The Family Glory Hole Ch. 03

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The next day Erica felt John’s hand shake her awake. With groggy eyes she looked up at him already dressed. “You better tell Brandy, and Alice that we are not going to do anything tonight. Dad is coming home early and Mom took off tonight.”

Wiping her eyes while answering. “Shit.”

“Oh, and you overslept, I am leaving in a few so get your ass changed and ready in fifteen or you’re going to be late for school.”

Erica got up from bed and quickly changed. Not even paying attention to her brother watching her, she moved at a quick pace. Looking over her shoulder she had to make the comment of him watching. “You like looking at me?”

“Yeah, I do. I also have to hold back from jerking off tonight so I am ready for tomorrow with Brandy.”

Erica giggled and went back to getting ready. She knew it was going to be a rough day and figured she could finish in the car and in the bathroom at school.”

Driving to school she ignored her brother and focused on getting ready. She listened to how Mom was excited her father was home from a long haul. The truck he was supposed to take broke down and he would be home for almost a week. Erica was happy her father was home, but also disappointed their plans for the Glory Hole were shot.

Erica was quick to text her friends the bad news, and both sent emoji’s of sadness. Alice was quick to offer a replacement place, but it was some shady place and John would have to show himself. Brandy, and Erica were quick to dismiss it.

While at school Alice and Brandy had class together while Erica was by herself in another class. The day dragged on until Brandy and Erica had a lunch together. Alice was making up work and would miss this lunch period.

Brandy sat down and with a quick voice she ranted. “That bitch. Do you know what she did?”

Erica was just sitting down when Brandy was already animated and almost calling attention of others with her loud voice.

“Sit the fuck down, before we get separated,” Erica replied trying to keep her voice from being heard.

Brandy sat down and took a deep breath. “So we were in gym class, and Alice told me that she wants Rebecca to come next Friday since we are skipping this week. I said no, since it was just a three person thing. Alice then said that she already told Becca and that she was coming no matter what.”

Erica felt he heart beat fast knowing that Rebecca was a bitch, and that she had a tendency to blab her big mouth. “Fuck. I don’t want her in on this.”

“I said the same thing, and am pissed that Alice is doing this shit. I then swiped her phone at the end of the period to see what she said to Becca.”

Erica could not help but laugh knowing that Brandy was devious, but always had her back no matter what. Erica also never betrayed Brandy like others, and Brandy knew that Erica had plenty of chances in the past. “What did you find?”

“Fuck girl, it gets better. So Alice told Becca that it was her idea, and that you took the credit. Alice also said that it escalated into other things, and that she would not be disappointed.”

“What the fuck. I am so telling that bitch she is not invited. I don’t care if it’s the end of our friendship. I am tired of her shit.” Erica felt in her soul that Alice was a backstabber and that she could live without her in her life.

Brandy adjusted her body and then looked around before adjusting her voice to an almost whisper. “Don’t you worry girl, I got this. So Alice and I were playing around the other Friday and downloaded this app that tracks fertility. I know she used it to get into the mood. I found that Alice is fertile as shit on Friday.”

“Really? What about you? You had it twice, and know the last time was a lot,” Erica answered with a twinge of guilt. Not only did she fuck her own brother but he pushed enough of his cum deep inside of her to get the job done.

Brandy gave a sly smile, but was looking guilty when she did it. “Don’t be mad…I have been on the pill for awhile. It’s just the fetish of fear that I like.”

“You bitch,” Erica shot back, wondering if she was the only slut for allowing John to inseminate her.

“I know, I know. I just like the role-play aspect. But, seriously…I want to get even with Alice. I am going to tell her that I am taking it again, but this time he holds out until we tell him to.”

“So your saying that he cums in her, and we make sure to hold her like we did to you before?” Erica smiled as she thought about making Alice pay.

“Yep. We are going to make sure she gets it nice and deep too. Just adjust the time, and tell him who is going to get it and we are set.”

Erica saw Alice walk towards them, and motioned for her to sit down. Motioning to her also let Brandy know to stop talking about their plan. Alice sat down and they all exchanged pleasantries while Alice broke the news that she wanted her friend Rebecca to join in. Erica called her Becca, and she did knowing it bothered her.

