The Erotic Tales of Chris and Bettie Pt. 04

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Behind the Coffee Shop

“I have a surprise for you.” she said.

Chris had just picked up Bettie from her home and they were driving for coffee at a local bookshop and cafe. “Really?” he asked, “What is it?”

“You’ll have to wait until we get there.” was her reply. Chris turned to face her for a moment, catching the twinkle in her eye and the sly grin on her face. He felt a stirring in his pants, because he had become familiar with what her sort of surprises entailed.

The traffic lights seemed to be extra long this evening, as Chris impatiently sped towards their destination. As he pulled into the parking lot of the cafe and book shop, he found a parking spot right up front which he was about to take, until he felt Bettie’s hand on his arm. “Not here.” she said, “Pull around back.”

Chris’ heart leapt in his chest. “What does she have in mind now?” he wondered. Bettie had a penchant for the risque, and he realized that tonight would be no exception. He pulled around the back of the shop and parked in a dark, isolated corner. He killed the engine of the car then turned to face Bettie.

“So… What’s the surprise?” Chris asked.

Bettie did not reply. She merely returned his gaze for a few moments, grinning evily. She enjoyed teasing him, seeing the look of anticipation on his face. After a few lingering seconds, she reached into her bag and pulled out a video camera. She turned it on and handed it to him. “Hit play.” she said.

He raised an eyebrow at her then directed his attention to the camera. He adjusted the screen, found the play button, and pressed it. As he did, he felt Bettie fumbling with his belt and unclasping his pants, eager to release his manhood.

On screen, he was confronted with the sight of Bettie’s gorgeous snatch. Her closely trimmed pubic hair hid nothing from his view. He marveled at her incredibly well-toned thighs…. her glistening lips…. her clit just peeking out from the fleshy folds of her cunt. He could plainly see how swollen her labia were.

He felt her hand reaching inside his pants, gently stroking across his rapidly hardening cock. canlı bahis şirketleri He lifted his hips as she pulled his waistband away and slowly pulled his pants down. She repositioned herself as her hand continued traveling the length of his organ.

He saw the purple head of her “rabbit” vibrator appear on screen, gently stroking downwards across her moist slit, pressing the “rabbit” attachment against her swollen clitoris. She slowly stroked the device back and forth across her clit. He could see the trembling in her thighs with each pass across her opening. He could hear the faint buzzing as she ran the vibrator back and forth across her sex.

As she began working the vibrator in little circles across the opening of her vagina, Chris felt the exquisite sensation of her warm, wet mouth engulfing his cock. A loud groan escaped Chris’ lips as he felt her tongue begin making slow circles around its head. He continued to watch the video as she used the vibrator to gently part her lips. He could see the moisture dripping from inside her. In her excitement, her pussy began to open, ready to accept penetration.

Her fingers gently cupped his balls, teasing them and causing them to pull up into his body as her tongue continued to swirl slowly around his shaft. He could see the moisture beginning to gather and drip from inside her as she pressed the vibrator firmly against her clit and massaged it back and forth.

In the video clip, she began using the vibrator to spread her lips apart as she pressed its tip just inside her opening. The vibrator began to move as she hit the button which caused it to rotate its shaft. She began working it in and out, a quarter inch at a time as her vagina adjusted to accept its penetration. She used her fingers to gently spread her lips further, allowing it easier access to her depths.

As she pressed the penis-shaped head of the vibrator inside her canal, Chris groaned aloud again as he felt the warmth of her mouth suddenly travel down the length of his rod, taking a full third of his cock at once. Her tongue pressed against the delicate underside of his canlı kaçak iddaa sensitive penis, causing shivering sensations to course up his spine. His toes tingled as she slowly began working her mouth up and down his shaft. His hands trembled, making it difficult to hold the video camera steady enough to view. He set the camera on top of the dash, then reclined the driver’s seat. His hand began stroking delicately across her body. His fingers worked through her hair as his attention remained riveted to the scene playing out before him.

She was working the vibrator deeper with each stroke. He marveled at how her lips folded inwards with each penetration, puckering outwards with each withdrawal. He could see her juices collecting along the rotating purple shaft. As she withdrew, he saw how they flowed steadily out of her. She was now pressing the vibrator deep inside her, such that the vibrating rabbit attachment pressed against her sensitive clit while the vibrator rotated within her moist depths. He could see the juices flowing out of her, pooling onto the towel she had placed beneath her.

Bettie’s head began to bob vigorously up and down his shaft. He could feel his cock growing ever more rigid as her lips and tongue brushed across the sensitive ridge of its flared head. On camera, her hips began to buck, and he became aware that she was approaching an incredibly powerful orgasm. Her hips lifted off the bed and he could see the beautifully round orbs of her buttocks with streaks of moisture trailing downwards across her puckered asshole.

Chris felt Bettie’s head bob lower on his thick shaft, taking over half his length at once. His hand gripped her by the hair, causing her to groan in pleasure herself. He knew he was getting close to erupting, and hoped he could last throughout the entire video.

The action on the screen grew more frantic. The camera was shaking as her hips bucked more violently up off the bed. He could see how she was arching her back and thrusting her pelvis against the vibrator, attempting to take it even deeper inside her. She began working it in and out with short, canlı kaçak bahis rapid strokes… the rabbit attachment mashing firmly against her swollen clit. Her labia were so swollen that they flared open wide enough for him to see inside her. He could see how wet she was inside as the light reflected off the drops of her dew.

Chris watched as Bettie jammed the vibrator deep inside her, holding it firmly in place as her thighs began to flex and clasp. She ground her hips against the device as Chris recognized the signs of her impending orgasm. The rabbit attachment was pressed against her clit, which was protruding obscenely. Her thighs began pressing together as her whole body shook.

Chris knew he was close. His shaft was painfully erect and sensitive. It seemed as though he could feel every molecule of her lips and tongue as they dragged across its length.

As she withdrew the vibrator from her vagina, a long string of her juices trailed from the tip of the device to her opening. The moisture dripped onto the towel she had placed beneath her ass. A literal torrent of her juices erupted from her vagina, flooding the towel and sheets.

Seeing this, Chris was unable to hold back any longer. “Oh shit, baby, I’m cumming!” he exclaimed. She withdrew his cock from her mouth, holding just the head between her lips as a geyser of semen exploded into her mouth. He felt shivers coursing up and down his body in shockwaves from his toes, up his legs and spine, all the way up to the base of his skull. The hairs on his arms raised as the sensations coursed down to his fingertips in waves that corresponded with each eruption of cum into her waiting mouth.

As her legs continued to tremble in the aftershocks of her orgasm, she continued to massage the vibrator back and forth across her clit. Her vagina erupted again and again, flooding the towel and sheets below her. As she pulled the vibrator completely away, she closed her thighs and began to tremble as the screen went blank.

Bettie continued sucking and running her tongue around his over-sensitive head as Chris himself now began to tremble in the pleasurable aftershocks of his powerful orgasm. She lifted her mouth from his organ and looked up at him. “Did you like that?” she asked.

“Fuck yes!” he replied. “I really need a cig now.”

They never did get their coffee that evening.

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