The Gift Ch. 02

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Sarah cleared her throat as she reached out to touch Jacob’s shoulder and let him know she was there. His back felt warm through the light sweater he was wearing, and as she touched him, she felt a quick surge of excitement in the pit of her stomach. This was it.

“Hey stranger,” she said, trying to keep her voice steady so it would not betray the nervous energy that was coursing through her body. Jacob turned quickly to look over his shoulder and their eyes met for the first time in over ten years. He put down the pen he had been using to sign his credit card slip for the hotel clerk, and turned to fully face her, a wide smile crossing his face.

“Sarah, it’s been so long,” he said with that deep, smooth voice she remembered. He leaned down to her, and before she knew it, his arms circled around her pulling her close to him in a tight, welcoming hug. Again, Sarah felt that nervous excitement fluttering about in her stomach as she felt herself being pulled close to him. She hugged him back, fighting the urge to nestle into his chest in a way that might seem inappropriate. All thoughts she had about what she had just done in the bathroom flew out of her mind, and all she focused on was her plan for that evening.

He was warm, and he seemed so much bigger than she remembered him. She thought to herself that he must surely be working out quite regularly. She also noticed his smell. He smelled so good, that she found herself closing her eyes for a moment and allowing her cheek to press into his chest so she could inhale a deep breath of his wonderful scent. She couldn’t identify the cologne he had on, but it mingled with his body chemistry wonderfully, and Sarah found herself enjoying it so much she didn’t realize that neither she nor Jacob had said anything since he embraced her.

Jacob had also been drawn into the moment, his mouth near Sarah’s ear as he leaned down to hug her, the scent of her beautiful hair teasing his senses. He felt the fullness of her breasts as they pushed against his chest distracting his mind and causing a stirring below the beltline. He looked down the curve of her back as he held her in his arms and saw the swell of her ass underneath her short, black skirt. He saw one of her long legs with its flawless stocking leading down to her heeled shoe, and let his mind wander briefly to what might be underneath her sexy attire.

Sarah pulled back slightly, leaving her hands on his waist, and looked up at him with a smile of her own. She could already feel her nipples were hard from being so close to him. “It’s good to see you, big guy,” she said, realizing that she was in full flirt mode now and her words all had that purr-like quality to them. She spoke again, “Are you all checked in?” She bit her lower lip lightly in an expectant, yet teasing way as she waited for his answer.

Jacob glanced back over his shoulder to the clerk who had turned his back on, and the clerk nodded that he had everything from Jacob that he needed. When Jacob turned back to Sarah again, his bright smile was there again, and he couldn’t help but let his eyes briefly take in the beauty of Sarah’s body. He noticed the points of her nipples pushing through the smooth sweater she wore, and he had to force himself to look back up before she noticed his stare. He leaned back a bit, breaking their lingering embrace and picked up his single overnight bag.

“I think I have everything I need. I just need to stop by my room and throw my bag in, and then I am free for anything you have planned. Wow, you look great,” he said, his words all rushing out at once, betraying his obvious nervousness.

Sarah smiled back and found herself looking at him in a way that she knew must appear devious. “I don’t really have anything planned, I just thought we could spend some time catching up, hanging out, you know…like we used to do.” She paused for just a moment, looked down at the few tiles of floor that separated them, then looked back up at him, and spoke, “Jacob?”

“Yes?” he answered, watching her intently.

“Are you as nervous as I am?” She stood there, still smiling, looking straight at him, shifting her gaze back and forth between his eyes, waiting for his reply. Sarah wasn’t really nervous, more excited than anything, but asked just to see how Jacob was, and if he understood yet the reason for their meeting.

Her blunt question caught him off guard and he almost stuttered his reply. “I…I…well, now that you mention it,” he laughed a bit, unsure of what to say as his gazed dropped. Then he stopped laughing and looked at her so seriously that it almost made Sarah step away from him. “I am very nervous Sarah. It has been a long time since we have been together. Some things have changed. I am sure you know what I mean.”

