The Experience Room Story 03

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Chapter 1

I walk through the front doors of the cool-looking new building. There are large screens on many of the walls, some showing advertising clips from the business, others showing general details of the products being offered. There are a few screens with keyboards below them and it looks as if they are set up for potential customers to use to explore the products in greater detail.

It all looks so interesting, and if I had the time, I wouldn’t mind exploring what they have to offer. But I don’t have the time. I have a job interview in a little while and I need to check in at the front desk and let them know that I am here. The interview has been set up for me as part of my training course and hopefully will lead to a good-paying job and a promising career.

I look around for a secretary, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone around that looks like they work here. There is a sign on the desk that says, “Please use the keyboard to sign in and someone will be with you soon.” There is a list of names on the screen along with an appointment time and the name of the person the appointment is with.

As I click on the box beside my name, several people walk in and head in my direction, then wait until I am done signing in. Most of them are similar in age to me, all casually dressed. After they all sign in, they wander over to the scattered keyboards and start browsing the company products.

I sit down in one of the comfortable chairs near the desk and wait. Before long, a nicely dressed young lady comes through one of the doors behind the desk and looks at the tablet she is carrying, then looks around the room with a pleasant smile on her face. Since I am the only one not on a terminal, she walks up to me and asks, “Are you, L. Smith? If you are, then your appointment room is ready.”

I return her smile, and say, “Yes. I am Elle Smith. I am glad that I made it to my appointment on time. I had to rush to get here.”

She introduces herself as “Heidi” and explains that she is my liaison with the company. I like her smile. It just seems to be almost perfect, unlike mine which could use a little work. As we are walking towards the doors behind the desk, one of the guys browsing on the computers looks up at us and then at his watch. I glance in his direction and see that the name ‘Smith’ is in one corner of the screen. He looks as if he is going to say something, but then just gives us a hesitant smile and I see his misaligned teeth for the first time.

As we approach the doors, the sensor above the door scans her badge and the door opens for us. I follow her until we reach an open door and she gestures for me to enter. When I walk in, it looks more like my living room than an office. There is a chair that looks very much like a computer gaming chair, with speakers in the headrest and an adjustable footrest. Beside the chair, on a telescoping arm, is a screen above a keyboard and trackball mouse, all at a comfortable height for someone sitting in the chair. On the other side is a small table within comfortable reach of the chair.

“Have a seat and I will get you something to drink. What would you like? We have just about anything you can think of, both hot and cold.” She points over to the side of the room where there is what looks like a kitchen, complete with a one-cup coffee machine beside a rack of coffee pods. Beside that is a glass-front fridge full of cold drinks, stocked with just about every drink I could think of. She has been typing on the keyboard while I have been getting myself settled in the comfortable chair.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, I say, “How about something cold with a tropical taste?”

Her response surprises me when she replies with, “Would you like something with a bit of a kick?” She swings the keyboard in front of me and I see several files on the screen in front of me. “Could you sign at the bottom of each one of those files that you acknowledge that you agree with the content of each document, please. Most people just sign it without reading them. They are just standard forms that say you don’t have any medical problems we need to know about and that you agree to our process.”

I make an indeterminate sound in response, not knowing how I should respond to the unusual question. I glance at a couple of the forms and they seem to be what she described, so I just scroll to the bottom and sign them without completely reading them. While I am doing it, she brings me a tall glass with a tropical blend of juices in it. I take a few sips of the sweet drink before I notice that there is an aftertaste, reminiscent of alcohol, just a little different.

I have been leaning back in the chair as I have been reading the forms and the chair seems as if it has adjusted to cradle my body. As I am scrolling through the last few forms, my eyes start to feel heavy, so I quickly sign them at the bottom and lay back in the chair, letting my eyes close briefly. Just as I fall asleep, I feel her hands brush the hair back from my temples and place something over them, followed by her placing something over my spine at the back of my neck.

