The Greatest Gift Ch. 03

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After the hike Pop went down to the gym while Terri lounged in the room’s deep whirlpool tub. There was a pillow and the gently sloping back and it was easy for her to just lay back and let all her cares float away. The jets seemed to hit all the right spots on her body and she was so completely relaxed that she swore she would get one of those tubs for herself someday. She was determined to enjoy the experience because if all went right that weekend she would have no time to relax in nine months or so.

Terri did not have a care in the world, which was odd considering her weekend, but she’d finally come to terms with what she was doing and what it meant. Her talk with Pop on their hike and the subsequent mind blowing sex helped her turn a corner. She no longer thought of what they were doing as dirty in any way. He was so loving and giving in what he was doing for her and if he could put all of his feelings about her as his “daughter” then she could do the same. And she finally realized both her parents were right. If she was going to do this there was nothing wrong with having fun along the way. She hated that she was always so uptight. Pop was right; she needed to loosen up and this weekend was the perfect opportunity to do so.

God, the sex in the spring had been incredible, just like all the other sex so far that weekend, but making love outside like that and nearly being caught made her feel so sexy. Just thinking about it had her feeling horny again. She could not recall ever having been constantly turned on like she seemed to have been since waking up that morning.

With a soft sigh, she slipped her hand between her legs and stroked her neatly trimmed mound. She started just applying pressure, rubbing with three fingers and then pressed a finger between her lips. She also ran her fingertips around a stiffening nipple and bit her lower lip to stifle a moan. Terri did not masturbate often, but when she did she usually used her favorite little toy. It had been a long time since she’d just used her fingers, but it felt good, especially when she started rubbing her clit. She imagined Pop’s hands on her, touching and stroking her. She was close to getting off when she had an idea.

Terri had always heard stories about women using their shower massages or the jets of a whirlpool to get off, but she’d never tried it. She’d never been anywhere she had the chance. The times she’d been in a hot tub she was not alone and she was not about to get off with people around. For one thing, she didn’t think she could be quiet enough to get away with it. But here she was, alone in a whirlpool tub and feeling very good. She rolled onto her side and after twisting to just the right angle she felt the jetting hitting her thigh just beside her cunt. It felt like it might be too much, so she turned the knob and dialed down the power before she turned the extra couple inches.

The jet caught her right above her mound, but was still powerful enough to send an intense vibration through her pussy and she gasped. Damn, it did feel good! It was not unlike her toy, but the rushing of the water produced a different kind of vibration. She moved her hips slightly back and forth, moving the epicenter of the vibrations until the jet was hitting her mound right above her clit. She yelped and pulled away, it was so intense, but then she moved right back. It felt so incredible. She found herself turning up the power and pushing herself at the jet until she was almost grinding into it. It not only stimulated her clit and vibrated her pussy, but it sent pleasant vibrations throughout her entire body. It was like one giant vibrator. It was less than a minute from the time she was pressing herself to the jet to when she was wailing and cumming violently. The pleasure became so strong that it bordered on painful and as her body tensed and released she was forced to pull away from the jet and splash down on her back, slipping entirely under the water for a second before emerging with a great gasp. The quick, powerful orgasm left her invigorated.

After finishing her bath, she dried off and wrapped herself in a big, fluffy towel around her body and a second towel around her wet hair. She was surprised to find Pop back from the gym and wondered how long he’d been back. The door to the bathroom was open and she never heard him come in. She quickly found out he’d been back long enough.

“Sounds like you were having fun in there,” he chuckled good naturedly.

“How long have you been back?” she asked, turning bright crimson.

“Long enough. There’s no reason to be embarrassed, kiddo. It’s nice to know you’re cutting loose.”

“I know,” she replied quietly, looking down at the floor.

