The Institute of Technology and Science Pt. 14 – The Fab Four 02

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Having Fun

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

(o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o)

They were gathered in the common room. Melva was sitting between Fred and Shaky while Daphne was sitting in a chair across from the trio.

Both the boys were in their underpants, Melva was wearing only a low cut bra! Daphne was naked and using one delicate finger to gently caress her moist pussy lips as she watched the other three.

Melva was kissing the boys, one after the other, while gently fondling their stiff cocks thru their underwear. Fred was wearing tightie-whities while Shaky was stuffed into a pair of boxer shorts.

Sighing happily Melva disengaged from Shaky and turned back to Fred. She stroked his dick gently while she licked his lips and kissed him hotly.

“So nice and stiff” she murmured. “So nice and stiff! You are so hard! Is it because you’re squeezing my giant titties, Fred? Do you like my big, big tits? I like that way you handle them! It makes me hot to feel your hands on my breasts like this!”

“You’ve got great tits, Melva! So firm and big and beautiful! I’ve never seen a girl with tits like yours! You make Carol the Head Cheerleader seem flat-chested!” Fred responded while still running his hands over Melva’s over-abundance of breast flesh.??”Well she’s only a Triple D, Fred. Maybe she has a forty inch bust line. I’m at least ten inches larger than her! Probably more! I’ve gained a couple of inches since I became sexually active. Since Daphne measured me. I think it may be all the cum that you and Shaky have spurted all over my tits. And maybe the way you both handle them so well!” She smiled up at Fred, enjoying the look of excitement and admiration in his eyes while he continued to grope and handle her immensities.

Fred’s cock was stiff as a board under her questing fingers. Shaky was also sporting a hard-on. But his massive dick was not quite at full length. Melva used both hands to free Fred’s stiffie which bounced in the air in front of him.

“So pretty,” Melva sighed. “So pretty and so stiff! Are you going to cum, Fred? You cum so quickly when you play with my titties and if I lick and suck your pretty cock. Like this.” she leaned over and took his penis into her mouth. With one slow movement she inhaled all of his cock to the back of her mouth. She had him all! Fred was gasping and moaning with excitement while she was running her lips up and down his cock. What she was doing felt so GOOD! and playing with her huge tits at the same time? Watching those huge hooters bounce and quiver? It always got him going!

Her tongue was dancing over his dick head as she worked on Fred. At the same time both her hands were fondling Shaky’s giant cock, still in his boxers.

Melva pulled back from sucking on Fred’s member. “So pretty,” she repeated. Then she turned to face Shaky.

Using both hands canlı bahis she pulled his waistband away from his body. She had to pull it up and away to expose his dickhead which was leaking precum. Still not at full strength it seemed to be the size of a billiard ball!

“Oh, my,” she breathed. “So big! Look how big this cock is? I’ve never seen anything like it! So long and thick! It’s HUGE!” she praised his dick as she ran both hands up and down. “I can’t reach around it with one hand! See, Fred? It’s too thick for me to touch finger and thumb!” She didn’t point out that she was easily able to do that with his smaller prong.

She was mewling with excitement as she played with Shaky’s enormous cock! It was at least twice the size of Fred’s dick. At first Melva had thought that Fred’s penis was large. She now considered it barely adequate, although she was careful not to tell Fred that. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings. She still thought he was dreamy. And she enjoyed watching him as he fucked her hot little pussy!

But the feelings she got from Shaky? His massive cock drove her to heights of ecstasy that Fred never could! And his stamina was also several levels greater than Fred. Shaky could cum time and again. Melva could coax three and sometimes four ejaculations from Fred. That was just the halfway point for Shaky. He would cum in her pussy, over her tits, and she could then suck out one or two loads before riding his erection to orgasm after orgasm before he dumped his sperm into her greedy pussy! And both Melva and Shaky enjoyed tittie-fucking!

“Oh, FUCK, Melva!” Her thoughts were interrupted by Fred’s outcry. As she turned back to him he began to spurt his cum onto her giant tits! Three, four, five, she counted. He sagged back, having emptied his balls over the biggest tits he could ever hope to see and handle. It was the fourth time that day that he had given his sperm to his roommate. He was exhausted, wiped out. He was panting for breath as he collapsed next to Melva.

“That was wonderful, honey,” she told him while caressing his cheek.

“Okay, doll face,” she addressed the other woman in the room. “It’s your turn now! Come over here and let me feel your tongue and lips as you lick up everything that Fred just spilled onto my huge knockers!”

Daphne bounced out of her chair and knelt in front of Melva. Her eager tongue and suctioning lips began to collect all of the sperm on Melva’s over fifty inch bosom. Daphne was still technically a virgin but she loved the taste and texture of the cum she sucked up off of Melva’s amazing body!

“Oh, yes, darling, that feels so good! You have a magic mouth! It feels so good when you lick and suck on my titties!” Melva held Daphne to her chest with one hand while her other hand stroked Shaky to his ultimate stiffness.