Chapter escort izmir 2

I don’t know how long my eyes are closed, but I feel a set of hands gently shaking me. It is the same well-dressed young lady, only she looks slightly different. Her clothes are a little tighter, seeming to be tailored to fit her body better, with her skirt being a bit shorter to show off her legs and her blouse having a deeper neckline that is showing slightly more cleavage. It all is still very professional-looking, but as if it is meant to be more visually distracting.

The most obvious change is to her mouth. I had been admiring her almost perfect smile when I first met her, and her smile is just as I remembered it, except for the wires running across them. The top wire is sitting low down on her teeth, just above the bottom edge and has been formed to match the contours of her teeth, fitting snugly against them. The wire on the bottom is high, fitting just slightly below her top teeth.

“The Doctor is ready for you now, Miss Smith.” She glances at the tablet in her hand, then says, “It looks as if we have all the records forwarded from your Doctor, so we should be ready to start your examination.”

I follow her out of the room and down the hall to a second room, admiring the sway of her hips as she walks ahead of me. Her skirt has a bit of stretch to it, so it conforms to the shape of her cheeks, and I can see the barest hint of the thong that she is wearing, along the edge of her hips.

The room she takes me to is set up like a dentist’s office. She has me sit in the chair and reclines it to a comfortable position. I shift myself down slightly so that my back is against the backrest and my ass is resting comfortably against the seat, and feel my skirt rise slightly on my stocking-clad legs. As I am getting comfortable, a good-looking guy walks in, wearing dress pants and a dress shirt, unbuttoned at the collar.

He smiles at me, and I feel a slight tingle between my thighs, then turns to the lady that brought me here and asks, “Is this my next patient?”

She smiles, and her retainers sparkle in the light. “Yes Doctor, this is L. Smith.”

He sits down beside me and smiles, and that tingle gets a little stronger. The chair reclines a little more until I am laying almost flat and then he adjusts the light above me so that it is shining into my mouth. “Open please.” He looks at the pictures on the screen across from him, then at my mouth.

A quizzical expression crosses his face as he examines my teeth before he asks the lady that brought me here, “Are these the most current records?”

She nods and says, “That is what was sent over to us. The date is in the corner.”

After another look at my teeth, he says, “There seems to have been some unexpected changes. We’ll need to do a completely new set of records.” Then he looks into my eyes and I get lost in his gaze. When he asks if it is okay to do an X-ray and scan of my teeth, I just nod my agreement. Before I know it, I am standing with a plastic tube in my mouth as a machine rotates around my head, taking scans of my teeth. After smiling at him so that I can have my picture taken from a few angles, he has me sit in the chair again so that more pictures can be taken, this time with my cheeks pulled back so that my molars can be seen. Since he is the one taking the pictures, and his hands have brushed against my legs a few times as he has shifted his position to get some of the angles, I don’t mind that the pictures aren’t flattering.

As he has been taking the pictures, they have slowly filled up the computer screen. I’ve never been satisfied with my smile, but the pictures seem to highlight the imperfections. He moves the screen closer to us and selects a few to examine closer. After pointing out a few things that he sees should be fixed, he asks, “I think that it would help if a new set of impressions is made. Are you okay with that? The digital scans are quite good, but I find that a solid model allows me to get a better view of what needs to be done.”

I’m still not quite sure what is going on, but his smile is enough to get me to agree to just about anything he wants. As I look into his eyes, I just nod in agreement again.

He pulls an assortment of horseshoe-shaped trays from a drawer and slips them into my mouth one at a time until he finds a set that matches my arches. Then he slips the right-sized trays into my mouth again, this time filled with something that my teeth sink into. I begin to gag a little as it oozes towards the back of my mouth, but he uses his finger to push it to the side. The feel of his finger in my mouth is distracting and I close my lips over it, trying to suck on it. He gently pulls his finger away until it is resting against the front of the tray and presses against the gooey stuff, checking if it is firm yet.

When he is satisfied with the consistency, he asks me to open my mouth so that he can remove the first tray. Reluctantly, I open my mouth and he wiggles the tray until the now firm stuff comes loose from my upper teeth. It feels as if my teeth are trying to be pulled escort izmir out all at the same time, until the suction stops and the tray comes away. The bottom tray goes in and the process is repeated, this time without the gagging sensation. This time I use my tongue to lick his finger as he is checking how firm the substance is.

