The Freya Project

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Secretary Merritt tapped a pencil impatiently against the pad before him. He watched as a drop of condensation rolled down the side of the cold jug of milk sitting in the middle of the table. They had been waiting for over an hour. Occasionally, one of Milktec’s staff would come in to ask if they needed anything and explain that Stavos would only be a few minutes more. Merritt’s aggravation was palpable and the two aides flanking him, Steven and Brian, mimicked their boss’s mood.

They couldn’t leave. Stavos Clairmont had not been seen in public more than a handful of times since the government first signed on with Milktec. The reclusive businessman would send his lackeys to Congress either to bargain for more contracts or give half-hearted explanations for the constant stream of accusations. Stavos stopped appearing in public almost altogether. His few public appearances looked convincingly natural to the untrained eye. Merritt had plenty of training, though. He’d seen how they paraded around FDR, always finding reasons to hide the chair. Not that Stavos might be crippled, quite the opposite. Photos of the man before 1945 showed a scrawny, narrow faced fellow. In more recent pictures, Stavos appeared broad chested with a new sense of command. Plenty of men underwent such changes in the trenches, but Stavos spent the war working in a lab.

Merritt shifted uncomfortably as he remembered why he’d been sent. The war with the Soviets took a larger and larger toll on manpower by the day. The casualty lists were growing too long to explain away with feigned patriotism or honor. The nationwide scale of disappearing young women also risked causing a dangerous level of civil unrest. People wanted answers as to where their daughters had gone. As the Home Secretary, the newest crisis had been dropped in the lap of Victor Merritt.

Milktec Industries was obviously the cause. Milktec’s research on their various serums continued to push the boundaries of science. Before its approval, critics claimed it would unravel the nature of human society. They warned that such a drug was not only addictive, but transformative in body and mind. Merritt had sat through the hearings himself, then a young senator. He’d seen the reports and the transformed test subjects. Everyone had concerns, of course, but Milktec Milk provided the perfect solution for issues around the war effort, a nourishment for body and spirit that gave bizarre vitality to those who drank it. A single bottle of Milktec Milk would change a battle weary and malnourished soldier into a vibrant, eager warrior.

Of course, all the science, presentations, hearings, and demonstrations paled in comparison to Stavos. He lobbied everyone with an ounce of power. Stavos oozed charm, but carried a seedy darkness behind him that drew in more people than it repelled. All of Washington knew, and much of the country suspected. The devil in sheep’s clothing offered a solution to America with one hand while the other threatened to make the same deal with the Soviets.

Victor loosened his tie and glanced at his watch. The door opened once again. The three waiting men all looked up expecting the secretary to once again tell them Stavos would be a few more minutes. Instead, a topless woman walked into the room carrying a tray out in front of her, somewhat awkwardly. The three men’s eyes widened as she moved silently into the room. Other than the shock of a half naked woman appearing from no where, none of the men had ever seen breasts as large as hers, entrancing, round orbs that looked heavy and wobbled slightly as she walked. On the tray was a clear pitcher filled with milk, the creamy substance sloshing back and forth as it moved. The woman bent over and her jugs swung outward, dangling from her chest like the udders of a cow. Victor felt a weird compulsion to reach out and touch her, but shook his head clear.

The woman smiled as she poured three glasses, placing one in front of each of the men. They continued to watch, dumbfounded. Victor’s cock stirred as he watched her wondrous breasts move.

“Gentleman,” boomed a voice from the doorway. The sudden arrival snapped the government men out of their trance as the topless woman made her way out through another door. Stavos entered the room. “I hope they have been taking care of you, and I apologize for the delay.” None of the men thought to stand up, lest they reveal their rapidly diminishing erections. Victor realized it must have been a ploy to catch them off guard.

Stavos lumbered forward on a cane. The man seemed as fit and handsome as Victor recalled from the photos, still exuding a peculiar charm that was both endearing and unsavory. Still, Stavos favored his left leg with a limping short step. His suit seemed ill fitted, as if it had been tailored too often and too recently. As he entered, two other women walked into the room behind him. They were, somewhat disappointingly to the government men, fully dressed, but wearing an odd sort of jumpsuit. They smiled, but seemed uşak seks hikayeleri distracted and nervous.

