The Experiment

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Big Dick

Ever since I shifted to Bombay, ‘dating’ in the true sense of the word had left my life. My sex life was primarily going around town with friends to various parties, meeting guys and hooking up.

But a year and a half ago, life took an interesting turn. It’s around the time I stopped writing on Literotica as well, because a new man was about to enter my life and was going to be there for a while.

It was at an after work party in February 2014, a week before Valentine’s Day, that I first met Rishi (name changed). I was dressed in a flowing red gown, with a neckline resting just under my cleavage.

I didn’t even notice him till I went to the bar to get a drink when he came up behind me. “Let me get that for you,” Rishi said with a confident grin. Slightly tanned, muscular but not totally ripped, and about half a foot taller than me (I’m 5’7), I quickly gave my first judgement and let him buy me the drink.

“I hope you know, this isn’t the first free drink I’ve gotten tonight,” I told him with an air of superiority as I didn’t want to let him know I was a tad attracted to him.

“I would be surprised if it is, but it’s definitely the first free drink that has got you engaged in a conversation,” was his quick reply.

I liked his wit and his confidence. There was an air of class about him. Typically, in such situations the guys hand reaches my butt, but Rishi was not like others.

We kept flirting and getting to know each other. I had forgotten about my friends and was with him for over an hour at the same spot, ordering drink after drink. Rishi had not yet tried to feel me up but his eyes were pouring deep into mine. He knew he didn’t need to rush things, he knew he had me.

As the call for the last drinks arrived, I walked out of the club with him, wondering whether he’d ask me to come home. He grabbed my hand and with his other hand he brushed my hair off my face as he looked at me. I thought he was about to kiss me, but he surprised me, “I really like you Ria. I want to take you out for a date. Cheesy as it sounds, Valentine’s Day seems perfect,” he told.

I doubt I blushed like that ever as I nodded. The night ended with him dropping me home.

That night, I could hardly sleep. I tossed and turned, drank water. But as soon as I closed my eyes, I could just see his well toned body. I couldn’t take it anymore. I went into the bathtub, stepped into the warm water and started parting my pussy lips.

My finger nails scraped and parted my pussy lips as the water gushed in to soothe it immediately. I slunk in further into the pool, resting my head at the edge of the tub as I began to moan and imagine Rishi gently playing with my pussy. My other hand massaged my breasts lightly as I kept moaning.

Less than half an hour into this, I was cumming like I never had while masturbating.

The next week just zipped by. I did manage to buy a nice black saree for our upcoming date. But I just couldn’t wait till the 14th.

Like a perfect gentleman, Rishi came to pick me up in his Land Rover at around 8. “You look absolutely stunning,” he said as I walked out of my house. My black saree had intricate work in silver, slightly translucent. I was wearing a halter neck blouse with it which showed off my cleavage as well as my back. He was dressed in a grey suit with a black shirt but open collar to sultangazi escort be a little casual.

He had reservations at one of the premier Italian restaurants in the city. “You know I haven’t been on a date since I was 21,” I told him as we waited for the food to arrive.

He chuckled, “Don’t tell me you are a virgin”. “Absolutely not. But you know how this city is. Dating is just too time consuming!” I said.

“Perhaps it’s time you slow down and enjoy things a bit more,” he told me.

I could understand what he meant. I had been used to getting sex when I wanted, how I wanted and with whomsoever I wanted it. To hold back was unnatural for me. It was a turn on, I had not felt before. Looking forward to the rewards of patience was the only thing on my mind.

While we were having dinner, I decided to be honest and tell him about how I have lived my life. To my surprise, he wasn’t bothered about it. Probably because he spent half his life in the UK, which I found out during dinner.

The food was sumptuous. But while we were finishing desert, my anticipation began to rise again.

It was almost surreal. The need to feel him inside me left me quite speechless on the drive back to my home. I felt he would think I am idiot.

But as we were approaching my house and parked his car, I felt I had lost him. I was wrong. As soon as I was turning to open the door, I felt his hand come around my waist. I turned to face him. We didn’t say a word as our lips approached each others almost as if they were magnetised.

I began to suck on his lower lip as I felt his grip around my waist tighten. My body was arching on his forearm as our lips locked with each others. He reclined the passenger chair to get a better leverage on top of me and began to peck away at my lips.

As he caressed my face, I moaned softly and pulled his face towards mine. We kept kissing while my hands played with his hair. He kissed every inch of my face and moved to lightly lick my earlobes as I bit my lips.

He began to kiss and nibble on my neck. I decided to let him take charge of the pace and let him do what he was doing as he kept pleasuring me.

He hadn’t yet touched my breasts or my pussy yet I was on fire. I was leaking juices making my panties drenched. I could smell my own sex which I bet he could too.

As we kissed again, he pulled up the passenger chair. I glanced at his crotch and a massive flagpole was there. “Aren’t you going to come up?” I asked. “Not on the first date!” he replied.

I was rather shocked but impressed. As I kissed him goodbye and went back up. My panties totally drenched, nipples so hard it hurt, I decided to masturbate that night as well.

As I went to sleep that night, I decided, two can play this game of tease!

We met again over the weekend. This time he asked me to come to his place. I knew what he had in mind. But he didn’t know my control.

Wearing a tiny denim skirt and a tank top, I went over to his place. After dinner which he cooked for us, we were watching Original Sin. During the movie, we began to kiss. But unlike last time, after the first few minutes of our lip lock, his hands began to cup my breasts.

I smiled to myself and kissed him back before biting his earlobe and telling him, “Tonight, its my rules.”

I arnavutköy escort climbed onto his lap and hiked up my skirt just enough for my panties to graze against his crotch.

