The Future is A Warm Summer Breeze

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All persons involved in this story are over 18 years of age.


Jennifer Myers / Philosophy 101

September 28, 3014 / Professor Stevens

The intent of this thought experiment it to explain sexuality today to an individual alive a 1000-years ago. To begin I will explain gender… we aren’t born into a gender like you are; There is no steering a child towards a pink bedroom if they happen to have a vagina or one of cerulean blue if they have a penis. Our society universally judges it retrogressive to assign gender based on only category of genitalia at birth. In our world people decide their own identity… it is not simply assigned to them at birth. When a person is the age of ten or so the gender is usually clearly established.

One unintended “side-effect” of our system is that there is simply more females than males in the world now. People just seem to prefer the female identity. This unintended externality actually makes for a much more socially positive population than existed in the past. Naturally the decline in the male gender has led to a less criminal, less violent and overall happier humanity. It was never the intention of our people to get rid of the men… it is merely a progressive and fortunate corollary of individuals choosing be who they truly are without the interferences of bigotry.

The next thing I must explain about our sexuality is that we don’t have any disease. All disease was cured in the year 2449, its earth’s most precious achievement… the complete control of our biology. It would be unjust for me to think I can truly know the suffering of your time, when by merely giving another sexual pleasure you risk disease and death. With empathy I can say I understand why your society often viewed sex as a shameful endeavor. We have no such qualms in our time. Along with our victory over disease we have developed complete control of pregnancy. Some choose to forgo pregnancy all together and have a child in a Pediatruim where two parties’ genetics can be combined to make a child born in an automated fashion with no human impregnation involved. Others continue to birth children the old fashioned way but one thing we never have in an unintended conception. With our mastery over human suffering and our biology the negative connotations surrounding sex have disappeared. Sex has become more akin to a commodity shared by everyone, not confined to just two individuals. Sex became more like food, no more something scarce and associated with survival it is now a plaything to be relished by everyone.

Allow me to explain the complexities of sex in modern society with an example… this is a true story about myself. The whole thing happened two months ago when I moved into my student housing.


I was a first year freshman at college and just like everyone else I was anxious about bonding with all my new roommates in my first few days on campus. I walked into my new housing unit somewhat afraid but more so excited. All I knew was that I was sharing the community space with 5 other freshman, all in the same situation as me. I didn’t know what to expect, and just hoped I would like them all.

About me, I’m an athletic girl. I loved soccer more than anything my entire life… it was my absolute passion all throughout high school. I have medium length brown hair and I’ve been told I have a more “sexy” than “cute” look. My eyes are big and brown, and my nose is a raindrop shape. But what makes my face really stand out is my lips. They have been called sultry and I always accentuate them with lots of lip gloss. Aside from my face I have an athletic body, I’m 6’1 , my tits are a perky b cup which I love because I can run and move without being hindered. My arms and legs are probably a lot more muscular than your average girl from all of my soccer workouts. And of course there’s that other part of me, which might be my best feature of all, my 8 inch uncircumcised cock. Usually it’s well hidden and I love to surprise my partners who are expecting a pussy.

I’m hoping one of my roommates is my type because I have a much higher than average libido; I would love to have someone right at home who I can use whenever the urge strikes. I vowed that in college I won’t go through what I did in high-school…sexual frustration. There were so many times when I would see a sexy boy or girl in the halls and instantly I would be stiff as a rock holding my books down over my skirt. Red-faced I would have to scamper to class quick and sit at my desk thinking of soccer until it subsided. It even became a bit of a joke with me and my girlfriends. I talked a few of them into helping me get my “release”, but that’s a story for another day.

So there I was ready to enter my new home; I walked through the large and imposing oak doors of the condo we all were sharing. As I stepped in, I saw an enormous open staircase with some bags set along porno izle the steps. Two of the bags were bright pink, and I noted another that looked more like boys luggage. I set my bags down. There were a few voices coming from a room to my left. Moving closer to the sound I heard two people talking. I stood listening for a moment, it sounded like a guy and a girl. I knocked once and swung open the antique wooden door, on the other side was a drop dead gorgeous blond wearing a small yellow and flowing sundress. She was not wearing much makeup and had more of an all-natural’ style. On her feet were she donned a pair of comfortable looking sandals that framed her sexy long purple painted toenails.