“You must be Victor,” Stavos boomed as he reached the table. “I seem to recall us meeting once before. Perhaps at one of the Congressional Balls.”

Victor cleared his throat and tried to compose himself, finally standing to shake Stavos’s hand. “Yes, briefly. It’s a pleasure to see you once again.” The industrialist dwarfed Victor’s hand as they shook. Stavos gripped like a vice, conveying an unseen strength in a simple gesture. Victor had no doubt that Stavos could have crushed his hand like a used soda can. “These are my associates, Steven Vasquez and Brian Thompson.”

Stavos in turn shook the hands of each man as they managed to put aside thoughts of the preceding peep show. Their host gestured for them to sit and managed to lower himself into the chair opposite them. He didn’t lean toward the table, but reclined, allowing his legs to splay outward. The two women took seats along the wall behind him at his direction. He gestured to them disinterestedly, “These are two of our newest volunteers. Thought you boys might like to see who was signing up these days. I know you have some concerns.”

Victor grimaced at the tone. He’d been sent to investigate reports of missing young women, and Stavos had the gall to parade two of them around in front of him. “We best get to it then. I know you’re a busy man.” He nodded to Steven who produced a manila folder and slid it across the table to Stavos. “You’ll find in there multiple reports of young women effectively vanishing. All of these women displayed interest in Milktec Industries before they vanished.”

Stavos didn’t lean forward and eyed the folder with disinterest. “It’s a big new world out there. Society is changing. Not every girl wants to stay on the same dirt farm her whole life. At the same time, they’re not looking to upset their religious mommas and daddies. Nothing unlawful about that.”

Victor sneered. “Mr. Clairmont, your facilities are subject to the most extreme regulations in industry for reasons. The health and safety of every volunteer is paramount, and the ongoing support of the government is contingent on proving those high standards.”

Stavos shrugged, “I’m not sure what you want me to do here, Victor. Are you accusing me of something in particular?”

With another look, Victor signaled Brian who produced a second folder, this one stamped with the word CLASSIFIED. Stavos eyed this one with a keen hunger as it slid across the table to him, but he didn’t move to look at it. “Mr. Clairmont, are you suggesting to me, the Home Secretary during the time of war, that you are entirely unaware of the site listed in that document.”

Stavos continued to ooze his charm, “The army has sanctioned several locations for more experimental programs. Milktec Industries is not the only company out there with little science projects. I hear interesting things coming out of New Mexico lately. It seems they’ve received several new shipments of paper clips.”

While his associates were confused by Stavos’s nonsense, Victor’s heart sank into his stomach. Stavos was coyly referencing programs that cabinet members could barely speak about above a whisper. People suspected Stavos’s spies were everywhere, but to know about top level military projects wildly out of his parameter was a level unto itself. Victor pressed on. “The sites listed in that document are not military sanctioned or sanctioned by the government in any fashion.”

Stavos leaned forward with a grunt, “Are you sure about that Victor?” He opened the folder and flipped through the documents, glancing at a few photos. “I see you’ve been directing some spy planes over my facilities. Can’t say I’m pleased about that, Mr. Home Secretary. Still, these are nothing but photos of buildings and the odd report of someone going in and not coming out. Allow me to confirm it for you then, these facilities are for Project Freya. Are you familiar with that name?”

Victor shifted uneasily. “Mr. Clairmont, if you’re going to start talking about code name projects, I might suggest securing the room. I know my associates are only cleared up to a certain level, and I assume your volunteers have no clearance whatsoever.” Victor looked over Stavos to the two women. They seemed to be struggling to maintain their composure. One ran her hands up and down her thighs anxiously. The other lowered the zipper on her jumpsuit to show the top of her cleavage. Victor knew the women wore nothing underneath.

Stavos laughed. “I would not worry about the women, Victor. They know about Freya because they are part of Freya. Besides, as director of the project, it is my prerogative when to reveal what to whom.” He spread the photos over the table and arranged them together. “Five sites? Yes?” He pushed three to the side. “Those are distribution facilities. When you own the most valuable substance in the world, it is beneficial to be rather secretive about where you keep it. If you contact Lester Phillips at the OSS, he will be able to verify this.”

