The Hotel: The Exhibitionists

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It was a busy Friday night, the wall of screens across from my desk were all filled with guests in their rooms. Some alone, some not. Some engaged in…activities, some simply watching television or eating a snack. Beside me, the phone rang again but my co-worker reached for it first.

“Guest Services, this is Taryn speaking,” she said smoothly into the receiver. “Mmm yes Mr. David, I can absolutely do that for you.”

I laughed softly. Taryn had one hell of a sexy operator voice. The fact was, I did too. After all, it was part of the job.

As Taryn efficiently took down room 232’s order, I tapped my fingers on the keyboard in front of me, rotating the rooms displayed on the screens. There were four of us monitoring each floor at night, ready and able to assist with anything a guest might require. Whether answering the phones to arrange for a service or late night meal. Or we could take a more hands on approach. That was always an option for us and one I tried to take advantage of at least once a week. For the requests we didn’t find appealing, we had a whole crew of bulls and bunnies at our disposal to fulfill pretty much any ask. Management didn’t want anyone participating in a service that didn’t get them off as well, they found that the more authentic the interaction, the higher the reviews were afterward by the guests. It really was just good business sense. The happier the guest, the more revenue we made.


I looked up and Dash, one of our most popular bulls, smiled down at me.

“Hey there handsome,” I grinned, happy to flirt a little with the well endowed stud. “Not on duty tonight?”

He chuckled and smoothed a hand down his chest, purposefully showing off the six pack under his light weight tee. “Just wrapped up with 402.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked and swore I wouldn’t be jealous of the answer. “Any good?”

He nodded and cupped his crotch before leaning against my desk. “Her ass drained my balls twice before sending me on my way.”

My eyebrows rose in surprise. For a woman to take Dash two times in a row – in her ass no less – was quite the feat.

“Kudos to her,” I said, a little in awe of the woman’s skills.

He winked at me. “Don’t worry Claire-bear, you still have my favorite little cunt.”

I laughed. I should hope so, he was the only guy I let fuck me bareback in this place. Cumming in fertile pussies was Dash’s all time favorite thing in the world and I was more than happy to let him fill me up once in a while. Understanding dawned on me.

“Oh…did you want to…?” I looked around to see who could cover my spot for the next thirty minutes or so when Dash placed a large hand on top of mine.

“Are you ovulating?” he asked with the growl in his voice that I loved.

I shook my head regretfully. “No, not right now.”

He laughed easily. “Well it’s a good thing 402 drained me then. But that’s not why I stopped by.”

“Oh okay,” I said, trying not to sound disappointed. “What’s up?”

“In the elevator on my way down I was stopped by Mr. Blanchard in room 216,” he explained and I quickly pulled up the cameras in 216 to the display on my desk.

There was an older man, early 50’s if I were to guess, in the shower and a younger woman on the bed watching tv. While he had a slight belly and wasn’t toned, I was pleasantly surprised to see a soft but fat cock dangling between his legs as he soaped up his chest and arms. The girl was fully dressed, her arms wrapped around her drawn up knees so I couldn’t get a good look of what her body was all about.

“Mr. Blanchard is requesting a female audience tonight,” Dash said, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

I nodded and looked up at him, puzzled. That was a pretty common request and could have been handled by Dash himself by just filling out a quick room service form. It would have taken two minutes, tops.

“Okay…” I said. I was confused but pulled up the right screen on the computer anyway. “I can fill out the form for you if you’d like. What time does he want someone there? You said a female?”

Dash chuckled darkly. “It’s not that simple. That’s why I came to you Claire-bear.”

My fingers stilled now on my keyboard and waited for him to continue.

“Mr. Blanchard’s partner tonight is a little out of the ordinary.”

I shrugged, Dash and I both knew out of the ordinary here wasn’t a thing. Hell, last week I fisted a nun while a priest prayed over us. After three years of working here, nothing surprised me anymore.

The phone rang again and seeing I was occupied with Dash, Taryn answered it.

“Mmm hello again Mr. David. Was that dildo not large enough for Mrs. David?” She laughed at whatever he said on the other end of the line. “Oh well then congratulations are in order for breaking a personal record! I’ll send the next two sizes up and a bottle of champagne right away. Mm-hmm, of course. Have a good cum!” Taryn’s fingers flew over her keyboard as she hung up.

“Anyway, Mr. Blanchard understands his partner is considered to be in Nişantaşı Escort poor taste by many, so he’d like to make sure the person fulfilling his request is okay with the taboo,” Dash continued.

