The Inevitable Encounter

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The first time I was unprepared. He took me off guard, I hadn’t shaved my legs or my bikini line before going over there. When he took my hands in his and started kissing my palms and wrists I was his. We weren’t supposed to, he belonged to another and I was dating, although on a casual basis, one of his friends. And it was impromptu, completely unplanned and unexpected. The next time (and I knew there would be) I was going to be ready.

As I had thought, we made plans to hang out together. Bar hopping first then I guessed later we return to his place. Alone in his apartment. I began to get ready that morning. I shaved my legs and bikini line and gave myself a pedicure. I got out of the warm bath and smoothed lotion onto my body. I went to the store and picked up some sexy lingerie. All see through black lace and mesh. And thigh high stockings and a garter belt.

I went home and the day passed slowly. About two hours before I was supposed to go over there I began to get ready. I took a long shower and exfoliated my skin leaving it silky smooth, washed my hair with special shampoo so it was clean smelling and shiny. I climbed out of the shower in the steamy bathroom and spread scented body cream on my skin. Then I got my perfume, my signature scent. Poison, by Dior. I dotted it behind my ears, at my throat, on my wrists at the small of my back and behind my knees. I had my clothes all laid out, I firs slipped in my lacy black bra and put on a black mesh thong. Then fastened my garter belt around my waist. Then I pulled the stockings up my legs, taking care not to run them and making sure the seam went up the middle of my leg. I slipped on my high heels and surveyed myself in the mirror.

Looking good so far, the muscles in my calves, thighs, and ass tense and taut on my tall heels. I pushed my shoulders back and sucked in my stomach a bit. I looked half decent in all that sexy lingerie, and as I imagined Ian stroking my inner thighs where the top of my stockings met my skin my pussy began to dampen. I ran my fingers over the fine mesh covering my moist lips. I shivered slightly and my nipples sprang up hard against the lace of my bra, I ran one hand up the side of my body, cupping my breast and playing over the nipple with my thumb. A light moan escaped my lips and my skin began to warm and desire and anticipation seized me. I couldn’t wait for Ian to see me. I stepped into my tight short black skirt and pulled it up over my hips. And a tight black low-cut short sleeve tee shirt. I did my hair and make-up and modeled in front of the mirror for a moment. Then put nail polish on and as soon as it was dry it was time to go.

I drove to the bar where we were meeting. Our excuse to get together without arousing the suspicions of anyone. If I was lucky we wouldn’t be bar hopping long. I knew, just as he did, that we would end up at his apartment, even if was unspoken between us. It was a darkened bar with booths to sit in and a dartboard. Music load enough for private conversation with your date, but not so loud you had to scream into their ear. I imagine it was where a lot of secret lovers might meet, as it seemed to be a bar where people hook up, as opposed to a noisy, boisterous sports bar.

I walked in and spotted Ian sitting at the bar, having a Budweiser. I stood in the doorway, waiting for him to look up and scan the room. Several men were glancing my way. The bouncer never once looked up beyond my neck, saying practically down my shirt, that he did not need to see my ID. Ian looked up and around. His eyes met mine and slid down the rest of my body. I could see his eyes widen in surprise, he was not used to seeing me dressed up. Up until this point we had only been friends, drinking buddies. This was the first time he’d ever see me in a truly feminine role, in feminine clothing. İstanbul Escort Heels, and a skirt, and make-up. I walked toward him with a small smile on my lips. My ex-boyfriend calls it my come-fuck-me-smile.

“Hello Ian.” I said, softly, in a throaty voice.

“Hey Sadie…..uh…what’s up?” He could not stop looking at me, naked desire in his eyes.

“Good to see you Ian, you look nice.” And he did too, as if he too had dressed up a bit more for this occasion and thought about it as much as I did. I felt a small tingle run up my spine.

“So do you, I don’t think there’s a guy in this place who isn’t looking at you.” He gestured slightly with his beer, smiling at me. More tingles. That look his eyes was making me want to suck his tongue.

The bartender came over and took my drink order, his eyes never made it past my neck either. One Budweiser and two rum-soaked cherries he told my tits. He set the shot glass with the cherries right in front of me. Dan turned to look and the bartender didn’t move away. He waited for me to eat the cherries. I pretended I didn’t notice them watching as I dangled the first cherry by the stem into my mouth and closed my lips around gently. I pulled the stem and let the cherry slide halfway between my lips and pulled the stem off. Then I rolled it into my cheek and sucked the rum out of the middle and finally squashed it against the roof of my mouth and swallowed it. Never once biting it. Bad imagery for the audience. Then I turned to Ian as the bartender moved away, a contented smile on his face, as if I’d made his night. I looked into Ian’s eyes and ate the second cherry in the same fashion as the first.