He took her hand and started to lead her toward the elevator, not stopping to look at her or wait for a reply. She didn’t say anything, but allowed him to lead her. Her mind was whirling around what he had just said. She hadn’t quite planned it this way. Alanya Escort escort She had expected him to be so thrilled to see her after their long talks the past three weeks, to be ready to have some drinks, and party and get wild. She did not expect him to be so…so….sensitive after all these years. And what kind of change had he been talking about? All the plans that she had for giving herself to him suddenly seemed so silly to her. She wasn’t sure what she had been thinking, or why she thought he would want this.

They stood there, waiting for the elevator together, his hand holding onto hers tightly, Sarah looking down at the floor with a thousand thoughts running through her mind, and Jacob looking up at the lights on the elevator indicating which floor the car was on. Sarah realized she hadn’t even gotten a room at the hotel, because she had just assumed that Jacob would be eager to receive her and her gift, and she would stay with him. She felt silly as she stood there with her small hand being held by his larger one. She barely heard the bell on the elevator ding as it opened in front of them, and only looked up when she felt her arm being pulled forward by Jacob entering the car.

Once inside the elevator with the door shut, Sarah withdrew her hand from Jacob’s and turned to face him, still not making any direct eye contact. She felt flushed and knew he would see her blushing, but didn’t care at this point. “Jacob…” her voice trailed off as she searched for the right words to explain her actions. Even though she had not been too direct or inappropriate, Sarah and Jacob knew each other well, and she was sure he had guessed her intentions by this point.

She fumbled for words for a moment as she stood in front of him, looking down at his bag on the floor where he had set it. “I am sorry if you thought I was being…” she tried to explain. Again, she was lost for words, her embarrassment at the situation quickly becoming too much for her. She simply shook her head. “I’m just sorry.” She finally looked up and tried to force a smile that seemed pleasant and unworried and asked, “Have you eaten yet?”

When she looked at Jacob, Sarah realized that he was standing there watching her with a relaxed smile on his face. He reached out to brush a stray hair back from her face and quietly said, “I’ve already eaten, Sarah. And, please don’t apologize anymore.”

As the elevator car began to slow down for their floor, Jacob stepped closer to her. He closed the distance between them in that one step, bringing her body as close to his as when he had hugged her in the lobby downstairs. He reached up with both hands to touch her face and pull her lips to his in a movement so smooth and quick, that Sarah did not even realize it was happening until his mouth was on hers.

Startled by this sudden kiss, Sarah felt herself protest in surprise. “Mmmph!” was really the only sound she was capable of as he pressed his lips against hers, parting her lips with his tongue and moving his hands so that his fingers moved toward her neck on each side of her head, his thumbs still caressing the sides of her cheeks. Jacob moved another step closer to Sarah, causing her to step backwards as he advanced, and in another step, her back was against the opposite wall of the elevator. Vaguely, she was aware that the car had reached their floor, and the door had opened, but Jacob’s body pressing her against the wall and his tongue tasting her mouth was all that she could focus on. Not caring if anyone wanted to get on the elevator with them, Sarah finally began to kiss Jacob back, her hands already on his broad chest where they had fluttered when he first advanced on her.

As the elevator door to the floor opened, and then closed again, Jacob broke their kiss and looked at her. “This is what you had planned, isn’t it, Sarah?” he whispered to her, allowing his hands to release her face and move down to rest at her waist. Their faces were only inches apart, his eyes peering directly into hers as he looked down on her and spoke, his body still pressing hers against the wall. She was so surprised and overwhelmed, not to mention completely aroused. She couldn’t respond, so Sarah simply nodded her affirmative.

The elevator was not moving, which told Sarah no one had pressed the call button on any of the other floors, so she was the one to initiate the next kiss. She leaned forward, tilting her head slightly to the left and moved so that her lips brushed Jacob’s very slightly. She felt him open his mouth to receive her tongue, but instead of probing his mouth as he had done to her, she pulled back just slightly in an effort to tease him a little bit. She kept her face very close to his, her lips just barely separated from his, allowing them to brush his lips only for a moment here and there. Occasionally she would let her tongue dance out, licking his lips with its tip and then she would pull away again to tease him. Watching him with his eyes closed, his mouth moving slightly, expecting Alanya Escort bayan a kiss from her any minute, Sarah instead moved her mouth to Jacob’s neck where she kissed him lightly and then whispered in his ear, “How much do you want me, Jacob?”

