The First Time I Cheated

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The first time I cheated on my husband it didn’t work out like I had imagined. This wasn’t something I had planned, I didn’t even know the guy, it just happened.

I was at work one very hot late summer afternoon, waiting to get off work when the boss’s wife asked me to stay for a UPS delivery that we’d been waiting for all day. The install crew was leaving on an out of town job at 4:00 AM and needed the hardware that was now over due to complete the job in one day. An extra trip back could eat up most of the profit on a job like this so getting that package was important.

Janet came up to me at quarter to five.

“Mandy,” she said as she approached my desk from behind. “We need you to stay for that package. I’ve been tracking it and it should be here soon. Ups usually delivers by now so I called the regional office and they said it was on its way, just running a little late. We need you to receive the package and leave it on Tony’s desk before you leave. You’ll get paid for the overtime of course.”

How could I refuse?

By 5:15 the crew was all gone and Steve and Janet left soon after. I had my work completed, and had nothing to do but wait. But the AC was working and I was getting paid overtime so I wasn’t complaining. As I sat there day dreaming I remembered a recent sailing adventure with some new friends that had a very happy ending. I opened a file of personal pics I down-loaded from my phone and put them up on the screen as a little slide show.

The pics were of a little vacation we took about a month earlier. My husband and I chartered a boat in Southern California with a young couple we’d met day-sailing. They had asked about nude sailing and Bob suggested Santa Cruz Island.

I’d taken some random shots of us sailing naked and so had Bob, just a few but enough that we had one or two of each of us with absolutely no clothes on. Nothing erotic of course. No one bothered to take any when we were all going at it. That’s a good thing. I’ve never liked people taking my picture, certainly not if I’m naked.

I was just sitting there watching the pics roll by, remembering having John cum on my tits. Later that evening the two of them and the two of us had great sex with our own partners, and then the next morning I got a little out of hand and sucked John, right there in from of my husband while he was banging Jamie. I remembered when…

All of a sudden there was a loud knock. I was startled but quickly regained my composure and went to unlock the front door. It was UPS, finally, but not our usual driver. This guy was fairly tall, hard bodied with a large square jaw and acne scars around his prominent cheekbones. He looked hard, rough and handsome. The kind of guy my mom warned me about.

I was expecting to take the package, sign the pad and be done with it.

“Would it be alright if I came in out of this heat while I finish my notes,” he asked.

Of course I let him in. I took the package, signed and it was all good, right?

“Are you new,” I asked.

“Not really. I’m just subbing for Billy. He’s taking a couple days off. His wife went into labor this morning.”

“Oh. Well congrats to them,” I offered.

He seemed a little ill at ease and then asked. “Could I please use your restroom?”

“Sure, No problem. Right around the corner here, first door on the left.”

I took the package and took it to Tony’s desk and wrote a little note. I was returning to my desk when I saw him standing at the corner staring at the monitor. I’d forgotten to turn off the pics and he was just standing there enjoying the show. I ran to the desk, tried to reach over to close window but he stopped me.

“Is that you?” He asked, nodding at the image on the screen.

“You’re not supposed to be seeing this,” I stammered.

I grabbed the mouse but hesitated because the next pic was my favorite. Jamie took it from the bow of the boat with the sunset behind her coloring the clouds orange and pink with a rosy glow on our three naked bodies. I was in the middle Tuzla Escort with Bob on my right, his arm around my shoulders, and John on my left with his arm around my waist. I was turned slightly to my left showing some nice side boob, my right arm around Bob’s waist and my left hand holding John’s cock.

I closed the slide show.

I didn’t know what to say. I was embarrassed and my face was hot.

“Looks like fun. I wish I could have been there.”

“I think you should go now.”

“No, not yet,” he said. I want to see those tits.”

“You just saw the pictures, what more do you want?”

“I want to see you take off your top and show me your tits.”

“No! I’m not going to do that. But, but I’ve always been fascinated, fascinated with your, uh, UPS uniforms, especially your summer set with the short pants. I tell you what. If you’ll take off your shirt I’d like to try it on.”

I don’t know why I even said that. Yes I do have a thing for those sexy summer uniforms they wear, and I was horney as hell after watching my little slide show and recalling all the fun we had, but I knew I was setting myself up for trouble.

“OK, I’ll take off my shirt while you take off yours,” he said.

I had a cute little pull over vee neck tee with a pink lace fringe at the neck and sleeves over a lace topped blush colored bra that partly showed my areolas and nipples. Janet had told me that it was ok to expose a little as most of our cliental were male construction contractors. If they liked what they saw they usually came back for more. She was heavy chested herself and somewhat older than me but when she was in the mood she would bend over at her desk or table letting the guys have a good look.