He crossed the room and ripped her towel off and pulled her into his arms. He smelled ripe from the gym, but when he kissed her like that and she felt his erection pressing into her through his shorts she didn’t care. She could always take another shower. Maybe ataşehir escort with him. She pulled at his damp t-shirt as he backed her toward the bed. He pushed her back onto the bed with her legs dangling off the edge and knelt on the floor in front of her. The suddenness of his ardor left Terri breathless and she cried out when he lifted her legs over his shoulders and kissed her pussy. He spread her open and dove right in with his tongue, almost fucking her with it. She cried out and pushed herself at his mouth. She was still tingling from the whirlpool jet and his tongue took her from zero to sixty in seconds. He worked her clit with his tongue and pushed two fingers inside her, slowing fucking them in and out. Terri had a quick orgasm almost immediately and Pop kept fingering and licking her with no break.

“Ohhhh … ohhhh … Oh GOD! OH POP!” she cried.

Her thoughts were a jumble. She couldn’t believe how easily Pop could bring her body to such a supreme state of pleasure. His mouth felt so good that she couldn’t decide whether she wanted him to keep licking her or if she should pull him on top of her so she could feel him inside her. He was supposed to be cumming inside her, after all.

Terri thought he was going to mount her when he pushed her legs back against her chest. She held her legs back and he kept licking her. He brought her teasingly close to another climax, but then stopped licking her, leaving her about ready to beg him to fuck her. Her eyes flew open instead of feeling his cock against her pussy she felt his tongue pressing at her tightly puckered asshole. It was nothing like how his finger felt back there. This seemed just so shockingly dirty that Terri was going to stop him, but then he pushed his rolled up tongue past the tight seal of her sphincter and her head exploded.

Her wail was deafening and she tensed like she’d just grabbed a live wire. Of course part of it was that she was already so aroused, but it was really just that his slippery tongue going over all those nerve endings back there was electrifying. For the first time in her life she truly saw stars and Pop pushed his tongue in and out of her ass as far as he could reach. He also rubbed her clit with his thumb and as she relaxed he thrust his tongue faster. Eating out Terri’s ass had her screaming and cumming and she felt lightheaded when it all became too much. She lost track of how many times she came, or even how much time passed. When her feet came back down to the ground Pop was kissing her thighs and standing up.

“I’d better go grab a shower. I feel scummy from the gym,” he said.

He left Terri on the bed with a dreamy smile on her face and she drifted off to sleep.


Pop was in the other room watching television when she woke up and kicked off the blanket he’d laid over her. She stretched, thinking that sleeping naked was becoming a habit. The long shadows across the room and the rumbling in her stomach told her that it was getting late and that she’d better start preparing for dinner soon. She knew they had a special night ahead of them.

The shower stall was all granite with three heads spraying needles of hot water at her from all directions and enclosed in glass. The hot water was endless and Terri stayed in there for quite a long time, scrubbing herself clean everywhere and letting the water run through her hair. Mostly she stayed in there thinking. Pop came in and out of the bathroom to get ready while she showered and she watched him looking at her body through the fogged, water-beaded glass. It would have been fun to drag him into the shower with her, but then they would never get to dinner. The way he looked at her and his eagerness with her in bed made Terri wonder if Pop was being entirely honest with her. She could not help but wonder if he’d harbored some kind of lust for her since before her mother’s crazy idea. It was just strange that he had no reservations about doing anything to her. She wracked her brain, going all the way back to her teenaged years, but could not think of any time when he’d looked at or touched her inappropriately. He had always been a loving dad. Maybe it really was that he was just enjoying his chance to fuck a much younger woman for the weekend. She wondered if he did all these things with her mother too. No, that was too much to think about. She cleared her mind, knowing it was best not to over think things.

What she really wanted to think about was the night ahead. Terri knew their lovemaking this time would not be like the night before. With the nervousness gone she would not be tentative with him. After everything he’d done to her in the last twenty-four hours she was determined to do everything she could to Pop to make him feel good. She wanted him to know that she’d shed whatever inhibitions she’d had. Terri would make this night just as memorable for him as it would be for her.

