The “Interview”

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It started so easily.

They were so sex starved and I was so available and in charge…

I was working to investigate an excessive force claim by a female “client”. I was in internal affairs. Boy whatta title.

She was beautiful and looked just like Daryl Hannah of Splash fame.

I had just begun to write, but I couldn’t concentrate. She was blond, 5’5″, and 36, 24,36. Just perfect in every way, except she was waiting for her lawyer to get her out. She had been in for months now and open to any suggestion I thought.

I was staring at her tits and she noticed, but she didn’t look away or move so I couldn’t see. She just opened her shirt just a little more.

She had perfect skin and I was taking advantage of the view when she said, “Hey! You gonna write or shall we talk about something else?”

I choked out, ” Something else.”

She leaned forward, exposing the fact she had no bra on and her breasts were just as perfect as the rest of her. ” I was wondering if you could get me something.”

At this point, I would have given her my wallet. ” Where could a girl in here find some male companionship?”

I laughed and said I could think of canlı bahis a few ways…

“Maybe with you?” She said.( I was just about to explode in my pants right there.) ” How bout we move to the library?” I said. “Good idea!” she said.

I was able to move clients anywhere I wanted so no one would suspect what we were about to do.

When we got to the library I closed the door. No cameras or sound equipment. Just a few books, chairs and a table. It was closed at this time of the day so we were not to be disturbed during our “interview”.

I started to talk but barely got a word out when she came to me and kissed me full on the mouth with just a little tongue flicking in and out….

My hands were instantly on her breasts. She started to moan… just a little moan and I moved to her pants…. I pulled them down in a second and exposed her perfectly shaved pussy. What a turn on!

I had my mouth on her nipples now warming them with my mouth and then letting the air get to them so they stood at attention beautifully. She began working on my belt.

I moved my hand to that perfect pussy and found her legs open to allow me maximum entry. I put two fingers bahis siteleri in and she moaned and gasped as I found her clit full and swollen.

As I massaged her clit her breathing became fuller and her moans more breathless, she let my pants drop and I pulled out my 8-inch member.

Still kissing me she put her hand on me and then dropped to her knees. My dick was gone down her throat in a second. Not just some of it… all of it! I thought, these girls got some talent!

All I could do was stand and watch my dick disappear again and again I tried to make it last but she was too good at her craft until I shot fully in her mouth. She didn’t pull away, just swallowed until I stopped coming.

After I come, I am still hard after a blowjob. So I was ready for further action immediately. She seemed surprised that I was ready so soon and I sat down on a chair and called her to me to sit.

She straddled my still hard dick and grabbed it half way down the shaft. She rubbed her lips 2 or 3 times with it parting the lips more and more and she lowered her crotch down on it and I watched that perfect pussy swallow all 8 inches just like that. She even raised her knees bahis şirketleri to put all her weight on me but it was too long for her and she jumped just a bit as I hit her cervix. I relaxed my butt so as to not give her all of me and she started to pump up and down coating me with her juices. When I was fully wet she picked up the pace and soon I was pushing up again giving her all of me.

Watching her pussy swallow me up was fantastic! She plunged again and again on me until she let out a long soulful moan as she came.

We kissed as we faced each other until I stood her up again and had her lean over the table. I had the full view of her ass and I penetrated her from behind with no ceremony at all. I was not fully in and she was pushing back on me as it thrust forward. The sight of my dick filling her, her moans and grunts every time I hit bottom, the smell of that ass had me all worked up! Her skin was perfect even on her back and I loved the way her ass was muscular. (Girl worked out!)

I was jack hammering her from behind and she was loving it. She let out a little yelp as she came again and that was all I could take. One more thrust and I exploded again. Instead of stopping, I continued to thrust until I stopped coming and I was semi hard. Her legs were shaking as she stood up and finally my dick came out of her. We kissed and I promised I would ” interview” her again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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