Erica went through almost all etimesgut escort of the day until last period when she began to feel pain. She knew her cycle was close and confirmed this when she went to the bathroom. Erica was both relieved and upset she had her period. She decided on skipping out of activities for the day and just went home.

Erica got Brandy to drive her home, and when she pulled in she saw her father’s car. She knew he was coming home early and the sight of his car made any attempts at their nightly interlude impossible. Erica thanked Brandy for the ride, and they both smiled knowing their plan was set for the following Friday. Brandy was also keen on making sure her date with John was on for tomorrow too. Erica nodded her head as she read the text from her brother confirming it.

Walking in the door, she heard her parents making noise in the living room. It was followed by her mother’s voice. “Erica…is that you?”

Erica knew her parents were fucking and made sure to head upstairs as to not to disturb them or see something she really did not want to see. “Yeah! I felt ill and came home early. I am just going to lay down and sleep.”

Erica’s mother came into the hallway covering up with her shirt. Erica looked away as to not give her the idea she knew what was going on. “You ok?”

“It’s just my time. I will be fine,” Erica said as she walked up the stairs.

“I will bring you something in a bit.”

Erica made it to her room, and waited to hear her parents going at it. Instead she heard the TV turn on and her parents talking. She felt bad about interrupting her parent’s fuck session knowing that they did not get a chance to see each other that often.

Waking up, Erica felt like shit still and decided to read the text messages she got while asleep. The one that scared her was Becca sending her a text of what to expect. Erica decided on just sending her a link to a porn site on glory holes. She laughed knowing that this girl was so prim and proper and now is going to suck a dick like some dirty slut.

The following day Erica wondered what was going to happen with Brandy and her brother John. She knew Brandy continued to talk about it and John was not saying a word. Erica even walked in his room to talk with him only to find him nonresponsive to any conversations. He just smiled and said it would have to wait.

Erica decided to take it easy for the day and watch TV with her father on the couch. He was receptive for her needs and catered to her food cravings. Erica sat back and decided not to think about what was going to happen with her brother and her friend.

Sunday morning was stressful as Erica went the entire night without looking at her phone. She woke up to about a dozen missed calls and countless text messages. Erica could see that Brandy had been blowing up her phone from about midnight to five in the morning.

Reading the messages was like reading erotic literature. Brandy wrote almost extensively about how good it felt and how she came like a girl in heat. Erica just decided on calling her instead of reading the countless messages about her orgasms.

Brandy went on and on about how much John fucked her last night. Erica just laid on her bed listening to her friend recall events about how John bent her over and pounded her black ass like she was an animal. Brandy then dropped the bomb about asking for another Thursday interlude. Erica was quick to shoot her down saying that they had a deal.

Erica knew that Brandy would try again, but also knew that she would offer something up in return. Erica thought about what Brandy could give, and thought about the sexual desires she might want fulfilled by her. She decided to see what John thought about the whole thing with the date.

Erica walked to her brother’s room once she got off the phone with Brandy. She saw him still sleeping and under the covers. Not caring about his sleep she ripped the covers right off him to wake him up.

John turned quick to his sister. “Fuck, Erica! I was sleeping.”

Erica could see he was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. “So how was last night?”

“It was good. I might do it again if I need to get a quick fuck in.”

“Would you consider it a date or just a fuck?” Erica contemplated his answer and wondered real quick how far it would go between them.

“I might, but Brandy said it was just a fuck and nothing more. She insisted that I do not call her or mention anything about it unless she talks to me first.”

Erica knew her eyes were drifting towards his underwear. The bulge was obvious and she was almost contemplating seeing it. Before she asked to see it she realized she had a question to ask. “So you would do it again?”

Smiling wide, John almost bursting with his voice. “Yeah…it was fucking great.”

Erica wanted to ask if she was better than her friend but held back. She knew if she seemed too eager or even jealous this whole thing etimesgut escort bayan they had might end. It was an ending that might not settle everything either. To Erica everything was best left unsaid.