She smiled at me wide and with exuberance “Hi, nice to see another girl here! I’m Ryba”

“Hey Ryba, I love that name. I’m Jennifer” I replied back to her holding out my hand.

“I know, right… it’s a great name” she said again with that wide and warming smile. ”

She explained she was from a small town on Lake Michigan, and already really missed her parents. She had a genuineness to her and I could tell we would be fast friends.

Next to her stood a taller than average dark skinned, muscular boy… he looked like your typical overconfident 20 year old jock. Although I can’t deny there is something sexy about that type of man. He gaze met mine with a smug smile.

“Hey, Jenny… Nice to see you, my name is Quinn.” He said in a buoyant tone, as he looked me up and down. Sizing me up. “I see this makes two fine looking women for me in this house” He playfully added.

“OH Brother, keep dreaming stud… ” I laughingly chided back, in a frisky manner. I can’t lie… it ALWAYS feels good to be complimented.

Admittedly he was HOT, but not really my type, plus I saw the way he was looking at Ryba, like he wanted to devour her right in front of me. She played coy as if not noticing his gaze. Unconsciously she would swing out her hips and accentuate her round ass… making it perk up against the soft yellow fabric of her slinky little dress. I’m sure his big black dick is gorging itself as he sees her playfully disguise her excitement. I could tell there were some sparks flying between the pair. Those two are definitely going to be fucking soon, I mused to myself: if only I could watch.

I pounced up and took a seat on the kitchen counter top. Just then I heard the front door swing open and the voices of more girls echoed through the house. The big kitchen door slowly swung open, behind it were Melanie and Juniper. Melanie was a dark skinned black girl with marvelously long legs and a flat chest. She was on the taller side at 6 feet 3 inches and skinny. She wore a tight fitting belly shirt that showed off her sculpted, ripped stomach and her sparkling pierced belly button. Over her bottom she had on a devilishly tiny pair of spandex shorts. Just by the look on her face I could tell this girl has a wild side. As I watched her gracefully move her lithe body I couldn’t help but wonder what was held underneath those skimpy elastic shorts she was wearing.

It was a hot day out and her body seemed to be glistening just slightly with sweat; I noticed her scent as she stepped into the room and it impelled a momentary urge of lust through body. I imagined myself behind her sexy ass right there in the kitchen in front of everybody… sliding those tight shorts off, down her long silky legs… then holding her tight by the hips and rubbing my cock up and down her slick and sweaty ass. I took a deep breath to compose myself and looked to her right where the other girl, Juniper, stood.

Juniper had a demure look to her, slightly more upscale than the rest of us in the house. I could tell she was the type that mellifluously flowed amidst the stream of life… just allowing herself to be enchanted by the charisma of others. All the while she would look amazing as she let herself fall into the rabbit hole. She wore a flowing white and pink expensive looking dress with all the accessories. Her light brown hair was flawlessly straightened framing her face like an Egyptian goddess. A silver bracelet adorned her wrist accentuating her long French manicured fingernails. She was shy and to atone for it she expertly beautified herself so everyone would be enraptured at her gorgeous looks. I think Melanie was caught under her spell… she playfully chided Juniper who would bashfully flirt back with a charmed but proper demeanor, trying to restrain her obvious attraction. In my mind I thought they would make a great pair, even though I was filling with jealousy and beginning to feel isolated as I saw sparks flying between Ryba and Quinn on one side of me and Juniper and Melanie on the other.

This better not be how I’m going to have to spend my freshman year I pondered to myself. Just then I heard a light knock at the kitchen door.

“Hello” I heard a soft man’s voice.

Taking the initiative I bounced off the marble kitchen countertop amatör porno and jaunted to door, opening it. Appearing before me was an absolutely flawless sexy boy. He was clean shaven and average height, slim but still in shape. His smooth and symmetrical face was more on the feminine side, which made him all the sexier to me. He peered out at me with piercing blue eyes and full lips. He wore a tight fitting blue v neck tee shirt and a stylish pair of jeans. He gave me a diffident smile biting his upper lip a bit as he stepped into the room.

