The Germans on Lamu Island

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Lamu is an island off the coast of Kenya. It is a tourist destination, whose infrastructure has been deliberately held in its 1960s state. This is its main attraction. The other islands in the archipelago are even more virgin. This story, though, is set in the main island.

“Let me change into my swimming suit,” said Helga. She tried to hide in the sparse vegetation near the beach. It did but a bad job of concealing her taking off her trousers and panty to pull up the bottoms of her bikini. She tried to hold her kikoy over her chest as she took off her blouse and put on the bikini top, but with only one hand free it was very awkward.

Her fiancée, Hans and I chuckled at the sight. “She might as well have changed right here!” he laughed.

“Good thing it’s not windy today!” I returned and we both guffawed.

She came back holding her clothes ready to put them into the bag they carried. “What were you two laughing at?” she demanded.

“Not so much ‘at’ as ‘about’,” answered her fiancée with a meaning glance in my direction. I was not sure how she would react to the knowledge that I had caught a glimpse of her tits and her thighs. I felt pretty sure that if it were just the two of them she would not have gone through the rigmarole.

“You two guys are not telling me everything,” she looked at us accusingly.

“Neither did you want to show us everything. That’s why you went into the bushes, isn’t it?” I said with my eyes on Hans.

“Should I have changed in front of you two?” she asked, but without any heat.

“We are all grownups here, Helga,” answered her future husband. “Besides which, once you get into the water, that pink material sticks to your body, leaving nothing to the imagination. Josh here only needs to wait til you come out of the ocean to see most of you. Even the little that is covered will still be plainly visible.”

Even I was a little taken aback by his attitude. We had become that special kind of friends people make when on holiday, or on a long train journey. The first time we had met was at Ali Baba’s house. This gentleman, we learnt, lay in wait at the town square, accosting those he thought were tourists and invited them to dinner at his house in the evening for a small fee. He promised to send someone to show you the way from the hotel. Since there were only two tourist-class hotels in Lamu it was not hard to find the invited guests waiting at the lounge at the appointed time.

When the boy who came to pick me up arrived promptly at 7:30, I found out there was the German couple who were also going. Another boy had gone to the other hotel. As we navigated the narrow streets suddenly we were enveloped in darkness; the lights had gone. The boy had a torch for just such an occasion. The lady stumbled and leaned onto me. I held her hand the rest of the way, since her man was having similar problems in the dark, despite the valiant efforts of the small torch. Severally her breast rubbed against my upper arm as she struggled with the uneven terrain and darkness. I could tell they were smallish ones, quite in keeping with her slender frame.

When we arrived the other group of four were also arriving. Since Ali had told each that it was a ‘meal with a few of my friends’ it was not surprising to any of us, who had never met before. We were ushered into the typically Swahili house. There was a carpet in the living room where we were bid to sit.

“A Swahili meal is best eaten sitting on the floor. That is why there are no chairs in my household,” explained Ali Baba. I felt this was a nickname and he kept his real name secret, for reasons of his own, probably to do with taxes on the money he made in this way. In all probability he only spent a small fraction of the previous night’s takings buying the provisions for tonight.

“I had worked for many, many years in the tourist hotels so when I retired I continued taking in guests but in my own way.” he explained. “Before the food is served, we will introduce ourselves, for are we not all friends from now on? When I come to your country, won’t you accommodate me in like manner?”

It was easy for each of us to assent to this seeing that he was quite advanced in age. It turned out that all of us were tourists, but one man was an expatriate working in the capital city with an agency of the United Nations. My situation was a bit reversed, for while I was a native of the country, I worked with British expatriates at an international school. All the other five were foreigners visiting the country for their first time.

On the way back, the lights had still not returned so we had the same troubles of stumbling through the dark streets. Helga hung onto my hand with greater ease this time having seen that her fiancée was not in a position to protest. I caught the impression that she enjoyed this closeness and brought her tits into contact with my arm more frequently than strictly required. I responded by exaggerating my movements so that I enjoyed them all the more. It was a very enjoyable give-and-take Anadolu Yakası Escort which came to an end all too soon, in my opinion.

