The Jacuzzi

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We have both had a long hard day and all I can think about on the way home is getting in the Jacuzzi to relax. When we arrive at the house you ask what I want for dinner. I tell you to just order us a pizza and we will have them deliver it to us in the Jacuzzi. You agree that it would be a good idea and that way we can relax and enjoy our evening. You place the order for our pizza and we get our bathing suits on and head out the back door. I turn the pump on and crank up the heater to get the water hot as we get in and lean back to let the water take away the day. It doesn’t take long for the water to get hot and we are starting to feel better.

The pizza delivery girl shows up and we are startled when she sets the pizza on the edge of the Jacuzzi. She is a very pretty young lady and had an amazing body. I just keep staring at her and you kick me under the bubbles of the Jacuzzi. She tells us that the Jacuzzi looks very relaxing and she would love to be in one right now. You tell her that she is more than welcome to join us in the Jacuzzi and relax with us. Shockingly she says her shift has ended and she was actually on her way home and she begins to take her clothes off and climbs in with us. She comes over canlı bahis and sits down between us and puts her hands on our legs.

She thanks us for inviting her to join as she slides her hand up and down on our legs. Her hand slides over my erection and I get embarrassed but she squeezes it then says I need to take my shorts off. She slides her hand over your pussy and then pushes it inside touching you softly. You pull your bikini bottoms off and she starts rubbing your pussy gently. Your hand slides between her legs and you start rubbing your fingers up and down her pussy lips. I slide my shorts off then lean down and softly kiss her breasts. As I slide my tongue over her nipples she moans lightly. You help her get up and sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi and I move between her legs. Slowly I kiss down her body to her pussy. You get out of the Jacuzzi and holding onto the deck railing you put your pussy in her face. Softly I kiss her pussy and slide my tongue along the edge of her lips. She rubs her tongue over your clit as she holds your beautiful butt. I slide my fingers inside her pussy and slowly move them in and out as I rub her clit with my tongue. I can hear her kissing and sucking on your clit as I bahis siteleri move my fingers in and out of her pussy faster. Hearing your moans is sending my excitement higher as I suck her clit. She begins to tremble and you hold her face against your pussy. You rock your hips back and forth rubbing your clit against her face as your moans get louder. Both of you start shaking and your orgasms rock your bodies.

She lies down on the deck and you get down on your knees. Leaning down you start kissing her pussy as I move behind you. As you slide your tongue up and down her pussy I slowly push my erection inside you. I move my erection in and out of you slowly as you start rubbing her clit with your tongue. Moving in and out of you faster I spank your butt as you put your lips around her clit and start sucking it. She is moaning loudly as you suck her clit and I push my erection into you harder and faster. Pushing into you as deep as I can my excitement builds higher and you slide your fingers inside her pussy. We all start to shake and moan loudly as we explode in a wonderful orgasm.

We get back into the Jacuzzi as we kiss each other tenderly. She continues to rub on me and says she needs to feel me inside bahis şirketleri her too. You start rubbing your hand over her pussy as she helps me get another erection. You gently rub her clit as she is kissing me and sliding her hand up and down my erection. She rises up and puts her breasts in my face as you keep rubbing her clit. As I suck and bite her nipples your fingers slide inside her pussy. Your hand is rubbing against her clit as your fingers move in and out of her. Pulling her nipples with my teeth I feel her start trembling. She begins to shake and her orgasm rolls through her body.

Exhausted she slides down into my lap and my erection slides inside her pussy. you put your hands under her but and help her move up and down on my erection. as she slides down on it I push back up against her. Our bodies hit hard together pressing her clit between us. Our passions are screaming higher as our bodies press together. She begins to tremble and I push into her harder. You are pinching her nipples and kissing her neck as I start shaking also. We erupt in a beautiful orgasm and collapse in exhaustion.

After resting for a few minutes she starts getting out of the Jacuzzi and thanks us for a wonderful time. She says she has to go and you tell her she is welcome to spend the night. She tells us that she can’t and says that if we need another pizza delivered to the Jacuzzi just ask for her as she walks out of sight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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