As I kissed him and made my tongue play with his, I grinned slowly on his lap. His cock was stiffening up and began to poke against my panties. I began to kiss his neck and leave a love bite. By now his cock was well and truly hard. My feet pushed his shorts down so that his cock tip could feel the wet patch on my pussy.

It teased me as well. I wanted to just remove my panties and slide onto his cock. But I resisted. I took his shirt off and began to kiss his chest. My tongue would just flick his nipples a couple of times before I slid down kissing his body all along.

I made sure not to touch his cock as I kissed around it. His moans were turning into groans. He tried to guide his cock towards my mouth but I declined.

I kept kissing around his cock. Licking up his thighs all the way till his balls. His cock tip was more than glistening in the pre-cum. It was completely wet with the pre-cum.

I decided it was time. I got up gave him a kiss, pulled my skirt down and said, “The rest for next time.”

Rishi just laughed as winked at me while I stepped out of the door.

When I checked the phone after reaching home, I saw a message from him saying “After you left I masturbated. Don’t think I’ve cum so much ever!”

I was out of town travelling for a week next and he got busy with work too, but kept texting and sexting each other.

Finally, after two weeks, we got time to meet. He came over to my place. I wore the same dress that I wore when I first met him at the bar. Clearly he liked it.

After the first couple of drinks we began to make out on my couch. He grabbed my neck and began kissing down my neckline while his other hand began to undo the dress behind my back.

My hands guided his head towards my boobs. For the first time since he met me, he touched my naked breasts. My dress now dropped around my waist as I stood in front of him while he sat on the couch. His tongue circled my nipple before it got engulfed in his mouth. His hand softly pinching my other nipple.

I began to moan loudly as I held on to his head. He grabbed my ass, lifted me up, spun me around and thumped me on the couch, all while his mouth gorged on my nipples. My body arched in pleasure as I moaned louder.

He began to move lower as he tugged hard and got my dress over my ass curve and took it off. He went down and sniffed above my pussy. “Ahhhh that sweet smell which was in my car on Feb 14,” he said as his smelt my pussy blissfully.

With his thumb he began to rub the length of my pussy lips. As I tried to bring my hand back onto his head to guide it towards my pussy, he took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed my hands above my head.

I moaned and arched my body as he teased my pussy. Licking it ever so often but mostly kissing around it. My pussy kept producing juices which kept leaking and glistening his chin up.

Finally, his lips parted my pussy lips as his tongue darted into me. It was almost as if he was making out with my pussy.

I grabbed the material of the couch as I arched my body and moaned louder. This was incredible. We have teased başakşehir escort each other for almost a month now and I wanted him completely tonight. I didn’t think my pussy would ever dry up because of the amount of build up in the juices.

He finally got up and dropped his pants. He was as turned on as I was and his cock tip was glistening in pre-cum glory. “I don’t think you need condoms,” he said and without even waiting for my reply he entered my pussy with his cock. It slipped in easily despite its thickness and its length.

It was like a well oiled machine. His cock hit the depths of my pussy and my pussy lips clenched onto his cock. Our juices were providing tremendous lubrication as he began to raise the tempo.

Every nerve in my body seemed to be electrified as I felt his throbbing tool fuck my pussy. He bent down to undo my handcuffs and my hands immediately went to his back. My nails dug into his back and scratched it as I kept pulling him deeper and deeper. My pussy walls were getting stretched but still I kept getting wetter.

He picked me up and fucked me while carrying me before slamming me down on the couch again. This is when my body convulsed and as I hit my first orgasm. The warmth of the gushing juices triggered him off as he shot load after load deep into my pussy.

Both of us were far from done. We just looked at each other and trudged back into the bedroom while sharing a cigarette.

As we went onto the bed, I gave the smoke to him while I began to lick his cock. I loved the sweet and salty taste of our mixed juices on his cock. But I could feel life returning to his cock. I began to lick it and suck it back to life as I got into 69 with him. But I was surprised and impressed at what he was doing. While licking my pussy and inducing more juices, he spread it to my asshole.

Before too long, his cock was throbbing again. With me on my all fours, he came behind me and spread my butt cheeks as he aimed his cock for my butthole. He took a picture and showed me my butthole gleaming in my own pussy juices as his cocktip began to enter my ass. The pain was soon turning to pleasure as my mouth opened for a scream but was now letting out a loud moan.

He grabbed my waist for leverage as he kept pounding my ass. My butthole was now becoming comfortable to his cock as I raised up my body to rest my back against his chest. His hand cupped my breasts while pinching my nipples while his finger began to fuck my pussy.

It was as if his finger wanted to explore every inch of my pussy as I began to cum again resting on him.

He, however, didn’t stop. He made my me lick his fingers clean to taste my own juices as he turned me around and took himself out of my ass. He covered my tits in my juices before he proceeded to lick it clean and fuck my pussy again.

The warmth of my pussy engulfed his cock. I was in a different zone. A high no drug has given me. As we fucked away to another orgasm.

He had shot his load in me twice and this time he was exhausted. It was an hour or two to dawn before we showered and slept off naked.

Next morning he was spooning me. He woke up before me and his hands were playing with my pussy to wake me up. He kissed me and said. “I want all my mornings to be like this. Lets move in together.”

Less than a month later, sometime around May 2014, we moved in. For almost a year, we fucked like bunnies. But what probably started off as love had turned completely to lust. In December 2014, I got pregnant with his baby. But I didn’t tell him and had it aborted. Once he found out about it, we both agree the time to end whatever we had had come.

I am now single again and back on Literotica.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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