Back at our hotel, we found it was still only 9:30, too early to go to bed. To my delight, Hans suggested that we went to the hotel rooftop to have a drink or three. Soon talk was flowing freely. It was not until midnight that we decided to go down to our rooms.

On the stairs as we neared the fourth floor where their room was (mine was the next floor down), Helga slipped on the step. She came crashing down on both Hans and I. Taken by surprise, he was not able to reach the bannister in time. I grabbed it, but the weight of two grownups proved to be too much. All three of us ended up on the floor. Helga started us giggling at the ridiculousness of it all. She was the first up, followed by me. Then we helped him up. She had grazed her knee and her elbow. None of it was serious enough to warrant a visit to hospital at night, so we ended in a hug, intentionally and upright rather than the one we had been forced into on the floor. I felt Helga holding me tightly and we stayed glued together slightly longer than strictly necessary.

“Good night Josh!” with a smack on my lips.

“Good night Josh!” said Hans.

“Good night both!” I replied as I continued on my way down.

It was at breakfast that we made plans to go swimming in the ocean.

“Funny that we hadn’t noticed each other before Ali Baba came onto the scene!” mused Helga. “We must have had breakfast, lunch or dinner among the other customers of this hotel but never met or spoke!”

“And to make matters worse, I will leave on Thursday,” I told them.

“That gives us only two more days together. Let’s take the Long Beach Walk the brochure talks about,” proposed Hans.

“Wonderful idea!” I said. So that is how we spent the better part of the day together, ending up with Helga’s sparse ‘changing room’.


I swam out to where some locals were surrounding a boat, leaving the two amorous ones to play games in the water for a few minutes. I swam powerful strokes towards the boat. Beyond it, I could see the surf as the waves crashed over the coral reef. For a moment I was tempted to swim out there, but just in time I remembered my two friends. There did not seem to be anything the matter at the boat, except that a group of three men wanted the boat to take them out to the reef. The owners had spent the night fishing and were feeling too clapped out to take the local tourists on their desired run. I swam round the group and their boat, and started on my way back to Hans and his fiancée. I found Hans treading water on the way out, leaving Helga in the shallow water. It was low tide, so the ocean water was somewhat calm. If the tide had been coming in, with the water rushing in with great power and crashing on the beach, I was sure she would not have consented to being left alone.

As soon as she saw it was me, she yelled at Hans’ back, ‘The prodigal son is back!’ He cast a glance back and waved at me. When he came off he flopped down onto the sand stretching his legs in front of him. “What is happening there” she asked me, pointing towards the boat.

“Those guys were trying to convince the owners to turn it into a water taxi for their benefit, but it’s a working fishing vessel. I do not think they will succeed to convince them.”

When I kicked off in a new direction expecting her to follow me, she was left behind beating the water ineffectively. “Not so fast, Billy Whizz!” I came back to her. She said, “Two of the men I have only want to leave me alone.” I was surprised that she could not do more than splash about in the water; she had no swimming skills to talk of.

I was not sure whether she was serious about it so I said, “I had wanted us to do a swimming pool’s length. Sorry if I left you behind.”

“There are two things I wanted to achieve on this holiday. One is to swim in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. How can you help?”

“Can you trust the water to hold you up?” I asked. I looked in the direction of Hans who seemed to have lain flat in the sand, soaking in the sunshine.

“Don’t worry about him. He only suggested the walk because there were chances of my being able to fulfill my wish. He has no interest in the swimming,” she answered my look. “How can water hold my weight?”

For an answer, I flopped onto my back and spread my hands, lying still on the water. The waves bobbed my body gently. Then using my arms to support me, I pulled my legs under me and landed them onto the bottom. I stood up.

“Wow! It is that easy? Show me, please!”

I stepped beside her, placing my arm across her shoulder blades. “Lie back onto my arm.” My other arm was at the ready to support the lower part of her body. “Lift your legs, and keep them together.” I crouched slightly so as to get my arm under her slanting thighs. I lifted her in both arms, letting her lie on them. “Keep your arms at your sides.” She lay Bostancı Escort half on my arms and half on the water surface.

“I am going to lower the arm at your legs to let you be carried by more by the water than by me.” I spent the next several minutes teaching her how to kick her legs gently and rhythmically, letting her feel that even the arm supporting her upper body was only on light duty. This, fortunately for me, left her pudendum above the water line and in plain sight. I could barely pull my eyes away from it.