As he was unbuttoning his shirt I grabbed mine by the hem and pulled it up over my head.

“Now take off the bra,” he said.


“Because I told you to. You can take it off or I will take it off for you. I took my shirt off, now it’s your turn.”

“Ok, I said, wondering why I was going along with this, “but I’m going to turn around facing away from you.”

I abruptly turned, positioning myself so that the windows, now shaded in the late afternoon, acted like mirrors.

“Ok,” I said, “you can undo my bra.”

I pulled it off from the front and draped it over the computer monitor. I made sure to wiggle a bit while putting on his shirt and then started to button up, still facing away.

“Turn around.”

When I hadn’t made a move or sound for a second he grabbed my shoulders and turned me around so fast I almost lost my balance. He stared down at my tits hanging out of his unbuttoned shirt. My nipples were getting hard

“Nice rack. I bet you do a hell of a tit fuck.”

He reached into his back pocket and brought out his phone.

“No! No pictures. No fucking way.”

“Here,” he said, “put on my hat, and my sunglasses, No one will know it’s you.”

“No!” I was getting desperate. I thought I could keep thing under control.

“Tuck your hair up under the hat and put on my shades.”

I did as I was told.

“I’m just going to take a few shots, just for myself. I wouldn’t share anything. Now button up the shirt so I can get one of you looking like a real UPS driver.

He took a couple shots as I was buttoning up, then one of me smiling like a friendly delivery person. Then he had me unbutton again, slowly as he took a few more. I tried to keep the hat down low and hide my face as much as I could but wasn’t sure how well that worked out.

He backed up a few paces and said he wanted to take a shot of me in full summer uniform, including shorts, but I still had my skirt on.

“You’ll have to ditch the skirt, baby. Take it off now or I’ll have to rip it off.”

“Please. I’ve had enough. Stop. Let me get dressed.”

“I don’t think so, babe. I’m not going to hurt you. I only want to take a shot with the full uniform on. OK?”

I slipped out of my skirt and he took off his shorts. He had Gebze Escort some orange and white camo patterned boxers on. I had on an old favorite pair of panties; black peekaboo bikini cut. I was checking out his rising cock when he said, “the panties too.”

“No! No! This has gone far enough. Stop it right now.”

I was furious, and powerless. I grabbed my panties at the hips, my fingers clutching the frail hem. His left hand shot around to my butt, I could feel his thumb go down my butt crack. His right hand went for my front. He pulled his hands apart and my panties were torn in two. I held a loose piece of elastic in one hand, a small piece of fabric in the other.

He stood up, stepped back and started taking pics again.

I turned around and struggled to get into his pants. I couldn’t get his pants fastened. My hips are bigger than his.

“Nice shot of your booty, Babe.”

“Fuck you,” I said. “Take your damned pics and let’s get this thing over with.”

He had me face the camera with the shirt tails covering the open front of his pants, then had me pull the shirt tails out to the side, exposing the top of my bush. He had me unbutton yet again as he took more pics.

There was a pause and I thought we were done. I was about to go for my skirt and shirt when he stopped me. He stepped up to me at arm’s length looked into my eyes with a matter of fact look and said, “Down on your knees, bitch.”

Oh My God, I thought. This has gone way too far. It’s gotten out of control and I can’t do a thing about it. I didn’t like the way things were going.

He started to move at me so I went down. I pulled his boxers down. He was already hard. He was about as big as John but circumcised and his staff was thicker. He was bigger than my husband on both counts.

I got his boxers down then went back up for his meat. I was licking his cock head and my lips, trying to get my mouth around it when he just shoved the thing in. He shoved it all the way back, balls deep and as big around as I could have imagined. It’s either a good thing I’d been practicing on my deep throat skills or maybe just getting the damned thing down before I gagged helped. Maybe both. Any way, he just started fucking my throat, only letting me up for air now and then, spit, slobber and precum stringing from my open mouth.

When I thought he was going to cum he backed off.

“Now take off my shorts and shirt, in that order.”

“Why do I have to get naked?” I was crying.

“You can’t put your own clothes back on until you out of mine.”

Of course he took more pics as I took off his shorts, he even had me spread my legs for him so he could take a close up of my pussy. Then I took off his shirt and I was about to go for my clothes again when he pushed me back onto the table, spread my legs and went down on my pussy like a dog on a bone. He wasn’t gentle. He didn’t hurt me exactly, he was just rough.