He has a bit more trouble getting the tray out this time because of how my teeth are slanted and he has to adjust his position to get a better angle. My stocking-clad knee is just where his hand lands as he braces himself. I quickly bring my knees together and cross my ankles, trapping his hand between my knees. I’m a bit surprised when he doesn’t try and free his hand, instead, he flexes his fingers, gently grasping my knee. When I ease the pressure on his hand, he slides it up my leg slightly, before removing it from between my legs.

The contact is very brief and he places his hand against my chin to stabilize it while he removes the lower tray. The feeling of suction pulling on my teeth is greater this time, then the tray comes loose and he is able to remove it from my mouth. After taking a look at the inside of the trays, he says, “Why don’t you give your teeth a quick brush to remove any residue left? There are toothbrushes in the bathroom for you to use. Just throw it in the garbage when you are done.”

Just like every other woman, I take my purse with me, and when I am done brushing, check my makeup and repair the damage done when he took the impressions of my teeth. As I am returning to the chair, he motions for me to sit at his desk instead. While I have been brushing, the computer has been doing its thing, and a model of my face is on the screen, along with a picture of what looks like my twin on the second screen. The face on the second screen has a mouth with perfectly straight teeth in a very pretty smile.

After a glance at the screen, he says, “All of our employees have access to a very generous medical package, and one of the benefits is free orthodontic coverage.” He gestures to the second screen. “This is what your smile could look like at the end of your treatment. We encourage all of our employees to take advantage of the medical package, especially the employees that deal with the customers regularly.”

He gestures to the lady that brought me in. “Heidi has just about finished with her orthodontic treatment, though she will have to wear retainers for the rest of her life to maintain her perfect smile. Right now, she wears them almost all the time, but that will reduce to a couple of nights a month soon. She can wear them more often if she wants. She could have chosen to have invisible retainers, but she asked for the Hawley retainers instead. That’s what those retainers with the wire across her teeth are called.” I look at her smile and have to agree that she does look very nice with the wires showing in her smile.

“The benefits package also includes other procedures and a very generous clothing allowance for our customer service employees. Heidi will explain all of that to you later. She’s had some work done and is very satisfied with the results.”

As I am looking at her, standing behind him, she runs her hands over her hips and waist, and then moves them underneath her breasts and caresses them briefly. Her smile gets a bit bigger as my eyes go a little wider.

Without even looking at her, he says, “That’s enough for now, Heidi. The two of you can talk later and she can ask you whatever she wants.” As Heidi leaves, he looks at me. “I am responsible for the dental and orthodontic procedures of the benefits package.” He gestures to the screen. “I can give you the smile of your dreams if you want. This is one possible look. I can adjust it to look different if you want.”

He taps a few keys and the image changes slightly to show my face with ceramic brackets. “Some people prefer to be treated with invisible braces. Have you heard of Invisalign? Those are those plastic retainer-like trays that get changed frequently to move the teeth. I don’t like using them because they don’t give as good a result.” A few more taps and a new picture appears. “I prefer to use brackets. There are several different types to choose from. The ceramic brackets are popular, and can be clear or coloured to match your teeth so that they are just about invisible. One of the problems is that the ligatures discolour easily and make your teeth look dirty.”

Another few taps and the screen changes to show my face with metal brackets. As soon as I see it, the tingle between my legs comes back, stronger this time. There is something about seeing myself with braces that is affecting me in an unexpected way. I shift in my seat, crossing my legs at the knee. I hear the material of my stockings rubbing together as my knees cross, and the pressure between my legs increases slightly. As my posture changes and I sit up a little straighter, my breasts shift inside my bra slightly and my stiffening nipples rub against the inside of my push-up bra.

“These brackets are the latest type and are the least noticeable that I can offer.” Then he brings up a series of pictures of me with different types of metal brackets. “I can use any of these to treat you. The choice is yours.”