“I love to feel you as I cram your dong down my throat,” she groaned as she began bahis siteleri to push herself down his dick. Her mouth was wide open as she tried to pull all of Shaky’s massive mast past her lips. She adored the feelings as his huge cock went deeper and deeper. She wouldn’t stop until her lips were caressing his ball sack! Drool was spilling out of her mouth as she worked, adding to the fluids that Daphne was vacuuming up.

Watching from where he had collapsed, Fred stroked his now limp dick. But nothing happened! Even seeing Melva with her gigantic jiggling jumbo jugs swallow Shaky’s huge dick while Daphne cleaned up Melva’s tits wasn’t enough to bring any stiffness to his lifeless dickie.

With a sigh he slowly clambered to his feet and retreated to his bedroom for some desperately needed sleep. He was done for the day!

As Freddy closed the door to his bedroom his roommates changed positions on the sofa. Shaky was poised above Melva, preparing to thrust himself deep into her weeping pussy. Daphne had moved down from worshipping at Melva’s bosom to her puss-puss. She was going to lick and suck her pussy lips as Shaky drove himself deeper and deeper into her hungry honey-pot! And if Daphne’s tongue happened to caress his ball sack or massive shaft, well, she could convince herself that it was just a mistake! She just wasn’t into guys. And certainly not guys with a cock the size of her forearm! Freddy’s little dick was much prettier and not as scary-big as Shaky’s! But what she really enjoyed was to lick and suck and pay homage to Melva’s amazing body. Those huge boobs! Her perfect pink nipples! The tight little cunt that she spent so much time cleaning after Melva spent time with her men! That is what she enjoyed!

Shaky began to drive himself down into Melva’s sopping wet cunt. Her slick walls pulsed and throbbed as he slid in and out of her. She adored the feeling that Shaky was able to generate with his massively thick rod! So MUCH bigger! So MUCH thicker and longer than anyone else!

Melva didn’t have that many other men to compare to Shaky. There was Freddy and a couple of random hook-ups she had had at the library. But none of them came close to having the equipment Shaky carried between his legs!

As usual Shaky was not even halfway when Melva began to convulse in ecstasy. She came hard while he was giving her little three inch jabs reaching the seven inch mark and then retreating before pounding into her again with his almost fifteen inch prong. She came so HARD on just half of his hugeness!

He waited until she had started to recover. Then, with a grunt of effort, he began to force himself deeper and deeper. They were both panting with effort as they fucked harder and harder.

“So GOOD Shaky,” Melva gasped. “You are the best! The very best! I thought Freddy had a big cock. You are so much bigger, thicker, longer and harder! You are the best bahis şirketleri fuck of all! What a stud! What a MAN! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Make me cum!” Her praise caused Shaky to work harder and harder! Freddy was a star athlete, had a reputation as a ladies man and here was the hottest women on campus telling him that Freddy didn’t compare to him! His ego soaked up the compliments!

As the couple kept working Daphne was licking up the overflow of juices that was seeping from Melva’s jam-packed cunt. Her extraordinary tongue drew all the liquid she could get into her mouth where it was savored and enjoyed before being swallowed. From time to time her tongue would linger over his ball sack which always excited Shaky. It was hard for him to believe but here he was fucking the hottest babe in school while the prettiest girl was licking his cock and balls!

Working together Melva and Shaky managed to get all of his improbably large dick into her quivering cunt! She had cum time and again while he drove himself deeper and deeper. Now he was banging his dick head against the back of her pussy on each stroke!

“Oh, God, Melva! I’m going to cum! I’m going to spurt all over you! Where do you want it you big busted size queen? Where should I spurt my cum?”

“My titties, Shaky! Cum all over my huge titties! Put your huge cock between my breasts and fuck them until you cum like a fire-hose! I want to see and feel you shoot all over me! Cum for me, Shaky!”

Together the lovers mashed her boobs tightly around his dick. She was large enough that his prick disappeared from sight as he rocked back and forth.

Behind him Daphne settled between Melva’s thighs and used her extraordinarily long tongue to delve into Melva’s pussy. She scooped up all the combined fluids of Shaky and Melva and drew them into her mouth and drank them down! Her tongue wasn’t nearly as long as Shaky’s cock but it was inches longer than a normal lingual muscle!

And it felt wonderful to Melva! She had discovered that she achieved as many, if not more, orgasms from the attentions she received from Daphne as she did from Freddy or Shaky!

Above her Shaky was squeezing out the last of his ejaculate onto the upper slopes of Melva’s oversized breasts. Using his dick head he spread his offering over her nipples and aureola.

As he finished he clambered off of Melva to rest on the sofa next to her. He leaned over and kissed her sweetly. Her tongue and his dueled momentarily while Daphne moved up Melva’s body. Kissing and licking as she went she finally found the recent deposit left by Shaky.

She began to clean up after him while Melva used both hands to hold her to her chest! As Shaky rose to retire to his bedroom the two girls stood up holding hands. Daphne leaned over and drove her tongue between Melva’s welcoming lips. She was caressing those mountainous breasts at the same time. They moved in unison toward’s Daphne’s room. They both were looking forward to the time they would have together as Daphne worshipped Melva’s body and finished cleaning up all the residue from the day’s activities.


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