“My name is Kelly, nice to meet you all” he said, and we all introduced ourselves.

My cock tingled and began to swell as his perfumed scent filled the air. I noticed his shapely butt as he passed by me. A thought entered my mind of man-handling him right there, gripping his tight ass, pushing his smaller body up against the cabinets to make out. I would die to dominate him like that while all the others watched. I could tell he was a little nervous but still he had a winsome lightness that was attractive. He seemed the type to avoid the social labyrinths, keeping himself at a distance he probably just wanted to focus on his academics.

“And our freshman year begins, this is going to be one hell of a year!!” Quinn boasts in a vociferous tone, toasting to the now full ensemble of housemates.

With a gleeful visage Ryba breathlessly chimed in “I think we all need to have a first day bonding party, you know…I have an idea; let’s all go down to the pool house for the rest of the afternoon”

“That would be amazing, I could really use some sun” Juniper added, as she peered over to Melanie, as if fantasizing about her dark glistening body wearing nothing but a skimpy, revealing bikini.

It was decided; we all headed down about a block or so and made it to the campus pool house. We swiped our I.D. chips to the gate dweller and headed down the wide, metallic-fragranced hall to the swim selector board. We looked over all the different options for a few minutes and finally came to a consensus on a California style in-ground pool: conditions would be 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We clicked the authorize button on the selector board… In just seconds the scene was loaded into the pool room. We collected ourselves in front of the bright electric white loading doors…

In a flash we were on the other side.

Immediately I sensed the hot summer sun bearing down onto my smooth tan body; I looked up and gauzed on the gorgeous pool, its surface was rippling in the summer breeze. A wave of excitement flushed through me when I realized I was almost naked, my nipples engorged in my exhilaration.

I was wearing a super-sporty bikini, tightly wrapped onto my firm body. The bottoms were hot pink in boy short style with a bright lime florescent stripe down the side. They cupped my plump ass perfectly and completely concealed my prodigious, moist cock tucked underneath. I’m sure Kelly will be pleasantly surprised when he finds out what I have waiting for him. On top I wore a matching sporty style top that covered my perky tits. I peered around the scene admiring all my new roomies, looking beautiful and stylish in the summer rays. Quinn pulled Ryba by the hand and the pair darted off to the pool.

“First one in!!” Ryba yelled out as she and Quinn flirtatiously wrestled to the pools edge.

I heard an amorous scream as he almost pushed her into the pellucid, cerulean water. She lifted up on to her tippy toes just catching her balance as Quinn pulled her back from the water’s edge and into his hard body. He enveloped her effervescent frame into his arms, and I saw the look of comfort and lust coruscating in Ryba’s eyes. She was wearing a bright yellow bikini with a thong bottom that accented her milky white skin, her ass was deliciously plump and round looking completely bare as her body was snuggled up next to the much larger dark skinned African man. The juxtaposition of his dark, ruggid skin to her pale and baby-soft white skin was alluring. It was obvious she wanted him.

“Hey I got an Idea”, Ryba blurted out. “Let’s all play spin the bottle… no better way to bond with each of my new roomies… Right Jenny?” A devious smile flashed in my direction.

I took a look over at Kelly and caught him staring at my crotch. I’m sure his mind was pondering about what’s under there. I could just tell by looking at him that he was hoping that I had a juicy big cock. I looked him up and down and gave him an ‘I’m going to fuck your brains out later’ look.

“Yeaaa we should definitely play that… like right now, let’s play!!” I looked at Kelly the whole time as I responded.

“Damn girl you don’t waste any time…” Quinn popped off

We all sat down on the pools edge as the sound of the water rippled in the background. The sunlight poured on and my body began to glisten with sweat the sultry heat. The first few spins went by with little excitement anal porno and a few little pecks here and there. Ryba gave Melanie a little peck. Melanie kissed Quinn on the lips. Then Quinn gave the bottle a swift spin, with a ‘whoossh’ it started to spin and trickled to a halt pointing toward Juniper. You could tell the two just were not into each other.

“HHMMMM I choose dare instead” Juniper whimsically mused.

