The Girl Band

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My family history is a bit complex.

My father got a girl pregnant when they were both in college. They got married, and soon after, their daughter Jayne was born.

I don’t know much about dad’s first marriage, only that he had an affair with another woman when Jayne was about ten. This girl became pregnant, too. The result of that pregnancy was – me.

When dad’s first wife found out about this other woman, she packed her bags and left. She didn’t take Jayne with her. It seems that they were never close. I gather that Jayne’s mother wasn’t happy married to my father, and she blamed Jayne for her having to get married.

Jayne wasn’t very happy living with us. She blamed my mother for causing her parents to break up, which, I suppose, she did. But Jayne and I were always best friends.

As soon as she was old enough, about seventeen I think, Jayne left home. Of course the inevitable happened and she soon became pregnant. But Jayne decided not to get married, and to raise her daughter Tara by herself.

I didn’t see much of Jayne or Tara for the next few years, but once I became old enough to travel by myself, I visited them as often as I could. Tara was about eight by then, and I used to spoil her. They both always seemed happy to see me.

After I graduated from college I took a job in the same city where Jayne and Tara lived, and I visited them often. Tara had by then grown into a beautiful young woman. And she was talented. During her last year at high school, along with several of her friends, she had formed a band.

One day I had a phone call from Tara. She was bubbling over with excitement. “Uncle James!” she gushed. “Our band is going to play in a concert next Friday. I’m so excited! Will you come?”

Of course I told her that I would.

I had arranged to pick up Jayne and Tara and drive them to the concert. But that morning I had a frantic call canlı bahis from Jayne. Her mother had suddenly taken ill. I tried to calm her down a little. I told her to go to see her mother. I would take Tara to the concert and look after her.

That evening, Tara was disappointed that her mother was going to miss the concert, but she soon cheered up at the excitement of performing in public for the first time.

At the concert, I went backstage with her to help her find the dressing room. It was a large room, filled with women in various states of undress. But none of them seemed to pay any attention to me, or to the several other men who were in there. I was introduced to the other girls in Tara’s band, and then I left them to get ready as I found my seat in the audience.

I have to say that Tara’s group were pretty good. They got plenty of applause from the audience when they had finished. I went backstage to congratulate them. When I walked into the dressing room, it was deserted except for one woman. I recognised her as the singer from one of the other groups that had performed earlier. She was about twenty two, I guess, and she was sitting in her bra and panties, fixing her makeup. I thought that she looked absolutely gorgeous!

“Oh, I’m sorry!” I said, looking away from her.

“Don’t be silly!” she laughed. “Nobody in show biz worries about that sort of thing. Can I help you?”

“I’m looking for my niece, Tara,” I said. “She was in the group that played just after you. You were great, by the way.”

“Thank you,” she said, smiling. “I think that Tara and her friends are still out talking to the magazine reporters. You can wait here if you like. I’m Roxanne, by the way.”

“James,” I said. “Great to meet you, Roxanne.”

She went back to repairing her makeup while we chatted. Then she said, “There’s a party after the show. You should come.”

“Well thanks,” bahis siteleri I said. “But I have to look after Tara. She’s a bit young to go partying.”

“Oh, but she’ll want to go,” said Roxanne. “You can’t spoil her big night. We’ll make sure that she’s all right.”

Just then Tara and the rest of her band came rushing in, all excited that the reporters had wanted to talk to them. Tara flung her arms around my neck. “Oh Uncle James!” she gushed. “It was wonderful! Isn’t it exciting?”

I hugged her and told her that I thought her band was really good. “There’s going to be a party,” she said. “Can we go? Please? Pretty please? Just for a little while.”

By then the parents of the other girls in her band had come in. We had a brief conference and decided that we would all go to the party. “But just for a little while,” warned the mother of one of the other girls. The girls were all excited.

The party was pretty much what I had expected, with loud music and lots of alcohol. But after a while I could see that Tara was mostly hanging out with her friends, just enjoying the atmosphere, so I relaxed a little. Then I spotted Roxanne by herself. I slipped up beside her.

“Great party!” I yelled over the noise.

“Yes!” she yelled back. “Too bad that you have to babysit.”

“I think that Tara’s all right by herself for a while,” I replied. “Dance?”

“Sure,” she said, and led me onto the dance floor.

At first I tried to keep an eye on Tara while I danced, but it became more and more difficult as Roxanne really got into dancing. She gave the term ‘dirty dancing’ a whole new meaning. Soon she was rubbing her ass against my very erect cock. As we danced she moved slowly to the side of the dance floor. Then suddenly she pulled me off the floor and into a room. And as soon as we were inside, she fastened her lips to mine and started exploring my throat with her bahis şirketleri tongue.

I squeezed Roxanne’s ass, and she ground her pussy against my cock, and then she kneeled down in front of me, pulling out my cock and devouring it with her mouth. The suddenly another couple came into the room. I thought that as soon as they saw us they would leave, but instead, the guy just bent the girl over a chair, lifted up her skirt, and slammed his cock into her pussy. I watched them in fascination, while Roxanne expertly sucked my cock. Then I couldn’t take it any more. I grabbed Roxanne and fucked her, just the same way as the other guy was fucking the other girl. Hearing the other girl’s cries of pleasure made me competitive. I wanted to give Roxanne more pleasure than the other guy was giving to his girl. I think that he must have felt the same way, as we had what could only be called a fucking contest. I think that the end result was a draw.

After a few minutes, the other guy spoke to me for the first time. “Want to swap?” he asked. I looked at Roxanne, and she just shrugged and walked over to the other couple. The other girl came over to me. She had a smoking hot body, with an amazing set of tits that I just knew I had to suck. I popped her tits out of her bra and devoured them with my mouth.

“I’m Jill,” she said. “So you like my tits, do you?”

“Oh yes,” I gasped. “And I’m James.”

This time I leaned her up against a wall, so that I could fuck her and squeeze her tits at the same time. And this time I won the fucking contest. It’s a wonder that the people in the room next door didn’t hear her screams as she came again and again.

I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to be looking after Tara. “I’ve got to get back to the party,” I said. Roxanne knew why, and she smiled at me. “Me too,” she said.

We walked back into the other room, and one of the other girl’s mother came up to me. “I think that it’s time for our girls to leave,” she said. I had to agree with her.

I kissed Roxanne goodnight. “Call me,” she said, slipping a card into my hand.

“Count on it,” I said.

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