Erica wanted to feel his cock swell inside of her again but knew it could be habit forming. Knowing her body was not ready for him acted as both a blessing and painful curse at the moment, although a blowjob did not seem all too bad at the moment. Erica even imagined her brother asking for one too. For that split second she knew that she would say yes if offered.

She smiled and laughed but was disappointed John made no advances towards her or asked for anything. Erica felt a sudden sense of feeling less than, and not wanted. She walked out with a quick goodbye but still felt the tinge of loneliness.

Erica avoided John for the rest of the weekend as he had work, and she needed some time to collect her thoughts. She thought about what she was doing with her brother later when he was in the shower, but then felt like she wanted him to want her. Erica finally settled on the idea that if John wanted to fuck her or ask to give him head she would do it. Erica just convinced herself that she would not initiate it.

Although her parents were home, she spent a lot of time watching TV downstairs. It was not until Sunday night she thought about what her parents probably wanted to do. Knowing that her parents had not seen each other in a long time, she wondered how much sex time she wasted for them.

Erica quickly walked upstairs and announced to her parents that she was going to bed early. She hoped they got the point and would do what they needed to do. Erica even tried to listen to what they were doing and saying. After an hour of trying to listen she gave up when nothing good happened.

Monday was a drag, and Alice played nice, while Brandy said nothing. Brandy also texted Erica in the morning saying that she would not bring up what happened and to let her know what the plan was for Friday. Erica was quick to say yes to the plan and to give instructions later on during the week.

Tuesday and Wednesday seemed like nothing was weird and everything was normal between Erica, her friends, and John. Erica had little time with her brother as he worked after school, and Erica got a ride with either Brandy or Alice after practice.

Wednesday night Erica was home alone with her parents as her dad prepared to leave again for a long distance haul. He would be gone for a week, and that left Friday night open. Although his leaving was always kind of sad, it did give her a sense of joy knowing her plan was going to happen. With her body finally cooperating, Erica even had time to rub her pussy as it was neglected for a few days.

Erica texted Brandy, and Alice that Friday night was going to happen. Alice was quick to text back that Rebecca could not make it this week but would be there the following week.

Erica texted Brandy right after to tell her that she was going to adjust the time so Alice would have more of a chance to get her brother’s cum. She also said that John would be informed not to give so much notice as to when he was going to cum. Erica smiled as she even said she was going to give a hint to when to cum and when not to.

Brandy was quick to ask if everything was fine with John as he has not texted her back. Erica replied with question marks and a will ask. Erica figured John would avoid her, but Brandy was another story. She thought he might feel guilty fucking his sister, but Brandy was an easy fuck that held no wrongdoing behind it.

Erica decided that she needed to tell John what was going to happen on Friday, and to ask him if anything was wrong. She wanted to talk about things, but also did not want to come off upset or bitchy that he made no attempts at wanting her.

Knowing John worked late Wednesday made it almost impossible for her to talk with him. She knew that around nine he got off, but sometimes had to stay late. Her parents were not happy about this but signed off on it anyways. Erica just decided to wait until he got off to ask him.

Erica waited patiently but could not help herself as she gave into her own carnal desires and rubbed her pussy for all it could take. Her clit throbbed and throbbed and still Erica rubbed and fingered herself. It was like making up for the last few days and then some. She closed her eyes and just imagined her plunging fingers were John’s thick flesh beast claiming its territory.

With her body recovering for an explosive and messy orgasm, she heard her brother walk in the door. Her mother greeted him, and he was on his way up the stairs. Erica waited until he got to his room to approach him. Just as she was putting on her sweat pants, she heard the shower turn on. Erica once again was denied what she wanted the moment she wanted it.

Erica waited right by her door so that she could get to her brother the moment he walked into escort etimesgut his room. Just as she planned it, it happened. The bathroom door opened and Erica heard him walk to his room. Erica waited a few seconds before following him into his room and closing the door behind her.

John had just a towel covering his body, and the sight of his back muscles gave her a little twinge of pleasure knowing that they flex hard while he fucks. “I need to talk to you.”