“Since when is ‘DARE’ an option” Kelly interjected.

Looking amused, Quinn rolled with it “Okay Dare it is… since we’ve all seen the way you strut yourself around perking out those fine “ASSets” of yours whenever Melanie looks your way. I dare you to give Melanie a strip tease right here in front of us all… and none of that half assed shit I want real, full strip tease. That means you get naked… all the way.” Quinn confidently puts his dare on the table.

We all look on in anticipation. ‘Yes please do it, please do it’ I think to myself. All the other roomies are thinking the same exact thing.

She gave us all a devious and fiery look.

“Fine, I’ll do it” And with those words Juniper stood up from her spot in the circle.

She was wearing by far the most stylish and expensive of all our swimsuits. It was a one piece that split up the middle revealing her flat and toned stomach which was adorned with a diamond belly button piercing. The two halfs of the soft stretchy fabric rose up her toned body and met again tightly outlining her perfect, smallish breasts. The bottom half of her bathing suit clung to her ass cheeks, just barely revealing a tiny bit of flesh as she moved. The front side the silky fabric was narrower than a normal suit and it revealed just a hint of her tan-lined skin above her pussy. She strutted like a demur princess who knew we were all in awe at her style, but she didn’t flaunt it. She pulled Melanie up by the hand and sat her on a small bench adjacent to the pool.

She seductively slid up to the front of Melanie. Melanie’s face was full of anticipation and lust. She pulled Melanie’s head up to her belly and moved their body’s tightly together. Melanie slowly rubbed her tongue over the toned and glistening belly. Juniper pulled in closer now lowering herself onto Melanie’s lap. Their lips met with an impassioned kiss and their pussy’s both rocked into one another, yearning to be together. Juniper now stood and turned her back toward Melanie. She placed one of the ties from her bikini into Melanie’s hand and began to move forward. The tie slowly unraveled near her neck.

I saw the first strap of her swimsuit slowly fall from her shoulder. Her small and soft nipple was revealed from behind the fabric. Her areolas were tiny… just about the size of a Nickle and they were darker than you would expect. Her nipples were hard as they pulsated out into in the warm summer breeze. The fabric of her sexy swimsuit fell further down her body as she paced in front of Melanie… She took another step and turned her backside toward us. The fabric cupping her ass cheek naturally slipped away and fell to the hard tiled floor. Her ass was amazing, small yet perky. She paced once more as the entire suit escaped from her ankles. She turned her head back to all of us and gave us that princess smile, perking out her ass.

My cock was now stiff as a rock pulsating inside of my tight bikini. I looked over at Kelly who was enraptured, staring out at Juniper. He was sitting right in front of me now and I grasped onto him and pulled him tight into my body so that we were both facing the same way and my legs straddled him. I made sure to grind my hips tightly into his back side so he could, for the first time, feel my hard bulge press into him. As soon as I did I heard him gleefully moan and press back into me. I took his head into my hands and gently kissed him on the lips. He purred back into me as we kissed.

I then whispered into his ear “I’m going to fuck your ass whenever I want it, you’re going to be my little fuck toy all semester long”

As soon as I said it to him I felt him squeeze even tighter into me. He wants it so bad, I intuitively knew. We looked back out onto Juniper who was completely naked still teasing us all with her ass turned toward us. Then she reached her hand down and gracefully twirled around to face us and Melanie. Her naked body was now fully exposed for us all to enjoy. We all gasped in surprise. Right below her shimmering bellybutton piercing rose her hard 6 and a half inch beautiful circumcised cock glistening in the summer sun. It was perfectly symmetrical and absolutely feminine. She swung her hand onto her hip as she poked her cock out right in front of Melanies agape mouth.

“Ohh… you weren’t expecting this? Ha-ha” She giggled as she gave a winsome smile.

Melanie smiled back and immediately reached her long slender fingers around the perky and feminine clit. She positioned her lips just in front the Junipers bare, pulsating member and slowly, expertly slid her tongue up the tip… as she pulled away a strand of pre-cum clung to her tongue then broke away into her mouth. The two girls were like performers on stage for all us watching… they drank in all the attention and it fueled their exhilaration

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