Then it was time to let her back onto her feet. I came closer to her body, making my grip firmer. “Pull back your legs and let your body resume its upright position slowly. As she tried to do this, I caught sight of the breast nearest me since I was almost hugging her. At the last minute she panicked and almost lost balance, forcing me to hold her more tightly. My other arm went around her front letting me feel her tummy in the water; hers grabbed me by the neck. As we struggled to regain balance, my cheek came into contact with her breast. I had to suck in my breath. At last she stood on the bottom.

“You see, its not that difficult.” She looked at me doubtfully. “We’ll do it again so it gets easier for you. Then we don’t want to keep Hans by himself too long.”

I gave her another cycle like the first one, which differed only in the last stages, because she stood with less thrashing. But she still grabbed my neck, bringing me in close contact with those sweet small tits of hers. I had to fight not to turn my head and suck them!

Wading out, we found Hans was fast asleep on the sand, with welts of sunburn beginning to show on his chest and thighs. She kicked him playfully, “Wake up, breakfast is ready!”

I tried hard not to snigger at his confusion when the bright sunlight and the heat of the sand he was lying on assailed him. He rubbed his eyes to clear the sleep from them. We sat down in the sand on either side of him. “What did you dream about?” she asked him gently.

“I saw myself being roasted alive by Nero’s soldiers for being a Christian…” he began.

She hooted with laughter. “When was the last time you went near a church, much less get into one?”

He ignored this jibe, given in the spirit of fun. “I see she told you the first of her wishes: swimming in the Indian Ocean,” looking at me.

“Yes, she did. I hope it was everything you expected it to be?” Helga rolled her eyes heavenward.

“My dreams were not even close! Josh has made it far better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much!” She stood, came round to me, dropped to her knees and hugged me close, placing a wet kiss on my lips. My cock did not take this lying down, literally!

Hans looked down at my trunks. “He seems to know what the second one was, Helga!”

“Who told you, Josh?” she looked puzzled. “It sure wasn’t me!”

I looked from one to the other in confusion.

“She has always wanted to know if black men have bigger, thicker cocks than we do. To tell you the truth, I too, am curious.”

Helga had been about to get up from beside me and return to her place, but now she sat on her haunches.

Shocked by such an outrageous statement, I tried to be nonchalant about it. “Well, there’s one not far from where you are!”

“Would you please consider showing her?” But it sounded more like “us” than anything else. Helga pitched her body forward so that now she was on her knees.

I pulled my trunks by the waistband and stopped when just the cockhead was showing. It was purple.

“Is it very long?” With that she brought her face closer to my groin. I pulled the waistband to reveal more of the cock. Now the head and the nut were in full view. I looked into her rapt face. Her whole posture was like that of a devout seeing a statue of the Virgin. I pulled it all the way down, exposing the whole stem to my audience of two.

Helga asked me in a little girl voice, “May I touch it? It looks so divine!”

“Yeah, but be gentle. Don’t pull it up by the roots!” he cautioned her. Any worries I might have had that she had never handled cock fled when she laid her soft fingers tentatively on my cock. My body twitched violently with pleasure.

“Don’t hurt him, Helga!” as if I was not even there.

She wrapped her tender hands around my cock head glistening in the bright sunshine. She pulled downwards and up again stroking me. “Aaah,” I sighed. She folded one leg under her body and threw the other over mine. This opened her bikini-covered crotch to my gaze, causing my cock to twitch in renewed excitement. She felt it and looked up at me.

“Did I hurt you sweetheart?” I was surprised she would call me this in the presence of her future husband.

“No, in fact quite the opposite. I think this is as good a time as any to confess that I have often wondered about a white mans cock.” I lowered my eyes to her crotch and felt my cock elongate some more.

“May I lick it?” lifting her eyes to Hans as if the cock belonged Erenköy Escort to him as well.

I said, “If you don’t mind the salt water,” as lightly as I could. She brought the other leg under her so that she could bend that low and flicked the head tentatively with her tongue. It felt so good!

“Go on!” I encouraged. “Lick and suck as much of it as you can handle.”