“Wanna dance?” He said suddenly. I suspected he wanted to be seen dancing with me. Against me.

“Sure.” I said with my special smile. I let him lead me to small dance floor where several other couples were gyrating against each other. I stopped and he turned to face me and I put my arms around his neck and my hips against his and began to move them in a figure eight against his khakis. His hands went to my lower back and we began to dance together. All the people in the bar were watching as we began to forget we weren’t alone. Moving together we ground and twisted and hip thrust with each other, his hands sliding down my ass, past the hem of my skirt, and then underneath a little bit. I felt his intake of breath and the swell below his belt as he felt past the tops of my stockings and felt my naked ass. I leaned up and pressed against him, breathing little puffs of warm air at his neck and ear. I felt the hair rise on the back of his neck, that bulge in his pants pulse. I fought the urge to slide down the front of his body to my knees and nuzzle his cock through his pants. The song ended and we broke apart. He looked into my eyes, his on fire, desire and lust leaping out. We walked back to the bar and I felt eyes following me. Ian had his hand on my lower back, following behind me closely as if someone else would get me if he broke or physical contact. Back at the bar, we sat down. The bartender slid up with another Budweiser for me and two more cherries.

“On the house.” He said and winked at me.

Dan and I talked companionably, his hand high on my thigh, the tips of his fingers just under the hem of my skirt, until we finished our respective beers.

“Would you like to go back to my place, I’m getting tired of this bar.” He stood and picked up my coat.

“I would love to, I was just thinking that.” He held out my coat and I slipped my arms into it. We left with all the men, even the one’s with dates, looking at Dan, their envy thick in the air like the blue haze of cigarette smoke.

We got to his apartment. Ian, fortunately, is a neat house keeper. He lit a few candles that were around and turned Anadolu Yakası Escort on the stereo softly. I sat down. He went to the kitchen and brought out two more beers. By now I was feeling a little buzz from the alcohol and was beginning to relax. I leaned back and took a sip of beer as Ian sat beside me.

“You’re a great dancer Ian.” I said, running my tongue around the rim of the bottle.

“So are you.” He said, his voice deeper than usual. “Would you like some chocolate covered raspberries? I just made them this morning. They’re great.” Dan was a guy who cooked. He could make heavenly casseroles and a wonderful Spanish dish. I was eager to try a desert he had made, especially one with raspberries, my favorite thing to eat in the world.

He came back from the kitchen with a little bowl filled with raspberries with dark chocolate coating half of them. I almost began to drool. He picked up one and held it between his thumb and pointer finger. I opened my mouth, and he fed it to me, I flicked my tongue at his fingers as he did so. He sat down. The raspberries in his lap. I reached over and took one. I ran it over my lips before I put it in my mouth. He put the bowl on the coffee table. I stood up and walked over to a new poster on the wall. Ian followed.

“This is new. I like it.” I said. At that point, we stopped making a pretense of our desire. He came up behind me, and put his hands on the sides of my legs and bent his head to kiss me neck. I relaxed against him, putting my hands over his. Rubbing my finger tips in between his knuckles. He kissed my neck, giving a little bite every once and a while. As I felt him begin to grow hard against me a surge of pleasure moved through me and I slid his hands up my skirt so they rested half on skin and half on my thigh highs. I moved my hands away from his. His left hand started moving around to my inner thigh, brushing the wet mesh ever so slightly while his right moved up, under my shirt to fondle my breast. I moaned softly. I pushed my ass against his erection again. His fingers were moving up down my thigh, just grazing the crotch of my panties each time. His other hand came away from my breast and up the back of my shirt. Pushing it up over my head. Pushing me down so my torso was parallel to the floor my palms supporting my on the small table underneath the poster.

He ran his hand down the side of my body and the hand between my legs slid around my ass, and he pushed my skirt up around my waist. Looking at my naked ass and my wet slit from behind I heard him moan. He went down on one knee behind me, his hands moving to rest on my hip and on the back of my thigh. He ran his hands up and down the backs my legs, following the seam on my pantyhose with his thumb, pausing to stroke the ankle strap of my heels. All of a sudden a burst of hot breath right between my legs, blowing over my pussy. More moisture seeped from my hot lips. And then, hands still running up my legs he began to tongue the outside of my panties. I began to moan, more loudly than before.

