The Fantasy Finally Comes True

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Note to readers: Hope you enjoy the story, and feel free to leave me any feedback. Happy reading to you all!

The fantasy finally comes true……or does it???

It all started with a fantasy I had about what I would like for you to do to me in order to please me.. I envision us sitting on the couch together having a drink. We begin to lightly touch each others hands; holding and caressing them, and then finally hugging and turning into sensual light kisses. Looking into each others eyes, kissing more deeply we both begin to get a bit more aroused. We lightly start to caress each other as you begin to kiss my neck just under my ear while my hand rubs your chest my breathing becomes heavier. You lick my neck all over the side and then licking and sucking along my throat as you feel my hands run down your stomach onto your legs.

I wish I knew how to make this fantasy actually come true.. I sit at the window, watching the cars go by on the busy street I live on, when I suddenly see your car drive into the parking lot of the apt building across from my place. I watch you as you get out of your car, and look around. I wonder if you by chance are looking to see if I happen to be outside, but then realize you are looking to see if your friend’s car had pulled in right behind you. We have never met face to face but have talked on the computer many times, and I have always thought it was kinda crazy that we never met. You told me right off where you lived, and I told you that you lived in the apt building right across the street from me. We laughed and joked around that if we were ever hot and bothered but had no one around to help us out we could always meet and take care of the feelings in need. As I watch you walk toward your apt. I go back to my daydream…

“HoHum” I say aloud as I think about your tongue running down to my cleavage, I can almost feel the wetness your tongue would leave when suddenly the phone rings…

“Hello?” ”Hello Terry?” I hear on the other end…. “Yes can I help you?” “Well I hope so, I was wondering if you wanted to go to a movie tonight?” Not realizing who was on the other end, I reply with “well I don’t even know who you are, so why would I want to go with you?” “This is Paul from across the street, (I think to myself as he finishes his sentence; yes the one whom I was just daydreaming about) and I thought it would be fun to finally get together. After all we have spent many nights together and have seen each other across the street dozens of times” “Yes as a matter of fact I just saw that you and your friend just drove up.” ”OH? I looked to see if you were outside so I could formally introduce myself but didn’t see you, I’m sorry” “Oh that’s ok… I was uhhhh coming in the apt as I saw you drive up” “Yes I would love to see a movie with you tonight” I say in a hurry hoping he wouldn’t ask anymore questions. I did not güvenilir bahis want to have to tell him I was sitting on my couch daydreaming about him. “That would be great shall we meet outside at 6pm?” “That would be great.. See you then.. Bye bye” “Bye”

I hang up the phone and stand there in complete surprise. Wondering to myself why did he decide now to ask me to a movie? Did he see me sitting in my window and know I was watching him? Naah there was no way he could have seen me sitting there. I decide that everything would be fine, and we would have the time of our lives tonight. I hoped that we could make some of what we have discussed for so long online come true. But how do I make it come true??? That was the questions…

I decide to pass by the time, I will get online.. Signing into my screen name, I begin chatting with a few friends.. I glance at the clock and realize its time to start getting ready. Then getting offline, I slide my shirt off, and start down the hall. I live alone so there are no worries about undressing as I go down the hall or not bringing clothes into the bathroom with me for after my shower. I turn the hot water on, then adjust the temperature by turning the cold water. Once it has reached the right temperature, I step in. My hair high on my head, I grab the washcloth. Lathering it up with soap and washing my body. Then just as I am letting my hair down, I hear something but not knowing what it could be I continue on with my shower.

You step in behind me, your hands slide along my back and I reach behind me realizing you are still fully dressed. I smile and lean against your chest whispering “shouldn’t you be undressed to take a shower?” I then feel your hands move along my sides around to my front, and down to my pussy. My hand follows yours and begins to play with myself as I lean against you. My right hand between my legs playing with my clit; my left gently rubbing my nipple, as I move from one to the other; my fingers teasing and playing with each one simultaneously. This continues until it finally brings me to such an orgasm that I scream out your name, and drop to the floor of the shower. As I sit on the floor, the hot water beating down on my body, I realize I am alone and know that this was once again one of my daydreams about you. I finish up in the shower and quickly move to my bedroom where I decide what to wear tonight.

After getting dressed and doing my make up just right, I glance at the clock… 558pm… Only 2 more minutes and I will be finally meeting you and we can see if everything we have talked about could possibly become reality. I put my shoes on and walk out the door just as the clock strikes 60’clock.

Meeting in the street, I reach over and give you a big hug, saying “It is so nice to finally meet you.” Returning my hug you also bend down and give me a gentle kiss, taking my türkçe bahis hand and we walk over to your car. As you drive my hand moves along your thigh. Sliding it slowly up and down, then along your inner thigh.. You feel me rubbing your throbbing and growing cock. “Someone is thinking about me, isn’t he?” I say… All you can do is glance over at me and smile. I smile back and we continue on our way to the movie.. After we get to the movies, and take our seats you ask me “would you like to see if we can make one of our conversations come true?”