Victor didn’t believe him, “We’ve worked hand in hand with all agencies. None of these are verified sites.”

“Compartmentalization. One man can keep a secret, an agency of men is a leaking bucket. Phillips has a box, and in the box are red envelopes. Each envelope has a number. If you are not satisfied, request the envelopes with numbers 32, 87, and 104.”

“You seem fairly prepared with your information,” Victor replied.

Stavos grinned, “You believe me to be the kind of man to take a meeting without knowing what the meeting was about?” Stavos moved on to the remaining two stacks of photos. He pointed to the one on the left. “This is Project Freya. I am impressed you have located it.” He pointed to the other, “This is not connected to me in any way, but if you learn more about it, I hope you would think to share that information with me. We can’t have illicit activities going on right under the noses of true patriots.”

Stavos reached forward for the pitcher of milk and poured himself a glass. He guzzled it down with a peculiar greed. “Did you boys enjoy the girl who brought this in? Her own stock, no less.”

Brian had been sipping the milk casually for a while, and he sputtered, “This is that woman’s breast milk?”

Stavos smiled and wiped his mouth clean. “Of course, we are drinking nothing but Milktec Milk here. I can’t stand much else these days. Nothing has the same rich, sweet taste.”

Victor interrupted, “Mr. Clairmont, let’s get back to Project Freya.”

Stavos leaned back once again, spreading his legs wide with a satisfied sigh. “We’ve been pushing our research, of course. Refining the formula more and more. The army, hell the world, has needs. Once the war is done, who’s going to be left to rebuild society. Surely you’ve seen what’s happening over there. The level of destruction the Soviets are capable of, the horrors our own young men have had to face to bring order out of chaos. The Reds would rather exterminate each and every one of their own kind than see an American flag over the Kremlin.”

“What is your point?”

“My point is that since ’36, the birth to death ratio has tipped dangerously in the wrong direction. No one wants to talk about it, but you’ve noticed. Even with women in the workforce, there’s not enough to fill the jobs. Six months ago a bridge collapsed in Philadelphia, killed one hundred and twenty three people. They didn’t have the men to repair it. What’s more, hospitals have recorded lower numbers of births each year since ’40. No one wants to have children in a world where doom lurks behind each door. If the war could end and if our boys came home, maybe that would change. But I have it on good authority that the war will not end. Japan is nervous about the Chinese, a fellow called Mao. North Africa is a mess. The Brits can’t hold on to their colonies any longer. Someone needs to take a firm hold on the world.”

Victor grew frustrated. The more Stavos talked, the more the man seemed like a lunatic. “And Project Freya is somehow the solution to this? Are you going to change the way society views the world with a bottle of milk?”

Stavos smiled, a broad toothy grin. “No, I’m going to change society altogether. Project Freya isn’t a program for a super soldier or a method of supplying hundreds of troops. Freya will be the next step of evolution for the human race. Project Freya will create a new race of humans that will make our forefathers look like ants.”

The man’s eyes gleamed as they stared across the table. “You’ve gone insane,” Victor said coldly.

Stavos shook his head. “No, Victor, not insane. I have seen what our great work has achieved. I have gone further than perhaps I should, but the results have been worth it. I do not expect you to understand. Nor do I expect the world to understand, not at first. They see their daughters go missing, and they worry. Their son’s are rounded up to be carted off to an unwinnable war, and they worry. We will bring them the truth, but do so slowly. Great men are afforded the chance to change the world. They have a choice. Those madmen across the Atlantic wanted to do it by force. They were fools. Mankind will always resist oppression. I offer the alternative, freedom. A freedom of life that has been absent since the time of Eden.”

He glanced at his watch. “Don’t think that you’ve wasted your trip, Victor. Project Freya will be going public next month. All of the so called disappearances will be explained. Sons and daughters will be returned to their communities to live out their days, at least those who choose to go. Many want to stay with their own kind, but others want to go and spread their gift among their friends and family. Does that satisfy your curiosity? Will you return and hold a committee exonerating Milktec of any wrongdoing? Even now, so close to the completion of phase one, a congressional inquiry could be troublesome.”