I felt his breath and the gentle probing of his tongue. I was getting so hot, so wet. And then he leaned back onto his heels. Ever so gently his fingers moved the panties away from my wet pussy lips, swelled with pleasure and dripping with juices. Then another with his other hand he slid a finger inside me. Still bent over the table as I was I felt him start rubbing my g-spot. As more of my juices trickled from my cunt. His thumb rubbing my clit and it began to swell and throb deliciously. And then with no warning he began to lick my hot pussy burying his tongue inside me.

Moving it in and out, still thumbing my clit. I started to quiver as he licked and sucked and penetrated me with his hot tongue. As it got more intense I could not Kartal Escort control my moaning and I began to breathe quickly. He ate my pussy hard and well. Licking up and down the slit, hard thrust with the tongue. I came on his face, warm pussy juice covering his face. Him still licking. He stood and I did too. I turned around. I took his hand and licked my juices off his fingers as he moaned softly. Then I kissed him, tasting myself on his lips, in his mouth. As our tongues explored I reached down and stroked him through his pants. Then I slid my hands underneath his shirt, pulling it over his head. I knelt it front of him, kissing all the way down and nuzzled his cock, like I had wanted to do on the dance floor. And I unbuttoned his pants. He wore silk boxers underneath. I rubbed the silk with my cheek, rubbed his cock.

He moaned again. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra. Stood up a little, rubbed my tits against the silk making him moan when I took his dick fully between them. I hooked my thumbs in his waist band and pulled his shorts to the floor. I ran my parted lips against his dick, and licked it up and then down. Then I ran my hands up the back of his legs, resting them just under his ass. Then I took his cock into my mouth and began to deep throat him, pulling him inside my mouth until he picked up the thrusting rhythm and I cupped his balls with my hand. Then I licked them, running my tongue underneath them. He moaned again, his breathing getting shorter. I took him into my mouth again and let him thrust, his hand on the back of my head. Stroking my neck, moaning my name. Until he shuddered and his spunk came rushing and spilling out of his cock, and I swallowed and smiled. I stood up and he kissed me. His arms tight around me. We sat on the couch. I still wore my thigh high’s and my heels and those panties.

“You look amazing tonight Sadie.” He said kissing me again. “You’ve been so amazing tonight. I wanted you so badly at that bar.”

“Mmm….I wanted you too. I was thinking about this from the moment I saw you sitting there.” I was contented for the moment. I picked up the raspberries, we shared some more. Until he began to stroke me again and his eyes were lit up with lust again. We got up and walked to the bedroom, he sat on the bed and I stood in front of him he kissed my tummy and cupped my ass. And then he ran his hands up and slid my mesh panties down my legs. I was wearing the heels and the thigh highs still. I stepped out the panties. Dan took my hand and I sat on the bed next to him. He turned to me and started kissing me deeply. I lay back and Dan came with me, parting my legs so he was between them. His hands running over my nipples, and then he broke the kiss and moved down to suckle my nipple. His hands on my ribcage. He pushed my knees up and apart so I was open to him. He rubbed to head of his cock against my clit, and then entered me in one uninterrupted thrust. I arched against him and a moan accompanied the jolt of pleasure. He started to move slowly in and out.

Still holding my knees up so he could deep thrust. I moaned as his pace picked up, friction igniting my body. Making me moan loudly. Then he slowed again. He pulled me up and I started riding him as he leaned back so I could put my knees down . I moved up and down on his cock. He thrust his hips up to meet me. I came and shuddered and slumped against his chest. He rolled me over and lay beside me , until I turned and we began to spoon and I felt him slip inside me again. He thrust against me with his palm on my lower belly. He came at the same time I did, I felt him come, his hard cock jerking and spasming inside me. He kissed my neck and pulled out. I drew my knees up to my chest and unbuckle the ankle straps on my heels. I took off my hose and curled up against him. Before he fell asleep he murmured in my ear.

“We’re running into dangerous territory here, Sadie, Any more of this I think I’ll fall in love with you.” Ian sighed. “It’ll cause a lot of trouble.” He tilted my head back so I was looking at him. “And I’m not sure I’m going to give a damn.”

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