I took the liberty of fondling the thigh nearest me all the way up to the edge of the bikini. She moaned into my cock. My other hand groped around until I found Hans body, travelling up the thigh until I felt his cock. It was standing tall in approval of all that was taking place. I rubbed it up and down a few times drawing a deep moan from his throat.

“I think it would be better to move the theatre of war to someplace more relaxing,” Hans said. At that moment Helga pulled a length of cock into her mouth, driving me crazy. “Enough for now, Helga!” he playfully slapped her wrist.

We hurriedly returned to our hotel. Inside their room, swimming gear and the covering we had donned were quickly peeled away. I confirmed that her tits were not large. They sat on her chest without any visible sag, prompting me to estimate her age as the mid-20s. Hans on the other hand was closer to 40, if a day. His pinkish-white cock stood tall, expectant of great things today; mine was as rigid.

I lay on the bed, giving Helga the first opportunity to please herself. She fell onto my cock ravenously, sucking most of it into her mouth, sucking, and rolling her tongue in the very sensitive underside. I moaned helplessly when Hans sat beside my hip and took my hand to place it on his cock. I made a ring with my thumb and forefinger which I slotted over his cock dragging it up and down. He began fucking motions into my hand.

My other hand found the delicious tits, which I palpitated gently once in a while pinching the nipple between fingers. The sexual temperature in the room rose to fever pitch making it a race between the two men as to who would shoot his antiaircraft gun into the skies first. I beat him to it by a fraction. I felt my forearm covered in a warm substance which quickly cooled on my skin. I hoped Helga had swallowed me.

I wanted more than anything to eat Helga’s pussy in reward of what she had just done to me. So I flipped her onto her back, grabbed her thighs parting them as far they would go, and plunged my head between them. I ran my tongue up her lip and then down the other. I stuffed my hands under her buttocks to better steady her.

Meanwhile Hans had oiled his cock without my knowledge, then I felt soft fingers at my asshole. Jeez, I was going to get fucked while sucking his betrothed! I kept up the orchestra of sucking and licking, poking my tongue into her hole once in a while. I felt his knob pushing against my sphincter insistently. He oiled me some more as he tried to enter me. I gave his beloved more of my tongue, now dragging it up the furrow towards, but not quite getting to, the clit. I rapidly ran the tongue up and down the furrow between her lips getting a scream from her. The faster I went the higher in pitch her screams became. Then suddenly I invaded her swollen clit licking it vigorously. She exploded in such a huge climax that her grip on the sides of my head almost hurt. I could feel contractions of her whole organ with my lips and tongue. I had slowed my movements to let her ride out her first one.

I felt Hans had overcome the first sphincter and was knocking at the second. The sensations going through my body were indescribable. I felt my cock begin to stretch itself towards the bed, dangling low. He grabbed it with his free hand pumping me slowly. This caused my inner muscles to contract rhythmically around his embedded cock. He let out a long groan, pushing himself as deep as he could go. He pumped me with his hose, giving my first ever load up my ass. I nearly let my own load fly at that moment, but conserved myself wanting to give Helga a vaginal climax as well.

His cock deflated and slowly slipped out of my backside leaving me feeling exposed as if the wind was entering me through the hole he had left. I lowered my body until my rigid cock lay along Helga’s slit. I ran it along bending her clit this way and that at each stroke. She let out a low groan like a wild animal. I felt fingers on my stem guiding me into her wetness. I trembled with anticipation. The one-eyed snake found her hole and slithered in smoothly. Her legs wrapped around me as I set up an African fucking for our German visitor.

“Hans, where is that cock. Come and fuck my mouth!” Which he did with alacrity, taking the juices from my ass with him to her mouth. “Mmmh! You taste good Josh!”

This caused me to amplify my movements inside her, making my strokes as long as the tip to the root of my cock. Without speeding up I gave her several of those ‘longies’. She could only handle a few before she erupted in a series of orgasms. I slowed but did not stop my movements, causing her to hit one after another. She was emitting a guttural sound like she was being strangled as Hans poured his offering into her mouth. She could not keep her mouth shut long enough to take everything she was given. We all collapsed in a sated, sweaty heap and slept soundly until dinner time.

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