John turned around and gave a look of surprise. “Here, now?” The moment his chest was revealed to her Erica felt almost weak. His waist was wrapped with a towel, but Erica knew what it hid.

Erica had to remind herself not to make any advances, but also knew that her wet pussy was ready to be fucked again and again. With a quick thought of getting her problems off her chest, she held back her desire for sex.

“Yes. I need to know what is wrong. You have not texted Brandy back, and I need to know what’s up. Are you still on for Friday?” As Erica finished her little rant, and felt more in control over her thoughts and body, the strong desire she had was now filled with a want for answers.

“Like you’re mad at me? I mean I just thought you might be upset with me and all for what happened.” John’s tone sounded like he was upset too.

Erica thought he was right. He could be feeling guilty about everything that happened. “I am sorry. I just thought you were mad at Brandy and me.”

“No…I thought you might be pissed at me for everything that happened. I did not think you intended to go as far as we did, and then the whole thing with Brandy too. I figured the Friday thing was over with too. I just did not want to bring it up with you and make you think I only wanted that.”

Erica smiled wide and big. “Oh my God. I really thought you were mad at me. I am so not mad at you and everything we did I loved. Look I still like what we have on Friday, and I regret nothing about what we did. Just to let you know too, that this Friday is a go.”

“So after everything that happened, you still want to continue?” John plainly stated as he looked deep into Erica’s eyes.

“Yeaaaah. I am wanting you to save up for Friday too, so no jerking off tomorrow,” Erica said with a small laugh.

With a smile, John answered back quickly, “Okay. I will hold off for tomorrow morning.”

“Good. I am happy we cleared the air.”

John reached for his towel and looked up at his sister. “You can go now. I am going to get dressed.”

With a confident tone, Erica shot back without concern, “So go get dressed. Not like I haven’t seen it before. I need to ask you something anyway.”

“Okay then,” John replied as he dropped the towel to the floor to reveal his manhood to his sister yet again. It was limp and hanging and yet still managed to get her full attention.

Erica almost stuttered as she saw her brother’s limp but yet large prick in front of her. “You like Brandy and all?”

Erica knew the answer but yet felt mesmerized by the sheer sight of John’s large phallus in front of her. It was soft yet still looked thick as it hung between his legs just eager for a mouth or pussy to fuck. In Erica’s mind it was just waiting and wanting to get hard.

“Are you still here to just look at my dick, or do you really want to ask me about what I did with Brandy?” John asked as he stood there wondering what his sister really wanted.

Erica looked up as if she got caught doing something bad. “Well, it’s just hanging there. I am sorry, but it just looks so enticing just limp like that.”

“Well, it’s going to stay that way cause you want me to wait until Friday,” John replied as he reached into his dresser.

“Well you can get off tonight. Just have enough for Friday.”

“Trust me I will have enough for Friday. So the plan is… I get off tonight and save up for Friday now?”

“Yeah, can you handle that?” Erica stopped short of asking if he wanted to fool around, but still knew it would not take much of an asking for her to say yes.

Putting his shirt on, John looked at Erica with a bothered look. “I can handle it and will. I just need you to leave so I can, or did you plan to watch?”

“Oh, you would let me watch?” Erica thought quickly that the offer to watch was just as erotic as watching him fuck Brandy that time, and she remembered getting off really good. To Erica this was the best idea ever. She did not have to ask nor did she put John in a position to feel guilty about fooling around with his sister.

“If you want to. I mean it’s just me jerking off,” John stated as he sat on his bed and moved up towards the headboard.

“Would you mind if I do the same then?”

“If you’re going to do the same, do you just want to fuck instead? I mean it’s no big deal if you don’t want to, I am just saying that we can both get off.”

Erica smiled wide. “It’s ok asking me. I mean we already fucked before, and I sucked your dick a bunch of times now. It’s no big deal.”

Erica sat right on the bed. Her heart was racing with pure adrenaline now as she thought about what was going to happen next. Hesitating before removing her clothes John walked over next to her. Erica stood up right in front of him and pulled down her sweat pants and panties in one motion.

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