The Farmer’s Wife

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We grew up on a farm in northern Montana. My father, Alex Johnson, was a big, hard working man. My mother, Elise was a small, tough woman. She bore my father two children, me, Andy and my younger sister, Elsa. Life on the farm was hard, but we all just loved it. We were so far from town that Elsa and I were home schooled. We seldom saw anyone outside the family and when we did, it was usually a farm hand from a distance.

Dad told me that he and ma wanted more kids, but she was too frail for that kind of labor again. So just the four of us ran the farm year round with summer and fall help coming from town.

We had no television, no telephone no computer. We listened to the radio on rare occasions. The world seemed far away from us. We didn’t want for entertainment, however. We had a pond to swim in, a river to fish in and thousands of acres to hunt. Elsa and I knew that we would take over the farm eventually when dad and mom got too old to handle it. We learned every aspect of farming in the far north. Life was good.

In the fall after my nineteenth birthday, mom got sick and died. It just broke dad’s heart. We buried her in the little private cemetery on a hill, which was common in those days on farms. My grandparents were also resting there.

I don’t think dad ever really recovered from losing mom. I know I haven’t and Elsa misses her a lot too.

Elsa and I had never had any other children to play with so we became very close during the time we were growing up. We argued, as children will do, but for the most part, we stuck together. As it turned out, our close relationship helped us through the very trying times that were ahead.

When I was twenty two and Elsa was twenty, dad died. I have always believed that he died of a broken heart. His last word to me were, “Bury me next to your mother and always take care of Elsa.”

We buried him right beside mom. Now there were only two of us. Elsa cried for most of a month. When she finally dried her tears, I had a talk with her.

“Elsa, you know that mom and dad loved us very much and would never do anything to harm us, don’t you?”

“Yes, of course, Andy.”

“Dad left us the farm. We’ve got to go into town and register his death and transfer the deed to us.”

The next week we went into town to see the lawyer. We told him what had happened. “I’ll take care of the registration and the deed transfers. Your father left me a private paper to be opened on his death. I don’t know what is in it, but he told me to guard it with my life, so it must be something very important to him. He wanted you to wait until you were home to open it.”

I took the small box containing the papers and something else that rattled. “Thank you, sir, we’ll be in touch.” I told him.

“One more thing,” the lawyer said, “he told me that if you wanted to sell the farm, it would be alright with him.”

I never suspected that dad had ever thought about selling the farm, but I knew now it was something to discuss with Elsa when we got home. We got in the truck and drove the forty five miles back to the farm.

When we went in the house, Elsa sat on the sofa while I fiddled around with the box. “Do you think we should open it right now?” I asked.

“I think so, daddy wouldn’t wait and neither should we.”

I sat the box on the coffee table and opened it. Inside were some papers and a ring box. Elsa opened the box. “Oh my, these are mama’s wedding rings!” she exclaimed.

I picked up the papers. The first few were some titles to the farm equipment. Then there etimesgut escort was a letter from dad. It was the letter that changed our lives.

Dear children, You are reading this now because I have passed on. I want you to know that your mother and I always cherished and loved you very much. We would never do anything to hurt you. Now, I must tell you some things that will surprise you. As you read them, keep in mind that you are adults and you can do as you please. I am providing you with my wishes and some important information. First, I would prefer that you don’t sell the farm. You can, if you want, It is worth around four million dollars. Second, the lawyer can provide you with all the papers necessary to keep you safe from the outside world. Third, I have included your mother’s rings because my hope is that you will marry your sister. I feel this is the only way to keep the farm strictly in the family. If you decide not to marry, please bury the rings in your mother’s grave and sell the farm. I would rather strangers have it all than share it with you. I know that this is a shock to both of you, but that’s the way it is. Last, you should know that your mother was much more than my wife, she was also my cousin. This information is shared only by the lawyer. The papers to arrange your marriage are in his office, so if you decide to marry, go see him. Please don’t share this information with anyone. We have kept this secret and kept you isolated for many years to protect us from society’s rules and to save you embarrassment. Love, daddy.