Victor scoffed, “Troublesome? Mr. Clairmont, you’ve done a great service with your research, but clearly you’ve been left unsupervised for too long. From the sound of it, you’ve created a conspiracy to some ungodly end. I’m sure you’ve bribed more than half of Washington to get it done, but I have those that I trust. Believe me when I say you will be found out. We will turn your company to ash if we must. The government has been desperate to get its hands on your formula for years, and this is enough cause. You are not the only visionary in the world.”

The air was tense. Stavos did not blink. In fact, he seemed barely aware of Victor’s response. Instead he drummed his fingers along the desk in an imperceptible rhythm. “I thought you might say that, so I decided to give you a demonstration.” He gestured to the two women behind him. Stavos pressed a button on the intercom, “Send in the others when they’re ready.” Turning over his shoulder he spoke to the women, “Come on up and stand by me.”


Victor forgot the women were in the room. They struggled to stand. Sweat drenched their clothing, and their eyes struggled to focus. “What is this Stavos?”

“Like I said, a demonstration. Both of these women volunteered for the Freya program. The blonde is Lucy, and the brunette is Erica. We administered the serum about two hours ago. That’s roughly how long it takes to activate, varies from person to person. Usually we speed it along, but if you allow it to fully metabolize, the effect is more pronounced.” He reached over and gently touched the cheek of one of the girls. The door to the room opened once more, and the secretary led in two more girls in similar outfits. “Good, we’re all here. The red head is Tina, and the black girl is Veronica.” He noted the uneasy glances in the room. “Milktec is, of course, an equal opportunity initiative. In our new world, we will not have room for such archaic prejudices.”

Stavos stood up, removing his jacket and tossing it on the floor behind him. Victor watched, entirely confused, as the burly man removed his shirt as well. As the garment slipped off him, Victor saw the charming man was more a hulking beast than anything else. Though his clothes hid it well, Stavos was a writhing knot of sinew and muscle. “What the hell are you doing?” Victor blurted out.

Stavos grabbed the buckle of his trousers and pulled it free. “Project Freya. I will show you what it can do for us all.” With that, the pants dropped away. Stavos’s cock sprung into view. Victor understood why he walked with a limp. The twelve inch cock slapped down on the table as the three other men backed away. Beneath the limb like appendage hung engorged testicles in a leathery pouch. Victor could not help but look in horrid fascination at the other man’s member.

The men noticed a distinct musk filling the air as Stavos disrobed, but the women responded much more acutely. The cloudy looks in their eyes faded. They gazed at Stavos with hunger. Lucy reached out tentatively towards the throbbing cock jutting out from Stavos.

“Hey, hey!” Victor shouted, but no one listened. “What the fuck is happening?” He looked around the room wildly. He would have to get past Stavos to reach the door. His own assistants watched the scene unfold in some sort of trance as four women salivated over an inhuman cock.

Stavos turned to Lucy and pulled the zipper on the front of the jumpsuit. As it passed her breasts, two milky white orbs tumbled out into view. Stavos squeezed one with his bear like hand and a few droplets of white fluid oozed from the nipple. “You see, the milk is already coming in.” Lucy continued to tug at her clothes until the grey suit fell down past her hips, revealing her whole body to the ravenous eyes of the men in the room. “The serum, of course, has a very extreme effect on the libido once it is administered. The woman basically goes into heat and can’t think straight again until she’s been fucked.” With some force, he turned Lucy around and pushed her forward onto the table, her breasts squashing out to the side. She looked over her shoulder longingly as the thick cock rubbed against her leg.

Stavos ran his fingers between Lucy’s legs. His thick fingers moved along her slit, delving slightly into her. The woman let out a quiet moan as she felt him press against her folds. He held his hand up, “Dripping wet already. Just like the others.” The three other women had started to pull off their own jumpsuits. They rubbed their breasts as if to sooth a deep ache while watching their friend writhe in wanton despair on the the table.

The lurid scene appalled Victor, but he was keenly aware of his own body betraying him. His heart pounded in his chest, and he could feel a damp spot of precum forming in his underwear. The wedding ring on his finger weighed heavily, like a lead weight tied to his arm. He tried to focus on his wife, but found himself unable to remember her face. The others, Steven and Brian, had no such obligation, though. “This is absolute madness,” Victor shouted. “This perversion will not be allowed.”

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