The First Time

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We are sat on the couch. I am leaning into your arm and Morisette is sleeping on my lap. Your hand plays along my neck. You kiss my forehead. I look up at you and smile. Slowly you lower your head and your lips meet mine. The kiss is sweet and breathtaking. Your hand comes up to my face and I let my hand wonder over your chest. Slowly you move your hand over my face, down my arm and to my side. You pull me closer to you. I turn and Morisette jumps up.

I have waited so long to be close to you. I want to feel you against my body. Want to taste your skin. I move up and straddle your lap. You can feel the heat of my body through the clothes. A slight moan escapes you as I sit down in your lap. Your hands stroke along my sides and rest on my ass. I start unbuttoning your shirt.

My lips never leaving yours. Our kiss getting hungry. The need of the past month in it. My fingers touch your bare chest and I shudder. You feel so warm and good. Every touch we make is sensual and new. You tug at the bottom of my sweater and I reluctantly let your lips go. I lean back a little and you pull my sweater off. Your breath gets heavier as you see the black lace bra against my white skin. You pull me closer and place little kisses on my breasts. I can feel your lips through the fabric and sigh.

I want you so much, but want our first time to be special. I don’t want to rush into things. My mind is racing as I try to regain my control. Your hands on my back, stroking my skin. I let my hands go up to your head, tilt your head up so canlı bahis şirketleri my lips can meet yours again. My tongue plays along your lower lip. I suck your tongue into my mouth and let my tongue play with it. My body is pressed up to yours. Parts of our skin touching. I start licking and nibbling along your neck. I move back into your lap and lick along your chest. My teeth gently on your nipples.

My hands moving over your skin all the time. I kiss you again and stand up at the same time. My knee goes between your legs and I push them apart. I move in closer. Standing between your legs. My lips go back down to your chest. I drop to my knees and lick lower across your tummy. My hands open your button and zipper. I can see the hard bulge hiding in the trousers, as my tongue continues playing across your skin I let a hand slide into your trousers.

You moan out as my fingers wrap around your hard cock. I push your pants down lower and let my tongue dash across your cockhead. I start teasing you. Your head drops back and I can hear you growling and moaning out with each touch I make. I move back and tell you to undress for me. You slip out of your pants and boxers, throwing them aside.

My hands run up your inner thigh and under your balls as my face comes closer again. My hand encloses your cock at the base and I slowly suck it into my mouth. Inch by inch you slide deeper into my waiting mouth. My tongue playing along your hard shaft. Your hands come to the sides of my face to hold me and caress me as canlı kaçak iddaa I let your cock slide in and out of my mouth. I look up to see you lost in another world. Your eyes are closed and your head falls back.

My hand starts playing with your balls as I suck your rock hard cock into my mouth again and again. I can feel you shaking under my touch.

“Oh God Baby. Please!” you moan out, “I can’t handle this long.”. I know what you mean and as I don’t want you to come already I stop. Your cock slides out of my mouth and I give it one last lick across the head, before I start kissing my way back up your tummy and chest.

I stand up between your legs and straddle your lap again. I can feel your hard cock against my ass. My lips meet yours again and I start grinding down on your cock. The skirt is pushed aside and the only thing between you and me are my panties. You can feel how wet my panties are on your skin. I reach between us and push the fabric aside.

Slowly I move up and your cock stands up straight. I let my fingers grab it and earn a little moan from you for it. My body comes lower and you feel my heat on your cock. I slide the head through my wet pussy. I have to control myself not to just sit down and let you ram up into me. Again and again. I tell myself to go slow, as I start going down on your hard shaft.

Your hardness parts my pussy and I arch my back. Your hands go to my hips, guide me. You start pushing up. Yearning to be inside me. With one hard thrust you push your cock deep into me canlı kaçak bahis and both of us growl out. Your hands grab me by the hips harder and you hold me down on your cock, not wanting me to move. We stay that way for a few minutes and then you lighten your grip on me.

I start moving my hips, grinding down on your cock. You push up into me, the heat and wetness and tightness on your cock. My muscles play with you. Hold you tight and then release you again. One of your hands goes into the back of my neck and grabs a handful of hair. You pull my head back and start licking and biting at my neck.

I hear you mumble, “You drive me crazy Baby” into my neckline. I start moving faster, riding your cock. My nails lightly on your skin. You push my face down to yours and hungrily kiss me. Our movements get faster. Little sweatpearls are forming on our bodies. You feel so good in me. My breath is heavy and moans keep escaping me. I arch my back, my head drops back and I claw into your shoulders.

“Baby…please…oh God…sit still…I can’t take this…” you moan out. I can’t and don’t want to stop. My body is screaming for pleasure. I can feel my own orgasm rising in me. I push down harder on your cock, ramming it deep into my wet pussy. My juices are running along your cock and balls. I can hear a growl growing in your throat. Your hands claw into my ass and you thrust up in a powerful move. I release my orgasm just as you start coming.

Your moans and my screams mix just as our cum does. It seems like hours till my shudders stop and my mind clears again. I drop forward against your chest, breathing heavy. I can hear your heart race. You hug me close to you. I can still feel you pulsating in me. Your fingers play along my spine.

“I love you,” I mumble…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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