My brows pinched together. “Who on earth is he fucking?” I asked.

Dash smiled devilishly, a big grin stretching across his handsome face. “His daughter.”

Beside me, Taryn gasped.

I looked up at Dash, shocked. “Seriously?”

He nodded, one of his brown locks of hair falling adorably down on to his forehead. “Absolutely. They’ve been fucking since his wife died apparently.”

“Wow,” Taryn said, said still stunned.

“Wow,” I echoed.

“I assured him we don’t judge here and I’d see what I could do.”

“Well if they’re both consenting adults…” I trailed off.

Dash nodded. “She didn’t seem unwilling. And we know she’s of age with our eighteen and older guest policy.”

“Do we even support incest?” Taryn asked, frowning.

I looked over at her. “Yes?” I said hesitatantly and searched my memory. “We had that mother and son a couple of years ago. They didn’t ask for any bull or bunny services but they did go through a hell of a lot of lube.”

Taryn giggled. “Wasn’t it all strawberry flavored?”

Dash nodded. “It was.”

We all shared a laugh at the memory.

“Anyway,” Dash continued once we had reigned it in. “Think we can make it happen?”

“I’m out,” Taryn said, wrinkling her nose at the mere idea.

I thought about it for a moment. I could just assign it to one of the bunnies, but I didn’t want anyone else to be uncomfortable. I, on the other hand, didn’t really mind.

“Just watching?” I confirmed with Dash.

“You’ll have to give him a call to get the details, but from what I understand – yes, just watching.”

I nodded. “Okay, I can handle that.”

“That’s my girl,” Dash beamed and leaned down to brush a kiss against my cheek.

I smiled softly, pleased with his praise.

“Maybe next time I’m fucking you I’ll make you call me Daddy,” he murmured hotly in my ear. I blushed and clenched my thighs against the ache there, nodding slightly as his teeth nipped my ear.

“I’ll make sure to take care of it,” I said more confidently when he straightened to his full height.

“Thanks Claire-bear. Let me know how it goes.” He adjusted his cock in his pants and started to walk away but turned around at the door. “Claire?”

My eyebrows raised in question.

“Don’t forget to let me know when you’re ovulating,” he said with a wink.

I felt the heat flush across my cheeks and nodded.

“Dirty girl!” Taryn whispered, nudging me with her elbow until I laughed. When I looked up again, he was gone. Down to the bull’s lounge most likely to wait for another assignment. As always, he would be in high demand on a Friday night like tonight. I picked up the phone and dialed room 216.

I watched on my display as the girl on the bed reached for the phone on the nightstand but her father beat her to it, a towel wrapped around his waist now from his shower.

“Hello?” the gruff voice asked as I watched him sit on the bed.

“Mr. Blanchard? This is Claire with Guest Services,” I crooned into the phone, making sure my voice oozed with sex.

“Claire, how nice of you to call me. I assume you spoke with the bull I ran into in the elevator?”

“I did, yes sir. He let me know you were requesting a female audience this evening?”

I watched as he nodded on the screen.

“Yes and you’re aware of our particular situation?” he asked carefully.

“Yes, I’m aware you are a father/daughter couple.”

“Excellent.” He cleared his throat. “As you’d can imagine, this particular taboo isn’t one I like to advertise however, I felt confident this establishment would be able to meet a request such as mine.”

“Oh absolutely, I’m looking forward to it actually.” I half fibbed. “What would you like to happen this evening Mr. Blanchard?”

“Well if you could arrive in say, thirty minutes or so?”

“Of course.”

“I don’t require any particular clothing or participation,” he explained.

“All right, so watching only,” I summarized.

“Unless of course you wish to play with yourself, that’s perfectly fine and up to you.”

“Mmmm thank you,” I replied, making sure my voice was husky.

“Other than that, we’ll just be fucking in the room,” he said stating the obvious. “We might go two or three rounds, is that alright?”

“Yes, that’s perfectly fine. I’ll make sure I’m free for the rest of the night so you don’t have a time constraint.”

“Thank you,” he said sincerely. “In the real world I don’t get to get to show off my girl and sometimes, you just need to, you know?”

“Considering I love it when I get fucked in public with a man I care for claiming me with his cock, I completely get it.”

He grunted and I watched his hand lazily stroke his dick under the terry cloth. “I wish we lived in a more progressive town Pendik Escort where our relationship was accepted and I could bend her over at the park just like any other woman.”