After her shower, she closed the door to the bedroom, partly kadıköy escort because she didn’t want him coming in to distract her, but also because she wanted to come out when she was ready and wow him. She slipped into lacy black panties and black thigh highs, which had been pushed to the back of her lingerie drawer forever. The stockings were not something she normally would have worn outside of the bedroom. Her dress would not allow for a bra. It was a slinky little black number she’d bought a couple years ago, at a girlfriend’s insistence. They were out shopping for dresses for their work Christmas party and Janine insisted that Terri try the dress on, even though there was no way she would have worn it to a work function. She couldn’t imagine wearing the dress anywhere in public, even with a sweater over it. It was a halter dress that was almost entirely backless, cut down to just above the crack of her ass. The front was draped and rather low cut. If she wasn’t careful how she moved she could end up showing way more than she planned.

Terri stepped into a pair of strappy black pumps with a four inch heel and twisted and turned in front of the mirror. Her hair was up and her make-up perfect, including hot red lipstick, which she bought specially for this weekend. When she packed all this stuff she did not seriously think she would put any of it on, but here she was, vamping in front of the mirror. Modest as she was, she had to admit she looked hot.

She opened the double doors to the bedroom and stood framed in the doorway and asked, “Are you ready for dinner?”

Pop turned and stopped as he took her in with a low whistle. “I’m ready for dessert.”

“You are going to have to wait because I am starving.”

She let him kiss her, but on the cheek so he didn’t smudge her lipstick, and then they proceeded down to dinner arm in arm. He was wearing a dark blazer over a burgundy shirt and dark slacks and she thought he looked rather handsome, even though it was still funny to look at her stepfather and see him that way.

The restaurant was crowded and they had to wait in the bar until a table opened up. Terri found it difficult to sit on the high barstool without flashing her lacy panties. She also discovered she was right to be worried about the low, loose neckline of her dress. Every time she reached for her drink she nearly exposed her whole breast. She blushed when she saw Pop looking and a quick glance told her he was not the only one who’d noticed. In the past, she’d always tried to blend in with the crowd, avoid standing out, but now that some of the men in the bar were checking her out she found she really liked it. It made her tingle down below to think that these men were looking at her and wanting her. She knew Pop must be proud to have her on his arm tonight.

“That dress really is something, kiddo. You look amazing tonight,” Pop whispered in her ear and then kissed her neck. He slid his hand across her bare back, giving her chills, and then into the side of her dress. The bar was crowded and no one could see what he was doing, but she still had to fight the urge to push his hand away. His fingers crept around until he was just barely stroking the side of her breast. Not only was she out without a bra, but now she was being groped in a public place by her stepfather. She felt that thrill from the spring and her nipple hardened from his touch. He kissed the side of her neck while he touched her and she thought she was going to melt right there at the bar.

Terri was weak in the knees when they were paged to their table. Their table was in an intimate corner of the restaurant and mostly shielded from view by a large stone fireplace. Pop held out her chair at the table and she sat very carefully, but couldn’t do much about the dress hanging open when she leaned forward. Their waiter was discreet, but he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. Pop ordered a good bottle of wine and she couldn’t gulp down the first glass fast enough.

After going over the menu, she decided on lobster, even though it would be messy. Actually, she thought she might be able to have fun with that. As she ate she took full advantage of all that dripping butter, licking and sucking it off her fingers seductively. She also took advantage of their secluded spot by slipping off one of her heels and running her foot up the inside of Pop’s leg. When she reached his crotch she found he appreciated all the leaning forward she was doing during dinner. She kept up massaging his crotch when the waiter came to clear their plates and she giggled when he had trouble asking for the check after she declined dessert. She was eager to get back to their room. Mercifully, she stopped teasing him so he could stand down before he had to stand up.

In the elevator on the way to the condo Terri leaned into Pop and gave him a long, burning kiss, languidly going after his tongue with her own. He slipped his hand inside her dress and rolled bostancı escort bayan her nipple while he cupped her breast. They were so into each other that the elevator door almost closed before they could get out and head down the hallway.