As I watch my current teeth displayed with the different options available, I begin to shift in my seat. The shape and size of the brackets change, some larger, some more prominent, until a picture of my teeth with narrow metal bands wrapped around them appears. Then a second set, much wider, appears on the screen. When he sees my expression, he pauses the picture. I arch my hips slightly, bringing more of the seat into contact with my pussy.

“In order to treat you properly, I would most likely need to use a couple of additional devices. You do have some crowding in both jaws, which can be taken care of in several ways. The most extreme would be surgery, which isn’t necessary in your case, or a combination of expanders, Herbst, Forsus and face-bows.” As he is talking, a series of pictures are displayed on the screen, showing how I would look with each device.

I’ve been slowly shifting in my seat, hoping not to make it too obvious that I am trying to relieve the ever-increasing urge to touch myself. It’s obvious that he has been watching me and noticing my reaction to the pictures displayed on the screen.

“There are a few other options available, but my recommendation is to treat you using more traditional methods.” Then an image appears on the screen of me wearing wide metal bands on all my teeth, a face-bow and the pistons of a Herbst appliance showing at the sides of my smiling mouth. “The bands will allow me to move the teeth in a more controlled way without having to worry about brackets coming loose. One benefit of using bands is that you can eat just about anything you want to. I can also use a heavier wire to speed up the treatment.”

By now, it is impossible to hide that the pictures are affecting me. I’m trying very hard not to shift too much, but my thighs are starting to rub together and I’m gripping the arms of the chair.

“I know that is a lot of information to get hit with all at once, so why don’t we take a short break and you can get something to drink and think about it for a while. I have another appointment, which won’t take long. Come back in half an hour or so and we’ll sit down again.”

Chapter 3

While I try to get my thoughts together, he stands and leaves the room, closing the door behind him, and leaves me alone with the picture of me with braces. My left hand goes to my breast and my right hand drops to the hem of my skirt. As I cup my breast, my other hand rubs the inside of my leg, gradually moving underneath my skirt, which moves up my legs until the material is stretched tight, preventing my hand from moving any higher. I uncross my legs and move my ass toward the front of the seat, sliding my skirt up and allowing access to my thong-covered pussy. My hand quickly moves to the wet crotch of my thong and moves it to the side, then I stick my middle finger into my pussy and start to rub my g-spot. My thumb lands on my swollen clit and stimulates it a little, and I’m well on my way to an orgasm. All it takes is for my other hand to slip inside my bra and gently squeeze my distended nipple to set me off. I keep my eyes on the picture of me with braces as I shake and twitch my way through a strong orgasm.

My body isn’t satisfied yet, so I try to go for a second orgasm. My thumb goes to work rubbing my clit, I add a second finger beside the one already in my pussy and play with my nipple, desperate to get my body to cooperate. But my body wants something more. I open my mouth to get a little more air flowing to my lungs, and my tongue licks my lips, moistening them. As the tip of my tongue touches my lips, it also runs over my bare teeth, and I come so close to achieving the second orgasm that I am trying for, but can’t quite get there.

Finally, I give up, frustrated. I pull my damp panties into place and squirm at the uncomfortable sensation of the damp material against my body. In frustration, I slip my thong down my stocking-clad legs and put it in my purse, letting the air have access to my shaved pussy as I pull my skirt back into place. I need to freshen up a little, so I leave the room and find a small bathroom. Before I wash my hands, I give my pussy a wipe to remove the residue from my self-pleasure session and stroke between my pussy lips a few times with the hope that I might get a little relief, but just end up a bit more frustrated.

When my pussy has dried off and my hands are clean, I give my hair a brush and check my makeup. When I smile to check my lipstick, I take a close look at my teeth, taking note of the imperfections that he said he is willing to fix. Then I close my eyes and imagine myself with my teeth covered in metal bands and heavy archwires. My nipples puff up and press against the inside of my bra again. A cool breeze blows up underneath my skirt as the air conditioning comes on and blows through the vent I am standing over. It feels nice blowing against my stocking-clad legs, and even better against my uncovered shaved pussy lips. I spread my legs to give the air more access, and my outer lips spread open, exposing my inner lips to the breeze. While it is a very pleasant feeling, it isn’t helping with my level of frustration.

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