I chuckled knowingly, coming from a small, ancient town like that myself. “I understand Mr. Blanchard, all too well.”

“If it weren’t for my business, I would have moved us both out of here to a more progressive state long ago,” he explained.

“Well that’s why you can always visit our hotel sir,” I said, plugging our services. “There’s no such thing as taboo here.”

He laughed softly. “Excellent, then I’ll see you in a bit?”

“I can’t wait,” I murmured and hung up the phone.

I quickly covered my desk with someone from the sixth floor. Their two penthouse suites were already taken care of for the night so one person could monitor them just fine. From there I went to our lounge to freshen up and make sure to use the rest room beforehand. You never wanted to interrupt a scene because you had to pee, a lesson I learned early on in my days with the hotel. A fresh coat of lipstick and a quick tug on my nipples to get them to perk up and I was on my way to their room. Thirty minutes had flown by.

I took a deep breath and rapped my knuckles against the door three times.

I heard a soft cry and then a deeper voice command, “Don’t move.”

Within seconds, the door opened. He was naked now, his fat cock no longer soft, but thick and throbbing against his pooch of a belly. It was so thick I bet it burned every pussy it fucked.

“Mr. Blanchard,” I said in way of greeting, holding out my hand.

“I think since you’re going to watch me fuck my daughter you can call me Kevin right?” he said dryly and took my hand to tug me a little impatiently inside.

“Yes sir,” I replied and followed him into the room.

Wet, aroused pussy.

I could smell it throughout the room.

We passed the en suite bathroom and closet, heading down the short hallway to the bedroom where his daughter lay sprawled out on her back on the bed. She had her hands covering her small breasts, but her knees were drawn up and spread open. Her eyes widened when she saw me and then quickly turned her head to stare at the wall away from us.

I had interrupted.

“You’ll have to excuse my daughter, she’s shy,” Kevin said, gesturing to the blush spreading across her tits and neck.

“What’s her name?” I asked, taking in the scene.

“Josie,” he said simply and walked over to stand over the nervous girl, his seven inch cock bouncing as he moved.

The room had plenty of options to set the mood, music, dimmable lights etc. – but they were using none of them. The lights were all on, painting a stark and raw image of what was happening here. It was clear – they were going to fuck, not make love.

“Please,” he said kneeling on the bed between Josie’s thighs. “Make yourself comfortable while I get her ready to fuck.”

With that he knelt on the bed and lowered his face between her thighs. I imagine this is what they had been doing before I joined them. The sound of her wetness and his mouth made loud and almost grotesque slurping noises echo throughout the room. Josie’s toes clenched as her father ate her pussy but she didn’t make a peep. I took a seat next to the bed in the oversized arm chair and settled in for the show.

They had clearly started without me, Josie’s nipples red and puffy from being sucked on and I could see that the lips of her bare cunt were equally as flushed and coated in her juices. Shy or not, she was turned on.

Kevin lifted his head from between his daughter’s thighs with a loud smacking sound. “Do you get many incestual relationships at the hotel?”

I shook my head. “No actually, this is the second one that I’m aware of since I’ve been here.”

He slid a long, hairy knuckled finger into Josie’s pussy and started slowing fucking it in and out of her. “And you don’t mind it?”

I again shook my head. “No, fucking is fucking. I don’t judge as long as no one is getting hurt.”

I watched as Josie struggled to stay quiet, her eyes closed and still facing away from me.

“Squeeze down on my finger Josie-girl,” Kevin murmured and was evidently pleased with her internal response. “That’s a good girl, just like you’re going to squeeze Daddy’s cock.”

I clenched my thighs at the word Daddy. It was hotter than I had thought it would be, the blatant taboo right in front of me.

“Does she look like she’s hurting?” Kevin asked me, holding eye contact with me as his tongue gave her a slow lick from asshole to clit.

I chuckled, this man was as dirty as they came. “No, it does not.”

“I’ve been fucking her for so long, I can’t remember a time she wasn’t spreading her legs for me,” he said crudely and added a second finger to her cunt. Josie whimpered and I felt myself getting damp. Her pussy was stretched tightly around his two fingers. What would it look like when he fucked her with that fat dick Rus Escort of his?

Seeing that he seemed to like to talk during sex, I continued the conversation. “If you don’t mind me asking, how did it start?”

He didn’t answer me right away and sucked on Josie’s clit until it was cherry red and visibly pulsing. With a pop, he released it and she sagged into the bed.

