and harder when she released a satisfied “oh” and moved her whole body downward. She clenched and released quickly around him, causing him to thrust even harder. As a new wave of wetness began to slide between them and the last tightening of her orgasm grasped him, he came, feeling as if his whole body were attempting to force itself into a point at the base of his cock. They collapsed, their fluids melding in the alchemy of every couple since the beginning of time, exchanging small pecks as they regained their grasp on earthly reality. As they came down from that state of altered consciousness, they roll apart, breathing heavily but contentedly. Finally back in her own body, she rolls over, saying his name, and places her hand over the solid point of his hip. She opens here eyes and awakens alone in the quiet enclosure of a Japanese morning, alone except in spirit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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