When they returned to the condo he opened a fresh bottle of wine while she turned on the lights above the dining room table, keeping the dimmer on low. Through the balcony doors was a beautiful view of the lights lining the small lake on the resort’s grounds. She accepted a glass of wine from Pop and then took his hand and sat him down in the loveseat by the balcony doors. She stood in front of him and sipped some wine for courage.

“Tell me what you like,” she said as seductively as she could.

“Well, you know I’m a big Beatles fan,” he chuckled.

“You know what I mean, Pop. You have been so good to me this weekend I want to give you a night you’ll always remember.”

“I already I know I will always remember this weekend, Teresa. I want you to do whatever comes naturally. I will love whatever you do.”

Pop’s words gave her the courage to take charge and she leaned forward, giving him a perfect view down her dress as she set down her wineglass. She kissed him softly and then stood up and unhooked her dress behind her neck. With a little wiggle of her hips the dress dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it. For a moment she wondered if anyone outside could see her through the patio doors and a thrill ran through her. His low whistle and hungry eyes made her smile.

Terri put a knee on the loveseat between his legs and leaned in to pull his shirt off. He cupped both breasts and licked and sucked her nipples. She moaned and forced herself to pull his shirt off and make him stop touching her. Next, she dropped to her knees and pulled off his boots and pants and boxers. He just sat back and let her go, stripping him naked. His prick popped up and she immediately reacted to it, her pussy tightening as she remembered how it felt inside her. She was already wet enough that she could have just sat on him, but she was out to seduce him, not get herself off.

Grabbing his cock, she licked it from crown to base while looking up into Pop’s eyes the entire time. She wanted him to see how much she wanted him. She licked his cock until it was shining and then smeared his precum all over the head with her tongue while she stroked his shaft. She kissed her way back down and then sucked on each of his heavy balls.

“Mmm, Teresa …” he moaned. He was hot and throbbing in her hand and when she decided she’d teased him enough she smiled and swallowed his cock. Now that she was used to it she did not have trouble opening enough to take his thick shaft and went down until her nose was buried in his crotch. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard and worked him in her mouth with her tongue. When she had him groaning and pushing his hips at her mouth, she started to move, bobbing up and down slowly while sucking hard. He was jerking his hips and pushing up at her mouth when she came down and she knew she had him completely under her control. He was moaning her name and stroking her hair and she kept sucking until she was sure he was closing to popping his top. Strings of saliva stretched from her lips to his cock when she stopped. She didn’t want him cumming in her mouth tonight. She had other plans for his load.

“I think you’re ready for me,” she cooed, crawling off the floor. She straddled Pop’s lap and grasped his cock.

“I’ve been ready for you for a long time, kiddo. You are so incredibly sexy.”

“I want you so bad. You make me feel so good,” she teased herself, rubbing his wide head against her lips while she spoke. It rubbed her clit and she quivered.

Terri slipped the head inside and slowly descended on his shaft. She loved how it felt when he first stretched her open and all those nerve endings were stimulated for the first time. She took him all the way and then grinded against him, feeling him flexing inside while her clit was teased. Closing her eyes, she moaned continuously as she concentrated on the sensations throbbing out from her cunt. She squeezed him inside her and kept grinding harder and harder, focusing on her clit, while Pop teased her nipples with his hands, teasing and pinching and rolling and stroking. Her climax came on so fast that she could hardly believe it. She was quaking and stiffened and intense pleasure blossomed through her entire body.

“Ohhhh Popppp!” she cried, falling forward and throwing her arms around him.

The tremors were still going through her body when he held her hips and started moving her on his prick. She could hear her cunt gushing around him as their bodies slowly moved together. She was still feeling warm and tingly from her orgasm, but she pushed back, thrusting her hips down at him. She braced herself with her hands on his shoulders and took control again, vigorously riding his cock. Fucking him like that after having just cum was incredible because her whole pussy was still on fire and it felt like her orgasm didn’t really end.

“Uhnnn … Tereeesaaa!” Pop moaned, gripping her hips tighter. He slid his hands around and kneaded her ass roughly.

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