I was absolutely stunned. Elsa’s mouth was open. We stared at each other not knowing what to do. Elsa turned the rings over and over in her hands. The letter from dad was clutched tightly in my fist.

Elsa looked at me with big, trusting eyes. “What should we do?”

“I don’t know, Elsa, this will require some deep thought.”

Two weeks went by as Elsa and I discussed our mutual problem. It was late fall. The hired hands had been laid off. The weather was cold and getting colder. Finally, Elsa said, “We’ve got to make some decisions. We can’t let this problem stay with us all winter.”

“Okay, first things first,” I said. “I don’t want to sell the farm. I know it would bring us wealth on a scale we’re not used to, but I want to keep it in the family.”

“Okay,” agreed Elsa, “but that brings us to the next question. What family?”

“I have thought this over and over. The only family I know and love is you,” I replied.

“I came to the same conclusion. Let’s marry each other!”

So Elsa and I went to see the lawyer again. Dad had legally changed Elsa’s name years before. The lawyer took us to a justice of the peace along with the appropriate paperwork and we were married without incident or suspicion. I slipped the rings on her finger as we swore our allegiance before the judge.

When we got home, Elsa ran up the steps and waited for me at the door.

“Well, get inside,” I ordered.

“Nope, you’ve got to carry me across the threshold.”

I scooped her up and carried her inside. When I stood her on the floor she pulled my lips down to hers and kissed me hard. I kissed her back, but I don’t think I did a very good job of it. On the other hand, I had no experience.

“We’ve got to move our stuff,” she declared.

“What stuff? From where to where?” I asked.

“Our personal stuff from our bedrooms into the master bedroom. You are the master of this farm now, so we have to sleep in the master bedroom.”

“Okay,” etimesgut escort bayan I agreed. Then it dawned on me. I was going to sleep with my sister, my wife. I had never had a chance to bed a woman. I didn’t know any women, only my new wife. “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” I asked.

“Of course I am. Don’t you remember the part about “family? We can’t start a family unless we’re together. Don’t be a prude.”

“It’s just that I’m not too sure exactly what to do. I had the talk with dad and I’ve seen the farm animals but I have no experience at all.”

“Do you think I have experience? I had the talk with mom, but I’m not sure either. I think both of us are just scared. Let’s get to moving!”

We spent the afternoon rearranging the house. Elsa prepared supper while I cut wood for the fire. By the time supper was over, it was already dark.

“Start the hot water,” Elsa ordered. “We’ll take out first shower together.”

I stoked the water heater and we sat in the front room waiting for the water to heat. She curled up next to me and smiled up at my face. I put my arm around her and gave her a little squeeze. “Kiss me!” she giggled

“Yes maam.”

I bent to her lips and pressed mine against hers. Her tongue snaked out and licked my lips. I touched her tongue with my tongue. Her mouth opened and I put as much of my tongue in her as I could. She sucked on it. I almost orgasmed right then. I had not even suspected that people did that to each other. “Where did you learn that?” I asked as we broke the kiss.

“Mama had some Harlequin novels. I read those novels all the time and they are always talking about tongue kissing so I thought I’d try it out. How was it?”

“Outstanding! I want to do it some more!”

I leaned into her and kissed her again. This time I was prepared for the deep kiss. I sucked on her tongue and she moaned sexily into my mouth. I tasted her saliva. It was better than mine.

The heater alarm went off. “Now’s the time,” I said. I took her hand and led her to our bedroom.

I started taking her clothes off. I had never seen a woman naked, not even in pictures. As I peeled off the layers of clothing, my eyes widened at each revelation. Finally she had on only her bra and panties. I could see her nipples through the thin bra. I could see her dark hairs through her sheer panties. I felt my cock get stone hard.

She unbuttoned my shirt and peeled it back. My t-shirt was next. She knelt before me and unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans and pulled the whole mass to the floor. Her smooth hands pulled my boxers off and she stared at my cock.

I stood her up and removed her bra. Then I slid her panties off. “Suck my nipples,” she begged.