“I would like that very much”

“Ok after the movie we will go back to my place and see what we can come up with”

The whole while I was watching the movie my mind was wandering…. I thought about your tongue moving down my cleavage, as I feel the wetness left behind little goose bumps come out of nowhere. You glance at me to make sure everything is fine, and I squeeze your hand to let you know everything is wonderful… Once again you feel me rubbing your cock. It is growing to its full size, causing your pants to become very tight. You take my shirt off and begin sucking my nipple through my bra. Slowly opening your zipper and reaching in to grab a hold of your manhood I start sliding my hand up and down your full length. Your hand moves around my back and undoes the snaps of my bra, sliding it off allowing myself to fall from the confines, your lick slowly over both of my supple breasts. You take one nipple at a time into your mouth sucking and licking slowly, then nipping them with your teeth. Your hands run down to my legs, caressing my thighs as I open them up for you and leaning back in my chair. I am not wearing panties under my skirt so you can actually feel how wet I really am as your hand slides freely over my pussy lips. You begin to rub my pussy and clit with your fingers, then sliding down in front of me on your knees on the floor while I lay back in the chair in front of you. You begin to kiss and lick my inner thighs while rubbing my legs all the way from my feet to my pussy. Opening my legs wide with your hands you run your tongue up to my clit and begin licking it, sucking gently with me watching every move you make.

Now having tasted some of my hot sweet juices you want so much more of it in your mouth… You begin plunging your tongue deep into my silky soaking wet sweet bare pussy, sucking the juice from me. Opening my swollen lips and putting your mouth inside me sucking and tongue fucking me intensely. As I become closer to orgasm you take my clit back into your hot mouth and suck on it hard. Then sliding two fingers into me and fucking my pussy hard and fast with your fingers. Continuing to suck on my clit until I scream with pleasure Cumming hard all over your fingers and hand. You become so aroused by this you shoot a load of hot cum up from the floor all over my legs, then güvenilir bahis siteleri beginning to rub it into my soft skin as you try to prolong our orgasms still fingering me and sucking on my lips.

Now that I feel all your hot cum has been released to me you get up, your face and mouth soaked with my hot juice, kissing me intensely and deeply feeding me the juices from my mouth. I enjoy this immensely that I begin to lick all the hot juice from your face. You take my hands and put two fingers into my pussy. We both watch as I finger fuck my sweet soaked pussy. You slide me off the chair, and lay me flat on the floor. Kneeling over me I watch the smile emerge across your face as I continue to fuck myself with my fingers. I bring myself to another wonderful orgasm, Cumming all over my own fingers, then sliding my fingers in your mouth allowing you to lick all my juices from them.

You stand up, helping me to sit up in front of you, and you place your cock right on my lips, then begin rubbing the head back and forth across my lips then my entire face. You gently hold my head with your hands, tilted to the side, my mouth open, sliding my mouth over your cock; you begin to fuck my mouth with the front of your shaft. Up and down watching me enjoy the sweet taste of your cock from the head to your balls. Then moving my head upright you slide yourself into my mouth and begin stroking it deeper and deeper as I take control of it by my hands and mouth, sucking you intensely. Taking you deeply, you can feel the moans from my throat on your hard cock. Cupping and squeezing your hot balls, sucking you up and down as you caress my head. Taking your cock all the way from the tip to my lips touching your balls; allowing myself to adjust to having you down my throat, playing with your balls as my throat muscles relax around your hardness. You play with my hair, moaning, and telling me how nice it feels to feel the back of my throat with your cock.

Releasing your cock from my throat, I suck some more, up and down, taking you deep then moving to the tip and teasing with my tongue. I continue doing this until you shoot a hot load of sticky sweet cum deep into my mouth as you watch me swallow every drop. I continue to suck on you, keeping you hard for me. Looking up at you, sweat and cum dripping from my face, I moan quietly and pull you down to lay you next to me. Rolling over, and giving your lips a gentle kiss, I say… “We really should have met a long time ago, just imagine all the fun we could have had”

“Terry??? Did you fall asleep??”

“Uhhhh no, I’m sorry is it over?”

“Yes you ready to go to my house?”

I smile at you and tell you, “I think I have already been there but sure” and I take your hand as we walk out and get in the car.. After we have driven for a few blocks you glance over at me and ask… “What did you mean you think you have already been there?”

“Oh nothing lets go have some fun… “And we pull into your parking lot, walking into your apt, and I think to myself, must have just been a dream…. I still have it coming, now that is my kind of dream!

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