When Bob eats me he knows what I like and he does a good job of pleasing me. This guy didn’t give a shit about pleasing me, I thought, he was just prepping my hole, making it ready for his intrusion.

I was right. As soon as he thought I was ready he stood and put his helmet at the opening of my pussy, rubbed it up and down a couple times to get my juices onto his tool and then in one agonizing, slow-motion thrust he crammed it all the way up. Holy fuck. It hurt so good. Then he started banging away.

He thrust deep for a few strokes, then shallow, easing in and out, then in again where he held it for a second or two. I could feel hic cock pulsing. Then he slowly pulled it all the way out, rubbed it up and down my gaping gash, sliding his wet slimy cock-head from my pussy to my ass hole. Then he worked it around my puckered butt.

“No damned it! Not in my ass. I’ll kill you. Or die trying. I swear to God. You’re not going to get my ass.”

Oh God, I thought. How much worse can it get?

“Oh alright. I can see you’re not up to anal today. We’ll save that Aydınlı Escort for tomorrow.”

Tomorrow? He did say Billy was taking a couple days off. No, not tomorrow or any other day. No way.

He slammed his tool back into me again working his magic deep and not so deep. He got my g-spot just right a couple of times. He took my legs from hanging off the sides of the table to hanging over his shoulders. Then he held my legs up in the air, driving so deep I imagined him up against my cervix.

I did not want to cum. I tried not to cum. I probably came five or six times and half of them violently. He enjoyed that. Fucker.

When I thought he might be done- most men would have been done long before- he pulled out and lifted me onto a chair facing him. He then preceded to fuck my tits. When he needed more lube he either shoved his cock into my mouth or my pussy then back to my boobs.

When he started stroking his cock I knew he was getting ready to cum. I tried to grab it and pull him into my mouth. I wanted it so bad.

“No. Don’t touch my cock. I’ll let you know when you can take my load.”

He pulled me out of the chair then sat on the edge of the table, leaned back onto his elbows with his cock pointing to the ceiling. He took my right hand and cupped it under his balls and then took my left hand and placed in on his shaft. He put his hand on the back of my head and I almost gagged. It’s a reflex that happenes when someone puts their hand on the back of my head. I fucking hate it when Bob tries to force my head onto his dick. I swallowed my pride and his cock all the way down.

He started to sweat again and he was breathing in short, shallow breaths.

“Ok now. Jerk my load into your mouth, but try not to swallow too much.”

He had me stroke it as he shot his cum deep into my mouth over and over again. I gagged a bit and shallowed some but held what I could in my mouth as he finished and I continued to milk his balls.

He leaned back and told me to keep holding him with just the head in my mouth while I drooled his cum down his shaft and over my hand. I looked up to see he was taking another picture, with his arm stretched out to the side and I could tell any pics from this angle would show his cum drooling down over my wedding ring.

God, I was so mortified. I felt so degraded. I felt like such a slut.

Then he had me hold it with both hands, with his cock-head on my tongue and cum drooling down my chin as he took another pic from the other side.

I felt like shit and was loving it at the same time.

He pushed me back, stood, bent over and grabbed my panties from the floor. He wrapped it tightly around the base of his cock and slowly wiped himself clean from base to tip. He held out the cummy rag and said. “Here you go, clean yourself up.”

He picked up his clothes and headed to the restroom while I fell into a ball and cried. I reached out for my bra, shirt and skirt then ran to Tony’s office where I quickly dressed I heard the restroom door open and as I started back out to the lobby I grabbed the putting iron the guys use to knock balls around when the boss isn’t there.

I held the thing back like a baseball bat and said, “Get the fuck out of here!”

“Hey, hey, honey, don’t get crazy on me now. It was only a little fun between consenting adults, right? I’ll see you again tomorrow. And be sure to bring some anal lube.”

I followed him to the door, as his musky, sweaty, sexy aroma wafting behind him. I almost wanted him to at least hug me or kiss me but I tried not to let that show. I think he picked up on it though. He hesitated and turned slightly, the one eye I could see seemed softer now, and friendly. I hardened my eyes and cocked back the golf club.

He turned, opened and walked out without saying another word. I shut the door and locked it, falling back against it. I was a wreck. I almost told myself to pull on my big girl panties and get over it, but of course my panties were in a heap on the floor. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

I cleaned myself up, grabbed my dirty undies and drove myself home. I had to ditch the panties at the first gas station I came to. They were starting to smell as rank as I felt, but in a crazy way I loved it. I almost wanted to save them.

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