Instead of answering, Jacob moved his right hand up to the back of Sarah’s head and grabbed a handful of her hair, turning her face back to his so that he could kiss her lips fully. As he parted her lips again with his tongue and began to kiss her deeply, pushing her mouth against his roughly, using her hair to guide her and hold her mouth in place so she could not tease him, he also moved his left hand from her waist and slid it quickly up under her smooth sweater. His warm fingers touched the coolness of her stomach and worked their way up until they were stroking her hard nipples through the satiny material of her bra. Sarah kissed back feverishly, relishing the warmth of his hand on her skin and the way he teased her nipples with his fingers.

Jacob’s mind was focused now that he was sure that Sarah had meant to give herself to him again after all these years, and he moved his right leg in between her legs, forcing her to spread her legs slightly. He did not let up on the pressure he was placing on her body as he pinned her to the wall of the elevator. He kept kissing her, letting his tongue explore her mouth and remembering every moment of how it felt to kiss her. He pushed his thigh between her legs, and could feel the warmth there where his thigh pushed against her crotch. His cock was beginning to throb now, and he knew Sarah could feel his hardness against her own thigh as he wedged himself in between her legs.

Sarah could feel herself getting excited as Jacob grew hard against her leg. She reached down to touch his cock through the jeans he had on, and in her mind was instantly transported back to the first time he had fucked her all those years ago in his college dorm room. His cock felt every bit as big as she had remembered it.

She broke his kiss as she caressed his cock through his pants, wanting so bad to feel it in her hand and looked at Jacob with more lust than she had felt in a long time. “Take me to your room, please…” she pleaded with him.

“Soon, Sarah, soon,” he spoke releasing her hair from his grasp, and moved down to kiss her neck. Sarah closed her eyes, leaning her head back against the elevator wall, losing herself in the feeling of his lips on her flesh and the size of his cock against her thigh.

Jacob still had his left hand under Sarah’s sweater, and had managed to push up her bra so that he could feel the softness of her breasts. His fingers massaged the fullness of her chest, his fingers pinching at her nipples occasionally to keep them hard. The next thing Sarah knew, he had moved his mouth from her neck, and in one quick motion had lifted her sweater so that his mouth could suck and tease her nipples. She closed her eyes and moaned, allowing herself to slowly grind her pussy against his thigh that was still pressed between her legs. During the few times they had been intimate in college her shyness about her body affected her and she had never allowed him to suck her nipples, or even to really see them, but now she thrust them forward, aching for him to taste her more.

As soon as Jacob felt her begin to move against his thigh, he moved his right hand under the edge of her skirt and let his fingers find their way to her panties. As he ran his fingers up the top of her thigh, he could feel that the stockings were only thigh high, and that he would be able to access her hot cunt with no problem. As soon as his digits reached the heat of her sex, he wasted no time pushing the thin panties aside, so that he could touch her. As his fingers encountered her shaved pussy lips, he tore his mouth away from her tits, and stood up, startling Sarah. He did not remove his fingers from her crotch, but he did allow her sweater to fall back over her bared breasts.

“Sarah, you little shaved slut,” he said to her as he leaned in to kiss her again with a wry smile. Sarah blushed, and kissed back, moving her hands to the zipper on Jacob’s jeans, meaning to free his manhood, needing to feel it. So much had changed about them; her shyness was gone, his hesitancy was no where to be seen, and for the first time they both seemed ready to fuck with the wild abandon they both wanted.

As Jacob kissed her, the elevator began to move. Sarah pulled back from his kiss at the same moment that Jacob pushed two of his fingers between the smooth folds of her wet pussy and began to rub her clit. Her hands flew from the zipper of his jeans where she had been undoing his pants to get at his cock, to his hand that was now moving to find its way inside of her, trying to stop him.

“Please!” she exclaimed as his thick fingers found her wet opening and slid inside. “They will find us,” Sarah said quietly, finding it difficult to focus with his fingers stretching her pussy and moving in and out Escort alanya of her. Her breath drew in sharply as he pushed two of his fingers deep into her. This was also something new for Sarah. She had been so reserved when they were together as college coeds that she had never let Jacob finger her despite the fact that they slept together a number of times. “Jacob…” she barely murmured, closing her eyes, and leaning into his chest. His fingers were working their way deep into her pussy, and her body was giving into the pleasure even though her mind was screaming at her that someone would see them.