I lifted her nude body up to my level and engulfed one of her little tits into my mouth. I could feel the heat and wetness from her pussy rubbing against my belly, trapping my hardon between us.

I carried her to the shower. When the water hit her back she let got of me and turned around. I soaped her back with nervous hands. I washed her armpits and her butt. My fingers slid in between her cheeks as I washed her ass.

“Turn around,” I whispered.

As she spun, I rubbed her tits and her belly. She moaned when I washed her pussy. I dropped to my knees for a closer look. It was beautiful. I had never seen a pussy, but I knew that this was what I wanted. I licked it and she jerked.

“What are you doing?” she moaned.

“I’m licking your pussy. It tastes good. I may have it for escort etimesgut dessert!”

She giggled while I washed her legs. They were small and tapered. Her feet were tiny and delicate, unlike my large, clunky ones. I washed them too.

“My turn,” she chirped.

I felt her hands gliding over my back, rubbing hard. It was great. The last person to wash my back was mom and I was five at the time. I didn’t recall it feeling this good. She soaped my legs and slid her hand up between my ass cheeks, washing my pucker hole thoroughly.

“Turn around,” she ordered.

She washed my legs and then went to my chest. She rubbed my nipples, sending little forbidden messages to my cock. She gently soaped my balls and put her fingers around my hard cock. She started jacking it. She rinsed it off and then wrapped her lips around the head and sucked hard.

“What re you doing?” I gasped.

“Leave me alone! I’m sucking your cock!”

“If you keep that up, there won’t be any baby tonight,” I remarked.

She dropped it. “Time to dry off,” she said cheerfully.

We got out of the shower and I shut off the boiler. We dried each other completely. I was having loads of fun. She was smiling, so I guess she was enjoying it too.

Flipping the towels over the rack, she exclaimed, “And so to bed.”

We walked naked, hand in hand to the bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and she stood between my knees. I buried my face in her chest and licked her small tits. Her hands held the back of my head, pressing my face into her. I popped a nipple into my mouth and sucked hard on it.

She jumped on me, knocking me onto my back. She grabbed my flailing cock and sucked the head into her mouth. I spun around and engulfed her dampening pussy in my mouth. Her hips started thrashing wildly. She screamed the arrival of her orgasm.

I rolled her over and she spread her legs for me. She nodded her head and I knew it was the moment of truth. I tried to stick it in her, but I couldn’t find it. Finally she grabbed it and guided me into her. I felt her cherry pop as I slid into her.

“Oooowwww!” she exclaimed. I stopped. “Don’t stop! It’s not killing me, it just hurts a little!”

I drove my eight inches all the way into her. I let her rest until she started moving. I started a long, slow rhythm using my entire length. I had not suspected that anything could ever feel this good. Heaven must be like this, I thought as I commanded her pussy.

“Do it faster, Andy, faster, faster, faster!”

I picked up the stroking. The faster I went, the faster she wanted it. Soon I thought I resembled one of those bunnies fucking. My cock was getting harder and starting to swell up. “Oh, god!! I’m cumming!” she shrieked.

“I’m gonna squirt it into you!”

“Do it now,” she cried as her pussy milked my cock. Her hungry cunt sucked every drop of cum from me.

I fell beside her, exhausted. She was sweating and panting. So was I. I licked her body, tasting her sexual sweat. I sucked on her armpits as she writhed to my tender attentions. Finally, I kissed her open mouth and let my saliva run onto her waiting tongue. We had, indeed, become one.

“I wonder if mama ever felt like this,” she commented.

“I hope so. Anyone who is this close to their life love deserves to feel this way. I want to feel this way again as soon as I can.”

“I’ll have to suck you off. My pussy is too sore. I’ll have to wait until it calms down.”

“Okay, I certainly don’t want to hurt you. I suspect there are all kinds of things we can do to each other.”

“It’ll be fun experimenting, don’t you think?”

“Yes, Elsa, everything will be fun with you.”

“If only dad had told us about this, we could have been screwing each other to death for years,” she said with a hint of regret.

“We have a chance to make up for it now.”

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