The Extra Health Test

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Philip Wales stands at the center of the VIP room. The beautiful view through the window – the grass, garden, lake and mountain far away – is so familiar to him. As one of the founders of this hospital, he had wandered most all the state before choosing this location. Originally, he built it for altruistic reasons and never dreamed he would depend on it for his health accreditation one day. Life is ironic. Now he has to accept the routine health test to maintain his power to the trustees. He enabled the rule that the president should ensure his health condition when he is 60+ to force the former president to abdicate. Then, 30 years later, at the age of 72, it’s his turn.

As a senior citizen, he is unusual. Perfectly fit, active mind, humorous personality, transparently endless energy, and sometimes-aroused sex drive. He is like a fire that no one knows when it would blaze up. Some younger trustees even died before him. The others can’t seem to wait longer. They always remind the ” King Wales” of his age and each of them want to replace him.

But he never gives in. He will control everything as long as possible. Mentally he sizes himself up. He is of 6’2″, 220 pounds, chest as thick as a bucket and copious grizzled chest hair. His hair is colored to black and gray carefully concealing the symptom of age and not to be too unnatural. He is stocky but not fat and has no belly. He does physical exercises everyday to keep fit. Between his tanned muscular legs hang his well-endowed genitals of at least 6″ when flaccid, cut with a thick head; it has made many women crazy. And it still works at times. Philip has the confidence to work for another sex hikayeleri 10 years. Long-term executive work gives him a stern look. He is dressed in a well-made white suit and an expensive shirt that wraps his chest muscle tightly. His stern lips and imperious mustache also make him statelier.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Wales. Welcome to the Heaven Hospital to have a routine health check. I am your personal consultant. I will lead you through the whole procedure. Please just relax and enjoy your tour.” A sweet sound interrupts Philip’s meditation. He turns around and finds a little sexy thing in front of him. A nurse, very young girl, is smiling at him. She is not very tall, only to his chest. At the first sight, Philip is almost shocked. She is beautiful, but maybe a little too…dizzying. She is dressed like any other nurse, white smock, white skirt, white headgear. She has blonde hair, twisted a bun at the back of her head. With big blue eyes, straight little nose and ruby lovely lips, she has the face of angel. But her clothes? Philip can’t help staring at her chest. The smock seems a bit too tight. It wraps her curvy flesh, only emphasizing how hot her body is. The at least C cup breasts seem likely to burst out in any minute. In fact the first upper button has been unbuttoned somehow. The strict old gentleman can have a peek of her pink brassieres from his angle. Her snow-white arms are exposed from the short sleeves. What is worse, the skirt she wears is inches shorter than normal, not even covering her knees, which makes her leggier. Philip suspects that if he sits down, he will definitely be able to see her thigh and her panties. porno hikayeleri

Philip considers himself open-minded, but he still get a surprise from seeing her. He cannot say a word but keeps moving his eyes over her body. How did the manager enlist this girl in this hospital? Undoubtedly she must be the little mistress of some big shot. She must be a slut. Old Mr. Wales guesses wrathfully. Such a young sexy thing, but she likely has lost her virginity to an old weak-and-wrinkled fart!

“Mr. Wales, please change into your robe. Then we can carry out our mission as soon as possible.” The girl passes a folded brown robe, still smiling. “Forgot to introduce myself. Sorry, sir. I’m Laura, a new nurse here.” The girl grins and her pearl-like teeth dizzy Philip again. The awaken old man takes the robe with hesitation, his eyes still resting on her breasts. He turns around reluctantly to change into the robe, forgetting to ask Laura to leave.

Laura smiles as the old stubborn man takes off his suit. She feels the intensity of his staring. She is used to all the harmless troubles from the old guys. When she was in the ward, there were some really old perverts. They stared at her body hungrily, never missing a chance to stroke her arms or squeeze her breasts “accidentally”. Some especially bold even showed their hard-on when she made their beds. Laura didn’t think the behavior disgusting. In fact just the contrary, she feels sympathy and somewhat interested. She knows the old men only want to deny their senescence. She can understand their motive of showing their capacity to comfort themselves. Sometime she even teases them seks hikayeleri on purpose. But after all, they are her patients. She will do nothing beyond her principle. She can stroke the old men’s chests, heads or legs, but will never think of further relationships.

“I am OK.” His voice is in deep throat and husky. God knows he is just trying to control himself. He is pleased for his temporary impotency for the first time. It would be embarrassing for an old man like him if he had an erection in front of a nurse. “When can we start?”

“Before we start the whole procedure, sir, I have a proposal. Will you agree to take one extra test? We are executing a survey plan about seniors’ sex ability. Do you agree to participate?” The sexy girl puts forward the fatal suggestion with an innocent grin while the old man is shocked almost to jump back. “A check on sex ability?” Philip suspects whether she knows her effect on these poor old geezers. Wondering what will happen next, he accepts the proposal. ” Well, I agree. The request from a girl is irresistible. But I am afraid you will be disappointed in my ability.” He tries to be gentle and soft.

“It’s so kind of you. We just want to carry out a survey in all the states. Whatever you have will be helpful to us. I am so grateful. Since the check is likely to affect the result of your routine test, I recommend you have it last.” Her statement is professional and innocent, being just opposite of her figure, which makes the condition more uncomfortable for old Mr. Wales. He wants to end such conversation as soon as possible. “It’s fair. Well, then let’s have the routine check now.” He presses especially stress on “now”.

“O.K. Follow me please.” Laura turns around and starts walking in the corridor. Seeing her small round butts swaying side to side at her back, Philip almost hisses out. God knows whether the hospital is heaven or hell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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