As the elevator began to slow, Jacob pulled his fingers from her hot cunt, kissed her quickly and then grabbed her waist to turn her and position her in front of him, facing the elevator doors. He let her skirt fall, and Sarah stood there reeling from the feeling that his fingers inside of her had created.

The door opened and an older gentleman stepped inside with a small dog on a leash. Sarah smiled politely and watched him as he pushed the button for the tenth floor. The man turned to face the door as well, and Sarah looked down to make sure she was still presentable, and other than her disheveled hair that she saw in the reflection of the door, the only thing out of place was the bunched up material from her bra under her sweater. Quickly fixing her bra, Sarah realized that Jacob had lifted the back of her skirt and had begun to caress her ass. Then she realized that it wasn’t his hands that were touching her back there, but rather his cock. He had undone his pants the rest of the way, and was now pressing his hard cock against her ass while this old man and his dog stood a mere foot from them in the elevator. Sarah could not believe he was doing this, and felt herself blush deeply as she tried to remain calm and not draw any attention to herself.

She tried to swat at Jacob where he stood behind her, but he grabbed her hand, placing her fingers around his cock. Looking down at the man’s dog that had come over to her in the elevator, she began to stroke Jacob’s cock, wishing she could see it. It felt so huge and hard in her hand. As soon as she had touched it, she only wanted it more.

The dog came closer to Sarah, and she became worried he might try to jump up on her, perhaps smelling the heat and wetness from her dripping pussy. She let go of Jacob’s cock for a moment and reached down to pet the small dog, hoping it would go back to its owner or at least behave, and when she bent down, she felt Jacob’s hand move under her skirt, and his fingers were once again probing inside her. She let out a startled, “Oh!” which caused the old man to turn around to see what was wrong. Sarah stood up quickly, blushing deeply and quickly said, “We forgot to push the button for our floor! Can you please push 14?” Her voice trembled slightly as Jacob’s fingers moved inside her pussy; stretching, stroking, probing her.

The old man smiled and nodded, pushing the button and then turned back to the doors as the car slowed and then stopped for his floor. Sarah leaned back against Jacob and closed her eyes, relieved the old man had not seen Jacob fingering her wet slit. As the old man exited the elevator and the doors closed, Jacob’s fingers pushed even deeper into her, causing Sarah to moan out loud. “Ohhhh….Jacob….please…no more,” she whispered barely loud enough for him to hear, her breathing becoming jagged. She tried to move away from him, but he used his free arm to wrap around her waist and hold her against him as he fingered her from behind, his mouth now next to her ear, holding her close and whispering back, “Don’t fight it Sarah. Just let it happen. We’re almost there.”

As the elevator approached their floor, she felt the pleasure in her body intensify. The pressure of Jacob’s arm wrapped around her, pulling her close to him, with his whispering and his fingers fucking her cunt were all too much for her. When he moved his arm from her waist, down to the front of her panties, and slid those fingers inside her panties to rub her clit from the front while his other hand fucked her hole from the back, that paired with the intensity of everything happening so suddenly between them, and almost getting caught by that old man and his dog, was enough to cause Sarah’s body to release its sexual energy. She leaned back against him as he pushed his fingers in and out of her pussy and rubbed her clit in a matching rhythm. She felt the pleasure rise up and then spill over, breaking free in her body, causing her to cry out in the elevator, “Oh, Jacob! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The elevator slowed as her orgasm began to pulse to an end, and Jacob withdrew his fingers from her slowly this time. As the doors opened, Jacob pushed against her from behind and kissed her neck, urging her forward to exit the car. In a daze, and feeling weak in the knees, Sarah smoothed her skirt and then her hair so she would look decent, and stepped off the elevator and into the hallway. She stood there for a moment, thinking back on what had just happened in that elevator, and then turned to see Jacob grabbing his bag and stepping out of the elevator, his cock back in his pants, his fingers clean from the wetness of her pussy, and for just a moment Sarah almost thought the whole thing had been a daydream.

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