“Keep squeezing my fingers baby,” he ordered. “That’s it. Her mother died when she was seventeen and as soon as she turned legal a few months later, I fucked her.”

I sat there quietly and slowly slid my hand into my top to cup my breast.

“I was getting home every night too tired to go out and look for some free pussy and there she was in the house doing nothing anyway. She’s got a cunt, why not fuck her?” he continued boldly.

“And this was a mutual decision?” I asked cautiously. It was important that every guest was a mutual participant in whatever went on.

“Let me tell you something about my daughter. You see this right here?” he asked me, pointing to her swollen and glistening clit.

I nodded, squeezing my nipple under my shirt as I felt my pussy grow wetter between my thighs.

“You give this little clit a rub and no matter who you are – Daddy or not – this little slut spreads her legs for you.” He leaned down and gave it another suck. “Before I fucked her myself I caught her having sex with several different guys. She doesn’t know any better.”

“Is that right Josie?” I said to her directly for the first time. “You love to fuck?”

She didn’t answer me and instead draped her arm over her eyes as her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Her father chuckled.

“She may be a whore controlled by her cunt, but she’s shy. Since we can’t fuck in public, she’s never had an audience,” he explained, curling his fingers to rub her g-spot. Josie grunted in response. “But tonight, I want someone to watch. Someone to see her take her Daddy’s cock into that little twat of hers.”

“Mmm,” I moaned quietly, pinching my nipple harder now.

“I want you to see what a slut she is for her Daddy.”

Josie gasped as he roughly fingered her with one hand. The other he used to hold her legs open so I could easily see what he was doing to her. When her pussy was shooting out clear fluid and her hole was visibly pulsing with her orgasm he sat up and stroked his cock, already leaking pre-cum. He pulled his fingers from her body and slapped her inner thigh with his dripping hand.

“Open wide,” he barked out at her and she immediately used her hands to pull her knees back to her chest to spread her legs wide open for him.

He mounted her, holding his body weight off of her with his forearms and with one hand, guided his cockhead to her opening.

I took my free hand and slid my skirt up so that I could spread my legs and play with my own pussy. I loved watching people fuck.

I watched as Kevin hissed as his dick slowly slid into his daughter. I wasn’t even going to bother mentioning that there were condoms in the nightstand. It was clear they were going to break all the taboos tonight and weren’t concerned about a little bareback sex.

It was a tight fit and it took him a few good hard thrusts to full seat himself inside of her cunt, his full balls finally resting on her asshole. The whole time, outside of a few gasps and whimpers, Josie didn’t make a sound.

She truly was a beautiful girl. Long brown hair with striking golden eyes and full lips. A petite and curvy body with smallish breasts but full hips. Josie had a pretty pussy, stretched tight around her Daddy’s red and veiny cock. It was an odd juxtaposition. She was young and gorgeous and he was middle aged and grunting over her body. The slap of his belly against the back of her thighs as he pumped his cock deep into her was the only noise in the room. But soon, Kevin started talking again.

“You like Daddy’s cock Josie-girl?” he panted, giving her long strokes of his full dick.

She grunted as I spread my wetness to my own clit and gave it a rub.

“Yeah, you’re taking Daddy’s cock so good baby. Nice and deep,” he crooned in her ear. “I can’t believe you spread your legs for your Daddy in front of a stranger.”

I moaned at the lewdness of the scene and slid a finger inside of my cunt.

“What a whore,” he grunted, his pale white ass pumping into his daughter faster. “Yeah, give Daddy that cunt. You like that fat cock stretching out your slit?”

Josie grunted again and opened her eyes to meet her father’s. Sweat coated both of their brows.

“Ooo baby, you gonna cum on your Daddy’s cock?” Kevin pushed his cock deep and ground his dick into the back of her pussy. “Claire honey, come watch her cum on her Daddy’s cock.”

I scrambled up from the chair and leaned in close behind them so I could see her pussy wrapped tight as a band around his obscenely thick cock.

“Cum for Daddy!” he called out and her cunt twitched around him as she came. “Fuck yeah!”

“That’s it!” I cheered, not able to help myself. “Cum on your Daddy’s cock Josie!”

“Fuck!” Kevin roared and pumped his cock violently into his daughter, the wet squelches of their rutting genitals loud in my ears. “I’m going to cum in my daughter’s cunt Claire!”

I pumped two fingers into my own twat in time with his thrusts and felt myself on edge with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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